Guardian Office execs committed crimes and were removed.

They were following LRH policies to commit crimes against critics.

Then we had Operation Dumbo Drop.

A new exec was installed who followed policy and committed crimes.

Ralph Nader had a vision. A vision of open and transparent government, it inspired hundreds of young activists to come to Washington DC to help him with his projects in 1969. Nicknamed “Nader’s Raiders” and, led by Nader, they investigated corruption throughout government, publishing dozens of books with their results: Nader’s Raiders (Federal Trade Commission) […]

Terry Milner wrote a letter about John McMaster, to the FDA in the fall of 1970.

. I don’t think anyone has really taken a fresh look at this yet. It cites some very interesting cases, interesting for a number of reasons. One of the most blatant examples of protection of the Catholic Church and its incessant lobbying of the U.S. government on some of its core tenets, to the tune […]

I recently found some pretty devastating documentation concerning L Ron Hubbard, Benzedrine, and secret CIA projects in 1950.

CIA direct involvement with what was then called the BNDD (Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs) began in 1969, becoming more formalized in early 1971.

The following goes with this post – Scientology’s Elusive Jerry McDonald – Drugs, Guns, and The Brotherhood. In that article I had included images of news articles concerning Jerry getting busted for running drugs and guns on his ship the Makaira (while being a Sea Organization member of the Church of Scientology). *Also see post […]