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Richard Millhouse Nixon served as President of the United States from 1969 to 1974 – he is the only President to have resigned, he did it to avoid his inevitable impeachment because of the Watergate Scandal.

Text on automobile trash bag given away by the Nixon campaign in California, 1968

Nixon – smarming it up at a baseball game in 1969.

Next to Nixon is Senators (baseball team) owner Bob Short (with arms crossed), then Baseball Commissioner Bowie Kuhn (wearing glasses). Aide Jack Brennan (in uniform) sits behind Nixon.


When Nixon took office, about 300 American soldiers were dying each week in Vietnam, and the war was extremely unpopular in the United States. Violent protests against the war were ongoing and revolution looming on the horizon.

In utter contempt for the “silent majority” of the American public (who disliked the hippie counterculture and the anti-war demonstrators) a campaign of lies was to weave itself throughout media outlets everywhere – giving America the false impression that things would be “different”.

During his election campaign, Nixon was portrayed as a ‘figure of stability during a period of national unrest and upheaval.”

Meanwhile, behind-the-scenes, exactly the year that Nixon begins serving as President, is when actions were undertaken to get control of the burgeoning drug trade, whether heroin, LSD, or hashish, and this is when CIA undercover agent Ronald Stark moves in to head up the Brotherhood.

This is also when CIA agent Terrence Burke was presumably engaged in operations in Vietnam/Laos to reroute the drug trade as a method of subversion of the ‘communist’ North Koreans – when he is then decorated for.

Burke (right) receiving the Star of Valor from Admiral Rayburn

CIA operative Terrence Burke receiving star of valor from admiral rayburn.

While Nixon is promising the American people that we need “words of understanding” and not bombs, out of the other side of his mouth he approved the secret bombing campaign of North Vietnamese and allied Khmer Rouge positions in Cambodia in March 1969 (code-named Operation Menu).

Note: one measurement details that more bombs were dropped over Cambodia (under Johnson and Nixon)  than the Allies dropped during World War II!!

Over drugs!!! Not communism.

These people are completely insane.


Do they never learn?


So, after bombing them practically into extinction, in mid-1969 now Nixon began ‘efforts to negotiate peace’ with the North Vietnamese, sending a personal letter to North Vietnamese leaders, and peace talks began in Paris. This was just more posturing, however, nothing came of it, of course.

Because the Catholic/British slavemasters still wanted to continue the war, to try and do that covertly Nixon began a process called “Vietnamization” where he replaced American troops with Vietnamese troops – trained by the U.S., of course. This process began in July 1969, when Nixon visited South Vietnam, where he met with his U.S. military commanders and President Nguyen Van Thieu – who had been given a fat head by all the posturing towards him by the slavemasters.

Richard Nixon, Richard M. Nixon, Nguyen Van Thieu

U.S. Vietnam Talks


Delusions of Grandeur


Nixon then instituted phased U.S. troop withdrawals, but duplicitously (why are we not surprised) also authorized incursions into Laos.

And there’s Terrence Burke, right in the middle of things.

terry mr suave taking a bath in bia chan laos.

Seriously – when you look at real (and not staged) pictures like the above, you can really see how utterly NOT involved in all these ‘big schemes’ these people are – they obviously don’t have any of the traits that the slavemasters are always trying to pass off onto people other than themselves.

It also shows you what a HUGE propaganda campaign there was about all these places, whether it was Afghanistan, Vietnam, China, or India.

These people are obviously not what the media has portrayed them as.

The person that stands out as problematic and ‘doesn’t fit’  in this picture, is CIA agent Terrence Burke!


Where this all heavily connects into our scientology-brotherhood-CIA drugs and gun running scenario, is not only these actions but more importantly?

Nixon’s public call for a War on Drugs pledging to cut off sources of supply abroad.


…while the CIA is busy running that very drug trade, you understand.

come on!


After the CIA and other factions had obtained full control of the drug trade (1973) then the U.S. troops were withdrawn, interestingly enough though, in only two years North Vietnam conquered South Vietnam – showing that this was all never about what North Vietnam controlled or didn’t control –

Besides DRUGS…


The first exposes’ of all this began in 1971, which Nixon tried to suppress but ultimately failed. Excerpts from the “Pentagon Papers”, which had been leaked by Daniel Ellsberg, were published by The New York Times and The Washington Post, a history of United States’ involvement in Vietnam.

It wasn’t until the 1980’s and 1990’s that more specific exposes began showing up on what this war was really about – one of which was by San Jose Mercury reporter Gary Webb.



Apparently, there had been a previous series concerning shipping heroin into the U.S. utilizing various methods – one of which was named the Cadaver Connection.

From my husband’s book Scientology Roots, Chapter Twenty Three: New World Order Police State

The San Jose Mercury newspaper reported that the CIA was trafficking heroin in the dead bodies of US soldiers. Access to the morgue files of that article used to be available but now is denied, and I have been unable to find them again, so far.

However, I did find this article that talks about very similar points – and this is all referred to as the Cadaver Connection. It should be noted that this article by a DEA agent (theoreticaly) basically attempts to debunk the testimony of Michael Levine – without even naming him – which to me is more damning than ‘correct’, if you follow me there.

One former DEA executive nourished the myth in 1988 with a fictional article in the San Francisco Chronicle claiming he witnessed heroin sewn into the body of a Vietnam KIA in a Bangkok hospital in 1975.


A little strident in tone, wouldn’t you say? It sounds a lot like Church of Scientology tactics when a former member impeaches their credibility by revealing ‘inner’ secrets.

Michael Levine was an agent for Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). In 1980 he was working undercover operations to set up the biggest coke dealers in Bolivia – who produce the raw material for 90 percent of the cocaine entering the United States.

Nazi war criminal, Klaus Barbie, was recruited to work for the CIA after WW II.


The CIA sent Barbie to Bolivia in 1950.


SAPA990604590860Klaus Barbie


Barbie devoted his efforts to developing Bolivia’s thriving cocaine trade.

The Bolivian government was cooperating with Michael Levine and wanted to help the DEA to defeat the Bolivian drug barons. The Bolivian drug dealers, with CIA help, overthrew the Bolivian government.

The Bolivian government ministers that were assisting Levine were tortured to death at the hands of CIA-sponsored paramilitary terrorists under the command of Klaus Barbie.

Michael Levine’s 25 years as a DEA agent led him to the conclusion that the CIA is running the drug trade.

Dennis Dayle, 1978-82 chief of Centac (Central Tactical Unit), the DEA’s international strike force, said: “In my 30 year history in DEA, the major targets of my investigations almost invariably turned out to be working for the CIA.”   6, 14, 15, 31

Dayle turned to novelist and reporter James Mills to advertise this. The result was Mills’ The Underground Empire: Where Crime and Governments Embrace. The New York Times in a review of the book in 1986 referred to Dennis as “the up-from-the-working-class, former-concert-violinist chief of Centac…”

His agents called him “D squared,” Devious Dennis. You can listen to a live interview of him from 1996 at Expert Witness Radio.

Quote from Underground Empire:

“The tracks are everywhere. The dapper, aristocratic Mr. Lung – 02 to his American government contacts – speaks laughingly of CIA-supported Thais helicoptering up the mountains to collect their ‘goodies’ from CIA client Chang Chi-fu [Khun Sa], the world’s foremost opium dealer.

Chang’s heroin-dealing colleague, Chinese General Li Wen-huan, is known to be a CIA dependent. The CIA terminates Operation Durian, a DEA assault against [Chiu chau] Lu Hsu-shui, whose wife happens to be a cousin of Poonsiri Chanyasak, the Communist Lao government’s ‘minister of heroin,’ and who himself turns out today to be associated with a representative of Communist Chinese intelligence.

Assassin Michael Decker, suspected of CIA connections [SEAL, Operation Phoenix], describes a CIA weapons brochure found in the personal papers of Alberto Sicilia-Falcon, a major marijuana-heroin-cocaine dealer also suspected of employment by the CIA.

Sicilia-Falcon and his influential bullfighter friend Gaston Santos join in a CIA-sanctioned Portugese arms deal.

Sicilia-Falcon’s friend and advisor, CIA-trained José Egozi, also involved in the Portugese weapons deal, talks to Centac agents and ends up hanging from a bed sheet in his Mexican prison cell. Sicilia, under torture, is said to confess to CIA drugs and weapons operations intended to destabilize Latin nations.

Rearrested after his escape, facing assassination or further torture, Sicilia is rescued by a high Mexican official the CIA later identifies as its ‘most important source in Mexico and Central America.’

[Miguel Nazar Haro] In Panama the CIA inhibits a DEA intelligence operation, and blocks a Washington meeting between Panama’s drug-dealing leader and DEA bosses.”

Dennis Dayle spent the better part of 1978-82 demonstrating these facts to Mills, while he was running the DEA’s Central Tactical Unit.

* * *

End excerpt from Scientology Roots


Both Michael Levine and Gary Webb can be seen live in these two video compilations – while roughly made, they are actually quite interesting.


The Drug War is a Fraud – Part 1


The Drug War is a Fraud – Part 2


You’ll notice they are talking about the Contras in these two videos.

1988 – The Contras were the armed opponents of the Sandinista government in Nicaragua. The Contras were initially formed in 1980 and they received financial and military support from the CIA. In December 1982 the United States Congress forbid any further funding of the Contras by any US government agency.

The Contras were then funded by drug trafficking, of which the US government was aware. Senator John Kerry’s 1988 report on Contra drug links concluded that “senior U.S. policy makers were not immune to the idea that drug money was a perfect solution to the Contras’ funding problems.”

Miguel Felix Gallardo and Rafael Caro-Quintero supplied the Contras with guns and money. Together they smuggled 4 tons of cocaine a month into the U.S.

August 1996, is when Gary Webb, San Jose Mercury News reporter, published his articles titled Dark Alliance. The articles alleged that Nicaraguan drug traffickers had sold and distributed crack cocaine in Los Angeles during the 1980s, and that drug profits were used to fund the CIA-supported Contras. Webb documented that the CIA was aware of the cocaine transactions and the large shipments of cocaine into the U.S. by the Contra personnel.

After a little research, I found an obscure newspaper article from only a couple weeks after this series first appeared. This article happened to document the exact url of the San Jose Mercury News pages where this was all presented. I decided to see if that url was archived by the internet archive, and Eureka! It did. The articles, plus follow-ups (including denials, etc.) are all still available at the internet archive – you can read them for yourself.

Considering the documentation available of Sea Supply (Air America) and how the CIA was definitely using this exact same tactic during the Vietnam War, perhaps these ‘denials’ will be found amusing by you. Watch just how they attempt to distract, get around, and misdirect off the actual point, which is:

The CIA has long had involvement in the world-wide Drug Trade.


That’s a fact.

And…they know that, so what becomes educational is watching what methods are employed to get out of or derail a: accountability and b: public revelations of those facts.

Here’s some examples concerning Gary’s Dark Alliance series.

  • The Facts (Texas) Friday November 1, 1996, titled: Ex-Contras: CIA cleared planes, cash from narcotics suspect


CIA Inspector General Frederick Hitz –

…said it might take months to examine fully records of the relationship between the CIA and Nicaraguan Contra members…

He said, however, that a preliminary investigation found “no credible information” to support allegations raised in a series by the California newspaper San Jose Mercury News.


Note: There they go with that word “credible” again – a word that is often tossed around by scientology operatives to attempt to debunk others, interestingly enough, even right to this day.

  • Ukiah Daily Journal, Monday May 12, 1997, titled: Editor talks to readers about ‘Dark Alliance’


Ceppos wrote that if the Mercury News were to publish the series today, it would be edited differently [by him]: It would state fewer conclusions and certainties, and be clearer as to how conclusions are drawn.


  • Santa Cruz Sentinel, Thursday June 12, 1997, titled: Mercury News Reporter pulled from CIA story, transferred –


…newspaper management told him to stop reporting on the “Dark Alliance” series, published last summer, or he would lose his job.

…Federal investigations spurred by the series found no links between the CIA and drug dealing.


We’ll call that a bit of background, or rather a kind of sideways perspective on what’s going on in and around the CIA’s role in forming (and heading up) the DEA.

black scroll divider


Now we are going to move on to the period of time leading up to the forming of the DEA, and our good buddy and savior to American-kind  sarcasm   – agent Terrence Burke.

The lead-up and show to the creation of the DEA

The Federal anti-narcotics effort began in 1909 with the Opium Exclusion Act, which barred the import of opium except for medicinal purposes.

Subsequent laws enacted prior to World War II made it illegal to import or export narcotics in any form, or to make, sell, buy, or transport narcotics unless for medicinal or scientific purposes and under approval of the Treasury Department’s Narcotics Bureau.


The fricking Treasury Department is in charge of the drug trade??? Wow.

Under most of these laws, merely possessing a narcotic without being registered with the Treasury Department was considered evidence that some illegal act had been committed to obtain it.

Oh, ok, so wait…

If I’m a drug dealer that’s registered with the Treasury Department, it’s all good then right?

So, what this clearly shows, is that we have (just like telepathy) there are approved drug dealers and unapproved drug dealers.

Gee, I just wonder who gets to choose.

smoke another cigarette wtf

The Bureau of Narcotics was then created in the Treasury Department in 1930 to enforce these narcotics laws, most of which were based upon the power of Congress to impose taxes.

That’s an interesting fact, don’t you think? They slipped drug laws through underneath tax law!

The first time penalties with some teeth were set, was after WWII ended (of course). Mandatory minimum sentences were set for most narcotics offenses in 1951 (PL 82-255).

Interestingly enough, this forms a more compelling reason for why drug experimentation projects literally had to go “dark” – as in hidden from the American public – for example projects BLUEBIRD and ARTICHOKE.

You will note that these were combined under the super-secret Project MKULTRA (run underneath the newly formed CIA, itself formed out of the OSS) which planning began exactly one year after these new “mandatory” prison sentences kicked in.

The name MK-ULTRA had its own meaning, MK, meant that the project was sponsored by the agency’s Technical Services Staff (formed out of the OSS Research and Analysis department) Ultra had been used to designate the most secret classification of World War II intelligence.

It became officially started under Allen Dulles in April of 1953.

L. Ron Hubbard, through his Rockefeller and OSS/CIA funded front group of the Dianetics Research Center in New Jersey, had been experimenting right alongside the Projects BLUEBIRD and ARTICHOKE using sodium pentothal and Benzedrine*.

*See Scientology Roots – chapter segments : Hubbard’s Lifelong Intelligence Career #1 and for recently obtained CIA documentation about Benzedrine testing, see the second segment of that chapter.

He stops doing this literally exactly in time for these new drug law penalties taking effect, which meant that as a ‘public’ personality merely his possession of such illegal drugs would put him in prison – which could not be allowed and any interference in such a sentencing would raise obvious parallels of his government backing, something which also could not be allowed for the public to become aware of.

So, putting aside Hubbard’s usual rhetoric (manipulative wording) concerning why he stopped pursuing that particular line of research, the simple fact is that he was ordered to do so as his position as “independent person” was too risky for exposing his connections.

Five years later (1956) another law (PL 84-728) increased the penalties and would allow the death sentence imposed upon someone convicted of selling heroin to a minor.

That’s pretty strong action there, wouldn’t you say?

Federal control over depressant, stimulant, and hallucinogenic drugs (including barbiturates, “pep pills,” and LSD) – which are being used in MKUltra, you understand – came under further legislation in 1965 (PL 89-74).

What’s really interesting, was the wording in the Narcotics Rehabilitation Act (PL 89-793) that was passed in 1966.

It specifically provided that addicts convicted of drug offenses not be sent to prison, but instead be committed to medical institutions for treatment.

Which means…mental hospitals.


Followed by the fact that in 1968 Congress amended the 1965 law to set penalties for the illegal possession of stimulant, depressant or hallucinogenic drugs (PL 90-639) – which is when all those drugs had to go black market, hugely increasing the profit margin.

Let’s be clear here.

First the CIA and other slavemaster secretive front groups, spread the drugs around as part of MKUltra (Ken Kesey, Tomothy Leary, Brotherhood of Eternal Love, etc) get people hooked – which was all part of their ‘study’ – then if they got caught with it, they would have them sent to mental hospitals (also part of the MKUltra network) where they could continue their same studies on them!

Bit convenient there…wouldn’t you say?



That same year (1968) as one of the last things he did in his presidency, President Johnson finished an executive reorganization of the Federal agencies responsible for enforcement of these laws. He combined the Bureau of Narcotics in the Department of the Treasury with the Bureau of Drug Abuse Control from the Department of Health, Education and Welfare (HEW), creating a Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs in the Department of Justice – the BNDD.

Please bear in mind that the head of the HEW at this time was John William Gardner, who had been previously intimately involved with the WWII Briish Tavistock psychological assessment operation. He’s listed on p. 162 of the OSS Personnel Database.

John W. Gardner - OSS

John W. Gardner – OSS


Put simply, this man then went on to establish a center for processing OSS recruits in Laguna Beach, California – exactly where the Brotherhood of Eternal Love later made its base of smuggling operations.

He then went on to Stanford Research Institute to head up more ‘research’.

In his last year as Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare under President Lyndon Johnson (Vice-President Richard Nixon), in 1968 – the same year that L. Ron Hubbard changed direction and created his “advanced” levels in Scientology, replete with evil alien overlords and inter-galactic conspiracies – Secretary Gardner requisitioned the “Changing Images of Man” study.

The book, Changing Images of Man, was the result. The project had become supervised by Willis W. Harman, (who also led the LSD studies at SRI).

*Please see the PDF in our Just Dox section of the Reading Library – Changing Images of Man OCRd  – This book is a result of a Tavistock Stanford Research Institute (SRI) early 1970′s “mind” restructuring project supervised by Willis W. Harman.

Note: Stanford Research Institute itself, was controlled by the same hierarchy of men who were pushing Eugenics, as well as behavior modification and “testing” techniques.

Understand that this man had been in charge of the Bureau of Drug Abuse Control for over 3 years by the time that his bureau combined with the other one into the newly formed BNDD.

This guy, was in charge of “drug abuse” control – while they are busy drugging the frack out of mental patients, college students, and anyone they could get their hands on!

Swoon - oh the irony.

This also clearly marks the complicity of the entire cabinet of the Presidency, with the CIA (and its ties to British intelligence, the Catholic Church and the British slavemasters) as continuing the drug trade while pretending to be controlling and outlawing them!


hypocrisy overload.

I have never seen an expose that even scratches the surface in this way (doesn’t mean there isn’t one, but it’s obviously not easily available if there is one) – and I just cringe at the so-called investigative antics of both the Guardian’s Office and the Office of Special Affairs of the Church of Scientology in supposedly ‘mounting an attack’ on the ‘bad people’ – they were that bad.

I would include reporters, critics, “researchers” and “investigators” of scientology within that circle as well.

These people cannot all be that stupid, that had to be intentional – as in a campaign of ‘approved’ sources. How else does one account for the continued and deliberate feeding the ‘masses’ of scientology (and outside of it) the same old tired, and more importantly, misdirecting, rhetoric of it’s the Nazis, the psychs, the aliens, and the ubiquitous “U.S. government” with no real pinning down the true who’s and what’s.

I mean really – just look at this crap. The Guardian’s Office idea  of the ‘network’ of the bad guys –

Freedom magazine number 1 1969 5 world chart

Not even close. Le sigh.

Anyways –

Now, ’round about this time that former OSS/CIA man Secretary Gardner is over the drug abuse sector, and the FDA is falling under the Department of Justice, etc. etc. there came to be an interesting connection with the Attorney General and scientologists/drug runners, and the Guardian’s Office.

Going back in time for a moment first here, when we understand the type of personnel that ends up in these high-level government positions, and Hubbard’s inside track with CIA drug and behavior conditioning experiments prior to the ‘going dark’ after 1951? We get a whole new element to the supposed investigation of L. Ron Hubbard by the Secret Service in 1958.

I wondered why the Attorney General was even consulted at all, it was like what the frack does he have to do with anything?

question mark

But now after reading about the history of drug control, I get it. Boy, do I get it.

I’ll tell you what I mean. If you have a look at this post, you’ll see a Secret Service report that we obtained through a personal contact.

Here’s the PDF – Secret Service Protective Research Report March 13 1958

Particularly this part, stands out here.

On January 7, 1958, Col. R. E. Cushman, Executive Assistant. to the Vice President, forwarded Mr. Barrett’s letter to the Department. of Justice for comment as to whether any reply should be made from the Vice President’s office. On January 15, 1958, Mr. William F. Tompkins, Assistant Attorney General, wrote to Col. Cushman recommending that no reply should be made from the office of the Vice President, and advising that the Department of Justice has no information regarding the National Academy of American Psychology.


Tompkins – center


Tompkins didn’t want any sort of public record between government officials and Hubbard – even indirectly through his minions. I’m sure that some would want to assume that’s because Hubbard was crazy – but the government isn’t particularly known for avoiding things like that. For example, every single letter that came in to FDA officials was answered – even if only by a type of form letter.

To instruct the Vice-Presidents office not to do any reply at all is a very clear message. Hands off – NO public record on this, period. Tompkins, by the way, worked closely with the CIA at this time – as evidenced by declassified documents I included in my post. He also worked with Mr. Anslinger, they even wrote books together. Anslinger, who in his anti-communism (falsely directed, of course) and hatred of heroin, which was correct, went too far in his zeal to obtain drug laws. He vilified marijuana to the point of ridiculousness – literally causing people to smoke it because it was not what he said it was.

Brilliant plan there, Anslinger.


Note: Asst. Attorney General Tompkins actually resigned his position within just a few months of this Secret Service invest of Hubbard, in April 1958.

With the turnover of the Presidency in 1969, this is when President Nixon placed John Mitchell as Attorney General, and David F. Kennedy as the Treasury Secretary.


Attorney General John Mitchell


David Mathew Kennedy tres sec nixon

In my post titled: Appendix A I listed out all the news articles that I found concerning scientologists running drugs and guns, and then I typed out the text for each one for ease of access to our readers. One of them concerned a drug bust of some BEL members that had taken place on the isle of Crete, and contained an oddly placed joint quote by then Attorney General John Mitchell and Treasury Secretary (and Mormon) David M. Kennedy.

I’ll get into that whole bust later on here, but right now I want to briefly talk about these two men whom Nixon had placed in these positions upon assuming the presidency in 1969, particularly Kennedy.

 WASHINGTON, May 2— David M. Kennedy, who was Secretary of the Treasury in the first two years of the Nixon Administration, died Wednesday at his home in Salt Lake City. He was 90, and had long suffered from a heart ailment.

Mr. Kennedy, whose career included a succession of Government and business posts, came to prominence as chairman of the Continental Illinois National Bank and Trust Company when it was Chicago’s largest bank. As chairman, he was credited with reinvigorating it after a long malaise and establishing a strong overseas presence.

He was chosen by President-elect Richard M. Nixon in late 1968 for the top Treasury job, which he held until resigning in late 1970 under pressure from Mr. Nixon, who was unhappy with the nation’s stagnant economy and rising inflation. Mr. Kennedy was succeeded by John B. Connally, a politically astute former Governor of Texas who had been Secretary of the Navy under President John F. Kennedy.

… After leaving the Government, Mr. Kennedy developed a close business relationship with Michele Sindona, the financier who controlled Franklin National Bank in New York, which collapsed in scandal. Mr. Kennedy testified at a 1979 trial of three former Franklin executives that he had introduced Mr. Sindona to bank regulators and officials here and abroad, and had once borrowed $200,000 from the financier for a land venture in Arizona.

Mr. Kennedy held various lay positions with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, including special representative — a kind of international ambassador — for the First Presidency, the top governing body of the Mormon Church.

– New York Times, May 3, 1996 obituary


After he was forced to resign, David was US Ambassador at Large for Foreign Economic Policy from 1971 to 1972, and then he was Ambassador to NATO from 1972 to 1973.

What’s particularly ugly about this, is there is no way he could have not known the complicit role that his department, the Justice Department, and the CIA had concerning controlling and profiting from drugging Americans, and he was supposedly a pious Mormon.

Just makes you ill – this kind of hypocrisy. Of course, the Catholic Church set the standard for all that, and as is often the case, is actually behind most of these supposed ‘different’ religions. An ugly fact, and the Catholic Church and the British slavemasters have consistently used DRUGS as their biggest weapon against populations, and their biggest income source –

For the last five hundred years – straight.


Think they left the fledgling free-and-independent United States out of that and weren’t seeking a way to bring us into that same state?

no shaking head


The same year that Nixon began serving as U.S. President, Brotherhood of Eternal Love head, Mr. Griggs, died under suspicious circumstances. This conveniently opened the door for CIA asset Ronald Stark to ‘enter stage right’ and greatly expand the BEL hashish smuggling operation, plus set it all up for the takedown by now drug enforcement agent, our very same CIA man Terrence Brooke.

The Brotherhood began their big hashish smuggling phase at this time.

Brotherhood smugglers flew to Europe; purchased Volkswagen buses, Land Rovers and other vehicles; drove them overland to Kandahar, Afghanistan—later to become the birthplace of the Taliban (another ‘gift’ to humanity from British and American intelligence) —and then shipped them home to California from Karachi, Pakistan.

During the next several years, the Brotherhood of Eternal Love was shipping up to a dozen hash-stuffed Volkswagen buses and Land Rovers being from Afghanistan at any given moment­.

Kandahar is one of the 34 provinces of Afghanistan and is located close to Pakistan.

Mr. Bartels. At some point late in 1967 or early 1968. members of the brotherhood developed their most important foreign contact for hashish.

According to subsequent indictment, this was the Tokhi brothers who reside in Afghanistan on the outskirts of Kabul, its capital city.

Hashish smuggling and passport fraud : ”the brotherhood of eternal love” : hearing before the Subcommittee to Investigate the Administration of the Internal Security Act and Other Internal Security Laws of the Committee on the Judiciary, United States Senate, Ninety-third Congress, first session, October 3, 1973


Brotherhood smugglers developed elaborate and successful means of getting the hashish into the United States. One of their earlier techniques was to hide quantities of 15 to 20 pounds of the drug within the interiors of fiberglass surfboards which they manufactured.

They began by smuggling the hashish inside of surfboards, the idea of Brotherhood member Mike Hynson, as mentioned earlier.

Aman Tokhi, the Brotherhood’s chief supplier in Kabul, also worked as a janitor at the U.S. Embassy, although he referred to his position as ‘maintenance supervisor’.

It’s 2 a.m. in New Delhi [India], halfway through a hot night in August 1967, and Mike Hynson is still awake and sweating in his hotel room.

Using a spoon he borrowed from the hotel restaurant, Hynson has carved a giant chunk of foam out of the bottom of one of the boards he’d delivered to India a few weeks earlier. He’s filled the hole with a watertight bag of hashish oil that he and a friend from Laguna Beach obtained in Kathmandu. He seals the compartment shut with carefully concealed tape and resin. – they are sent to california

– Orange County Weekly article, July 9, 2009


From the Congressional Hearings –


Mr. Sinclair. But, that was not enough; and in the latter part of 1967, Glenn Lynd and two other brotherhood members traveled to Afghanistan in search of a permanent source of supply for brotherhood hashish.
Mr. Sourwine. That is Glenn Lynd, L-y-n-d ?

Mr. Sinclair. That is correct, sir. They purchased 125 pounds of high-quality Afghanistan hashish from their suppliers in Afghanistan for $15 a pound and smuggled it back into California where they sold it for $900 a pound. This was to be the first 125 pounds of nearly 24 tons of hashish smuggled into the United States from Afghanistan, Lebanon, and India by the Brotherhood of Eternal Love.

Hashish smuggling and passport fraud : ”the brotherhood of eternal love” : hearing before the Subcommittee to Investigate the Administration of the Internal Security Act and Other Internal Security Laws of the Committee on the Judiciary, United States Senate, Ninety-third Congress, first session, October 3, 1973

Also at this time, the BEL’s previous CIA financial contact, Billy Mellon Hitchcock, began having troubles of the female variety. His wife was less than thrilled with his hippie free love drug lord routine, and had grown tired of the whole mess.

Who wouldn’t – just look at these guys!

Leary and Hitchcock

73e1b-williammellonhitchcockleary williammellonhitchcock with Leary

Here is the Village Voice article of August, 1974, that talks about this.

village voice acid profiteers august 1974 timothy leary

PDF – Village Voice article – 1974

Images – (click to enlarge)

Pages from Village Voice article - 1974 Pages from Village Voice article - 1974-2 Pages from Village Voice article - 1974-3 Pages from Village Voice article - 1974-4 Pages from Village Voice article - 1974-5

Mrs. Aurora Tracones Hitchcock, left behind in New York with the children while her husband kited around the world with his girlfriend and the Brotherhood of Eternal Love, had decided to get a divorce.

It was a classic case of matrimonial revenge. She alleged in her 1969 affidavit that her husband had Swiss bank accounts which covered the profits he was making from the manufacture of illegal drugs, that he left drugs around the house for her children to ingest, and that he was squandering their money.

The Story of the Acid Profiteers, THE VILLAGE VOICE NY: August 23-30, 1974.

Billy Mellon-Hitchcock


Aurora Mellon-Hitchcock – Vogue magazine, 1966.

aurora mellon hitchcock - vogue 1966.

As mentioned previously, this is exactly when Ronald Stark showed up, right as all this was happening around Billy Mellon-Hitchcock.

The year is 1969.

Just a month after Stark showed up, complete with Mellon-Hitchcock’s CIA off-shore banking connections in hand, President Nixon had formed an Executive Committee to ‘investigate’ the problem with drug trafficking in America, from the public standpoint..

Of course, now that we know the real history about all that drug legislation, what that should really read as is traffickers that were a problem because they were getting fat heads, and not sending their money where the CIA wanted it.

I suppose now is as good a time as any to address the elephant-in-the-room.

Why did normal people allow and go along with the CIA to control drug-trafficking?

Scientology - The elephant in the room.

Any good investigator, to my way of thinking, should be able to assume all possible stances or views of a specific incident or topic. I know for a fact that the back-channel ‘handling’ for various personnel over the years (and even still) has been something like this:

“We need to control it so that criminals don’t use it to subvert American interests.”

Now, that sounds good on the surface, even somewhat logical, except for one glaring point. They are not controlling it in order to stop it, and in a sense are acting to subvert Americans through narcotics by allowing the trade to take place.

And that kills their whole ‘we’re doing good works’ idea – the horror and destruction wreaked by street drugs could never be outweighed by any justification they could ever come up with. They are helping to destroy Americans, (and other peoples as well).

It’s as simple as that.

One would think if they were controlling it, well then, they would actually control it. As in stop the flow – period. But no, they are using the money from it to keep puppet-dictators in place, to fund black operations against peoples who do not take kindly to their turning a great thing such as ‘freedom’ into some kind of yoke.

Like River says, in the tv series Firefly:


We meddle and we haven’t the right.



Operation Intercept


On Sunday, September 21, 1969, the United States government embarked upon Operation intercept to deter and detect the illegal importation of marihuana across the United States-Mexican border. Heralded by U.S. Bureau of Customs officials as an “unprecedented . . . historic effort,” that “proved for the first time we could effectively interdict the flow of marijuana into the U.S.,” this new public policy was widely acknowledged to be the most extensive attempt in United States history to curb the importation of illegal drugs.

The policy was based on a document entitled Report of Special Presidential Task Force Relating to Narcotics, Marijuana and Dangerous Drugs, released on June 6, 1969. This report, prepared by an interdepartmental commission conceived by the then Attorney General John Mitchell, was presented as a direct result of President Nixon’s pledge to the American people that he would adopt strong policies in order to “combat the drug abuse problem in this country.”

Attorney General John Mitchell and Secretary of the Treasury, David M. Kennedy, reported directly to President Nixon, and would later be involved with the big show ‘bust’ of brotherhood members that scientologists Terry Milner and Jerry McDonald are mixed up in.

You’ll notice that this is exactly the same time period that CIA operative Ron Stark shows up in Laguna Beach to essentially recreate (or resurrect) the Brotherhood after Griggs died.



Georg Chula, attorney for Timothy Leary when he got ‘busted’ and also attorney for several actual Brotherhood members, made a clear point about how different things were after Griggs died.

There is only one basic thing wrong with this whole Brotherhood business.

There is no Brotherhood. Sure, there used to be the group that was incorporated in 1966, but when Farmer John [Griggs] died, that was it. What happened is that a whole aura developed around the Brotherhood. Its vibe was perfect—a lot of kids in Laguna kept its image alive by saying they were ‘brothers’ and holding that Christmas thing. (Now if you’re running this international conspiracy, are you going to bring 30,000 of your friends into town and have every cop within a hundred miles there, getting pissed off at you?) The Brotherhood is a concept that appeals to young people. That’s all that happened.

– Rolling Stone article The Strange Case of the Hippie Mafia December 7, 1972.


Ron Stark used that image Chula just described to the hilt as a cover for his CIA sanctioned activities, and Rolling Stone went right along with helpfully portraying them along those lines.

The Hippie Mafia

hippie mafia

What’s missing in this pic? I see Mafia, I see police, but hey, where’s the CIA agents –


They appear to be missing…in this depiction.

whistling girl


Ahem. Gettin’ serious again now –

As a result of Nixon’s executive committee of “what to do about those bad drugs”, the big show of Operation Intercept was launched. It especially targeted the Mexican marijuana trade – which was pretty much exclusively controlled by the Brotherhood of Eternal Love through their dealings with the biggest drug dealer in Mexico, “Papa”, Pedro Aviles and his right hand man Quintero.

This was not what it appeared to be, it was about driving the profit margin up.

Mo’ and Mo’ and Mo’ Money.


Besides other documented points, you can actually see a hint of this in statements by then Deputy Attorney General Richard Kleindienst, the Co-chairman of the Special Presidential Task Force. He told a news conference that the administration hopes to use the economic law of supply and demand instead of the often harsh criminal narcotics laws to break the campus and youth drug culture.

Richard Kleindienst

We hope to drive the price so high it will be unavailable to students in colleges and high schools … who are using it so commonly today.” … the administration would like to make marijuana smoking as expensive as using heroin. Few youths would experiment with it at that price.


Oh sure, combine the factors of the existing idiotic propaganda started by Harry Anslinger about marijuana turning people into sex-crazed homocidal maniacs (false, of course) and put it together with blatant jack-booted government interference – and oh yea, that will just turn all those rebellious kids against it.

Come on…

come on!

Of course they knew this would do exactly the opposite of what they said their intention was. Not only would the usage increase dramatically due to government “meddling” but the profit margin increased exponentially as well, something like 10x the cost previously.

Reference – Operation Intercept: The Multiple Consequences of Social Policy by Lawrence A. Gooberman, Chapter 1: The Policy and the Research Problem

Under pressure from the Mexican government as well as Mexican and American businessmen,Operation Intercept was officially concluded on October 2, 1969, but it was then immediately followed by a new policy, called Operation Cooperation, which was publicly presented by John Ingersoll, former Director of the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs, as follows:

Presently, a less economically severe plan called Operation Cooperation has replaced Operation Intercept. While this is also an intensive surveillance effort involving the cooperation of numerous Federal agencies and the Government-of Mexico, it is less burdensome economically to those persons who are engaged in lawful commerce between the United States and Mexico.


President Nixon signing (Harry Anslinger left) and John Ingersoll, head of the BNDD.

The Drug Lords - Nixon - Anslinger (behind left) and John Ingersoll signing DEA.

On March 11, 1970, more than five months after Operation Intercept was abandoned, a comprehensive agreement incorporating the goals of both Operation Intercept and Operation Cooperation was reached by United States and Mexican law enforcement officials. The agreement, signed here by Attorneys General of both countries, includes $1 million in technical assistance to Mexico for “the eradication of poppy and marijuana fields”.

Under the helm of CIA operative Ron Stark, purely based on what was seized (not what actually came in) you can see from basic statistics that hashish imports increased dramatically, just in that first year of 1969.

Very little hashish was seized prior to 1966. In 1966 and 1967, however, approximately 70 pounds of hashish were seized, 191 pounds in 1968, and 623 pounds in fiscal year 1969.

In other words, they start seizing it which literally draws attention to it – spawning a “let’s rebel against the government kind of thing” – plus drives the price up, and –

Away we go…

Jackie Gleason - And Away We Go

Kids everywhere really want to take marijuana now – just to be contrary.

Note that it takes 625 pounds of raw marijuana to make one pound of hashish. So, 623 pounds of hashish seized means that 390,000 pounds of marijuana had to have been used.

* * *

CIA direct involvement with what was then called the BNDD (Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs) began in 1969, becoming more formalized in early 1971.

March 24, 1969, CIA document –

It appears that the activities of the BNDD, ongoing and planned, could under the appropriate arrangements provide valuable information to the Agency in new drug effects, drug abuse and drug traffic areas. For this reason they will be followed very closely.

A set of declassified documents called: Family Jewels (as a collection) contains several clear examples of this.

On p. 29 –

Note: CI stands for Counter Intelligence.


Note: point 3 especially – that, of course, describes someone like CIA operative Terrence Burke perfectly – and lo and behold! He ends up supposedly being a BNDD employee.

Imagine that!

sarcasm little guy

This formalization (formal request and answer) was approved by CIA head (DCI) Richard Helms on 12 February 1971, and was called Operation TWOFOLD. See page 56.

Richard Helms


The same page also refers to this having gone on for several years by the time of this particular document, which was dated 25 May 1973. Two years isn’t several, put going back to 1969 would be which is accurate as when this actually began.

Note: there are also a number of other documents listed of the CIA working with the BNDD here, one in particular dates back to March 24, 1969.

Page 62 of Family Jewels talks about how the head of BNDD, Mr. Ingersoll was complaining to Richard Helms (in December of 1970) that: “the old Federal Bureau of Narcotics had been heavily infiltrated by dishonest and corrupt elements who were believed to have ties with the narcotics smuggling industry.

Can’t you just imagine the poker-face Helms would have had to have, in any face to face meeting on that point?

“Yes, yes, government personnel tied to the narcotics smuggling industry, very bad.”

whistling girl

“We should do something about that.”


godzilla facepalm - when the FAIL is EPIC


In case the humor is lost on you –

CIA gets a big fail there

on any ‘innocence’ and honesty in regards the drug trade, in other words.


Important note –

There are several documents in the Family Jewels pdf that talk about all the help that the CIA was giving the BNDD for creating false backgrounds, including social security numbers, birth certificates, credit cards, and…passports.

One of the biggest points of discussion in the Hashish Smuggling subcommittee hearings of 1973, (two months after the Brotherhood bust) – was the extensive false documentation and passports a number of the Brotherhood smugglers had.

On page 83 of it’s pdf, it says –

On page 34, Special Agent Strange was asked to provide a list of brotherhood members who are believed to have obtained multiple passports falsely identifying themselves. A list of brotherhood members believed to have obtained one or more passports under assumed names follows:

The Brotherhood—Master List (Passsport) April 18, 1973

First name on the list –

ackerley, robert dale
Secured PPT # K696983 at San Francisco 5/26/69 (in true name).
Secured PPT # K157638 at San Francisco 11/21/69; in name of Christopher, Robert John.Secured PPT # B2081110 at San Francisco 9/9/71 (in true name).
Status.—Complaint 18 USC 1542—Secured by SFFO 4/18/73.

Hashish smuggling and passport fraud : ”the brotherhood of eternal love” : hearing before the Subcommittee to Investigate the Administration of the Internal Security Act and Other Internal Security Laws of the Committee on the Judiciary, United States Senate, Ninety-third Congress, first session, October 3, 1973


Considering this is just what the CIA was doing to properly install its operatives in and for the BNDD, both as employees and as undercover counter-intelligence agents – this may be a whole lot more relevant than it might first appear.

P. 6 of ‘Family Jewels’ shows you their attitude towards being taken to task for violating the National Security Act of 1947 – he calls it a “fuss” – like it’s nothing.

I do not believe that this is totally illegal under the provisions of the National Security Act of 1947, but I am including it since I am sure that it would be considered as such in light of the recent congressional fuss over our police training activities.


Yeah, ok, it’s not totally illegal, it’s only a little illegal.

Kermit the frog excited.

Frickin’ arsehole.

Howard Osborn – in charge of “security” at the CIA, is who said that.



I’m going to include what was on page 118, because it’s kind of interesting actually. That page is listing out various equipment that the CIA had supplied other agencies, and it specifically lists that it had provided 3 Tessina cameras to the BNDD (at a cost of $700 each) on April 19, 1972.

What’s a Tessina camera? It’s one of the only minature cameras that uses 35mm film. How small was it? You could hide it in a pack of cigarettes.

tessina camera ebay.

When the viewfinder and the flashlight socket were removed, the camera fit nicely inside a standard cigarette pack, leaving room for some fake cigarette tips.

tessina camera

tessina room for cig tips

It was also possible to operate the Tessina from within the cigarette case. This was done by drilling tiny little holes in the side of the case, enough to allow the camera lens to ‘see through it’. It allowed a spy to smoke a cigarette, whilst at the same time photograph a person.

During the Watergate break-in on 17 June 1972, FBI investigators found a black Tessina camera on one of the so-called ‘plumbers’. It was confiscated by the police and kept as evidence for a later trial.

Note: The Plumbers were a secret group which, under US President Nixon, had the task to finding the sources of information leaking to the press and other news media.

* * *


As you can see, the CIA was deeply involved with the BNDD by at least 1969, and the entire history of “narcotics” control is dubious as to what they were really doing with all these drugs, right from the beginning.

I think now it’s time to cross into our scientology elements.

The following posts go into much detail on two of the main characters here, Terry Milner and Jerry McDonald.

Let’s start with what was going on in the late 1960’s and 1970’s.

Exhibit 43 is a document obtained during the FBI raids of the Church of Scientology on July 8, 1977.

Here is the PDF.

It is an evaluation (scientology tech for assessing a situation) by the Guardian Jane Kember, Guardian Order GO1344 of 10 October 1974, where she attempts to misdirect attention off of scientology drug, gun-running, and money laundering activities. Considering the evidence the other direction, either she’s in on it or she’s a terminal idiot.


Jane Kember names Terry Milner as the “who” – the bad guy.

Buried deep in a number of short-hand type notations, on page 5, is the following.

10) Various crew lists – Aries, Neptune, Makaira – 13 July 1969

11) News article on the Makaira being raided and an arsenal being found on board – date 17 July 1970.

Jane adds this note to #11 – “McDonald had blown with Makaira in early 1970 and using it for drug smuggling.”

Jane’s use of the term ‘blown’ is your first big clue that something is rotten in river city, with this “evaluation” by Jane.

The term ‘blown’ in scientology parlance – means:

To blow means “to leave without permission” or “to leave before something is completed”. One can “blow staff”, “blow course”, “blow session”, or “blow the org”. It is a very, very serious offense in Scientology to blow. People who leave without permission in this way are usually declared a Suppressive Person.

Jerry was not “blown”, he was running drugs and guns with the full knowledge of L. Ron Hubbard and Terry Milner.

What’s even more interesting about this ridiculous lying by Jane Kember, is the fact that there is an earlier report submitted to the head of the Guardian’s Office (and to L. Ron Hubbard) – dated 31 December 1970 – where it specifically lists the drug busts that Jerry and Terry were involved with the CIA and the BNSS on, as one of the “accomplishments” of the Guardian’s Office for the year of 1970.

Note: I actually found this document while looking for something else, and since I’m never one to pass up on a piece of the puzzle like this was, I came back and added it to this post – today April 13, 2015.

And supposedly, Jane somehow is unaware of this report?

Come on!

come on!


The report was posted to the newsgroup twenty years ago, on January 18, 1995 by Homer Wilson Smith.

Here’s a PDF of it – Guardian’s Office Report of Activities – 1970 – Terry Milner Jerry McDonald BEL drug bust

**Important Note – there is a typo on who the report is from – it says “Rob” and should say “Bob” – short for Bob Thomas.


There’s a number of interesting things in this document. Multiple examples of deliberately placing “agents” within government agencies, hospitals, and as “friends” or “supporters” of those deemed enemies of Scientology, along with crowing about having tripled the number of intelligence staff!

The relevant part for our purposes, can be found under the heading BUREAU 4 – INTELLIGENCE, points 73, 74 and 75.

73.  Brought about the largest drug “bust” in the history of California.

74.  Put Doug Rambo in jail.

75.  Put Baron Berez in jail.

– PDF Guardian’s Office Report of Activities – 1970 – Terry Milner Jerry McDonald BEL drug bust


This “largest drug bust”? That’s the one with the BEL members and over 1400 pounds of hashish on the other side of the world in Crete. That’s important, because that “bust” was a combined CIA/Scientology/BNDD operation and was part of the whole show that the CIA was running in the leadup to creating (and placing one of their agents to run) the DEA.

Jerry McDonald was highly mobile, accomplishing that by seemingly limitless amounts of money to buy up and operate expensive Navy decommissioned ships like the Makaira and the Blue Fin (later renamed the Aries).

Both the Makaira and the Blue fin were part of scientology’s Sea Organization west coast ‘fleet’ – the Makaira was specifically captained by Jerald Noel McDonald.

The reason I now know what his full name is, was as a result of recent research of that little entry by Jane, saying: News article on the Makaira being raided...

Makaira descriptions – article source noted as numbered.

  • 107-foot converted subchaser – 1
  • arrived at the gray ship, which is out of Los Angeles – 1
  • converted Navy subchaser – 3
  • sleek 107-foot ship – 3
  • Makaira, the 110-foot sub-chaser – 5
  • capable of 33-knot-an-hour speed, had been purchased by Jerald Noel McDonald, 30, with a $10,000 down payment, $9,000 more was being monthly over three years – 3

The Church of Scientology Sea Organization (patterned after the CIA’s Sea Supply) also operated two other World War II surplus ships during the late 1960s through the early 1970s. These were the Bolivar, a subchaser, and the T.S.M.Y. “Excalibur”. Both of these vessels were docked at San Pedro, California, and they were used for training new “Sea Org” members.

Jerry, was in charge of that training.

But first, let’s back up to 1967 and 1968 and cover a few background points.

Jerry was well into scientology before his 18 December 1967 release from the navy – as evidenced by this record of his completion of Power Processing (Grade V on scientology’s Grade Chart) in the fall of 1967.

Power completions from October 1 to 14th November 1967 – Auditor #33

jerry mcdonald power p 9 auditor 33 1968This particular issue is from very early in 1968, because it refers multiple times to recent events of late 1967, such as Jerry’s Power completion, and a “stop press” announcement about the first Grade III OT in January of 1968, for example.

Power Processing, at this time, was only available at the St. Hill organization, the first Advanced Organization in the U.S. didn’t open until August 1968.

Auditor #30 1967

auditor 30 power processing only at st hill(that’s Quentin Hubbard, age 13)

You have to be a Class VII auditor to deliver Power Processing, like Terry Milner (Jerry’s good buddy) was, for example.

Terry was listed as a Class VII in Auditor #24 from early 1967. The Class VII course at that time, also included executive course training.

Terry had left Saint Hill in late 1966, where he was posted as the Deputy Guardian for Intelligence, U.S. (DG/I US) and  junior to Bob Thomas, who in New York was the Deputy Guardian for the U.S. – these are both the Guardian’s office positions directly under Mary Sue Hubbard.

The only way I can figure his participation in Power Processing (which would have been after hundreds or hours of auditing to qualify for that) must have coincided with a Navy assignment there in England. Jerry was previously assigned to Italy, per muster rolls of 1959.

But, still, he doesn’t get released from the Navy until December of 1967. Then, presumably he goes back to the U.S., to the L.A. area and hooks up with Terry Milner, and buys the Blue Fin ship (somewhere in there) before he joins the Sea Org and shows up to Hubbard’s mini-fleet in May of 1968.

Oddly, an alleged note in a U.S. Customs file obtained 6 years later, notes Jerry as having ‘worked with Customs’ since 1968.

Feb-July 1970 entry […] JM is noted as to have worked with Customs since 1968.

– U.S. Customs “timetrack” done by Guardian’s Office intelligence personnel, Ref: Exhibit XII [12] – Clearwater Commission Hearings (main page here). p189

Note: That’s actually very inconsistent with other records – like Customs boarding his ships looking for drugs, but I’ll get into that a little later, when it actually took place.

You see, they didn’t know that he was CIA, nor did they know that L. Ron Hubbard was a CIA asset (long term), nor did they know that Terry Milner was working with the CIA with Hubbard’s full knowledge to get control of the drug trade away from those ‘corrupt’ elements – so called.

Four months after the alter-ego of OSS/CIA man Paul Helliwell’s Sea Supply, the Sea Org was formed –

On New Years 1968, and just two weeks after Jerry McDonald gets released from the Navy, L. Ron Hubbard establishes a corporation called Operation & Transport Limited, through the Panamanian Counsel in Valencia.

In another spontaneous fit of coincidental activity with the CIA – Hubbard had used the very same favorite area of incorporating shady companies as Paul Helliwell – Panama, where the CIA had just (in 1967) positioned their future puppet monster leader, Manuel Noriega, trained by them at School of the Americas and at Fort Bragg, in the Panama National Guard.

Hubbard needed to provide some kind of explanation to his not in-the-know accolytes, as to why he was sailing around in that neck of the woods in 1968 – the Mediteranean – one of them was based on his past life as a pirate – he said.


Another reason we were in that part of the world sailing around on these ships was the fact, LRH explained, that he had been a corsair (pirate), sailing between the Mediterranean and the new world in the 1700s when the rum triangle was going on.

Messiah or Madman by Bent Corydon and L. Ron Hubbard Jr., 1987, interview with Elena Lorrel, p. 40.

The “rum triangle” of which she so casually speaks, was actually the infamous slavery triangle of the British – people were being traded for rum and other goods.

The main shore story (intelligence cover) that Hubbard had invented as the “fleet” now ambled their way towards Greece to take part in clandestine CIA activities at Corfu, its ultimate target, was called Mission into Time – where he is supposedly checking his ‘past-life’ recalls of events/places.

Just a year earlier, Hubbard had used a similar cover story wherein he had claimed to his followers that he was Cecil Rhodes in his last life, and that the point of his trip to Rhodesia was “recovering the gold that he had buried as Cecil Rhodes”.

So, now Jerry McDonald shows up, in the middle of all this hotbed of activity, to board the Royal Scotsman (later re-named Apollo) there at Malilla, Morocco – which was a CIA haven.

He then partakes in what some call the Liability Cruise –  the ship was run aground in a Spanish Coast port, and L. Ron Hubbard assigned everyone the ‘ethics’ condition of liability. All crew wearing filthy grey rags for the next several weeks. (see this for more)

Dart Smohen – a pseudonym of Neville Chamberlain – discussing the period starting May 1968:

Note: Dart decides to “leave” ESMB (ex-scientologist message board) on January 4, 2011 is where he reveals his real name.

Now, where was I ? Oh yes.

It was pretty tough going at first, We had to do all the Joburgs. I remember having to do one on Jerry MacDonald [misspelled, it is McDonald], who had just come on board. Jerry was a larger than life customer, a smuggler, hard case and general crook.

I started his Joburg “questions like “Have you ever stolen anything?” answers were “Oh yes blah blah blah”, needle moving freely, absolutely no response at all. So I decided to run a reverse Joburg.

“Have you failed to steal something?” BANG CRASH the meter went. Boy, was there ever some charge on it. Times he had the chance to steal and failed to do so.

It took HOURS to run it, there was SO much stuff. All sorts of things came up, many that would have seen him serving life sentences. Anyway, I did the job. We were good friends after that.

All the while we had to learn and train the crew on the basics of seamanship. We needed to practice docking the ship. Remember, this boat was about 100 yards long and weighed about 4,000 tons.

Liability Cruise Part 2, March 11, 2008

Note: Neville was later declared by the Church of Scientology  (under David Miscavige’s informal direction) in April of 1982, for, among other things, drug pushing and smuggling. Jerry McDonald was also alleged to be an assassin, which Neville also indirectly gets accused of in his SP declare as “violence for hire”. Neville was a professional Boxer, and together with former Vegas mob pit-boss Frank Friedman (aka Freedman aka Freeman) who was an American Judo Expert, the two of them acted as bodyguards for L. Ron Hubbard at the CIA’s CORFU caper in Greece – August 1968.

In any event we were lunching at a remote taverna when a taxi pulled up and two “tourists” emerged who sat down at an adjacent table and whom Mitchell pointed out to me as two of Hubbard’s thugs evidently detailed off to tail him. One was alleged to be a British professional boxer rejoicing in the improbable name of Neville Chamberlain and the other an American judo expert named Frank Friedman.

The Strange Affair of “Professor Hubbard’s Philosophy School”, by Major John Forte, MBE, 1980; Chapter 3 The Colonels

The Corfu Caper, is what I refer to CIA activities as, that are going on in Greece in 1968/69.

the “reign (or regime) of the colonels” backed by the CIA will usher in the widespread use of torture and murder against political opponents.

Enter –


Sheepskin is slang for “college degree”.

So ala-kazam-kazid, guess what Hubbard is doing with his available mini-fleet? Well, in yet another fit of coincidental activity (this is getting to be a habit) he offers to create a university in Corfu, Greece – providing a nice little CIA cut-out cover, not to mention a constant stream of mules (drug and money smugglers) coming on and off his ships, who are all erstwhile ‘students’ to boot!

Hubbard’s job was to help “validate” the new military dictatorship, which was coming under a lot of criticism internationally, with good reason, but the CIA (and the British slavemasters, can’t forget them) had no intention of letting Greece out from under CIA “rule” – literally.

Reprising Elena Lorrel again here for perspective –

What we were doing was James Bond stuff, in all these different countries.

Some of the missions we undertook were real intelligence missions: to the United Nations, as well as to almost every government of the countries we visited.

We were infiltrating these groups…trying to covertly back one political candidate versus another.

Messiah or Madman by Bent Corydon and L. Ron Hubbard Jr., 1987, interview with Elena Lorrel, p. 38, 39.


I found a recently declassified CIA document, dated January of 1968, that appears to be giving a “summary” of the new regime’s progress so far.

I have OCR’d it and uploaded it here.

January 1968 CIA report on the Junta in Greece – PDF

Page 5 is particularly relevant to what you’re going to see Hubbard doing there in Greece.

scientology related january 1968 CIA report junta in greece

The Regime’s Frustration in Its Foreign Relations

1. Since the junta took power last April, its principal problem has been with its allies. The open disapproval of the military regime by some NATO governments and the grudging acceptance by others have produced an increasing sense of frustration.

Possibly in response to this adverse reaction from its friends, the government has moved to draft a new constitution, which at least in its initial form retains the basic institutions of a constitutional monarchy. Further, the regime has declared it will hold a national referendum as soon as practical before 15 September. Soon after the King’s abortive attempt to oust the junta, the regime released its most prominent detainee, Andreas Papandreou, presumably to satisfy some of its foreign critics.

2. The regime obviously believes these steps toward “democracy” should convince its friends of
its good intentions. […]

3. Nevertheless, the regime has let it be known that it will not wait indefinitely for signs of acceptance from its NATO allies, and specifically from the US.

And then…there’s this, which I excerpted –

17. Socially, the junta still must demonstrate a capability for carrying out broad reform of an antiquated educational system […] These areas presumably require the assistance of trained professionals, a group that the regime has shown little inclination to recruit as yet.

Well, now, wasn’t that interesting.

Lo-and-behold, after be-bopping along giving press and video interviews along the way, and filling young heads with tales of Xenu and the Space aliens, Hubbard and the Royal Scotsman finally arrived in Corfu round about July of 1968, a couple months before this “national referendum” changing the Greek Constitution is supposed to be happening.

What timing, eh?

Royal Scotman in Corfu Harbor


A rare video interview series with L. Ron Hubbard, done in August of 1968 on board the Royal Scotman, mentioned that Hubbard’s St. Hill organization was pulling down 30,000 pounds a week, which the ratio of conversion back in 1968 was 3 – 1. That means St. Hill was pulling down 90,000 dollars a WEEK.

That’s 360K a month, and 4.6 million dollars a year!

Now, in an London Daily Mail article of 3 August 1968, it published details of Hubbard’s private bank accounts in Switzerland, including account numbers, and it said Hubbard had $7 million. Some reporters tracked him down in Bizerte, Tunisia, (Daily Mail, 6 August 1968) and Hubbard acted nonchalant about the whole thing and “showed them his sixteen war medals in a framed case behind his desk.”

However, Hubbard actually indirectly verified that this was correct information (swiss account, etc.) by complaining about it blowing an agent (a spy) there at St. Hill.


As in the case of the Swiss Account numbers the paper “exposed” they blew the cover of an agent. As it was you knew there was an agent near Treasury at SH.

– L. Ron Hubbard to: CSG and The Guardian WW 2 December 1969 Intelligence Actions Covert Intelligence  taken from the Guardian’s Office confidential intelligence course of 9 September 1974.
*note – Jane Kember had taken over as Guardian in January of 1969, when Mary Sue become “Controller” – CSG and went off with Hubbard on his ships.

Note: Hubbard had also spent eight million dollars just two years earlier, in some kind of intelligence operation in Rhodesia, a fantastic sum all by itself in those days.

And yet, even more fantastic, this rate of cash flow is still continuing in 1968!

So, now here’s Hubbard moving in and out a least 4 million a year back in 1968, and there were only maybe 3,000 clears at this time, even if each of them did the new OT levels…that is still way too much money to account for it actually being just for services.

That’s is our first clue that something is very wrong with the sheer volume of money flowing through Hubbard’s church fronts and into Swiss bank accounts – let alone the other accounts he held in other parts of the world.

Another clue comes to us from the then Captain of the Apollo – Hana Eltringham.

Hana had been invited to join Hubbard’s Sea Project in August of 1967, she had then traveled to Las Palmas where the Avon River is being renovated under Ron Hubbard’s supervision.

There was lots of money aboard. We had to courier 7 or 8 million dollars in cash to Switzerland. And on a later trip much more than that was couriered. It was couriered from the Dutch Antilles island of Curacao, near Venezuela. LRH was really like a squirrel with nuts, stashing it. He stashed gold bullion too.

Messiah or Madman by Bent Corydon and L. Ron Hubbard Jr., 1987, interview with Hana Eltringham, p. 43,44.

Larry Reeves (who joined the ship some time after the “Mission Into Time” project) described a large crate full of gold coins and jewels of all kinds.

The crate was in the hull of the Apollo, during the time the ship was in Greece.

[…] I personally saw the treasure. It was in a huge wooden crate, built from two-by-sixes, the size of a small room. This carton was kept in the hull of the ship, near where I used to work. I’m a treasure buff, so when I opened up one of the boards and looked through, I knew what I was looking at! There were ancient gold coins, and jewels of all kinds. It was like looking at a huge pirates’ chest.

Note by Virginia: While the ships were in Greece, Hana describes special boats built to ferry heavy loads short distances.

LRH did have some special boats built in Valencia, Spain, after the “Mission Into Time” voyage.

Later on in 1968 they were brought onto the Apollo, while she was stationed in Greece.

They were Aom-bottomed great big sled-like craft, about 12 feet long by about 5 and a half to 6 feet wide, about 2 feet deep and sturdily built. Liz Gablehouse had to scout around and find some quiet motors to put on them.

[quiet needed for night-sneaking, obviously, bringing it in and out of the country]

Messiah or Madman by Bent Corydon and L. Ron Hubbard Jr., 1987, interview with Hana Eltringham, p. 43,44.


Note: Odd that Hana doesn’t mention any of this in the recent HBO documentary – Going Clear and instead her testimony is relegated to the unfortunate realm of “human interest’ touchy-feely clips.

That’s gross. Can we tell what that film is trying to distract from yet?

perish the thought - wry ick face.

So, here we have gold bullion, gold coins, jewels and piles of cash funneling on and off Hubbard’s ships while it was in Greece, plus boats being made that, to me, sound more suited for running loads of guns and heavy items like the gold bullion than for “treasure hunting”. Rather convenient accoutrements to be in possession of, given the state of things politically there in Greece.

And, as we now know, Jerry was prone to hauling loads of guns around – he got caught with a big load of them on the Makaira, but we’ll get to that in a bit here.

What…pray tell, has our elusive Mr. Jerry McDonald doing for all this time?

One thing I do know, is that Jerry had left Corfu before this, by January 1969, he was in Los Angeles with his Blue Fin ship now donated to the Sea Org and named the Aries training Sea Org members – along with his Makaira boat.

From Scientolopedia –

The Aries was an ex air-sea rescue vessel. It was approximately 63 feet long and was gas powered. She was used to train Sea Org members and was based in the Pacific area in 1970.The Aries was originally named the Bluefin. The Bluefin was a 65 foot Air-Sea Rescue boat that was added to the Pacific Coast Sea Org fleet on January 12, 1969. It’s first captain was Warrant Officer Jerry McDonald.


If you recall, we started this saga with Jane Kember’s evaluation that somehow arrives at the conclusion that Jerry was a Customs agent.

And yet…in less than six months of his arrival in Los Angeles, Customs is investigating him for narcotics smuggling!

6 May 69 An LA IRS Intel report indicates the US Customs Office to be conducting an extensive investigation into the Blue Fin and its activities because of a previous report that the ship was involved in narcotic smuggling from Mexico.

– U.S. Customs “timetrack” done by Guardian’s Office intelligence personnel, Ref: Exhibit XII [12] – Clearwater Commission Hearings (main page here). p189

Jerry had been put in charge of the Sea Org ships in the “PAC” (pacific) area. For some reason, he felt the need to go back and forth between L.A. and Baja, California, supposedly doing drills, as one report has it (from Jane’s Exhibit 43)

The earliest data in Coast Guard files is a letter 7 July 1969 from Irwin C. Jones, Secretary of L.A. Yacht Club to Admiral Tighe, 11th Coast Guard District, which states that he saw 2 ships in Ensndada (Mexico) bearing Coast Guard insignia replicas and crew doing para military drills. States they are impersonating Coast Guard Ships and should be report it to the FBI.


I suppose it’s just yet another coincidence that this happens to be conveniently located (and timed) for the “Papa” Pedro Avilas marijuana haven. Plus, they just happen to have two fast ships capable of carrying large loads of marijuana.

That deserves a –

Barbie face palm for airheadedness

barbie forehead slap
if anyone thinks that’s actually a coincidence.


Six months later, things were heating up – Jerry had his boat Makaira boarded by Customs.

boarded the Makaira 13 November 1969.

– Customs files noted in an evaluation (scientology tech for assessing a situation) by the Guardian Jane Kember, Guardian Order GO1344 of 10 October 1974, p. 3 – Exhibit 43 from FBI files, PDF.


In a bizarre twist, just two months later Jerry starts actively smuggling with Terry Milner, supposedly on a project with U.S. Customs.

To say it was “customs” as if it was just customs is obviously deliberate. It was the CIA/BNDD – a coordinated operation.


January 15, 1970 – Jerry McDonald agrees to work with Terry Milner, then DGI US, on a drug smuggling project with US Customs.

– U.S. Customs “timetrack” done by Guardian’s Office intelligence personnel, Ref: Exhibit XII [12] – Clearwater Commission Hearings (main page here). p188


Which…is supposedly to remove EX scientologist drug runners from the Church.

But now, if they are EX scientologists, they weren’t with the Church anymore, so what’s the problem?

This just gets more and more strange, and obviously not quite the truth.

Feb-July 1970 – JM is reported as working with Customs and LAPD as an informant on the cycle set up by Milner to remove X-Scientologists drug runners off Scientology lines. […]

– U.S. Customs “timetrack” done by Guardian’s Office intelligence personnel, Ref: Exhibit XII [12] – Clearwater Commission Hearings (main page here). p189

This is the Brotherhood of Eternal Love that this “project” is supposedly about – so that means that the two people Bob Thomas spoke of “putting in jail” in his report , were Brotherhood members, interestingly enough.

73.  Brought about the largest drug “bust” in the history of California.

74.  Put Doug Rambo in jail.

75.  Put Baron Berez in jail.

– PDF Guardian’s Office Report of Activities – 1970 – Terry Milner Jerry McDonald BEL drug bust, under the heading BUREAU 4 – INTELLIGENCE


Remember, in a 1974 report, 4 years after this, Jane Kember (having taken over for Mary Sue Hubbard) tries to lie to everyone in the Guardian’s Office and portray this as some sort of “suppressive” lone wolves activity by Jerru and Terry.

10) Various crew lists – Aries, Neptune, Makaira – 13 July 1969

11) News article on the Makaira being raided and an arsenal being found on board – date 17 July 1970.

– page 5, Exhibit 43 is a PDF of a document obtained during the FBI raids of the Church of Scientology on July 8, 1977. It is an evaluation (scientology tech for assessing a situation) by the Guardian Jane Kember, Guardian Order GO1344 of 10 October 1974, where she attempts to misdirect attention off of scientology drug, gun-running, and money laundering activities. Considering the evidence the other direction, either she’s in on it or she’s a terminal idiot.

Jane adds this note to #11 – “McDonald had blown with Makaira in early 1970 and using it for drug smuggling.”

As this post definitively proves, Jerry was not “blown”, he was running drugs and guns with the full knowledge of L. Ron Hubbard and Terry Milner, nor was Terry Milner the “who” – the bad guy – as Jame Kember attempts to portray him. As if it was only him.

That was not true.


They were all dirty.


Taking Terry “down” in an internal scientology justice action was the cover story – one devised to hide scientology’s close ties with the CIA and the drugs/guns/money laundering activites..

My husband Mike says that Mo Budlong wrote the following write-up (December 2, 1974) on having multiple cover stories ready to go in case an op gets “blown” – meaning exposed.

This is from our personal copy of the Guardian’s Office Intelligence Hat, that Mike obtained from Frank Oliver back in the days of the Lisa McPherson Trust (back in 2000).


Here’s a PDF (OCR’d) of the issue scans – Intelligence Hat GO dec 2 1974 – cover stories

Here’s the images themselves (click to enlarge) –

Intelligence Hat writeup on cover stories Intelligence Hat writeup on cover stories2 Intelligence Hat writeup on cover stories 3 Intelligence Hat writeup on cover stories 4 Intelligence Hat writeup on cover stories 5


The relevant part for our purposes in this post, is this –

On some occasions, even the professional makes a slip which then blows him as an agent or a plant. For such occasions he has prepared a story which he uses when he is blown. The professional will have worked out a story which he amends sometimes weekly to suit the circumstances as they may change and as time passes. The real professional always has [original marks this with ???]…


Mike McClaughry says this part said in the original:

The real professional always has a fall back cover story in the event that the first one doesn’t work. [meaning they don’t buy your first story]


Mike says it also talked about how a good cover story does not lead back to the organization you work for.

The professional knows that if he is caught by a private individual he is not obliged to say anything which will compromise him. The professional will not sign anything such as a confessions etc. as this will put him and the organization he works for at risk, especially as a private individual has no right to request the signing of anything.

When confronted with the press after being arrested by the police, or if the matter is at the courts, the professional will answer questions from the press by saying that the matter is sub judice.*

*Sub judice = Latin for “under judgment”, means that a particular case or matter is under trial or being considered by a judge or court and therefore prohibited from public discussion elsewhere.

If confronted before an arrest or if blown by a reporter, a professional will avoid the issue and not give a statement as such a statement will of course be published in the press no matter what the reporter promises. From our own experience we know that there is no such thing as a friendly or honest reporter, this holds true for non Scientology areas also. A true professional will attempt to leave an environment which is detrimental to his cause e.g. the office of a reporter, or whatever area he is being questioned in.


Mike also says please note that this issue itself employs a cover story. It starts out acting like its a defensive Branch 2 Internal Security issue about infiltrators, but it was NOT for them, it was hatting for Branch 1 Intelligence personnel, which was offensive.

Since the Brotherhood of Eternal Love was already being run by CIA operatives (who helped set it up) what this was really about was taking control away from “corrupt” elements and back under full control by the CIA – that’s what this whole show by Nixon and his drug-rangers is actually about.

If you want to see the Guardian’s Office employing this “cover story” business after they got caught red-handed with involvement in illegal activities – here’s Ken Whitman shoving the “reason” off everywhere but where it was, including trying to say the government was running in a conspiracy on the Church, when in fact, the Church had long been in bed with the CIA, as you can see in this post.

Arthur “Arte” Maren (left) and Kenneth Whitman – June 1971


I include this, because it’s a good lesson in watching this in action. This is from Wikileaks.

Here’s Ken –

In 1957, the Central Intelligence Agency issued its first report on the Church of Scientology. Since that tine, the menbers of our sister churches in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, England, Canada, France, Germany, Austria, Switzer land, Denmark, Holland, Belgium, Spain, and Greece were subjected to an intelligence operation which had as its purpose the annihilation of an American-founded religious movement.


What report would that be?

Pray tell…



What he’s actually doing, in my opinion, is setting up a straw-man. Deliberately wrong information that when found out, then discredits the whole CIA connection. The only action that I know of at that particular time period – was the FDA actions in D.C. against the Dianezene sales and the e-meter.

I think this is my favorite part, given what I’m documenting here and in other posts.

We have been accused of almost everything from gun-running, drug trafficking, white slave trafficking, sex perversion, hypnotisn, brainwashing, currency smuggling to Connunist countries, to even killing. They are tired old lies we have long since been able to prove are false.


Gun-running? Check. Drug Trafficking? Check. Currency smuggling? Double Check.

He shouldn’t have added that last one, he just gave away something important – the idjiot. Sounds like somebody set HIM up even in putting his name/face to that cover story.

quick turn out the lights - vincent


The really key part, and the ‘hook’ of this cover story – is this:

The goverment has spent more than 100 million dollars of taxpayers money trying to eliminate us while billions of dollars worth of heroin was being successfully shipped into the United States from France, over a twenty-year period, by an allied intelligence organization. We broke a story on this
just prior to the July 1977 FBI raid.


Hubbard’s long term co-operation with the CIA (and later the CIA controlled DEA) – that’s the very real connection that’s being cover-storied here.

I think this is why the slavemasters love having true believers on board, because they, in their zeal to actually do the right thing, they actually help them (the slavemasters) out in building their cover, by doing these so-called ‘investigations’ and exposes.

What I mean by that is, Ken Whitman is helping to distance scientology from the CIA by saying they are opposed to drug running. Oh, the irony there.


the stupid it burns


He surprisingly, if you notice, leaves out accusing the CIA and MI6 directly about this heroin smuggling. That, all by itself, kills his credibility, in my opinion.

Ken is also obviously alluding to that “they” – the Guardian’s Office – revealed what some might be more familiar with as being called The French Connection – which had a movie made based on the heroin-smuggling idea, in 1971.


I think this is what Whitman is attempting to capitalize on emotionally with his target audiences, but the fact that the movie is six years earlier than this alleged “we” expose of his on the same subject, does tend to mess up his whole cloak-and-dagger heroes spiel.

whistling girl.

So now…let’s look at some more of the real story concerning scientology, the CIA, and getting control of (not stopping) the hugely profitable illicit drug trade, starting with “taking down” the Brotherhood.

What’s the Brotherhood?

The Brotherhood of Eternal Love was a drug-smuggling group with heavy ties to the CIA through Timothy Leary, Billy Mellon/Hitchock, Richard Helms/Paul Helliwell and the Castle Bank – and this is where Terrence Burke, our CIA agent posing as a BNDD employee to ‘control corruption” comes in.

Ta-Da! It’s Breaking Bad man, Terrence Burke.

band-e-amir afghanistan national park - terry brooke on the trail


And…our knight in shining armor on a white horse to help save the world – Deputy Guardian for Intelligence, Terry Milner as one of Terry Burke’s assistants.

(the image is a photo shoop I made)

terry milner knight of drug busts

Man, you can’t make this shit up, it’s so over-the-top.

But it’s REAL.


I found that in the Kember Exhibit 43, page 3 of the PDF, where there are the following notes from the Coast Guard file.


Ah yes, the Brotherhood at Laguna and the Makaira…now we move into 1970.

Let’s take up a letter to Terry Milner first.

As part of a document submitted by the Church of Scientology, called Evidence on Religious Bonafides and Status of the Church of Scientology, an affidavit was included from Terry Milner.

This was in one of the files from the recently declassified FDA records – courtesy of a FOIA request by R.M. Seibert.

CD #1, Folder 3 PDF, p. 144

religious bonafides scientology.

The Part that mentions Terry –


Note the date of the letter – May 21, 1970.

It’s from the Justice Department…which is headed by Attorney General John Mitchell, and his Deputy had been the chairman of the executive committee that initiated Operation INTERCEPT in the summer of 1969.

Mitchell, I have already proven was in tight with Richard Helms, and Terrence Burke was CIA operating as a BNDD agent cover, and running the particular busts that Jerry and Terry Milner were involved with.

Really take a moment and get what that all means now, before we move on.

Got it?


Moving on –

Do note that the letter is dated BEFORE Jerry is ‘busted’ in 1970 with guns and drugs on the Makaira – so that means that they had been previously engaged in this activity and it was continuing well into 1970 and further.

You do realise how stupid this is making Jane Kember look in her ‘evaluation’ that she did.

My god – the stupid. It hurts!


Note from Mike McClaughry –

Jane Kember wanted to call a Committee of Evidence (aka “comm-ev” – scientology’s highest judicial body) on Terry Milner.

L. Ron Hubbard said: “Do not Comm-ev Terry Milner. He is our friend.”

Terry did not get comm-eved, Hubbard stopped it.

– – –


Terry’s affidavit mentioned in the document, is dated 1974, which is after the Brotherhood had their ‘big bust” in August of 1973.


To Whom It May Concern

My associates in the above mentioned acknowledgement from Mr. Taylor were senior members of the Board of Directors of the Church of Scientology of California.

During the year 1971 a number of individuals involved in a large scale narcotics smuggling operation were arrested. These individuals attempted to link the Church of Scientology with their activities. It is felt that perhaps their motives were related to the Church’s drug rehabilitation programs.

The Board of Directors of the Church requested that I conduct an extensive investigation into the matter at the same time giving me leave to use their considerable resources as necessary. Their concern was directed to insuring that neither the Church nor its drug rehabilitation programs suffered a loss of repute. They also requested that I liaise with appropriate law enforcement, in this case Mr. Joel Taylor, so that effective use of information gained could be made.

I conducted the required investigation with the end result being that key members of the drug smuggling operation were arrested. Over four and one half tons of narcotics were seized in two separate raids. A number of these individuals are still in prison.

Due to the nature of the above statements it is desired that the information contained in this affidavit be held in confidence.

Apparently though, Terry is pulling a fast one, because there weren’t any big arrests in 1971, it was 1970 and 1973. One wonders why he can’t seem to remember such an important date correctly.

Secondly, the “board of directors” he mentions, at that time was primarily composed of Guardian’s Office personnel – an important distinction which he, of course, also leaves out.

Thirdly, Jerry wasn’t working just with Joel Taylor, neither was Milner – that’s Milner using some truth to misdirect away from the far worse truth – it was the CIA through the BNDD.

Milner was head of a large intelligence network operating within the Church of Scientology and in concert with the CIA – need I say more?

aha forehead pastie

I love his attempt to misdirect attention away from the complicity of running drugs – which they were – as being because of some nebulous “other” scientologists. Understanding that what this is really about is approved and unapproved drug running, as we already covered is the whole point of the Narcotics controls from the very beginning.

Mr. Taylor’s letter already mentioned Terry and his “associates” efforts had resulted in a number of criminal prosecutions.

Now, if, and that’s a BIG if, Terry wishes to portray himself and Guardian’s Office executives and scientology officials as having further efforts supposedly taken place – resulting in 1971 with:

…a number of individuals involved in a large scale narcotics smuggling operation were arrested.

– Terry Milner

Then one should wonder, first off, why. Not only that, why is there no letter from the Justice Department saluting those efforts, and why is Terry’s affidavit from over four years later, and why, big WHY, did he say this:

These individuals attempted to link the Church of Scientology with their activities.

Attempted to link? As if it was not already linked?


I smell cover-up.


Let’s not forget Terry Milner’s girl Friday, Grace-Marie Haddy, who was his personal communicator (sort of like a glorified secretary) – and her tight connections into the LSD-Orange Sunshine Brotherhood of Eternal Love/Grateful Dead scene.

That forms yet another connector in two different CIA drug ops now. The Ron Stark hashish smuggling using the BEL, and the MKultra/Timothy Leary LSD smuggling using the BEL. Popular guys to use as a front, aren’t they?

*Reference – my Brotherhood Part 5a article about the Grateful Dead and Scientology.

Grace went on to work with Kathy O’Gorman in the renamed intelligence division of the Church of Scientology – run by Mike Rinder and Mark Rathbun called the Office of Special Affairs.

Kathy was my husband Mike’s senior when more than 30 years ago, he was the Assistant Guardian for Intelligence for the San Francisco area.

She was the scientology minister of the marriage ceremony Mike had with his previous wife, Jennifer  –



Grace-Marie Haddy went from the Guardian’s Office, to the new Office of Special Affairs, where her senior was Kathy O’Gorman who was in charge of CIC OSA.

That means she tracks all the information and black ops that they are running.

As part of the big show of supposedly opposite ‘sides’ going on right now, the Church of Scientology trotted her out to be part of an attack video on Rinder.

I have excerpted that part for you to see what she looks like now, and that she still works for scientology.


With Kathy’s background, and the types of operations the Guardian’s Office ran for years, there is no way in hell that her involvement with such deliberately lame attacks as she just did – Mike Rinder sleeps a lot – is not intentionally for exactly that reason.

That reason is obviously to portray their types of attacks as lame, and have the public believe that this is how they actually are versus what they really do to those they consider true threats to their real game. Like us, for example, and we’re not the only ones.

These lame attacks are also an attempt to give credibility (intelligence operatives favorite catch-all word) to Mike Rinder, etc.

Otherwise known as building a cover.

This is desperation-time here people, but the desperation isn’t about Rinder or any of these other people.

morticia - wink


* * *


Timothy Leary was a fully witting agent (that means he knew) but he was also a handler for the CIA LSD experiments, which he finally admitted in 1978 –

If you look back, many things that we thought were accidents turned out were not accidents. The entire LSD movement itself was sponsored originally by the CIA, to whom I give great credit. I would not be here today if it had not been for the foresight and prestige of the CIA psychologists, so give the CIA credit for being truly an intelligence agency.

Timothy Leary High Times magazine interview February 1978

Leary’s sugar-daddy, Billy Mellon Hitchcock, later financed a huge black-market LSD manufacturing operation, which the Brotherhood of Eternal Love and Leary were part of.

Leary also acted as the initial CIA handler for the founder of The Brotherhood of Eternal Love, a major LSD supplier and distributor group out of Southern California.

In my post titled: Old Charles Manson Articles + More about Scientology’s Drug and CIA Connections we learned about something called the Psychedelic Rangers. John Starr Cooke, the man who headed it, was also a CIA asset an early scientologist who had helped bring in Rockefeller money to Hubbard’s Dianetic Research Foundation, for laundering out to CIA research projects going on at that time, such as ones concerning LSD, Benzedrine and Mescaline, in addition to trying to come up with instrumentation (like the e-meter) to help their ‘forced speech’ – interrogation – interests.

The Psychedelic Rangers mission was to seek out and target for ‘enlightenment’ selected individuals. They would give these people more than 10 times the normal dose for a full-blown acid trip (which is 100 to 20 micrograms) – they gave them 2,000 to 3,000 micrograms in an effort to ‘bring about a rapid and permanent transformation” of the persons…err….disposition.

For example, President Kennedy, using Mary Pinchot Meyer, Cord Meyer’s wife. Cord Meyer was OSS and CIA and worked pushing anti-nationalism at the same time L. Ron Hubbard was in 1946.

Mary smoked marijuana and tripped with President Kennedy during many of their trysts, after obtaining instructions on LSD use from Timothy Leary. Leary later claimed that Mary had influenced the president’s “views on nuclear disarmament and rapprochement with Cuba.” Mary died under suspicious circumstances.

In his recounting of the story of Mary Pinchot (who had divorced from Cord Meyer) coming to him in 1962 – Leary kept referring to these LSD drug taking occurrences as “sessions” where one’s mind was “opened” to other realities.

I find that rather too much of a coincidence to Scientology’s use of the term “session” as well, in which a “preclear” and an “auditor” engage in – you guessed it – “opening the mind” for self-inspection by the preclear.

Terry Milner’s compatriot in the Guardian’s Office, Bob Thomas – his superior – also tried to capitalize on “the LSD experience” to recruit people into scientology – for other kinds of CIA experimentation, you understand.

In fact, in a fit of truth-telling, he essentially called Scientology’s auditing sessions:  “LSD for your mind.”

“The drug experience,” he explained in a manner which was frank and direct, using Scientology’s private lingo sparingly, “produces a kind of artificially induced insight into some of the more metaphysical aspects of man’s consciousness. But it’s very frustrating because it is limiting, and now here’s Scientology, a drugless psychedelic – using, the exact meaning of the word *psychedelic*, which is soul expanding – which deals in the very same insights without drugs. We provide the philosophical background which can be understood by young people who have taken drugs and have seen the dead end of drugs, but who are still haunted by the visions they saw. Scientology is a root to the achievement of some of these awarenesses on a natural basis, by natural means.”

– George Malko, Scientology, The Now Religion1970


Scientology Robert 'Bob' H. Thomas and Arte Maren demonstrating emeter NYTimes June 8 1971Left – Reverend” Robert H. Thomas (“Bob”) and Right – Arte Maren demonstrate the E-Meter – New York Times June 8, 1971


Doesn’t Arte look just ever so pious?


Such a circus, this all is. Wow.


Note: Thomas doesn’t have the meaning for psychedelic right. He’s apparently confused it with Aldous Huxley’s word (and meaning) that he had come up with.

MKUltra LSD experimenter at Weyburn Hospital in Saskatchewan Canada, Humphrey Osmond had received a very large grant from the Rockefeller Foundation for their LSD (and mescaline) experiments on mental patients there.

Osmond coined the term psychedelic as an alternative descriptor for hallucinogenic drugs.

Osmond (right) giving mescaline to Indians

humphry-osmond researching mescaline - early years

He talked it over with Huxley and came up with a little poem –

To fathom Hell or soar angelic,
Just take a pinch of psychedelic

The term itself is derived from the Greek word psyche soul and Delic – to manifest

Translation – soul manifesting

Not soul expanding like Thomas tried to portray it as.

Osmond announced the name and described the experience in his paper to the New York Academy of Science in 1957. The reason he liked this word rather than the one Huxley suggested phanerothyme, which meant manifest spirit.

An interesting point is that the soul and the spirit are two different things. Soul is body-related – runs the body and is often called “the unconscious mind”. Spirit is a different person and comes after the body is born.

Hence probably that was part of the reason Osmond probably liked his word better than Huxley’s.

Coming back to that May 21, 1970 Justice Department letter to Terry Miler now – let’s look at a couple other points of Jane Kember’s “evaluation” she did.

February 1970 – Milner tells JM that US customs believed Scientology was promoting and smuggling drugs because some expelled Scientologists were engaged in drug trafficking. And further that a person had been picked up by customs while smuggling drugs and claimed that he was on a secret mission for the Sea org.

Ref: Exhibit XII [12] – Clearwater Commission Hearings (main page here). p189

JM is Jerry McDonald.

More from Exhibit XII –

February through July 1970 – JM (Jerry McDonald) is reported as working with Customs and LAPD as an informant of the cycle set up by Milner to remove X-Scientologist drug runners off Scientology lines.

February 16, 1970 – Us Customs official calls Jerry Mcdonald in Salt Lake City, Utah “ to inquire about the Aires (Aries = The Excalibur ship) and JM’s involvement in Scientology”. He asks questions like – Why is Scientology going back and forth between Mexico and the US, is Scientology running dope?

February 17, 1970 – Jack Enoch, Customs, calls Jerry McDonald and tells him that the Scientology investigation is just local now but should soon be widespread. Jerry lies, and says that he is no longer involved in Scientology but that his wife and kids are.

June 16, 1970 – In a report by Terry Milner to Mary Sue Hubbard (the Guardian – MSH for short) he says that Doug Rambo is busted by Customs and offered a break if he would provide unfavourable data on Scientology – allegedly Customs later denies this to Jerry McDonald.


I love this question: Why is Scientology going back and forth between Mexico and the US, is Scientology running dope?

Kermit the frog excited

Yea, why indeed.

What it shows is that Customs is definitely not in-the-know. Must have been hard some times, for Jerry and Terry to keep a straight face in the presence of such cluelessness as to what they were really up to, and with whom.

Just one month before Jerry (still working with Terry Milner) gets busted with Brotherhood aboard the Makaira (and walks – scot free) – Hubbard goes on about busting people for drug running.

You notice Jerry McDonald is not mentioned.

1970 – June 22 – 


You should write all your friends to correct field impression of Flag with brutal ethics and cat-o-nine.

I worked out what really happened. In Melilla in the Spring of ’68 we had a flood of raw, relatively untrained, unaudited people arrive. We also had five people who were very heavy handed and suppressive, since blown or dismissed (Berez was booted out of the SO for drug use and is in jail for drug running and possibly Taunton). The ship during the VIII Class was (a) poorly manned (b) had SPs aboard and (c) had very few trained Scientologists and (d) was under heavy enemy attack (the Greek affair with bird dogs aboard). (The UK ban.)

What happened was, we trained and processed up the crew, we opened the gate on the SPs and dumped them, we made quite a few auditors and beat the enemy attack with excellent PRO Area Control and the “dead agent” caper, meaning getting documentary proof that what was said of us was lies and getting the agents booted out of the country.

Two years ago we built up a ship and have since been improving it and all Orgs.

It is quite a tribute to Dianetics and Scientology that we could make it go so right so fast. It is an accomplishment that should not be invalidated by silly rumours about how mean and vicious we are. The vicious actions today are not in the SO.

You should spread the word.



Not only can you see from all this that both Terry Milner and L. Ron Hubbard are covering and misdirecting from what is really going on – as is Jerry – but you have another example of how apparently clueless Jane Kember was about any of it.

Alright, now it’s time to cross over into the news articles and what they say is going on in 1970.

What I want to do next is create a bit of a timeline out of the news articles surrounding the activities of Jerry McDonald, as well as points taken from my other posts about Terry Milner (scientology Guardian’s Office) and the activities of the CIA and the Brotherhood of Eternal Love.

Entries will, in most cases, be kept short, with my relevant posts contained fuller discussions of these points used as references for the entries.

Here is the overall list of articles comprising the reference list for the news articles themselves. See this post for complete text of all of these.

  1. Daily Independent Journal (San Rafael, California) July 16, 1970, Friday p. 1
  2. Fresno Bee, Friday, July 17, 1970
  3. San Bernardino County Sun, July 17, 1970, Friday, p. 22
  4. The Times Standard (Eureka, California) July 17, 1970, Friday, p. 3
  5. Daily Independent Journal (San Rafael, California) July 17, 1970, Friday p. 1,4 – 2 parts
  6. Santa Cruz Sentinel, July 17, 1970, p. 19
  7. Daily Independent Journal (San Rafael, California) July 24, 1970, Friday p. 6
  8. The San Bernardino County Sun, Sunday August 30, 1970, 2 parts, titled:  5 Caught with $670,000 Hashish Load.
  9. Time Magazine – World: Pursuit of the Poppy 9/14/1970
  10. Daily Independent Journal (San Rafael, California) November 7, 1970, Saturday, p. 28
  11. Daily Independent Journal (San Rafael, California) December 11, 1970, p. 10
  12. Daily Independent Journal (San Rafael, California) December 16, 1970, Wednesday p.4
  13. The Times (San Mateo, California) December 17, 1970, Thursday, p. 15
  14. Corpus Christi Caller Times Sat Dec 19, 1970, titled: Drug Case Pilot Denies Plot Role
  15. Albuquerque Journal December 20, 1970, Sunday.

There are two sort of concurrent drug-busts going here, one is Jerry McDonald, the other is Jerry and Terry working with the CIA Terry to bust the Afghanistan hashish runs of the Brotherhood.

This is the Makaira – Jerry’s main boat he was using.

makaira 2



The rumor was that he had purchased it from a drug smuggler who had disappeared, and it was thought the Mafia had a put a “hit” (assassination order) out on him.

Here’s descriptions of it, taken from the news articles – numbered as to which one.

  • 107-foot converted subchaser – 1
  • arrived at the gray ship, which is out of Los Angeles – 1
  • converted Navy subchaser – 3
  • sleek 107-foot ship – 3
  • Makaira, the 110-foot sub-chaser – 5
  • capable of 33-knot-an-hour speed, had been purchased by Jerald Noel McDonald, 30, with a $10,000 down payment, $9,000 more was being monthly over three years – 3

Where his ship was etc. –

  • A state narcotics agent, Garrent Van Raam, said it is believed the Makaira, the 110-foot sub-chaser, entered San Francisco Bay in late May – 5
  • mouth of Tiburon Harbor July 16, 1970 – 1
  • Sausalito  June 24, 1970 – 1
  • just before dark July 14, 1970 -1
  • raided Wednesday night July 14 – 2
  • Wednesday night in San Francisco Bay off Tiburon – 3
  • Early Wednesday, agents said, the ship left Tiburon for a short cruise through Raccoon Strait, then returned – 5
  • The Coast Guard took the ship, the Makaira, to Government Island – 3
  • The photo was taken while the boat was anchored outside the Corinthian Yacht Club breakwater at Tiburon. It has since been moved to an East Bay shipyard for overhaul – 7

Jerry was obviously planning for this ‘bust’ to happen, as when the raiders showed up, just before dark on Wednesday, July 14, 1970, they were told:

“We’ve been expecting you.” – 1

That’s not too obvious, now is it.

vincent-price- nervous

As you see from the above, Jerry had taken a leisurely cruise up Raccoon Straits the day before.

Here’s some pics of this area.

Angel Island in the foreground, Tiburon Harbor in the middle, and Raccoon Straits upper right.


raccoon strait

The sleepy little haven of Tiburon –

.tiburon harbor.

Covers being employed and reasons given for investigation of the Makaira

  • McDonald and the other five said they lived aboard the boat and had no fixed addresses – 3
  • “A bunch of kids on a subchaser” seemed odd to the officers – 1
  • remained anchored more than three weeks near Tiburon – 2
  • undercover agents who soon made friends with the boat’s occupants arranged for a sale of marijuana – 1
  • were told by Makaira people, “we’ve been expecting you.” – 1
  • Early Wednesday, agents said, the ship left Tiburon for a short cruise through Raccoon Strait, then returned. Agents suspect the crew expected a raid and dumped their remaining marijuana overboard on the short trip – 5
  • Robert Drake said the weapons were on board because the vessel had been stolen not long ago and the crew wanted to be ready if another attempt was made to take the Makaira. – 2
  • Drake said, “I’m a working man…I didn’t commit any crimes…I really don’t have anything to hide.” – 5
  • Miss Vicki Jo Hartzell said the guns were for protection against pirates – 2
  • undercover federal and state agents said they had learned it was to sail for the Mediterranean on a hashish-buying expedition
  • Robert Drake said the Makaira was to leave shortly for the Mediterranean, but was to engage in charter and salvage work there.
  • In jail yesterday, (July 15) crew members denied any wrongdoing – 5
  • December 10 – Deputy District Attorney J Michael Anthony said after the court decision that he had been been unable to link the 60 guns found aboard the ship to any individual nor had he been able to find evidence that McDonald and his crew knew that many of the weapons were stolen. He said the majority of the handguns seized on the ship had been stolen in the burglary of a Garden Grove pawnshop last April and that they would be returned to the owner.

My personal favorite reason given for having so many guns –

San_Bernardino_County_Sun guns makaira scientology sea org

dist attorney and schwedhelm guns arrest scientology makaira


“We needed them in case of pirates.”


Aargh! Spare me.



Do notice that the undercover agent had “heard” that the Makaira was going to to sail for the Mediterranean on a hashish-buying expedition.

That statement is just so obviously meant to be taken as that Makaira was a Brotherhood of Eternal Love concern.

  • The investigating personnel were:
  • Sheriff’s Lt. James C. Schwedhelm head of the Marin Drug Abuse Bureau – 1,2,3
  • Marin District Attorney Bruce B. Bales – 2
  • eight Federal, State, and Marin agents in a borrowed speedboat – 1
  • A state undercover narcotics agent, Garrent [Gerritt] Van Raam – 5
  • The attorney for the four, Marvin S. Cahn of Berkeley, also asked a hearing at the same time on whether a federal search warrant in the case was served legally. He estimated the hearing would take three days. – 5

Here’s Mr. Spy –

Gerritt Van Raam

van raam cover of rolling stone 1972.

You realise how sardonic this all is, they’re a dang CIA/BNDD op in the first place, being investigated by all these clueless other government agencies.

Wow! What a mess.

Here’s who was arrested, and various statements made about them.

  • Jerald Noel McDonald no known address – 1
  • manned by four young men and two pretty blondes – 2
  • Jerald N. McDonald, 30, the ship captain, was held for investigation of having stolen property and illegally possessing a tear gas gun. – 2
  • The owner and captain of the boat, Jerald Noel McDonald, 30, a 12-year Navy veteran from Salt Lake City – 6
  • McDonald, captain of the Makaira, was arrested just before the raid as he got out of a car and started for the ship – 5
  •  George William Lawson, 28, was jailed for investigation of possession of a concealed weapon – 2,3
  • The first mate, George William Lawson, 28, also a Navy veteran, is accused of having stolen property and a concealed weapon in car – 5
  • The other four in the crew were arrested for investigation of marijuana possession
  • Vicki Jo Hartzell, 19, who said she was a Salt Lake City hairdresser – released July 15 – 2
  • Joan Heath Edwards, 21, who said she was from Australia – released July 15 – 2
  • still held, are Robert Allen Drake, 19, former carpenter from Detroit – no home address – 2,3
  • still held James Lee Harris, 25, no home address – 2,3
  • A seventh person was arrested July 15 at Marin County Jail when he came to bail out the crew members. Albertus Willem Oldenburg, 28, of 212 Richardson Street, Sausalito, was arrested for illegally talking to the two girl members of the crew after reporters interviewed them. A drug agent then identified Oldenburg as taking part in a marijuana sale on the boat and he was booked on suspicion of selling marijuana and illegal communication with prisoners – 5

I think the no address ones are funny. Of course they have no address, these are all Sea Org members and Guardian’s Office operatives!

Charges and Releases history –


  • Garrent Van Raam….believed Makaira had as much as 2,200 pounds (1,000 one-kilogram bricks) of Mexican pot on board. – 5
  • being used to haul marijuana – 1
  • found only a small quantity of marijuana – 1
  • a tin of marijuana – 2
  • Only one ounce of marijuana was found in the raid – 5
  • thought he saw a machine gun aboard and a search warrant was obtained to look for illegal weapons – 1
  • No machine gun was found, however – 5
  • “there were guns everywhere.” Handguns in holsters hung from all the bunks of the ship, Schwedhelm said – 1
  • believed the guns had been taken in trade for marijuana, which the agents think the boat’s occupants were importing from Mexico – 1
  • Schwedhelm speculated that the guns were possibly to be traded in Mexico for marijuana to be returned here – 2
  • Jerald Noel McDonald had two loaded guns under seat – 1
  • Schwedhelm put a value of $6,000 on the weapons and said some were stolen in recent burglaries at pawnshops in Garden Grove – 2
  • Schwedhelm said serial numbers on most of the guns matched those on guns stolen at Garden Grove recently – 3
  • Federal authorities in Washington reported at least 30 of the 50 guns found on board had been reported stolen – 5

Number of guns

  • and the agents rounded up about 40 revolvers and pistols and about 10 rifles, many of them loaded. A large quantity of ammunition was also found.- 1
  • The suspected machine gun turned out to be a rifle resembling one, he said. Also seized was an army sniper scope – 1
  • He listed the weapons as two semi-automatic rifles, a tear gas gun, eight rifles and shotguns and 35 handguns. A large supply of ammunition also was aboard – 2
  • Schwedhelm  said 35 handguns, eight rifles and shotguns, a teargas gun and two AR17 semiautomatic rifles were seized. Most were loaded.
  • A search of the vessel revealed some semi-automatic rifles, 40 hand guns, four shotguns, four carbines, an infra-red sniper scope and uncounted rounds of ammunition – 7

Releases –

  • Oldenburg, Hartzell and other girl released July 18
  • All seven defendants were to appear today (July 16) in Marin Municipal Court – 5
  • The district attorney’s office was reviewing the case this morning to see if gun charges or other charges would be filed today – 5
  • A preliminary hearing was set yesterday in Marin Municipal Court for Aug. 11 for four men – 6
  • All are free on bail (July 17)  – 6
  • Marvin S. Cahn painted a glowing picture of McDonald’s character and won a bail reduction to $1,000 from Judge Peter Allen Smith. Cahn said McDonald was an Army veteran of Vietnam with no criminal record, an honorable discharge, and a wife and two children in Salt Lake City. – 18 July

Next thing that happens though, is that Jerry disappears for the next two or three months. Off to gather some more pot and hashish and visit Afghanistan playing “I’m Brotherhood” with Terry Burke – no doubt.

Sure enough, this is when the other drug bust operation starts up, right there that same month.

The story –

  • EARLY one morning at the Nicosia airport on Cyprus, an American pilot filed a routine flight plan that would take his privately owned, unmarked Martin 202 directly to either Naples or Athens. Alerted by Interpol, the Nicosia air controllers were suspicious. Trailing the plane on radar, they watched it head toward Lebanon.
  • The plane flew so low that it eluded Beirut radar, but Lebanese police started an immediate countrywide search. Within minutes, a police patrol found the Martin 202 parked alongside a large truck on a remote airstrip in the hashish-growing area of Baalbek, near the Syrian border.
  • As police and truck guards fought a gun battle, the plane took off amid a hail of bullets.
  • Lebanese jet fighters scrambled after the slow propeller-driven Martin, but it managed to escape them – 9
  • August 29 – An American twin-engine plane, carrying $670,000 worth of smuggled hashish, was seized on this Greek island yesterday after being chased across the Mediterranean by Lebanese and Greek jet fighters. (article is dated August 30) – 8
  • Before the jets forced them to land at Iraklion airport, the men had swapped cigarettes for hashish at a secret Lebanese landing strip and made off through a hail of police gunfire, officials in Beirut reported – 8
  • Greek police quoted Moore [pilot] as saying he was paid $5,000 to fly the plane to Lebanon where the Lebanese Directorate of Security said the aircraft landed at a clandestine strip in the fertile Bekaa Valley.A tractor-trailer rig, believed to have been loaded with the hashish, was waiting for it there, Lebanese security said, and the plane immediately began unloading boxes of smuggled cigarettes.The truck then drove toward the plane and its cargo was lifted aboard, with the entire operation lasting only a few minutes, authorities said – 8
  • The official Lebanese statement also said two British planes were among the air armada that chased the aircraft from the Middle East. But the Royal Air Force in London denied it.John M. Cusack, chief of European operations for the U.S. Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs – the BNDD – said in Paris that police forces and air traffic controllers throughout the eastern Mediterranean helped track the plane.With warplanes from various bases standing ready to intercept it, Cusack said, the plane flew erratically for a time and then was tracked over Cyprus and Rhodes – 8
  • Iraklion, Crete – A retired U.S. Air Force pilot being tried on drug charges with four fellow Californians Friday night [December 18] testified that he knew nothing about 1,400 pounds of hashish found on board his plane until he was arrested after landing in Crete.John B. Moore, 51, Sacramento, said he was hired in the United States to fly Arab political refugees out of Lebanon and Western Europe.Moore, a reserve Lieutenant colonel, said he was paid $5,000 in advance for the job by an unidentified person whom he met through two codefendants.The plane, which police said took off from a secret airport in Lebanon, landed last August at Iraklion Airport after being chased by Lebanese, British and Greek air force jets. Officials said the plane’s ultimate destination was the United States.Moore told the three-member court that the unidentified person was introduced to him by Connell and Black. He said Connell later told him that the purpose of the trip was to pick up high political Arab refugees from Lebanon and fly them secretly to Naples.The pilot said after they landed in Crete they were arrested and held at gunpoint until police searched the plane.”When a policeman later showed me the hashish, I thought it was some kind of fudge,” Moore told the court. “I never smoked, sold or bought hashish in my life. I don’t sell narcotics and I am not a criminal.”Moore also denied in cross-examination that he owned the plane, a Convair 220, and denied that he saw the sacks of hashish being loaded in Lebanon. – 14
  • the suspect plane had been flown to Europe from the United States and had been under surveillance since before it left the states – 8

Nixon’s – War on Drugs – this is all part of that big show leading up to the creation of the DEA (with the CIA covertly running it).

  • In Mexico, police gave President Gustavo Díaz Ordaz some good news to take to President Nixon. When the two men sat down to talk at Coronado, Calif., last week, Díaz Ordaz could tell the President that in recent days his agents had arrested 43 smugglers, confiscated 7.2 tons of marijuana and burned four large poppy fields. These recent successes are the result of the Nixon Administration’s diligent effort to enlist other countries in the American battle against drugs. Although tightened search procedures at U.S. airports and border crossings have managed to discourage some of the would-be smugglers, Washington hopes to choke off the flow at the source. Other governments, especially those in Europe, have become more cooperative since the use of hard drugs has begun spreading among their own young people – 9

Hidden Hand - STOP


Since the use of hard drugs had begun spreading….well gee golly gosh – HOW did that happen?

Damn that’s vicious, and ugly, that means Ron Stark and his other happy CIA drug traffickers were deliberately contributing to that “spread” just so they could rope in other governments under their yoke.


This is why I said earlier that the whole ‘we’re doing it to be good guys controlling the drug trade’ story does not wash.

The sad, sad thing about this is, did you know that most of the CIA employees didn’t even know just how bad this agency was that they worked for? It was so bad, that Richard Helms had to issue a statement to his employees ‘clearing the air’ about how the CIA of course does not tap phones! (That’s in that Family Jewels PDF, by the way) – while there were multiple documents in that same PDF proving they did exactly that – Jack Andersen being just one example.

Talk about thinking you’re part of ‘the light of the world’ but you’re really going straight down to hell –

bridge to horror and eternal damnation

I feel almost sorry for those people there in the CIA.


They really should wake the fuck up already. Get out of there! You do not want to help these people. They are lying, evil, power-mad psychopaths posing as mild-mannered government officials. Sort of like Clark Kent in reverse.

By the way, we should note that because of all this driving up of the prices that Mitchell and Kennedy were so hot to do, one of the intended results was that while at the same time they were financially decimating countries that were not ‘in favor’ with the Rule The World Crowd, the ease of growing marijuana and heroin was made literally a matter of survival for people in these countries. Such as Turkey, for example.

poppy growing

The profit motive – Economic control showing here – suppression

  • …In Turkey and elsewhere, however, U.S. efforts run squarely into the private-profit motive.
  • For example, a Turkish farmer can receive as much as $94 if he sells the harvest of an acre of poppies to smugglers. By contrast, he stands to earn only $4.83 an acre if he grows wheat – 9


Look at that.

Isn’t that disgusting?

Thanks a whole fuck of a lot there Mitchell, Nixon et al – you made these people have to be your drug growers to even survive!

Now we’ll cover what the allegations were of this derring-do drug bust.

Remember – Mr. Breaking Bad is involved in this, Terry Burke.

This is him in Afghanistan, right in this time period.

band-e-amir afghanistan national park - terry brooke on the trail

And these are the kind of people that are being suppressed and forced into being slavish drug-growers – or duped into thinking they are ‘saving the world’ with Terry the super-agent.

hunting-dari-ajar terry brooke.

I think I’m going to be sick.

In case you haven’t read this in my other post, check it out.

If the BNDD had to give Woodland Drive a miss, the span of their organization allowed them to find other places, vulnerable spots in the Brotherhood network: places like Afghanistan.

Scotland Yard had sent over a copy of an address found during the Brotherhood arrests in Broadstairs years before. It matched one provided by CAT of the Tokhis’ rug shop in Kandahar.

For the first time, BNDD had an agent in Kabul. Terrence Burke was a CIA veteran who spoke local dialects fluently, having served as an undercover agent alongside Interpol to break up a group of dealers running hash from India to the United States.

Burke formed a working partnership with the Interpol representative and adviser, a formidable West German prepared to use unorthodox methods and disguises to ensnare dealers.

**my note: like scientology cult members as mules, perhaps?

The American agent began by establishing cooperation with the Afghan authorities. He arranged to get copies of embarkation and disembarkation airline cards for American travellers; and from this basic information he got checks run at home in the BNDD files to monitor who was coming and going. He rapidly gathered considerable information on the many Californians who seemed to favour Afghanistan for visits.

Burke found the smugglers often favoured a route which took them from San Francisco to Beirut to Kabul to Delhi, and back westwards. The agent’s researches confirmed the Tokhi brothers as major hash dealers with an almost exclusively American clientele, and linked with the information from the United States.

Burke was on hand in November 1971 when the Tokhis left Afghanistan to visit the Brotherhood for Christmas details of the trip were known to the police in California even before the Tokhis set off. All along their route they were under surveillance. Once they arrived in California, the Afghanis found themselves the centre of attention in more ways than one. Wherever they and their hosts went, narcotics agents blatantly photographed and recorded almost their every move. Andrist took them to Disneyland, and the police were close behind. The party went to see wild animals at a safari park, attended by a police helicopter overhead.

The Brotherhood of Eternal Love by Stewart Tendler and David May, chapter 19: The Brotherhood of Eternal Self-Interest


What a fun crowd this is.

perish the thought - wry ick face

Allegations –

  • Sept Time article – There, police at once arrested the five men aboard, including the pilot, former U.S. Air Force Lieut. Colonel John Moore, 50, and Crete police also seized 13 bags of hashish worth about $4,000,000 on the American market – 9
  • 1,467 pounds of hashish were seized – august 30 article – 8
  • According to John T. Cusack, [ with the Narcotics Bureau from 1947-1978] chief U.S. narcotics agent in Europe [director of BNDD Europe] it was the largest single haul ever made of U.S.-bound hashish – 9
  • The five Americans are being held for hashish smuggling.  Authorities said they found 1,400 pounds of hashish worth more than $500,000 in the plane, convicted early Saturday of possessing 1425 pounds of hashish. – 13, 15
  • Police said they found 13 sacks of hashish hidden on board the plane – 15
  • A search disclosed the 13 bags of processed hashish, and police arrested all of the men on board – 9


Cusack in 1955

Cusack_agent 1955


  • The defendants were sentenced by the three-judge court (November, 1970) to prison terms ranging from 9 to 10 years and were fined from $5000 to $10,000. Defense attorneys said they will appeal the lengths of the sentences but not the guilty verdicts – 15
  • The pilot of the plane, John R. Moore, 50, a retired U.S. Air Force Lieutenant Colonel, Philip Irwin Amos, 20, and Kenneth Connell, 28, all of Sacramento, and Robert Black, 29, of Forest Knolls, received 10 year sentences. David Lee Mantell, 30, of San Francisco, was given a nine-year sentence.

Type of plane –

  • American twin-engine plane …the Corvair 240 – 8

Explanations of why they landed in Crete –

  • They were forced to land in Crete after their airplane developed engine trouble – 13
  • their private plane landed for refueling after being pursued – 15
  • Finally, after flying an erratic course over the Mediterranean, the plane was forced to make a landing to refuel at Heraklion airport in Crete – 9
  • Running low on fuel and needing minor repairs, the aircraft finally landed at Iraklion where authorities had been forewarned that a suspicious plane was heading in their direction from the Middle East – 8


Now, this was all in August of 1970.

Remember how Jerry disappeared after his bail was set? Fast forward to November now…

  • attorney Marvin Cahn of Berkeley reported in Marin Municipal Court yesterday that he cannot locate Jerald Noel McDonald, 30-year-old Salt Lake City Navy veteran, nor his boat, a bench warrant was issued for McDonald (November 6) – 10
  • Judge Alvin H. Goldstein Jr. [side quote: Mr. “My cathedral is in the court room” ] set bail on the bench warrant at $5,000 and ordered McDonald’s earlier bail forfeited – 10
  • bench warrant issued for the first mate of ship Makaira, George William Lawson, 28, also a Navy veteran (also disappeared) – 10
  • A preliminary hearing for the remaining crew members, Robert Allen Drake, 19, and James Lee Harris, 25, is set for next Tuesday (November 10) – 10

Meanwhile, during his disappeared days, poor ole Jerry is getting divorced by his scientologist wife. He had married Diane A. Calhoun in San Diego November 3, 1962 – at the ripe old ages of 22. Obviously a Navy days marriage.

But…. by October of 1970 – Diane had had enough, presumably, of Jerry’s doings, and filed (and was granted) a divorce in Los Angeles.

Diane remarried, briefly, to presumably another scientologist, Michael A Miller, on 3 December 1971, but divorced him less than two years later in May of 1973. Scientologists aren’t often too loyal that way, incidentally, til death do us part is not taken figuratively.

Note: Jerry appears to have found another woman though, perhaps more suited to his job adventures. If I am correct in my reading of that record, he married Lena Felix Smith in Reno, Nevada on 2 July 1979. Unfortunately, he died not all that long after in some sort of ‘training accident” while in the Army. What the heck he was doing there, agent that he was, is anybodies guess.

Despite this obvious blow to his family, Jerry carried on with his drug-smuggling operations, and now the two ‘busts’ begin coinciding.

You have to appreciate the irony here. Jerry, a decorated veteran who is working directly in concert with the CIA, BNDD, L. Ron Hubbard and scientology’s Guardian’s Office with Terry Milner – pretends to make a deal as an “informant” for fifty bucks on Metzger.

Metzger was the attorney for these Brotherhood guys with the cigs-for-hashish caper in Kabul.

  • December 6, Jerry acts as informant. According to a search warrant which drug agents obtained before going to Metzger’s luxurious three-story house, they had been told by an informant that he had seen the attorney use marijuana and offer it and other drugs to guests on three occasions.The affidavit attached to the search warrant said that the same informant had led to arrests of persons involved with a bargeload of marijuana in Southern California and to a big cocaine haul in San Francisco. McDonald himself was arrested after the barge bust… – 12
  • December 6, Agents and police who went to Metzger’s home said they found a safe partially hidden in a closet which contained LSD, cocaine, marijuana, hashish and $5,440 in cash – 12
  • December 10 – The captain of a converted subchaser raided in the Tiburon harbor last July sailed out of a Marin Municipal courtroom yesterday cleared of all criminal charges. Judge Peter Allen Smith said the district attorney’s office had not presented enough evidence at a preliminary hearing to hold him for trial on stolen property and weapons charges. – 11
  • Also cleared was the first mate of the Makaira, George William Lawson, 28, another Navy veteran who has been missing since the early stage of the case – 11

The details on whom the informant was and what he said (which was Jerry) were sealed by the Judge and didn’t get released until later, interestingly enough.

However, here’s the proof of what he did, and now he’s “cleared” of criminal charges. You gotta appreciate the irony here – this is the CIA playing this all out right under the local officials noses! Literally.

Metzger was the only one who smelled a rat correctly, and well hey, he’s a criminal so why listen to him. You figure they knew that would be the case too!

It’s just poifect!



[Crim. No. 9852. Court of Appeals of California, First Appellate District, Division One. December 23, 1971.]THE PEOPLE, Plaintiff and Appellant, v. MICHAEL HENRY METZGER, Defendant and Respondent(Opinion by Elkington, J., with Molinari, P. J., and Sims, J., concurring.) [22 Cal.App.3d 339]COUNSEL

Evelle J. Younger, Attorney General, Robert R. Granucci and Jerome C. Utz, Deputy Attorneys General, for Plaintiff and Appellant.

Patrick Sarsfield Hallinan, Hallinan, Rice, Metzger & Hallinan, William O. Weissich, David L. Kelly and Rommel Bondoc for Defendant and Respondent.



Defendant Michael Metzger was charged with narcotic and other offenses by a grand jury indictment. The evidence on which the indictment was based was seized in his home under authority of a search warrant. The superior court on a Penal Code section 1538.5 motion ordered the evidence suppressed. Concededly insufficient evidence to support a conviction remained; accordingly an order dismissing the action under Penal Code section 1385 was entered. The People appeal from the dismissal order, as permitted by Penal Code section 1238, subdivision (7).

The evidence before the superior court on the Penal Code section 1538.5 motion to suppress may be stated as follows.

One Gerald McDonald had been a paid informer for the United States Customs Service. He was arrested in Marin County on charges relating to possession of stolen property.

Thereafter he was used by the county police authorities “to gain information” and was paid for his services.

Among other things he told the police that he had seen marijuana, cocaine and [22 Cal.App.3d 341] hashish at Metzger’s home.

Metzger, he said, would go down stairs with keys and bring back small amounts of the narcotics “and people there would partake of it.”

The officers suggested to him that he telephone Metzger, who was an attorney at law, pose as a potential client and endeavor to be invited into the lawyer’s home where he might observe and later report the presence of narcotics.

McDonald made the telephone call and after some conversation was invited to come to Metzger’s office the following week.

However, the following afternoon McDonald went to Metzger’s home and knocked on the door. Metzger opened the door and said, “Hi Jerry.” McDonald replied, “What’s doing, Mike,” whereupon Metzger said, “Come on in.”

“During his conversation with the said Michael Metzger, he observed Metzger produce a handrolled cigarette and smoke the same. He recognized the cigarette from its odor and appearance to be a marijuana cigarette. The confidential reliable informant has used marijuana himself in the past and has observed marijuana on numerous occasions and is well familiar with its appearance and its odor.”

McDonald thereafter reported his observation to the officers; when he did, they smelled the odor of marijuana smoke on his clothing. He was in fact a “reliable informer, having given the police truthful information in the past. He was paid $50 for the Metzger job; besides that he was promised nothing by the officers. The officers made no deal to dismiss the receiving stolen property charge against him; this charge was nevertheless later dismissed.

[…]As relevant, the affidavit dated December 6, 1970, of a police officer, alleged receipt of information from a person, previous information from whom had been correct and reliable and had twice resulted in arrests.


You notice it says Jerry has done this TWICE before.

wiley oh wow


Ok. So Jerry, after being missing and now having a bench warrant out on him (despite having “informed” twice before) returns to the Bay area and offers to inform on Metzger on December 6, 1970. He does, its recorded, the police raid Metzger that same day, then 4 days later Jerry walks.

All happy-dappy practically overnight. It’s a miracle!

game of thrones - eye roll.

  • December 10 – Drake and Harris withdraw their plea of guilty through their attorney, Robert McDonald, to withdraw their earlier pleas of guilty to the pot charges. Their case was continued to Dec. 23.

Then Jerry comes back for secret meetings behind closed doors –

  • December 15, evening, Jerry gets ushered in to Marin County Grand Jury, which shortly thereafter emerged from behind closed door to indict Sausalito attorney Michael Henry Metzger. Gerald N. McDonald, 30-year-old Navy veteran from Salt Lake City who himself was freed of criminal charges last week, was the only nonofficial to appear in the case before the grand jury. Dist Atty. Bruce B. Bales said today that it was coincidental that the charges against McDonald were dismissed last week – 12

A word on Metzger, well, the police didn’t like him much, that’s one way of putting it.

  • Metzger, a former federal prosecutor in San Francisco was charged with four felonies and one misdemeanor stemming from the raid on his home Dec…once worked as an assistant district attorney in New York. – 12
  • Metzger, 33, was indicted Tuesday by the Marin County grand jury on charges of possessing drugs, a police tear gas cannister and smoking paraphernalia – 13
  •  will be arraigned in superior court Monday. Judge Joseph G. Wilson yesterday ordered that the transcript of testimony before the grand jury be sealed until 10 days after Metzger appears in court with San Rafael attorney William O. Weissich to represent him, replacing Patrick Hallinan.
  • Metzger has claimed that the drug raid was made by state narcotics agents in retaliation for his demand that an agent be made to take a lie detector test in a San Mateo County case.

Metzger shot himself to death in 1994 –

ST. HELENA, Calif., March 2— Michael Metzger, one of Northern California’s most aggressive and outspoken defense lawyers, shot himself to death Tuesday night after firing a round of birdshot at his wife, the authorities said today. He was 57 and lived in St. Helena.

NY Times March 1994



The day after Jerry did his closed-door testimony, Metzger reveals another element to what Jerry was really doing during that 4 month period.

  • December 16, Wednesday -Metzger attorney has revealed a strange scheme that he claims featured use of a submarine chaser to rescue five northern Californians held in Crete on smuggling charges….the scheme involves a July raid in Tiburon in which federal and state agents boarded the Makaira, a 107-foot converted sub-chaser, in a narcotics search – 13
  • Metzger’s attorney, William O. Weissich, said Gerald McDonald, 30, captain of the Makaira, visited Metzger’s home several times and offered his services as the owner of the sub-chaser to rescue the imprisoned Americans. Weissich said Metzger told McDonald he wanted no part of the plan. McDonald was the only non-police witness appearing before the grand jury that indicted Metzger. McDonald’s testimony has not been released, but he is believed to be the “reliable informant”…(December 15)




The Brotherhood guys all get convicted –

  • December 19 – the five Crete guys (brotherhood) are convicted early Saturday of possessing 1425 pounds of hashish.

But get this – David Mantell somehow got out of this, as evidenced by the fact that later on he is listed as a fugitive during the arrests of 1973.


Was Mantell CIA too?

burning question.

Let’s fill in the Crete Affair just a bit more, adding in the investigators and government personnel that are listed in these articles.

  • The Bureau of Customs in Washington and Interpol acted on a lead from the California State Narcotics Bureau – 8
  • John M. Cusack, chief of European operations for the U.S. Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs – the BNDD – 8
  • alerted by Interpol – 9
  • President Gustavo Díaz Ordaz – 9
  • “The two cases [Crete and France] illustrate the effectiveness of the increasing international cooperation against narcotics smuggling,” Attorney General John N. Mitchell and Treasury Secretary David M. Kennedy said in a joint statement issued in Washington – 8

And there’s our two boys, Mitchell and Kennedy, taking the credit for it all, and weren’t those two busts just so conveniently timed?


The Watergate Scandal

It was practically magical.

Because…just a couple months before Jerry’s swashbuckling courtroom dance in December, the boys in the Justice Department had successfully pushed Congress to clear Nixon’s Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act of 1970.

It was: to provide expanded programs of rehabilitation, treatment and drug abuse education, to unify and revise Federal narcotics laws, to revise the entire penalty structure for violations of those laws and to provide new tools for enforcement.

Final action on the massive drug control bill came Oct. 14, 1970 when the House and Senate by voice votes adopted the conference report on HR 18583. The Senate had approved the bill Oct. 8; the House had passed it Sept. 24.

President Nixon signed the bill (PL 91-513) on Oct. 27.

So now, for 1971, under Title II: Control and Enforcement, it authorized the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs in fiscal 1971 to add at least 300 agents to its existing enforcement staff, and authorized an annual appropriation of $6 million for that purpose, beginning in fiscal 1971.

David M. Kennedy, Secretary of the Treasury noted that HR 17463: “would repeal taxes on narcotics and marijuana on the grounds that the Federal role in controlling dangerous substances can be founded on powers other than taxing. The Treasury Department supports this view and advocates passage of this legislation. The bill does not change the Department’s existing enforcement and investigative responsibilities as exercised through the Bureau of Customs.”

Next thing you know –

In the spring of 1971 [Billy Mellon] Hitchcock moved to Tucson for reasons he has never made clear.

The Story of the Acid Profiteers, THE VILLAGE VOICE NY: August 23-30, 1974.


That’s a shocker, eh?

Hitchcock had been called to testify before the Securities and Exchange Commission regarding Fiduciary Trust, quickly shifted his assets—which included the Brotherhood’s drug profits—into a series of new accounts (no names, just numbers) in Switzerland. A total of $67,000,000 illegally sloshed through Paravacini Bank in Berne, then he had a sudden urge for the desert air and skipped town.


Nixon gets a BIG campaign-funding boost from Castle Bank people – which is now laundering money for the CIA controlled Ron Stark operation with the resurrected Brotherhood.

The CIA also used Castle Bank [originally set up by Sea Supply/Air America man Paul Helliwell – who was shipping heroin around all over the place] to facilitate the hidden transfer of huge sums to finance subversion, paramilitary operations, an occasional coup d’etat, bribery, and payments to foreign informants.

A little more backstory –

Richard M. Nixon also happened to be one of the three hundred prominent Americans who used Castle Bank to deposit their cash.

The bank’s clientele included actor Tony Curtis, the rock group Creedence Clearwater Revival, Playboy publisher Hugh Hefner, Bob Guccione’s Penthouse, Chiang Kai-shek’s daughter and her husband, and billionaire eccentric Howard Hughes.

Bernie Cornfeld and and Seymour (“The Head”) Lazare were the directors of the Swiss-based Investors Overseas Services, a fast-money laundry for organized crime, corrupt Third World dictators, wealthy expatriates, and freelance swindlers.

Billy Mellon Hitchcock took full advantage of his unlimited borrowing privileges at Fiduciary. He poured over $5,000,000 into unregistered “letter stocks” (the kind that aren’t traded publicly but tend to show dramatic gains on paper) associated with the Mary Carter Paint Company, later known as Resorts International. It was the single largest chunk of money raised by Resorts, an organization suspected of having ties to organized crime. Resorts International proceeded to build a casino on an exclusive piece of Bahamian real estate called Paradise Island. A star-studded cast was on hand for the grand opening of the gambling spa, complete with tennis courts, swimming pools, albino beaches, and the clear blue waters of the Caribbean.

It was New Year’s Eve 1968 and the guest of honor at this gala event was none other than Richard Nixon, who was about to launch a successful bid for the White House. James Crosby, president of Resorts International, contributed $100,000 to Nixon’s campaign.

Crosby and Bebe Rebozo, Nixon’s best friend, mingled with a bevy of movie stars, jet setters, gangsters, and GOP faithful. Billy Hitchcock was also there, idling among the heavies with drink in hand.

You understood, drug money and drug people helped put Nixon in the white house.

Now you see how utterly duplicitous his war on drugs was, even more!


Castle Banks happy-man Billy Hitchcock, had helped create Resorts International, as you just saw.

Eddie Cellini, the brother of a longtime associate of Meyer Lansky, served as the casino manager for Resorts International. Louis Chesler, another Lansky crony, and Wallace Groves, were both partners in a gambling venture with Mary Carter/Resorts.

In 1970 Resorts International formed a private intelligence corporation called Intertel, which was staffed largely by ex-CIA, NSA, BNDD, Interpol, and Justice Department officials. Intertel rented its services to a wide range of corporate clients, including ITT, McDonald’s, and Howard Hughes’s Summa Corporation.

In 1971 an estimated $224,000,000 into from the IOS [Swiss-based Investors Overseas Services] into the coffers of Robert Vesco, a heroin trafficker and financial contributor to Richard Nixon’s 1972 presidential campaign. William Spector, a former OSS operative, claimed that Vesco’s tangled web of corporations served as fronts for various CIA activities and provided cover for CIA agents.

Acid Dreams book


So, in a very real sense, The CIA helped put Nixon into the white house.

See that?


Now that he’s back in the White House, one month before the big Brotherhood “busts” – Nixon ‘called for’ the creation of the DEA, the Drug Enforcement Administration and he called “an all-out global war on the drug menace” in July of 1973.

Terrence Burke, the former CIA man responsible for tracking the Brotherhood down in Afghanistan is appointed Deputy Director!

terry brooke - face-man for the CIA

Now we have all those lovely (and artificially high) profits flowing to and through a very select few using various money-laundering banks already in place.

Strangely enough? Ronald Stark ended up with nearly all the money and property in his name after the feds broke up the Brotherhood network in 1973.



Robert Ackerley, Brotherhood member and the first name listed in the ‘has multiple false passport identities’ part of the Senate subcommittee hearings, stated:

“They used us to create the DEA and then they just slapped us on our hands.”


I guess we know why now, don’t we.


Virginia McClaughry


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