I had done a post on February 2, 2015, which went into a document that I had found in the recently declassified FDA records concerning Hubbard’s forming of something called the National Academy of American Psychology and that in a church publication an inference was made that then vice-president, Richard Millhouse Nixon, was in support of this organization.

For the full documentation, please see the above linked post.

The document specifically mentioned an investigation conducted by the Secret Service in 1958, and we have independently tracked down documentation of that investigation for our readers (grateful acknowledgement to the Richard Nixon Library for their help in providing the document).

Here it is:

Images –

Secret Service Protective Research Report March 13 1958 1

Secret Service Protective Research Report March 13 1958 2

Secret Service Protective Research Report March 13 1958 3 Secret Service Protective Research Report March 13 1958 4

Secret Service Protective Research Report March 13 1958 5


PDF – Secret Service Protective Research Report March 13 1958

Document details –

File no: 00-2-22,825
Type of case: Protective Research
Investigation made at: Washington, D.C. February 21, 1958 to March 5, 1958
Investigation made by: SA’s (Special Agents) Joseph J. Ellis and Andrew P. O’Malley

Report subject: Kenneth D. Barrett

Let’s start with a discussion of who these two secret service agents are.

Joseph J. Ellis Jr.

A 2009 news article documents that Secret Service Agent Joseph Ellis, pointing to a manhole cover while walking the streets, (prior to President John F. Kennedy’s inauguration) said:

That’s what we have to watch. There, under the surface, beneath what you already see.

A loaded statement in more ways than one, and perhaps being attributable to his own activities.

Joseph Ellis – the secret service agent – was an alcoholic, and died directly as a result of that, probably of cirrhosis.

His son, Joseph Ellis Jr., went on to become one of America’s “most prominent” historians, essentially involved in rewriting American history.

Trained at Jesuit schools, both in high school (Gonzaga) and the College of William and Mary, Joseph Ellis Jr. accumulated the usual bric-a-brac of slavemaster ‘awards’ – a slimy practice actually begun by the Jesuits, as is the entire education system of the U.S. (not by those “nasty Germans” – as some like to misdirect on to). All of which will be covered more fully in a separate Reading Library article.

Ellis was a professor and dean (even acting president) of Mount Holyoke College, where he wrote all nine of his books.

As part of propaganda produced to try and lend credibility to his books, he got caught having made point-blank lies about his background.

In 2001, a controversy flared when the Boston Globe revealed that he had claimed to serve as a soldier on the ground in Vietnam, when, in truth, he had never gone overseas.

Ellis made a public apology, and Mount Holyoke suspended him for a year. In 2005, the college restored his endowed chair.

Here are several different news points concerning Ellis’s penchant for re-inventing history, including his own.

Reminder, this is the son of secret agent Joseph J. Ellis Jr.

This one I want to excerpt –

His once-stellar reputation was besmirched by personal claims to his college classes and to the media that he had been a combat platoon leader in Vietnam when he was not, that he had been an anti-war leader at Yale when he was not, that he had been active in civil rights campaigns in the South when he was not.

…Perhaps the most significant lingering questions in the wake of the Ellis controversy are: Should readers be more skeptical in accepting the historical judgments of a historian who has been guilty of personal fabrications? Were Ellis’ critiques of the personalities of Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Alexander Hamilton and Washington subject to the same sorts of flaws? Did his flair for stretching the truth seep into his work?

…He cites growing regret and guilt over having spent years during the Vietnam War with a graduate school deferment from 1965-1969 and an Army assignment as a history instructor at West Point from 1969-1972. He cites a growing rumor at Mount Holyoke in 1981 that he had served in Vietnam but wouldn’t talk about it because of some seeming atrocity as further impetus for claiming he had served there.

And he also cites his annual visits to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall in Washington for deepening his guilt that others may have died in his place in Southeast Asia.

“I embraced the notion that I was there to salve my own guilt,” Ellis said. “That did not make any moral sense. Did I ever completely believe my own lies? It’s not simple. It wasn’t a big part of my life, it wasn’t something I talked about all the time.”

Seattle Post Intelligencer, December 6, 2004


This last one shows that he specifically had an axe to grind with Thomas Jefferson, he accuses him of duplicity – which to me is often a mark of a slavemaster behind the scenes there, themselves the ultimate purveyors of duplicity incarnate. The bottom line is that they still can not get over what Jefferson and later President Jackson – just two men, did to their ‘great plan’.

Set them back almost a hundred years – for starters.


[…] his 1997 book, ”American Sphinx: The Character of Thomas Jefferson,” won the National Book Award for nonfiction that year. Several described Professor Ellis as a gifted historian whose books have been characterized by beautiful writing and what John Demos, a historian at Yale, called ”interpretive brilliance.”

Many pointed out that neither The Globe report nor any other source had questioned Professor Ellis’s scholarship in his books or other work. But some said that intentional misrepresentations in the classroom violated professional ethics and the canons of teaching.

One historian, Eric Foner, a professor at Columbia University and a former president of the American Historical Association, said of Professor Ellis: ”One of the great things about his writing is that he recreates past situations with amazing vividness — a moment in Congress in debate, a confrontation with Hamilton and Burr. Maybe he has become a victim of his own ability to do that.”

…When Jefferson engaged in duplicity to achieve his political ends, Mr. Ellis writes, he came to believe his own lies. ”Self-deception, capacity for” even merits its own entry under Jefferson’s name in the index.

Prominent Historian Admits He Misled Students Into Believing He Served in Vietnam By JANNY SCOTT Published: June 19, 2001


His ‘interpretive’ brilliance?

Lovely way of portraying propaganda, don’t you think?

He spent his time during the Vietnam war nice and safely teaching at West Point.

Oh yea! He’s a real war hero. What a jerk.

perish the thought - wry ick face


He also tried to plead ‘bad family’ as some sort of veiled excuse it seems – citing his alcoholic father.

In an interview with the Associated Press he said that he believed he recounted those stories as a result of having a dysfunctional family and an alcoholic father, which leads to a “combination of great achievement and great doubt about yourself.”

I think that this line by Janny Scott, really cuts through all the crap about this pompous (and lying) master of hubris –

Maybe he has become a victim of his own ability to do that (recreating history to his liking).


Like father, like son, perhaps?

I say that because this investigation by his father doesn’t really investigate L. Ron Hubbard himself much, if you really look at this, especially Hubbard’s background.


Just skip right over that intelligence background – eh?

whistling girl

It targets his juniors instead.

This, to me, considering that Ellis was previously an intelligence officer (probably OSS but maybe MID – Military Intelligence) during WWII and would have known of Hubbard’s true background, shows why nothing much came of this investigation.

During the time of this investigation of Hubbard’s latest scamation – the National Academy of American whatever… – Joseph J. Ellis Jr. was actually the head of the Protective Research Section of the Secret Service (later renamed Protective Intelligence) – the most secretive of them all.

He was under Secret service Chief Baughman – pictured below.


Popular Science, July 1956 –

The most secretive of the Secret Service’s work is done by its PRS-the Protective Research Section, headed by Joseph. J. Ellis Jr., an intelligence officer during World War II.


It is here, in the super-secret PRS, that the “Nixon List” folk legend came from, a legend actually based in fact – they did keep lists, but mostly of death threat types.

A minor detail that Scientology people tend to overlook in their claim that Hubbard and Scientology was on “Nixon enemies” list – a mischaracterization all over the place.

sarcasm little guy

Here’s a little more history about Ellis that I found here at this blog.

399) Joseph J. Ellis, Jr. (took part in first formal Secret Service agent training held in Washington D.C. 10/19-11/6/53 as an instructor; took part in the SAIC Administration School held in 1955; took part in the SAIC Administration School held in April 1956; Member of Inauguration Detail for JFK, 1/20/61; SAIC of PRS before Bouck; pictured on pages 58 & 63 of the AFAUSSS book from 1991)

Agent Joseph J. Ellis, Jr.- SAIC of PRS;
Agent Robert I. Bouck- SAIC of PRS, 1957-1967 (retired in 1968)

Next –

Andrew P. O’Malley

Not as much accessible about him research-wise, but apparently after he retired from the Secret Service he became Vice-Mayor of Hillsboro Beach, Florida.

[…] Vice Mayor Andrew P. O`Malley, 67, a retired U.S. Secret Service agent, also filed for re-election.Sun Sentinel 1985

He was President of the Louisville Kiwanis Club in 1968, while he was SAIC there in Louisville.

He was a secret service agent as far back as 1950, when he went with the President to Key West.

And here’s at least a brief background on him, from a Rotary Club “Sparks” flyer in 1962.

sparks o'malley secret service 1962

Special Agent in Charge
U. S. Secret Service

Mr. O’Malley, who is the Special Agent in Charge of the Kentucky District of the Secret Service, has had an exciting career since entering government services in 1938. His first duty was that of a U. S. Ranger in Yellowstone Park, where he stayed until entering military service in 1942.

After six years in the Army (Southwest Pacific Theatre of Operation), he joined the Secret Service and was assigned to Washington. In 1949 he joined the Service’s White House Detail and was on the assignment when the Puerto Rican Nationalists attempted to assassinate President Truman in 1950.

He has been assigned to protect both Vice-Presidents Barkley and Nixon and was awarded the Exceptional Civilian Service Honor for his work while protecting Nixon on his nefarious trip to South America in 1958.

With his extraordinary background, Mr. O’Malley should give us an interesting and enlightening talk.


Well, that’s all about that.

Now we’ll get into the text of the report.

Text –

This investigation was initiated on February 21, 1958, when Miss Lois G. Gaunt, office manager in the office of the Vice President, requested of SA Charles E. Taylor that an investigation be conducted by this Service concerning the National Academy of American Psychology and its president, Kenneth D. Barrett.

Charles Taylor – brief note about him from here:

SA Charles E. Taylor, Jr.: March 1976 Affidavit to Church Committee; “In The President’s Secret Service” by Ron Kessler (2009)

The Church Committee (Senator Frank Church-Idaho) in the mid-1970’s, investigated intelligence activities after Watergate, including Operation Mockingbird and MKUltra – the mind control operation of the CIA.


Miss Gaunt further requested that the officials of the National Academy of American Psychology be informed that the Vice President was not interested in sponsoring this organization or its program and would not permit the use of his name in connection with its activities. The file from the office of the Vice President was made available to this Service for the investigation.

A review of the file indicates that on December 30, 1957, Kenneth D. Barrett wrote to the Vice President on the letter head of the National Academy of American Psychology has composed an oath of loyalty and ethics which they plan to mail to all psychologists, psychiatrists and psychoanalysts, as well as ministers of various denominations who engage in mental practice for their signature and return. In a pamphlet titled “Ability”, issue 65, copyrighted 1958 by L. Ron Hubbard the following is quoted:

“Those who sign and return the oath are declared ‘safe’. Those who ignore it or refuse to sign it before witnesses are listed by the National Academy of American Psychology as ‘potential subversive’. Those who rail against it are listed as subversive.

“Those three groups of names, collected in Washington at the main office, are then to be submitted to government contacts established by the National Academy of American Psychology and further action will be taken. One of the people most interested in such a program is Vice President Nixon.

“Those who sign the oath will be offered an opportunity to have the National Academy of American Psychology verify their credentials. There is a charge for this. Those whose credentials have been verified will get a certificate to that effect.

“Eventually ads will be run in leading magazines giving a picture of the certificate from the National Academy of American Psychology and the public will be asked to patronize only American mental practitioners who have this certificate.

“Since the National Academy of American Psychology already has the credentials of Scientologists and Dianeticists a verification of their credentials can be done for 25.00. All others, in that they must be examined and must present evidence that they have actually helped people, will be charged 80.00.”

In Mr. Barrett’s letter of December 30, 1957, to the Vice President, he states that he intends to compile his lists for the Vice President’s interest. He further states: “We are not using your name in connection with this project unless you wish us to do so.”

On January 7, 1958, Col. R. E. Cushman, Executive Assistant. to the Vice President, forwarded Mr. Barrett’s letter to the Department. of Justice for comment as to whether any reply should be made from the Vice President’s office. On January 15, 1958, Mr. William F. Tompkins, Assistant Attorney General, wrote to Col. Cushman recommending that no reply should be made from the office of the Vice President, and advising that the Department of Justice has no information regarding the National Academy of American Psychology.


Tompkins, by the way, worked closely with the CIA at this time.

For example, here’s a couple of declassified CIA document of him corresponding with the Director of the CIA – Allen Dulles – at that time.

From declassified docs #1

tompkins CIA-RDP80B01676R000700170060-3

tompkins 2 CIA-RDP80B01676R000700170060-3.

Here’s another one


tompkins 2 CIA-RDP80B01676R000700170104-4-2 tompkins CIA-RDP80B01676R000700170104-4tompkins 3 CIA-RDP80B01676R000700170104-4-3


Now that we know that Tompkins is in tight with Allen Dulles – it becomes perhaps a bit more significant that he ordered them NOT to respond.

Sort of a hands-off?

woman question mark.

He liked busting Russian ‘master spies’ – which I think is a bit of a fricking joke, considering who he’s obviously in bed with, but anyways, Col. Abel (one of those master russian spies drew a picture of him, and it’s the only one I have found so far.

Life magazine – 1957


That’s quite a nose he apparently had, at least as Abel saw him.


Subsequent to Assistant Attorney General Tompkin’s letter to Colonel Cushman, the office of the Vice President began receiving letters from private citizens pointing out the inference contained in the pamphlet “Ability” that the Vice President was condoning or sponsoring the program or the National Academy of American Psychology.

One of the letters received was from Mr. Roy S. Evans of 323 Daytona Avenue, Holly Hill, Fla., which has been reproduced and is attached to this report, inasmuch as the factual material presented by Mr. Evans is in accord with details developed through this investigation.

A review of the records in the office of the District of Columbia Recorder of Deeds discloses that the National Academy of American Psychology was granted Corporation No. 24167 on December 12, 1957. It was incorporated as a non-profit organization under the provisions of Chapter VI, Title 29 of the District of Columbia Code. The request for incorporation was signed by the following.

  • Kenneth D. Barrett, 649 Lakeview Drive, Falls Church, Va.
  • Philip Spickler, 1627 19th St., N. W., Washington, D.C.
  • John W. Galusha._. 1704 19th St., N. W. Washington, D.C.

Although incorporated as a non-profit organization, capital stock of the National Academy of American Psychology was issued and the following are listed as subscribers to this stock issues:

Name Number of Shares Par Value
Ron L. Hubbard 900 $900.00
Kenneth D. Barrett 25 25.00
Philip Spickler 25 25.00
John W. Galusha 25 25.00
Glenn Elliott 25 25.00


A review of the criminal and subversive records of the Metropolitan Police, District of Columbia, discloses no record on any of the individuals listed above except for Glenn Sanford Elliott, 7927 Georgia Avenue, Silver Spring, Md. (Subsequent investigation discloses that this is the same individual listed in the magazine “Ability” as the Executive Director of the National Academy of American Psychology, and who, by his own admission, is presently the president of this organization.)

Mr. Elliott was born February 15, 1895, in Berwick, Maine, and was arrested on January 24, 1957, by the Check and Fraud squad of the Metropolitan Police, District of Columbia, on a charge of false pretenses. The file discloses that Mr. Elliott had issued a check for $150.00 on a checking account which he had closed out six months prior to the issuance of the check. Mr. Elliott subsequently made restitution in this matter and the case was nolle prossed.*

*Nolle Prossed is Latin for abandoning or dismissing (a suit) by issuing a nolle prosequi, which is Latin for “we shall no longer prosecute”.


Inquiry of Mr. William Mawhinney, Assistant Director of the Better Business Bureau in Washington, D.C., discloses that bureau has an extensive file on L. Ron Hubbard and his various organizations and activities. Mr. Mawhinney stated that Hubbard has been of considerable interest to various Better Business Bureaus throughout the United States who had tried to suppress what the consider borderline illegal practices of Hubbard. Their file indicates Hubbard was born March 13, 1911, in Nebraska, and according to correspondence from Mr. Hubbard, he is the founder of “Dianetics” which he claims is the new science of human behavior. the use of the word “Dianetics” has been replaced by the word “Scientology”. Better Business Bureau files show that at various times Hubbard has organized the following enterprises:

  • The Hubbard Association of Scientologists, International, with headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona.
  • Hubbard Dianetics Research Foundation. (See further information on this organization as listed below.)
  • Distribution Center, Inc.
  • Founding Church of Scientology of Washington, D.C.
  • Pan American Friends Foundation.
  • Allied Scientist of the World.
  • International Library of Arts and Scientists.
  • Scientific Press, Inc.
  • Hubbard College, Wichita, Kansas


Well, there’s a new one – what the heck is the Pan American Friends Foundation?

Whatever it is, it was registered in Washington D.C. January 24, 1956 as a non-profit, file number 560899.


The Hubbard Dianetic Research Foundation was originally organized in Wichita, Kansas, and had branches in Kansas, Arizona, California, New York, District of Columbia, New Jersey and Honolulu, Hawaii. It was eventually required to cease operations in Hawaii and New Jersey as it was found to be in violation of certain local statutes regarding the practice of medicine. The foundation subsequently became bankrupt.

Mr. Mawhinney stated that all of the organizations sponsored by Hubbard have extremely bad credit reputations and a very poor rating by Dun and Bradstreet.

In the opinion of Mr. Mawhinney, Hubbard is a fraud who is extremely dangerous to the uninformed and the gullible who will contribute money to his schemes or enroll in schools founded by Hubbard. Hubbard operates what might be classified as a diploma factory and confers the degree of “Doctor of Scientology” on individuals who have completed courses conducted by him. The National Academy of American Psychology was organized by L. Ron Hubbard and is under his control as evidenced by his holding of 90% of the stock issued.

The Better Business Bureau file contains a clipping from the April 24, 1951, issue of the Washington, D.C. Times Herald newspaper and date lined Los Angeles, California. The article was concerned with a suit instituted by Sarah Northrup Hubbard against L. Ron Hubbard and stated that she was married to Hubbard on August 10,1946, at Chestertown, Maryland, on Hubbard’s representation that he was unmarried.

Sarah Northrup Hubbard claimed it was not until December of 1947 that Hubbard was finally divorced from his first wife, Margaret Grubb Hubbard, at Port Orchard, Washington. Sarah Northrup Hubbard demanded $500,000 damages, claiming that L. Ron Hubbard had subjected her to scientific torture experiments by denial of sleep, beatings, strangulation, and suggestions that she kill herself. In her suit she classified L. Ron Hubbard as hopelessly insane and a paranoid schizophrenic. The outcome of the suit is not known.

Mr. Mawhinney stated that up to this date the Better Business Bureau has been unable to suppress or deter Hubbard from his activities.

Inquiry of Lt. Joseph Chennault, Special Investigations Squad, Metropolitan Police, District of Columbia, reveals that Hubbard’s activities are also well known to the Metropolitan police. Lt. Chennault has an extensive file on Hubbard and his associates and Lt. Chennault’s opinion of Hubbard closely parallels that of the Better Business Bureau. Lt. Chennault advised that the Hubbard activities are of interest to the Narcotic Squad, Metropolitan Police, Washington, D.C., because of drugs which Hubbard is selling as part of his courses in “Scientology”. Lt. Chennault states that “Scientology” is nothing more than a “Do it yourself kit” for psychoanalysis. He also stated that the Metropolitan Police, up to this date, have been unable to suppress Hubbard from what the police consider as borderline illegal practices. Lt. Chennault advised that the latest enterprise being organized by Hubbard is a camp located at Brooke, Va., which is being publicized by Hubbard as a haven for citizens in the event of a national disaster, presumably a bombing in the case of war. It is noted that in various publications put out by Hubbard, to the Vice President, the following is included: “In event of national disaster our address will be P.O. Box 57, Brooke, Virginia.”

On March 5, 1958, Mr. Glenn Elliott was interviewed by Special Agent Ellis and the undersigned at the office of the National Academy of American Psychology at 1812 19th St. N. W., Washington, D. C. It was noted that this building, together with the buildings adjacent on each side, are occupied by various Hubcard enterprises.

Mr. Elliott states that he now has assumed the office of president of the National Academy of American Psychology as well as the executive director. Mr. Elliott disclaimed any connection with or knowledge of the article in issue 65 of the magazine “Ability”. He claimed that this pamphlet is a form of newspaper published by the Scientific Press, Inc., another Hubbard enterprise, and that the material relative to the National Academy of American Psychology appearing in the pamphlet was merely a news bulletin or feature article. Elliott stated that the article had been written by the editor of “Ability”, Richard F. Steves.

Both Mr. Steves and Mr. Elliott have diplomas on their office walls indicating they received the degree of “Doctor of Scientology” from Dr. Ron L. Hubbard and both refer to themselves as “Doctor”.

Mr. Steves acknowledged that at no time had the Vice President indicated in any way his interest in or sponsorship of the National Academy of American Psychology, but insisted that such an inference should not be drawn from the article that appeared in “Ability”. he stated that the reference to the Vice President was based upon certain newspaper articles as well as speeches made by the Vie President in which the Vice President indicated his opposition to any type of psychological subversion.

Mr. Steves offered to print a retraction in a sunsequent issue of the pamphlet “Ability”, but he was directed by investigating Special Agents that such a retraction was not necessary and definitely should not be printed. Investigating Special Agents believe that the Hubbard organizations would merely attempt to capitalize on further use of the name of the Vice President and that any retraction printed by them would probably be worded in such a way that it would reflect unfavorable on the Vice President.

Mr. Steves stated that approximately 1,000 copies of the pamphlet “Ability” were printed and issued and that no additional pamphlets are available for distribution.

He agreed to make no further reference to the Vice President in future publicity releases of the Hubbard enterprises or attempt to infer in any manner any association by the Vice President with such organizations.

It was noted during the visit to Mr. Steves’ office that a tape recorder was hidden in a desk and anyone having contact with individuals in the Hubbard organization should be aware of this feature.

The file from the office of the Vice President which was made available to this Service for the investigation is attached to a copy of this report for the Vicksburg detail and should be returned by that detail to the office of the Vice President.


And there you have it!


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