It took the intelligence operatives out there almost three years to figure out what to change (create) a propaganda campaign to, about us.

It was in the early summer of 2009 that Mike and I received word that it was time to shed the last remnants of our “cover”. By late Fall of that year, we had begun taking the actions which were to be the precursor to the next phase – our real areas of interest.

By June of 2010, Mike had formed this blog and it began. Slowly, at first, just a note here and there, but enough to make it clear what our actual position was for anyone really paying attention.

For five years now, we have been gradually increasing the level of exposes that we have been doing here at the blog. We have made no efforts, nor expressed any interest in being involved with any ‘credible’ media, as Mark Rathbun puts it so succinctly. There’s a reason he modifies his statements in that way – and we’re it.

Late in December of 2011, Mike started a discussion thread at the Ex-Scientologists forum. At that time, if you have the patience to peruse the multiple pages, you’ll see the various sockpuppets (intelligence operatives and dupes) doing the same propaganda campaign they had been for years:

  • mis-characterizing the portion of Mike’s video where he reveals the LSD-on-the-toothbrush operation that he did not do, but had been told about
  • Trying to deliberately plant a wrong idea with readers by calling him OSA, with the implication that he is currently working as a Church of Scientology intelligence operative (and therefore should be viewed with suspicion).

Note: Mike never worked for OSA, and has not worked in, with, or for Church intelligence for over thirty five years now.

You had posters like Sindy (Synthia) who made statements like: “the church is getting desperate. The end is nigh.” with its similar implication that Mike is working for “the church” and that he was posting there is because “the church” was getting desperate. You can see the deliberate impression that gives.

But, right from the beginning Mike begins revealing what was really going on with some of the things we had previously been engaged in, from when we first left the Church back in 1999. One of the things he talks about in this thread, is that we had both been infiltrating the Church – we were never cultish die-hard believers.

There was back and forth about this, but it wasn’t until recently, in the last six months or so, that their ‘new’ campaign became decided on and you start seeing it come out here and there. Especially on back-channels.

Because we are being so thorough,and increasingly hard-hitting on the whole scene (that scientology is just a part of) and we are increasingly gaining readers and educating a whole lot of people on many subjects – anywhere from Cecil Rhodes to the Bible and who really created it and every relevant part in-between – we look ‘too good’, not to put too fine a point on it. Plus, it becomes obvious that we were indeed NEVER cultist scientologists, that’s not where our passion or dedication lies, and people were seeing what the real thing looks like.

That’s very bad for those who are imitations, by comparison. Makes them look, lazy, would be the mildest way to put it.

So, it was needed to try and cut us down publicly, to punish us both privately and publicly for our temerity.

The propaganda line became:

They were brainwashed cult members and they just can’t admit it, they invented this story about infiltrating the church because they can’t admit it, therefore they really are crazy.

Heard that one?

Yea, I thought you might have.

Consider yourself blessed, if you have – you’ve been targeted to be turned against us, so you must not have been one of their dupes for that to happen.

Yeah you!

Carry on.

mr-miyagi-smiling karate kid.



Virginia McClaughry



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