Hamstrung by Hubbard’s usually incomplete (and therefore misleading) and mostly completely inaccurate conspiracy finger-pointing – the Guardian’s Office was guilty of actually forwarding an enemy propaganda line.

But, did the people who put together publications like Freedom magazine know this was what they were doing? Or maybe a better question might be – how many of them knew and intentionally helped misdirect all attention away from the Nesilim brotherhood who wish to rule earth for God and King – the Catholic Church and the British Slavemasters.

In the coming months we will be shedding light on some areas that are bound to be quite disturbing for any true believers out there. For those who have always searched for the answers, the why? of it all, they will, perhaps, begin to feel the vindication and the healing that only ever comes from the one truth. There is only one truth, and it has never been gone about any of these matters. It was only wished that it never be perceived with all the pieces in place. The problem with that is…us. You. Me. Everyone. While we may not all sit around and spin out each and every detail of the wrongs that have been deliberately perpetrated for half a millennia now, in our hearts, we, the collective we of this beautiful home of ours, have never forgotten.

We may rail against it, we may get angry at it, we may shove the hundreds of years of suppressed hatred and fear onto all the wrong people in an attempt to ‘remove’ the pain of it all, but the one thing we cannot do is get away from the truth.

Especially, when someone points it out again. It lurks, the truth does, beneath every lie ever told. It lurks beneath every other kind of truth put on top of it. It doesn’t matter. It is there. It is always there.

We all know it. We all have not forgotten.

So, when you take a look of some of what I’m about to show you, as corny and as misdirected as it is, I want you to SEE the pain, the hatred, the injustice that is obviously felt out there for this kind of writing to strike a chord with anyone at all – and it did, that fact cannot be denied. I want you to SEE though, how these very correct emotions are projected onto the wrong beginnings, the wrong creators, but the right monsters who went along with it all, and finally I want you to SEE how men and women of good hearts on both sides of this, get roped into the wrong battle.

UNDERSTAND that is the point of such things. It is like Death itself. It respects no creed, no religion, no boundaries whatsoever, this type of creeping crud – save respect for prevention of removal from power all at once by those who seek to hide.

Let’s get on with it, shall we?

The following was found in the recently declassified FDA records  – in Cd #3, Vol 12 of 18 PDF, starting on page 301. It is the first issue of Freedom magazine, as far as I can tell.

Here’s a PDF of all the images – Freedom Magazine first issue 1969

And here’s the images themselves (click to enlarge the smaller assortment ones)

Freedom magazine number 1 1969


Freedom magazine number 1 1969 2Freedom magazine number 1 1969 2 Freedom magazine number 1 1969 3 Freedom magazine number 1 1969 4 Freedom magazine number 1 1969 5 world chart Freedom magazine number 1 1969 6 Freedom magazine number 1 1969 7 Freedom magazine number 1 1969 8

Besides the usual Hubbard rhetoric of Nazis and Russians – take a look at page 5. Here, you’re looking at the Guardian’s Office version of the “enslaver” hierarchy.


Freedom magazine number 1 1969 5 world chart.

If you know your history, you know that the WFMH is way down the food chain, these are high-level IGORS – they are not the Draculas.

Igors are junior and subservient to their ‘master’.

Renfield and Dracula.

First of all, in more than one source (especially his intelligence course for Guardian’s Office personnel) Hubbard point-blank LIED to people that it was ‘the nazis’ that formed the WFMH – it was the British with Catholic church (their alter-egos) support.

See Scientology Roots Chapter 36 – Down the New World Order Rabbit Hole, and and also see my recent posts concerning the subjects (and coinciding) of Catholicism and scientology, but even more importantly – see the one showing that some of the nastier techniques, such as electro-shock came from Catholic sources. See The Marriage of Catholicism and Psychiatry – Brain ‘Techniques’ Come From God

This is Hubbard’s influence showing in this chart – those “evil germans”.

evil germans and the 'jews'  take two - the nazis

This chart is also specifically assigning the New World order goals onto psychiatry – as if it’s all them.

no shaking head.

This is a better representation of where and what the psychiatrists are on the slavemaster food chain – they’re the psychotic chihouhuas.

the slavemasters and their pet german lap dogs


And that leads to my second point, which is see how there is no knowledge of this at all about who really started the WFMH, what really is the New World Order – there in that chart? That is not an accident.

The next thing is look at some of these cartoons they made for this issue ‘against’ psychiatry etc.

Freedom magazine number 1 1969 glutz pr


Got some cloven-hoof dude mixed up in there in the background and who knows wtf is trying to be said here. Wow. Seriously lame work.

Then there’s this one –

Freedom magazine number 1 1969 drama graphics.

Err…something’s missing here.

kermit pained look


Then, my personal favorite, sarcastically speaking, we have psychiatry trying to wipe out Jesus on the cross?!?!?

Freedom magazine number 1 1969 false portrayal psychiatry christ.

Considering Catholicism’s role in both supporting, creating, and promoting psychiatry – you can see somebody is way off in the wrong direction here – question is, is it intentional? You can also see the directing of justifiable rage and anger towards injustices and outrageous atrocities being directed away from Christianity and onto psychiatry.

Its psychiatry, see, they’re the ’cause’.



And it’s RUSSIAN psychiatry’s fault now – which is ludicrous considering that in this post of mine I talked about William Sargant and other Maudsley Hospital staff, and the fact that one of the main heads there had gone on tour to Russia and at that time they were ‘backward’ and the British ‘helped’ them become more ‘modern’ – perish the thought, I know, but that pretty much screws this so-called ‘researched’ angle of From Russia With Love here in this Freedom mag of 1969.

They should have actually DONE some research, that would have been refreshing.


Freedom magazine number 1 1969 3

Then there’s this one –

Freedom magazine number 1 1969 psychiatry cart to nowhere.

You gotta love the irony here, considering that Dianetics/scientology are psychiatry – just ‘lite’ or more cloaked.

See The Covert Origins of Dianetics – Biological Psychiatry

dianetics - biological psychiatry lite

Heck, even Hubbard knew that, he just tried to shift it onto the more innocuous sounding subject of psychology.

In the PDF – Vol 17 – of cd #2 of the declassified FDA documents, the Victoria Report to Parliament quotes Hubbard, and has this categorized under:

p. 17

Chapter 22 deals with the viciousness with which Hubbard vilifies the medical and psychological professions, and engenders in his followers fear and hatred of those professions.


P. 20 of the PDF quotes Hubbard:

Scientology is psychology in a different form, or rather a step further ahead.”

“A Scientologist is a first cousin to the Buddhist, a distant relative to the Taoist, a feudal enemy of the enslaving priest and a bitter foe of the German, Viennese and Russian defamers of Man.”


The funny thing about this Express to Nowhere image, is that exactly describes scientology just as well as psychiatry!

scientology - the bridge to nowhere.

On p. 309 of the same PDF we started with (Cd #3, Vol 12 of 18 PDF) – we see one of the same pictures I just showed you getting repurposed.

The Freedom mag had this:

Freedom magazine number 1 1969 false portrayal psychiatry christ

and then for the “Findings” about the FDA publication beginning on page 309 of the PDF, we see it re-purposed as this:


image changed from freedom mag for fda attack


Come ON – this is just ludicrous.

come on!.

Then, shortly after all this fun-and-games, we see on page 359 of the PDF, Reverend Kenneth Whitman writing on behalf of the Assistant Guardian (Guardian’s Office) for the Eastern U.S. – and signing his letter

23 June 69
Dr. Herbert Ley, Commissioner
Food and Drug Administration
Washington, D.C.

The FDA has been and is presently engaged in extra-constitutional activities which clearly fall outside the realm of any authority delegated to this agency by the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, 1962.

The Gestapo-like raid of the Founding Church of Scientoloqy of Washington, D.C. in 1963 and the continued harrassment of this Church and its thirteen sister churches since then is evidence of only one of the gross threats to American Freedom posed by the uncurbed activities of a government agency that has gone far off purpose.

If the FDA would do its job, rather than playing the role of national censor, it would probably meet with better public opinion than what it presently elicits. Evidence of the FDA’s non-survival activities are
observable in the fact that the Nixon administration recently turned down the agency’s request for 23 new jobs. Perhaps if the old jobs were done within the legal framework provided, expansion and benefit to united States citizens would then be inevitable. But now, this is not the case. It is conservatively estimated that 1,200 people are killed annually by faulty equipment authorized by the FDA, according to insurance companies. Surely this would be a good subject for investigation in itself.

The Churches of Scientoloqy and the over 5,000,000 American citizens who have chosen Scientoloqy as their religion have had for 19 years the desire to pursue their religious beliefs without interference from the Government.

We have broken no laws, rather the Church has been acclaimed for “patriotic policies in support of our Nation”, by the VFW. The congregations of American Scientologists demand that you take responsibility for the actions of the FDA and answer the following questions:

1) Why is the FDA anti-religion?
2) Why is the FDA against human rights?
3) Why does the FDA condone electric-shock machines which cause broken spines, teeth, brain damage,memory loss and death to thousands of unsuspecting mental patients?
4) Why is the FDA in favor of psychiatric death camps?
5) How long will the FDA continue to betray citizens who have placed
their trust for their safety in this agency?


Guess how he signs his letter –

Yours in God.


That’s just…



Here’s the letter images.

ken whitman yours in god scientology guardians office

ken whitman yours in god scientology guardians office 2 .

Point number 3 of his letter is actually fairly valid, but this whole letter is done in some kind of Do you still beat your wife questionnaire form – which seems counter-productive. Rather than actually being focused as it tries to appear, what it actually reads as, is more hysterical fanatic than focused and intense targeting of valid points. Perhaps maybe that was the point…however. The slavemasters do have a penchant for portraying their actual foes in some sort of sick caricature, and this letter sure fits that bill. The ‘foe’ here, this scientologist, is a lame duck foe, understand?

A cartoonish attack –  ala Daffy Duck.

Daffy Your Despicable lame duck attack

Overall, I’m going to have to rate this effort of the Guardian’s Office to be a fine example of –


But it is surely interesting to see how they wanted people to think (and what they wanted them to think was ‘history’).



Virginia McClaughry


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