Terry Milner wrote a letter about John McMaster, to the FDA in the fall of 1970.

I found this in the recently declassified FDA records  – in Cd #3, Vol 16 of 18 PDF, starting on page 221 approximately.

Here’s a PDF of the relevant document scans – 253144726-FDA-Scientology-investigation-John-Mcmaster-1

Here’s the images themselves –

McHale handwritten note re Mcmasters and Terry MilnerThe above is a note from Mr. McHale to FDA agent Bud Loftus. McHale noticed that in regards Terry Milner’s letter – he notices that Terry, being supposedly a scientologist, is recommending psychiatry for Clear #1 John McMaster! In other words, this man didn’t miss the hypocrisy there, considering scientology’s supposed “stance” as being against psychiatry.

They’re against it –

Except for when they’re not.


Which is most of the time.

McHale writes:

Note the reference to “psychiatrist!” This is interesting in that the Scientologists abhor psychiatry.


– Bud Loftus, FDA, writes regarding this Milner letter, to Gene F. McHale.

Do notice that McMaster is said to still be auditing people and that “auditing cures people.” and that he personally cures people with auditing.

Bud Loftus to Mchale re Milner and McMasters

Gene F. McHale report on McMasters and Terry Milner.

Terry Milner - large


And here’s Terry Milner’s letter – Loftus doesn’t want any reply done to it, which I don’t think is for the reasons/impression he is giving to McHale.


Terry Milner to Bernard Loftus FDA 28 sept 1971 Terry Milner to Bernard Loftus FDA 28 sept 1971 2


I think Loftus had been warned off messing with Terry at all, and if you notice, in the letter to McHale they somehow had “just” recently decided that they weren’t going to use McMaster in their case!

Besides the fact that in another FDA document (e-17, H-82 PDF, p 29)  –

Mr. McMaster stated he believes L. Ron Hubbard is attempting to control the earth through telepathy. He stated Hubbard’s basic objective is to capture this planet.

– November 23, 1970

McMaster accused Hubbard of trying to take telepathic control of the world (coming much too close to existing CIA projects concerning mind control in this time period) he was also living with a Brotherhood of Eternal Love drug smuggler (as Terry hints at) making him highly dangerous if he should suddenly decide to spill embarrassing things to the CIA (and others) while on the witness stand.

Bud brings up that McMaster, in every interview brings up how scientology “accuses” him of being a homosexual, and as you are about to see he admitted that he was. For whatever reason he repeatedly gave the impression then to Bud, and now to both Bud Loftus and Mr. McHale, that Terry was “accusing” him of being a homosexual as if he wasn’t. Could be personal embarassment on his part as to why he dissembled so many times on this point, but him lying by impression in response isn’t much better than Terry, because in a real sense? McMasters was definitely trying to discredit Terry right back and portray him as lying when he actually wasn’t on that point. Wrong thing to do.

You will see on p. 269 of this same PDF, that the very same Ron Gates that Terry mentioned (we’ll get to him in a minute) went in with John McMaster to personally meet with James P. DiGrazia, FDA agent, on October 7, 1971.

In this interview, John McMaster admitted he is a homosexual.

Pages from Vol 16 of 18- Brotherhood eternal love ron gates scientology mcmasters visit FDA 1971. Pages from Vol 16 of 18 mcmasters ron gates fda 2Pages from Vol 16 of 18 mcmasters ron gates fda 3

John McMaster


McMaster says that scientology is an “addiction” and that he wants to “free people” from it, as compared to just 2 years earlier when he’s giving speeches about all the “love and understanding” he attained in scientology.

Image – Auditor magazine #47 1969 – John McMaster

John_Mcmaster_-the_love_and_understanding_he_has_attained_in_scientology_-_auditor_47_1969 .

Just a couple years before that  – when he’s announced as Clear #1 and paraded around wearing a Roman Catholic priest getup (on orders by L. Ron Hubbard) – he’s called the happiest man in the world” in MacLean’s– Canada’s national magazine.

PDF – maclean’s august 20 1966 – john mcmaster happiest man in the world

1966 article on john mcmaster happiest man in the world

1966 article on john mcmaster happiest man in the world 2

1966 article on john mcmaster happiest man in the world 3 1966 article on john mcmaster happiest man in the world 4 1966 article on john mcmaster happiest man in the world 5



McMaster also said that he wanted:

…to tell the world all he knows about Scientology.


And that’s the real problem here, I’ll bet he knew things that more than just scientology didn’t want him to talk about. Starting with the whole drug smuggling/CIA/Brotherhood of Eternal Love thing!

It’s only two weeks later (and well after they had received Terry’s letter), that in an October 21 letter to McHale, Loftus says they’re not using McMasters now in their court case; they’re not replying to Terry, and as if those were weren’t revealing enough that somebody put the brakes on this, he makes the ridiculous mistake of saying:

[Terry Milner]…suggests he is a drug user; suggests that in the past he has been of interest to FBI, Customs, and other regulatory bodies. All or none of these allegations may or may not be so, but they would be of little or no interest to FDA whether true or not.


Hidden Hand - STOP

McMaster is possibly wanted by the FBI and Customs, he was close to L Ron Hubbard and a lead scientologist and could obviously know things that the FBI and Customs would have been interested in, and this is all –


“of little or no interest”?

Not even worth checking into?

Kermit the frog excited.

Could the hand of the CIA, the Justice and the Treasury department (all engaged in happy drug smuggling with scientologists setting up a sting on the Brotherhood) be any more obvious?

Somebody should ask Bud Loftus – what really happened here? Your boss tell you that’s a no-no, back away?

Woman-Pointing-Her-Finger-now now


That’s something that should be answered – says me.

Now let’s take up this Ron Gates character.

First we’ll look at what he had to say at this interview with the FDA.

Mr. Gates entered the conversation to continue objections to Scientology’s ethics structure. He states such a structure was stupid and keeping many young people out of Scientology. He feels young people tuned on to drugs are searching for something better, like Scientology, but will not tolerate such stupidity as exemplified by the ethics structure.


OK, hold that thought about this guy basically saying he dislikes “ethics structure.”

Notice that the FDA investigator (on page 2 of the report) says this Brotherhood drug smuggler, together with McMaster, want to start a drug rehabiitation center, and Gates is a scientologist.

Both Messrs. McMasters and Gates still profess the benefits of auditing, but feel it does not have to be done inside Scientology.

Ladies and gentleman, it looks like we have our first bonafide scientologist Brotherhood member.

wiley-double yikes.

A meeting with McMaster just wouldn’t be complete without him talking about Hubbard taking over the world, and so there he goes again –

He believes people are circurtrized during processing and this is the means by which L. Bon Hubbard can later take over the world.


Circurtrized? Is that kind of like the Borg from Star Trek the Next Generation?


Very colorful.

Now let’s look at Terry Milner’s letter, the part that talks about Ron Gates.

As you may know, Mr. McMaster is a homosexual and at this time is living with a Mr. Ron Gates and Mr. Jim Morgan in Laguna Beach. Mr. Ron Gates has recently been released from prison on charges of drug peddling. Mr. Jim Morgan is known to me only in that the FBI contacted me in the past relative to a charge of desertion from the US Army and asked if I might know where to locate him. I was in no position to help at that time as I had never heard of him and he was not a member of our Church.

It is my understanding that the US Customs, as well as California Law enforcement agencies, and the FBI, have files on these individuals.


Now, putting aside for a moment, the absolutely glaring red flag of why the frack would the FBI ask Terry Milner for help on anything – because I think Terry isn’t lying there…

big red flag.

Well, there’s worse things a-foot.

I say that I think Terry isn’t lying about such a cooperative relationship with the FBI (on the sly) because he also isn’t lying about the files at Customs etc. on these two lovely gentleman that McMaster has shacked up with, in fact, what he is practically spilling-the-beans on there, opens such a huge can of worms it’s just not even funny any more.

I don’t mean that Terry was a FBI agent sent to infiltrate the Church – the usual BS story out there- no way jose. I mean Terry is operating on a higher level than that, a level that sometimes cooperates with the FBI if it suits their interests. Terry is operating at CIA/MI6 level, right along with Hubbard. Quite a lot of times, these people will set up all manner of shows to confuse the heck out of anybody looking, like having “fights” with the FBI for example, or having idjiots spread explanations of THE FBI ruined scientology, and things like that.

Those are crafted explanations for people that are looking too closely – kind of a stop here, don’t go any further. Be the Roadrunner about crap like that – don’t follow Wiley Coyote misdirection conspiracies over the cliff they want you to.

Roadrunner stops at edge of cliff


It becomes even more clear that this letter from Terry to the FDA was meant as a warning, of sorts, and and it worked – the FDA dropped McMaster.

But not because Terry was lying, no. This time, it’s because of all the truth involved here.

Big, bad, nasty truths (from their perspective) that would blow a whole lot of people and organizations just sky-high – including L. Ron Hubbard and what he was really about – and they knew it.

Now as to this Ron Gates, well, he was Brotherhood, so his statements about disliking the “ethics structure” of scientology are somewhat darkly humorous, all things considered.

If you’d like to delve deep into that subject (the Brotherhood) you’ll need to see these.

In a nutshell –

CIA direct involvement with what was then called the BNDD (Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs) began in 1969, becoming more formalized in early 1971. Right in this time period of McMaster shacking up with a Brotherhood member, in fact.

March 24, 1969, CIA document –

It appears that the activities of the BNDD, ongoing and planned, could under the appropriate arrangements provide valuable information to the Agency in new drug effects, drug abuse and drug traffic areas. For this reason they will be followed very closely.

A set of declassified documents called: Family Jewels (as a collection) contains several clear examples of this.

On p. 29 –

Note: CI stands for Counter Intelligence.


This formalization (formal request and answer) was approved by CIA head (DCI) Richard Helms on 12 February 1971, and was called Operation TWOFOLD. See page 56.

Richard Helms


Page 62 of Family Jewels talks about how the head of BNDD, Mr. Ingersoll was complaining to Richard Helms (in December of 1970) that: “the old Federal Bureau of Narcotics had been heavily infiltrated by dishonest and corrupt elements who were believed to have ties with the narcotics smuggling industry.

Can’t you just imagine the poker-face Helms would have had to have, in any face to face meeting on that point?

There are also several documents in the Family Jewels pdf that talk about all the help that the CIA was giving the BNDD for creating false backgrounds, including social security numbers, birth certificates, credit cards, and…passports.

One of the biggest points of discussion in the Hashish Smuggling subcommittee hearings of 1973, (two months after the big Brotherhood of Eternal Love bust) – was the extensive false documentation and passports a number of the Brotherhood smugglers had.

On page 83 of it’s pdf, it says –

On page 34, Special Agent Strange was asked to provide a list of brotherhood members who are believed to have obtained multiple passports falsely identifying themselves. A list of brotherhood members believed to have obtained one or more passports under assumed names follows:

The Brotherhood—Master List (Passsport) April 18, 1973


Guess who’s on this list using Fake Names?


Ronald Gates.

p. 85

Secured PPT # B 1347656 at Los Angeles 7/9/71 (in that name).
Secured PPT # B 1753065 at Los Angeles 7/29/71 (in the name of Gates, Ronald Thomas )
Status.—Under investigation.

Hashish smuggling and passport fraud : ”the brotherhood of eternal love” : hearing before the Subcommittee to Investigate the Administration of the Internal Security Act and Other Internal Security Laws of the Committee on the Judiciary, United States Senate, Ninety-third Congress, first session, October 3, 1973


Notice when he secured that second passport?

While John McMasters is living with him – that same time period!


That’s not good.

I’m not sure, but it looks like this Gates character got caught up again in another big hashish drug bust in August of 1988, as reported by John Spano of the La Times.


Authorities have seized a record 2,400 pounds of hashish worth about $10 million and broken a well-organized ring made up of six men from Orange and Riverside counties, federal officials said Tuesday.

The hashish, hidden in boxes marked as nails and shipped in a container large enough for a person to stand in, was imported from India and hidden at a remote ranch in Riverside County.

“This was the largest seizure of hashish in Southern California,” according to U.S. Atty. Robert C. Bonner.

[…] In addition to Rankin and Lipper, Arthur Garcia Cuesta, 41, of Dana Point; Clyde Ronald Gates, 44, of South Laguna; Vance H. Link, 34, of Riverside, and Gene Heitland Fisher, 44, of Laguna Beach were arrested.

Bail was set at $1 million each for Link and Lipper. The other four defendants were ordered held without bail.

– $10 Million in Hashish Seized and 6 ArrestedAugust 17, 1988 JOHN SPANO

As to Jim Morgan? (the other guy who Terry mentioned was living where Gates and McMasters were). Apparently he was Brotherhood too.

There’s a story about a Jim Morgan that sounds like he might be the same guy, this guy got caught up in some sort of strip club party board fiasco.

It’s a somewhat convoluted story, but the crux is that the boat was owned by Jim Morgan, “a party-boat entrepreneur with a stake in Les Girls, a strip club in San Diego’s Midway District.” The boat was “decked out with shag carpet, disco balls, hot tubs and an underwater dance floor with observation windows.”

Morgan butted heads with the city in 2002, who, for reasons I’m not clear on, wanted him off the boat, where he was living at the time. Morgan apparently then had a stroke of genuis, and donated the boat to the Mindbridge Church of the Open Mind (who’ve strangely left zero internet footprints), whose pastor, James Ward, “also refused to remove the boat from the bay, defying the Port’s order.”

– Scott Pilutik article June 16th, 2008


One final point. The DiGrazia document listed an address for the Gates/Morgan/McMaster happy house.

John McMaster
Ron Gates
31861 So. Coast Highway
Laguna Beach, Calif.
(Phone: 714-499-1046)


That’s quite a place ole Mr. Gates had there, must have been from all that drug money. It’s not too far from the main Brotherhood of Eternal Love hangout at this time (1970/1971) – Mystic Arts.

mystic arts world.

black scroll divider


Virginia McClaughry


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