Ralph Nader had a vision.

A vision of open and transparent government, it inspired hundreds of young activists to come to Washington DC to help him with his projects in 1969.

ralph Nader

Nicknamed “Nader’s Raiders” and, led by Nader, they investigated corruption throughout government, publishing dozens of books with their results:

  • Nader’s Raiders (Federal Trade Commission)
  • Vanishing Air (National Air Pollution Control Administration)
  • The Chemical Feast (Food and Drug Administration)
  • The Interstate Commerce Omission (Interstate Commerce Commission)
  • Old Age (nursing homes)
  • The Water Lords (water pollution)
  • Who Runs Congress? (congress)
  • Whistle Blowing (punishment of whistle blowers)
  • The Big Boys (corporate executives)
  • Collision Course (Federal Aviation Administration)
  • No Contest (corporate lawyers)

Nader’s leadership and seed money also helped establish consumer organizations such as Congress Watch, the Health Research Group, the Critical Mass Energy Project, the Litigation Group, and the Tax Reform Research Group.

It was Nader’s work that was responsible for the landmark Freedom of Information Act of 1966 (amended in 1974 following the Watergate scandal, to increase agency compliance).

The Freedom of Information Act established the public’s right to obtain information from federal government agencies. The Act provides that, upon request from any person, a federal agency must release any agency record unless that record falls within one of the nine statutory exemptions and three exclusions. Examples of requests might include a copy of medical records on yourself or another person.

In 1971, he brought together all these specialized organizations under under an umbrella NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) called Public Citizen. Although he didn’t particularly micro-manage these groups, Nader oversaw the actions of and signed the paychecks for every staff member.

The Public Citizen Litigation Group, was responsible for the release of the first documents confirming the “Cointelpro-New Left” operation of the FBI.

It was a case involving Carl Stern, television journalist, who had wanted to obtain records concerning J. Edgar Hoover’s project to investigate leftists. When the FBI refused to give the information on the war on dissidents in America, Stern went to his employer, who refused to wage a legal battle. Stern approached Nader, and the Public Citizen lawyers took on the case*.

Reference – Ralph Nader: A Biography By Patricia Cronin Marcello

Today, Public Citizen has over 150,000 members and numerous researchers investigating Congress, health, environmental, economic, and other issues. Their various divisions include:

  • Buyers Up Citizen Action Group
  • Congress Watch
  • Critical Mass Energy
  • Project Global Trade Watch
  • Health Research Group
  • Litigation Group
  • Tax Reform Research Group
  • The Visitor’s Center

It’s the Tax Reform group that is our point of interest here, sometimes called referred to as the Citizen’s Tax Group. A May 1977 blurb in Kiplinger’s magazine gave its address as Po Box 14198, Washington D.C., 20055. It is described as lobbying for tax reform and simplification at the federal, state and local levels; it published People & Taxes, monthly newspaper.

It was this group that was responsible for bringing out what some like to call the Nixon Enemies List – which is a name the press and others gave to it, not Nixon himself.

The Church of Scientology was one of the groups targeted.

Yep, its true, it actually was.

For the last 40 years, however, you either get this being used by scientologists as a demonstration of some kind of validity of scientology’s beliefs (and “psych”/government attempts to stop it therefore) or you get it denied as ever being true at all.

Neither of these portrays an accurate picture, as usual, I might add.

I hate to have to break it to you, but the Guardian’s Office (official scientology back then) did not LIE about this.

And…there are a number of other things they didn’t lie about.




This is a very complex scene back then (the 60’s and 70’s). If you’re looking to land nice and solidly in one of the two pre-made for you camps I just mentioned, all I’ve got to say to you is well…you’re just shit outta luck. It ain’t gonna be that easy.

The scene was complicated by good, well-intentioned people being used (and duped) by rather less than good or well-intentioned people. Some of the lines of investigation that some G.O. staff were on, were hot ones, but they were wrong in their “why” and their “who”.

Hamstrung by L. Ron Hubbard himself, consigned to that graveyard of research called Nazi Germany, they were forced to pretty much derail their own investigations right out of the station. But some things got well off the ground and got too close, I might add. But not because of some grand workability of Scientology – nope.


That wasn’t it.


It got too close to the drugs and money lines that were embedded in their own organization. If only they had paused long enough in their Hubbard directed Nazi-Quest and looked right under their noses, they would have seen it.

If they had, it would have blown the ties to MKULTRA, British Intelligence, the CIA, and a whole big mess of things – but while devastating in its own way, the slavemasters just would have ‘spun’ it somehow and waited for the “50-year” rule to kick in.

No, that’s not what bothered them enough to set in motion the actions that would take out the Guardian’s Office and replace it with the Young and Dumb (just how they liked it)crew of Miscavige, Rathbun, etc.

What some erstwhile members of the Guardian’s Office were stomping all over in their “investigation”, was a long-term lucrative arrangement of using “cult” front groups as money-laundering pools and mental playgrounds for demented slavemasters and their Igors. If you know anything about slavemasters, you know how they are about their money.


touched my money - death to the infidels .

The loss of that nice little source of income and mental study groups – that’s what bothered them. Not really any exposure itself.

They wouldn’t be able to attract the kind of people they wanted to experiment on and tie up into endess loops of “case advancement” – basically kept out of their hair, in other words.

The answer to the question is often the question itself.

Why the out-of-nowhere rise to power of the Young and Dumb crew of David Miscavige, Mark Rathbun and the like?

Because that’s what they wanted there, so it was allowed.

And now, its time for a new Young and Dumb crew, with perhaps the twist of young-minded  and ‘hip to the world scene’ added in, irrespective of age. I’ll let you ponder on what that means, on your own.



Now let’s get to the beef of this Nixon List business that I have unearthed recently.

Nader’s Tax Reform Research Group, took notice of some testimony in the Watergate Hearings of 1973. The testimony was by former White House Counsel John W. Dean III, during his appearances before the Senate Watergate committee. He testified to the existence of a politically motivated IRS investigative effort.

If you try to search the net about this, let’s just say you don’t exactly run into many helpful (and useable) sources concerning all this.

Recently, this year actually, (2015) a man put up a site specifically dedicated to the Nixon List information. While useful in many ways, it is also promoting disinformation apparently due to lack of understanding of what lists meant what, who did them, and so on.

Top of the list of disinformation put out by this site-author, is that “L. Ron Hubbard” was not on these lists, “as has been claimed”.

Still others, like L. Ron Hubbard, falsely claimed to be on the List and targeted by the FBI, but that was back when there was no good way to search all the Watergate testimony in order to disprove his claim.


Well, neither was the Easter Bunny “on the list’, if you see my point there. He’s not the only one spreading this particular straw-man, so does this site.

#6 L Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology claimed to be on the original blacklist but, in fact, was not.

You can’t invent something that wasn’t on the list, then come along and say it wasn’t on the list, and then dismiss the whole area and call it a day.

You idjiots!

vincent - well...puhlease.

That’s a strawman tactic, whether intentional deviousness was the motivation for this site author, remains to be seen.


Strawman argument - meaning .

Besides, the claims were usually that scientology was on the list – with an obvious meaning of Hubbard’s organization he created – and that was true.

So, to do it in the way this guy did tries to convince (himself perhaps?) and readers that therefore if L. Ron Hubbard wasn’t on the list, and the hoped for correlating thought in people’s minds, L. Ron Hubbard=scientology, therefore scientology was never on the list  – that’s the conclusion you’re supposed to have.

If you did that –

You’d be 100 percent wrong.


You’d be officially off the right trail – just how they like it. You can tell that by his next statement he made –

Thus, the “Enemies List” is more about bragging rights than political victimization.



Because as I have now proven, the list that the Church of Scientology was on – which is different from the two lists of individuals this guy is going on about – was about being targeted for “special investigation” as per the documents obtained in the FOIA act by Nader’s group.

These documents were not entered into any congressional record, ergo cannot be compared to such. What a mess this person made of things by apparently not understanding the difference between the congressional testimony, the FOIA docs, the lists of individuals versus the list of “right” and “left” wing organizations.

See, you can’t be lazy mentally with this kind of stuff, looking for that ‘Occam’s Razor’ of fortune-cookie explanations where there isn’t one.

These people behind all this sort of nasty behavior have a lot to lose if everybody gets wise to their crap. They didn’t spend the last five hundred years making it easy for you to grasp what’s really going on around here. You get lazy? They will literally own you.

A court case decided July 19, 1976 gives us some of the details of the FOIA request that Nader’s tax reform group filed, and why.

In August of 1973, shortly after the testimony of John W. Dean, III before the Senate Select Committee On Presidential Campaign Activities (the Ervin Watergate Committee), plaintiffs made a freedom of information request of the Internal Revenue Service for certain documents whose existence or probable existence had been revealed by that testimony.

Mr. Dean’s testimony indicated that the Nixon Administration had been pressuring the Internal Revenue Service to take various actions with respect to persons perceived by the White House as either “friends” or “enemies” of the Administration.

The records sought in plaintiffs’ FOIA request were generally those which would disclose specific contacts between the White House and the I.R.S. in connection with this endeavor.

Following the refusal of the I.R.S. to honor a narrowed request, plaintiffs commenced this action on February 1, 1974.

Since that time the issues in the case have been considerably narrowed by negotiation between the parties, and the remaining documents as to which disagreements still exist have been submitted to the Court for in camera inspection.

Having inspected the more than 330 documents at issue, the Court now directs that a large number of them be released, and sustains the I.R.S.’s claims of exemption with respect to a relatively few of them.

Note: Of those 330 documents, only a few have seen the light of day.

Following this court decision, about four months later the Nader tax reform group prepared a information packet for the press, which itself was only partially quoted, but its enough to see that the Founding Church of Scientology was indeed included as an “enemy” organization.

Here’s some examples of the articles that appeared in numerous newspapers around the country. They varied on which named organizations they revealed, with some leaving out the Klans organization and some leaving out the Church of Scientology – like this one.

Note – Citizen’s Tax Group – name is The Public Citizens Tax Research Reform Group

WASHINGTON (AP) – Newly revealed documents identify 99 political and activist organizations investigated by a secret intelligence gathering arm of the Internal Revenue Service during the Nixon administration.

The IRS refused for more than a year to name the organizations, which include such nationally known groups as the Americans for Democratic Action, National Student Organization, the Urban League and the Unitarian Society.

The groups were named in more than 200 pages of documents made public Sunday as a result of a Freedom of Information Act suit filed against the tax agency by Ralph Nader’s Tax Reform Research Group.

The documents reveal that, contrary to repeated public denials by the IRS, the secret Special Service Staff was set up as an intelligence-gathering unit within the IRS as a direct result of White House influence in 1969.

It began as a project to identify activist organizations and individuals for possible income tax audits and collection of unpaid taxes.

By the time it was abolished, the organization had collected files on 11,458 individuals and groups, most of whom have still not been identified.

The IRS is refusing to reveal what has become of the top secret files. According to the papers made public in the court case, the unit began operations with a list of 22 operations from the extreme right and extreme left identified by a Senate committee as likely candidates for collection of back taxes.

But as the intelligence group quickly expanded its files the organization names covered a much broader political spectrum, nearly all of them identified with left-of-center social and political causes.

The document shows the group sought at least some information regarding the Ford Foundation, a long-time enemy of several top aides in the Nixon White House. The organizational files of the Special Service Staff gives some idea of how the unit operated.

“What we are doing,” said a memo dated July 23, 1969,

“is trying to assemble all information available within the Internal Revenue Service, from the FBI, from the Department of Defense, from any other federal agency having information and from any congressional committee having information. We do not want to have this rather sensitive information handled loosely.”

Kent State University > Daily Kent Stater > 21 November 1974 – url – – http://dks.library.kent.edu/cgi-bin/kentstate?a=d&d=dks19741121-01.2.7


Time Magazine, following up later in December of 1974, also left out several organizations (including scientology) that had previously been named, interestingly enough.


In October 1973, when Ralph Nader wanted to learn more about Internal Revenue Service investigations of “ideological, militant, subversive and radical organizations,” his Tax Reform Research Group cited the Freedom of Information Act and asked to see 41 confidential IRS documents. Not a chance, said the revenue service. Nader’s group responded with a suit, and the IRS reluctantly agreed to open its books. Last week Nader revealed that the service’s intelligence gathering had been prompted by the Nixon White House. The 99 organizations investigated between 1969 and 1973 included Americans for Democratic Action, the John Birch Society, the Urban League, the Congress for Racial Equality and the National Council of Churches.

Time Magazine – The Law: Blasting Facts Free,


The December 5, 1974 issue of Jet magazine fills us in on even more of the groups targeted – one wonders why most of these weren’t mentioned in any of the news articles? Jet lists 33 Black organizations investigated by the IRS Special Services Staff:

  • Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC)
  • Congress of Racial Equality,New York:
  • Black Panther Party, Oakland;
  • Revolutionary Action Movement, Philadelphia:
  • Deacons for Defense and Justice, Jonesboro, La.;
  • Nation of Islam, Chicago; Afro-Research Institute, Inc., New York:
  • Afro-American Set;
  • Black Brotherhood;
  • Black Turks;
  • Black United Strategists;
  • Black United, Inc.;
  • Conservative Vice-lords, Inc.;
  • Institute for the Study of Black Unity;
  • lnter-religious Foundation for Community Organization Inc.;
  • Malcolm X Society;
  • Medgar Evers Rifle Club;
  • Muslim Mosque Inc.;
  • Organization of African American Unity lnc.:
  • Republic of New Africa;
  • United Black Community Organization:
  • Urban League;
  • W.E.B. Du Bois Clubs;
  • Afro-American Industries Inc.;
  • Black Economic Development Conference;
  • Black People’s Unit Movement;
  • Black Student Union;
  • Black United front;
  • Garfield Organization;
  • Los Angeles Black Congress;
  • United Black Brotherhood;
  • Welfare Rights Organization.

That’s quite a list!


In this article, we see proof of that the IRS Commissioner had been lying for the entire previous year, obviously in a total bluff and hoping the documents weren’t forced out into the open – which they were.

It’s a good example of how these people will operate – they lie through their teeth until pinned against the wall and only then will they tell the truth. The same truth they knew all along and called other people ‘crazy’ for saying!


hmm - ponder


That sounds familiar.

For example – the vicious little fracks that are often serially employed in Nixonesque campaigns to harass ‘enemies’ who tell inconvenient truths. Like myself, for example. See Psychos Trying To Silence a Mockingbird


Next article – Valley Morning Star, November 18, 1974, Monday: Citizen’s Group Claims IRS has ‘Intelligence File’


A citizens’ tax group said Sunday it has documents proving the IRS compiled a “central intelligence file” on 11,000 potential White House enemies fro 1969-1973…the group said there were “3,000 groups and 8,000 organizations targeted for top-secret investigations by the IRS…under a plan instigated in 1969 by the Nixon White House.”

It named 99 organizations on the IRS target list, including the National Council of Churches, the Americans for Democratic Action, the John Birch Society, the Congress of Racial Equality, the Urban League, the Black United Fund, the Church of Scientology and the Unitarian Society.

The article cites that former presidential counsel John W. Dean III first testified to the existence of a politically motivated IRS investigative effort during his appearances before the Senate Watergate committee in 1973. The same guy that had been lying for the previous year that there was no such thing…

IRS commissioner Donald Alexander subsequently said the IRS would confine its special investigations to tax evaders and resisters.

He dissolved the “special Services Staff”…and said all but legitimate tax-case files would be destroyed.

The Public Citizens Tax Research Reform Group, which released Sunday’s report, said the IRS Own audits indicated all but 22 percent of the 11,458 intelligence files should have been destroyed according to IRS inventories.

The group said it tried to find out whether they had been.

Check out the Justice Department answer –

In a Nov. 8 1974, response to a recent tax group inquiry as to the disposition of the old Special Services Staff files, the Justice Department’s chief litigation attorney stated that ‘it would be inappropriate to reply to this request in the context of the present action.'”

The article gives us some details about when this all started and what was the purpose/plan –

The tax group [Public Citizen Tax Reform and Research Group] said that it had used the Freedom of Information Act to obtain 41 official IRS documents on the secret tax files, and had received them only after a year of trying.

It said that top IRS officials met on July 2, 1969, in response to White House pressure to begin investigations of political enemies, “and decided to set up a special task force which would collect information, establish files and key-punch the information” so that the IRS data processing division could use it. “The task force was to be an ‘intelligence gathering’ operation.

Besides tax information, the task force would collect data on each organization’s “motives, its activities, its attitude, its size and its impact on the general public.'”

It said one IRS memo described the objective as “a massive central intelligence file” and another cautioned, “we do not want the news media to be alerted to what we are attempting…because the disclosure of such information might embarrass the administration.

Oh, embarassed! God forbid that was to happen.

Such arrogant bratty babies they are, still. In five hundred years they have never changed, that’s really something, isn’t it?

Next article – Des Moines Register, November 18, 1974, Monday: Reveal IRS Monitored Church Body ‘Moderate Groups’ on Nixon’s List, 2 pages, (director of tax group Robert C. Brandon – IRS group acronym is SSS, Ron Haugen for C of S)

Background info on Ron Haugen –

Here’s a pic from just after the FBI Raid, where G.O. officials were in the unenviable position of trying to explain why they had the documents they did, like the roster of CIA agents, for example.

Ron Haugen is on the right.

Hugh Wilhere, Jeff Friedman and Ron Haugen FBI raid 1977 .

He wrote a letter to the FBI in 1978 –

ron haugen letter to FBI 1978 ron haugen letter to FBI 1978 2

Former Guardian’s Office New York PR-man Ron Haugen was interviewed in 2013 – He’s now a Metaphysical Minister.

Ron Haugen

Ron Haugen

08/30/13 – The Skeptical Psychic Nancy du Tertre, host of “Hot Leads Cold Cases” on CBS and Para-X radios, interviews Ron Haugen, the former Spokesperson and Director of Public Relations for the Church of Scientology in New York City. In recent years, many stories have hit the media regarding the controversial tactics and systems used by the Church of Scientology to allegedly brainwash its members and maintenance of a secret policing force within the church. Ron talks to Nancy about his access (or lack of access) to a number of these Church secret tactics. They also discuss the science fiction background of the Church’s founder, L. Ron Hubbard, and its influence on the “Creation” and “Armageddon” myths underlying the Church’s belief system – including the story of Xenu, the former dictator of the “Galactic Confederacy” who traumatized humanity 75 million years ago by bringing people in UFOs, placing them in volcanoes, and murdering them with hydrogen bombs. Ron also discussed the intense interest of Hollywood celebrities and CIA remote viewers, such as Ingo Swann and Pat Price, in the Church of Scientology.


He sounds still pro-scientology in many ways, he’s kind of strange in his reply (or lack of) concerning a handwriting analysis of Hubbards signature the announcer quoted:”Hubbard’s upper loops are exceptionally wide and puffy – typical of a braggart…”, and he also promotes the Independent Scientology and the ‘Freezone’ movements. One of the thing he mentions is that Ingo Swann said that Hubbard decided to create a series of steps over a chasm with demons in the pit towards Total Freedom, that it was a marketing tool, and that Total Freedom is when you LEAVE.

On to the article he’s mentioned in here –

The_Des_Moines_Register_Mon__Nov_18__1974_(1) The_Des_Moines_Register_Mon__Nov_18__1974_

…the unit began operations [Summer of 1969] with a list of 22 organizations from the extreme right and extreme left identified by a Senate committee as likely candidate for collection of back taxes.

But as the intelligence group quickly expanded its files the organization name covered a much broader political spectrum, nearly all of them identified with left-of-center social and political causes and many affiliated with minority groups.”

…Ron Haugen, spokesman for the Church of Scientology, noted that his group lost its tax exempt status in 1966 and has had a running battle with the IRS over that and over IRS intelligence operations.

“We can’t accept the fact that any IRS investigation of the church is routine,” he said. “It’s a willful act of harassment, intended to silence us.”


intended to silence us.” – that’s rich, given L. Ron Hubbard’s policies of silencing enemies of Scientology.

come on! .

From my post Scientology Threats and Harassment Policies – DOCUMENTED

Shuddering critics of Scientology into silence.

“But he’ll sure shudder into silence.”

– L. Ron Hubbard  Manual of Justice

I have made an OCR’d PDF of this (original images courtesy of Wikileaks): Hco Manual of Justice – l. Ron Hubbard Page 7 carries the relevant quote, marked by the red arrow.




That is vicious CIA psychological warfare tactics. From my article on Psychological Warfare: The Art of Creating Insanity – Mirroring

The Aim of Psychological Warfare is: ~ To undermine the enemies will and capacity to resist.. ~ That direct quote came from a declassified CIA document, and it delineates a list of psychological states (which in layman’s terms means how you FEEL) that need to be brought about in order to bring about that goal. Put another way, the goal is for you to give up your right to fight back.


As usual, L. Ron Hubbard was in full lockstep with the CIA mind control afficianados.


I told you the scene wasn’t as simple as some like to hamstring everyone with.


Next article – Lebanon Daily News, November 18, 1974, Monday: ‘Enemies’ List put at 11,000



This article mentions a slightly different list, it has: National Council of Churches, the Americans for Democratic Action, the John Birch Society, the Congress of Racial Equality,the United Klans of America, Inc., the Founding Church of Scientology and the Urban League.

Compared to the previous article, it added the Klans organization, but left out the Black United Fund and Unitarian Society.

The Tax Reform group said –

…the IRS documents show that “top IRS officials, pressured by the White House to begin investigating potential political enemies, met on July 2, 1969. “and decided to set up a special task forc which would collect information, establish files and key-punch the information” for inclusion in computerized IRS files.

…Quoting from the IRS memos it said “the task force was to be an ‘intelligence gathering’ operation that extended beyond tax information”

A memo to IRS regional commissioners, dated July 1, 1969, and signed by Assistant Commissioner D.W. Bacon, instructed field points to submit “information which will give us an overall picture of the organization, its motives, its activities, its attitude, its size and its impact on the general public.”

This memo, a copy of which was circulated to the press, transmitted a list of 55 organizations to be targeted for such reporting.

It said Washington was not yet asking for tax investigations of any of these groups but added, “it is quite likely that we will ask that some investigations be initiated in the future.”


The Chicago Tribune notices the distinct parallel activities (obviously controlled by the same outside sources) of the FBI and the IRS during this time period. If you recall, it was Nader’s groups that exposed the first FBI COINTELPRO documents.



Some of these memos the articles are mentioning are actually available. In 2008, someone uploaded Book VIII of the Nixon Impeachment hearings to the Internet Archive.



It included the testimony of John Dixon, but also an interesting statement in the introductory remarks. p. 9

Book VIII, presented to the Committee in two volumes, dealt with alleged efforts by White House officials from 1970 through 1973 to use the Internal Revenue Service for political purposes, to acquire confidential information from the IRS and to direct certain IRS activities. Evidence was presented regarding White House requests that the IRS investigate the financial affairs of certain Taxpayers and provide White House officials with confidential information about certain taxpayers. Evidence was also presented regarding the creation of White House lists of political opponents and “enemies.”

P. 10 details how they deferred release or deleted evidentiary material submitted in Book VIII, citing four reasons, point 2 being rather interesting – “because the information was classified or otherwise required for confidential treatment.

On p. 46 –

Status Report On Special Services Group

In response to your memorandum dated August 14,1970, we have prepared the attached status report on the Special Service Group. I would stress that knowledge of the existence and operations of this Group should be carefully limited.

IRS status report special services 1970

In August 1969 the Senate Committee on Government Operations held open hearings on several controversial organizations, including the Black Panther Party, Student National Coordinating Committee, Republic of New Africa, and Students for Democratic Society.

Information developed during these hearings established that various organizations, categorized as extremists on the right or left, presented problems to the Internal Revenue Service in that the organizations and individuals involved in the organizations were not in compliance vith Internal Revenue laws.

Information developed in these hearings indicated that extremist organizations were receiving financial support from various sources.

Some of the individuals involved in the forefront of these organizations filed tax returns reflecting very nominal income, or did not file at all, although they were obviously expending substantial amounts of funds.

This next part is just a stellar example of double-speak, it shows that this was political, but they were trying to make it sound like it wasn’t!

Recognizing the responsibilities of the Internal Revenue Service, to administer taxing statutes without regard to the social or political objectives of individuals or organizations, a decision was made to establish a method of accumulating and disseminating information on all activist groups to insure that the organizations and the leaders of the organizations are complying with Internal Revenue laws.

In the National Office of the Internal Revenue Service, functioning under the Assistant Commissioner (Compliance), a special compliance group was established to receive and analyze all available information on organizations and Individuals promoting extremist views and philosophies.

Note the total contradiction of that last part to this next part –

The identification of organizations and individuals included in the program is without regard to the philosophy of political posture involved; rather, it is directed to the notoriety of the individual or organization and the probability of publicity that might result from their activities and the likelihood that this notoriety would lead to inquiries regarding their tax status.

Another important consideration was the decree of probability that the individuals might be deliberately avoiding their tax responsibilities.


“…it is directed to the notoriety of the individual or organization and the probability of publicity that might result from their activities.” wiley-wtf.

What the hell does notoriety have to do with the IRS?

this notoriety would lead to inquiries regarding their tax status…”

So what?

Oh, I get it. Other people might get ideas and then where would the British/Catholic slavemasters be without all that lovely money pouring into their coffers via the IRA and loan payments to the Federal Reserve.

Money-grubbing bastards.

perish the thought - wry ick face


A nice history of the names of this happy little harassment group –

The staff responsible for this activity was first designated as the Activist Organizations Group, but it recently was changed to “Special Service Group” to avoid any erroneous impression of its objectives.

Any erroneous impression of its objectives?

Kermit the frog excited .

Oh man, that was something.

Erroneous, like maybe that its sanctioned politically motivated harassment and suppression – perhaps?

kermit pained look .

Notice that it liaises with all investigative and law enforcement agencies in this harassment and intelligence-gathering against private citizens and groups.

The function of the Special Service Group is to obtain, consolidate and disseminate any information on, individuals or organizations (including major financial sponsors of the individuals or organizations) that would have tax implications under the Internal Revenue laws.

Liaison has been established with all investigative and law enforcement agencies and with Senate and House Investigating Committees.

The Group also subscribes to various underground  publications as a source of information on matters involving’ taxable income of individuals, activities of organizations having or seeking tax exempt status, and identity of individuals or exempt organizations providing financial support, to activist groups.


This part is also interesting double-speak, but notice the last part –

It is important to note that although various types of information about -organizations or. individuals is obtained by the Service from cooperating agencies, only that information relating to tax status is recorded and disseminated to field offices.

The sole objective of the Special Service Group is to provide a greater degree of assurance of maximum compliance with the Internal Revenue laws by those involved in extremist activities and those providing financial support to these activities.


Ah, see.

It’s a slavemaster punishment for anyone supporting in any way financially, the activities of “extremists”.

Hence my father recently being set up for a tax audit by scientology tax preparers who were pressed into service as agents for the Church’s harassment activities against us, because he has helped us financially.

They declared him Suppressive Person too, for helping and daring to stay connected to his evil big bad SP  sarcasm daughter.


suppressive person forehead stamp .

To date the efforts of the Special Service Group has been confined to manual compilation and consolidation of information on approximately 1,025 organizations and 4,300 individuals. Data on 26 organizations and 53 individuals has been referred to the field for enforcement action.


By the time of the Nader expose, this had grown to 11,000 in just another couple years!

Again, the real beef is – money.

 …it is the view of officials of the Internal Revenue Service that this “intelligence” activity and field enforcement is necessary to avoid allegation that extremist organizations ignore taxing statutes with immunity.


Ignoring tax statutes? BURN THEM!

Burn them in Hell!

vincent - the nature of kermit .

These people are just as insane on taxing the world to serve their own ends, as they have been for the last five hundred years. another thing they never change on – we are the slaves, we must pay them for the right to live and work.

Let’s go over some other points of interest in this BOOK VIII document.

John Dean’s testimony on June 27, 1973 about political enemies list is on p. 66.

George Bell’s Memorandum giving the opponents list of 20 names (that is often used out there as “Nixon List”) starts on p. 72.

Mr. John Dean’s document of August 16, 1971, on how to deal with Political Enemies starts on p. 99, where he lays out a system involving having the support of the top officials of the agency or department in directing them how to proceed against the individual.

Request that Lyn [Nofziger] “do a Job” on them and if he finds that he is getting cut off by a department or agency, that he inform us and we evaluate what is necessary to proceed.

It must have been approved, because on September 13, 1971, John Dean submits his first 20 names for this “do a job” business. p. 118


On p. 123 Gordon Stracher writes to John Dean November 5, 1971 and calls it the “enemies” project. I love Senator Montoya’s grilling of Mr. Haldeman who keeps trying to lie about the purpose of these lists and targeting of individuals and organizations.

Senator Montoya. Well, are you in effect telling me that this enemies list was compiled so that it would serve as an exclusion list for the White House?

Mr. Haldeman. In effect, yes.

Senator Montoya. Why was so much time wasted in the White House with memos and communications between stall members in trying to compile this list, then?

Mr. Haldeman. First of all, I don’t believe a great deal of time was wasted in doing so. The time that was expended in doing it was for the purpose that I have indicated, and was a part of carrying out the effort of the White House to extend our policies to carry out the policies of the administration rather than to provide a forum for the expression of opposition.

Oh sure, that’s why the list was compiled, it was really a ‘can’t visit the White house’ list. Sheesh!

full out laughing.

Come on…

come on!


I’m going to go a little out of order here, and put some later things first.

p. 244 gives another big list of names – with the often rather glaringly omitted detail out there of that they were all either McGovern staff members or campaign contributors – McGovern being Nixon’s opposition for the next election of President.

p. 386 is mid transcript of a meeting between Mr. Dean and President Nixon, March 13, 1973.

It has an interesting point of an obviously well-known tactic of shifting the blame (letting take the fall) to the FBI, but it also mentions the bugging of Martin Luther King!

Last, out of order, but definitely not least – p. 169 gives an example of an individual singled out for harassment by a tax audit, Mr. Dean asked John Caulfield to get a reporter named Mr. Robert W. Greene audited.

Why, is what is really interesting. It was because he had done an article exposing Nixon and his Mafia connections.

.greene newsday bebe robozo   reobozo nixon and mafia green article


Greene wasn’t wrong to take this tack, Nixon did have Mafia connections. In fact, his Presidential campaign was financed by CIA/Mafia drug money!

From my post Scientologists Help the CIA Take Over the Drug Trade – Nixon Era

Nixon gets a BIG campaign-funding boost from Castle Bank people – which is now laundering money for the CIA controlled Ron Stark operation with the resurrected Brotherhood.

The CIA also used Castle Bank [originally set up by Sea Supply/Air America man Paul Helliwell – who was shipping heroin around all over the place] to facilitate the hidden transfer of huge sums to finance subversion, paramilitary operations, an occasional coup d’etat, bribery, and payments to foreign informants.

A little more backstory – Richard M. Nixon also happened to be one of the three hundred prominent Americans who used Castle Bank to deposit their cash.

The bank’s clientele included actor Tony Curtis, the rock group Creedence Clearwater Revival, Playboy publisher Hugh Hefner, Bob Guccione’s Penthouse, Chiang Kai-shek’s daughter and her husband, and billionaire eccentric Howard Hughes. Bernie Cornfeld and and Seymour (“The Head”) Lazare were the directors of the Swiss-based Investors Overseas Services, a fast-money laundry for organized crime, corrupt Third World dictators, wealthy expatriates, and freelance swindlers.

Billy Mellon Hitchcock took full advantage of his unlimited borrowing privileges at Fiduciary. He poured over $5,000,000 into unregistered “letter stocks” (the kind that aren’t traded publicly but tend to show dramatic gains on paper) associated with the Mary Carter Paint Company, later known as Resorts International. It was the single largest chunk of money raised by Resorts, an organization suspected of having ties to organized crime.

Resorts International proceeded to build a casino on an exclusive piece of Bahamian real estate called Paradise Island.

A star-studded cast was on hand for the grand opening of the gambling spa, complete with tennis courts, swimming pools, albino beaches, and the clear blue waters of the Caribbean.

It was New Year’s Eve 1968 and the guest of honor at this gala event was none other than Richard Nixon, who was about to launch a successful bid for the White House. James Crosby, president of Resorts International, contributed $100,000 to Nixon’s campaign. Crosby and Bebe Rebozo, Nixon’s best friend, mingled with a bevy of movie stars, jet setters, gangsters, and GOP faithful. Billy Hitchcock was also there, idling among the heavies with drink in hand.

You understand –

Drug money and drug people helped put Nixon in the white house.


Now you see how utterly duplicitous his war on drugs was…


You can clearly see that this ‘enemies’ crap wasn’t about protecting Nixon, no.


It was about protecting his ties to the CIA/Slavemaster drug trade.


The British and Catholic slavemasters have long used the drug trade to finance their omnipotence – particularly heroin.

And that’s where I’m going to leave this, my next post will be about the Guardian’s Office stepping too close to that pipeline and next thing you know?


snap our fingers .

They’re out – the David Miscavige and the Young and Dumb crew are in.



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