The Second Vatican Council was a meeting of the world’s bishops for four sessions between October 11, 1962 and December 8, 1965.

It is usually referred to as Vatican II, and is disputed by some Roman Catholics as having diverged from the correct “path” of Jesus Christ and God.

One of its main works was interestingly named Novus Ordo – New Order – Missae – where they changed the basic ritual of the Church, the Catholic Mass, a fact that and has given rise to its being referred to as the New World Order Religion.

Catholicism was the only “allowed” version of Christianity for centuries. It has a long history of not only supporting psychiatry, in particular the German “alienists”, but in actually creating the first “mad” houses that have a long and sordid history of their own, which I will be detailing in a separate library article.

In the alliance formed that began WWII, the Nesilim Catholics and the breakaway British Nesilim slavemasters, instigated, encouraged, and supported the actions of puppet-leader Adolf Hitler – including the mind control experiments in the Nazi war camps.

WWII was also used in Allied territories, such as Britain and America, to gain a foothold in “society” of their pet political punishment and thought reforming subject – psychiatry, with it’s slogan of “mental health”. After WWII, their actions experimenting on people during the war were now turned on the peoples of the entire world.

When you see monstrous violators of human rights like Dr. Ewen Cameron, Brock Chisholm, and John Rees using the concepts of “maturity” and “mental health” in the same writings as talking about being fifth columnists infiltrating all levels of society – you are looking at an agreed-upon message, a controlled propaganda campaign.

The same one that showed up in Vat II (Vatican II) giving the blessing to melding Catholicism with psychiatry publicly.

In their Pastoral Constitution (Gs. Article 62), Vat II urged the Catholic Church to make appropriate use of: “not only of the theological principles, but also of the findings of the secular sciences, especially of psychology and sociology“.

Why? What possible excuse could they offer traditional Catholics of why drugs, electric shocks, lobotomies, and so on were somehow spiritually enlightening?

There comes that line I mentioned – their excuse was along the lines of that it would: help the faithful live their faith in a more thorough and mature way.   – Vat II (Gs. Art 62)

Perfectly in line with the ‘maturity” propaganda of Chisholm, Rees, and so on, heavily promoted right around the end of WWII.

Example –

chisholm lectures

You can this yourself here: Psychiatry of Enduring Peace and Social Progress – Chisholm and Sullivan 1946

It’s a collection of different PR essays and lectures by specifically chosen lapdogs of the Slavemasters – fifth columning away.

Abe Fortas, Supreme Court Justice:

“… we have now reached the point where drastic readjustment of human personality and conduct appears necessary for survival.

Brock Chisholm, psychiatrist, points out that unless we can ‘remake ourselves’ and then have in every country:

 “…large numbers of mature, reasonable people, free of guilts and inferiorities…”

We’ll all be dead if we don’t.

But, there you go, VAT II is right on propaganda par with its: help the faithful live their faith in a more thorough and mature way.

VAT II didn’t stop there, in its Decree on the Appropriate Renewal of the Religious Life, there it was again.

“The manner of living, praying, and working should be suitably adapted to the physical and psychological conditions of today’s religious . . . to the needs of the apostolate, the requirements of a given culture, the social and economic circumstances.” (PC, Article 3).

And what were those “psychological” conditions that this was all sitting upon?

The New World Order, The One Empire idea, united under the Nesilim power-mad fiends.

Those against it are mentally ill and “immature”; those for it are mature and in good mental “health”.

And how does this “mature” idea relate to the Catholic church’ love for psychiatry?

Because in Catholicism, Confirmation (affirmed) is often described like this:

What is Confirmation

Growth is vital to human life; the body and mind must grow to stay alive. Catholics believe that the soul also needs to grow to maturity in the life of grace, just as the human body must grow through childhood, adolescence, and adulthood. Catholics believe the Sacrament of Confirmation is the supernatural equivalent of the growth process on the natural level. It builds on what was begun in Baptism and what was nourished in Holy Eucharist. It completes the process of initiation into the Christian community, and it matures the soul for the work ahead.


Historically, this was often done at the ripe old age of seven.

Each individual has to have a sponsor to be confirmed..

Once confirmed, they are referred to as soldiers of Christ.

Sometimes, those who benefit from Confirmation are referred to as soldiers of Christ. This isn’t a military designation but a spiritual duty to fight the war between good and evil, light and darkness — a war between the human race and all the powers of hell.

Catholicism for Dummies, page 122.


a war

between the human race and all the ‘powers of hell’.


And so, what we now have defined as ‘powers of hell’ – includes those immature and unaffirmed (not Christian) people who “walk in darkness”.

Ergo, anti-New World order, anti-social (their meaning of social) who are ergo…mentally ill and in need of psychiatric treatment in order to mature them properly.

By their meaning of social, I am referring to this primer from Scientology Roots – Chapter 21-3  The First Scientologists – and Their Masters

The mental hygiene movement was a crusade to ‘end abusive treatment’ of mental patients. The slavemasters transformed it into a crusade for establishing a world government. The International Committee for Mental Hygiene was superseded by the World Federation for Mental Health. John Rawlings Rees was the first WFMH president.

Mental health is being a willing subject under slavemaster rule. Everyone needs this.

That idea is a political operation masquerading as being mental health.

Their political operation uses propaganda and other devious methods to accomplish their end that we should all be subjects in a world that is ruled and run by the slavemasters – for their benefit, not ours!

Thus began their campaign that everyone in the world
needs their mental health treatment.


L. Ron Hubbard was already on board for that “mental health” agenda, he was already their agent for their New World Order.

The slavemasters have a special meaning for certain words.

Here is what they mean by these words –

RULE – The slavemasters say they are extremely superior to everyone else. All others are inferior to them. All others must exalt the slavemasters, worship them, praise them and bend the knee to them. The slaves must always submit, obey, comply and fulfill every desire the slavemasters have.

SOCIETY – the only proper society is one where the slavemasters RULE

SOCIAL – being a willing subject in the slavemaster SOCIETY

ANTI-SOCIAL – rejection of the slavemaster SOCIETY



WORLD PEACE – no wars because everyone is SOCIAL

DEMOCRACY – a monarchy disguised as democracy. This is accomplished by using propaganda to covertly manipulate people into giving their consent and by having the only candidates for election are the minions of the
New World Order RULERS.

The above meanings are derived from actual statements
made by New World Order people.

* * *

– – – end excerpt – – –


At one point, it was decided that intelligence agent and New World Order proponent, L. Ron Hubbard, should pattern the Church of Scientology after the Roman Catholic Church.

John McMasters, the first touted “Clear” of scientology, once crowned the “Pope” by L. Ron Hubbard, discussed this in an interview with agent Digrazia.

Mr. McMasters stated “dianetics” is mental therapy and cures psychosomatic illnesses. He stated Scientology was a religion although he was flabergasted and laughed at L. Ron Hubbard Sr. when the latter appointed him the first “Pope” of Scientology in 1966. Mr. McMasters stated an attempt is being made to organize Scientology in the Roman catholic structure and L. Ron Hubbard Sr. wishes to build a church hierarchy. Mr. McMasters stated Scientology is not a religion in England or South Africa and that Scientology has no deity.

– files from the recently declassified FDA records CD titled Church of Scientology 121 files, E-16 H-100 PDF, p. 12 memo.

Former FDA attorney Bud Loftus wrote that during the scientology E-Meters trial, one of the Church’s lawyers [obviously a Guardian’s Office staff member] was a former Roman Catholic from the Philadelphia Catholic College, and that it was he who had them all decked out in Roman Catholic priest garb at the trials.

Bud Loftus: An Irish-American’s Journey, by Bernard Loftus


One of the other ways that scientology tried to do this was by imitating the Catholic “soldiers of Christ” with their spiritual duty to ‘fight the war between good and evil, light and darkness — a war between the human race and all the powers of hell.’

Catholicism for Dummies, page 122.


The basic idea comes from the Latin Vulgate bible, where ‘light’ is referring to those who follow Jesus Christ and God and are obedient to the teachings of Christianity. The Catholic Church, the Pope, acts as the supposedly approved medium – as in channeling – the words and intentions of God.

The Vulgate itself is an extraordinary piece of propaganda, first cobbled together in the 1400’s.

From my article Backdated Overpopulation Myths and the Forging of the Bible, an excerpt:

Keep in mind, that until well into the 15 and 1600’s, the Vatican prevented people from seeing the “Bible”, it’s not too hard to figure out why, eh? Because it was just a big, fat pile of forgeries and declamatios, filled with contradictions, upon contradictions, upon contradictions!

It wasn’t until they had to do something about that mess, again, in our same time period of the 1400’s, that they began creating this whole interweaving FICTION.

This was begun under Pope Nicholas V, the same guy who created the Vatican Library, and filled it will all the lovely declamatio forgeries (9,000 of them) that were going on before and after the fall of Constantinople in 1453.

Two years later, the first “Vulgate” organized version (somewhat organized, I should add) showed up being printed. Most people know this as the Gutenberg Bible, published in 1455 by Johann Gutenberg and Johann Fust – a beautiful book, and one of the first ever printed. But, it was in Latin, and hardly anyone could even read it!

There were so many declamatios that had been generated, that the Catholic slavemasters started losing track and had to get even more “serious” about organizing it all. Especially because they were being attacked (successfully) on their questionable “bible” by the other faction of the Nesilim (Protestant Reformation in 1517, more on this later).

As a reaction to the Reformation, in a big show of “we didn’t do anything wrong, the bible is cool”,  the Vulgate 1450’s version was made the Catholic Church’s official Latin Bible at the Council of Trent (1545–63). However, by then they were in deep trouble, they were being challenged and undermined by a counter-propaganda war back at them! This was being done by the new wave of re-edited and re-invented entirely – writings – that were being generated by the next generation of Nesilim in England and parts of Germany. Such as John Dee, and the guy who wrote the Stegonographia, etc.

In typical hypocrite fashion (and one big bluffing motion) at the Council of Trent they “reaffirmed” the Vulgate as the sole, authorized Latin text of the Bible. This was their way of trying to counter the attacks on the ridiculousness of the bible, as well as to try and refute the doctrines of Protestantism.

But then, at the same Council, they ordered the pope to make a standard text of the Vulgate out of…note this well… the countless editions produced during the Renaissance and manuscripts produced during the Middle Ages!

Do you realize –

that just confirmed

– that the Vulgate was actually FROM the 1400’s?

And not from the fictional author Jerome in 300 whatever A.D.?


Talk about blowing that out of the water.

So now, wait, besides that bombshell, if the Vulgate (edition from the 1400’s) was affirmed as the sole text in 1545, why did they then need to make a standard text?


Unbelievable brash and blatant contradictory behavior – no wonder they needed to invent the twin dichotomy of “hell and damnation” and “heaven” utilizing people’s fears and hopes. Their only hold was an alleged future based on a completely false past – aka The Bible. It was probably them that first invented the ideas popularized centuries later by the pseudonymic George Orwell.

History is written by the winners. Totalitarianism…attacks the concept of objective truth: it claims to control the past as well as the future.

Orwell, Tribune “As I Please” column essay February 2, 1944.

***end excerpt***


Yet another one of those Catholic ideas incorporated into Scientology, were those of “soldiers of light” battling the forces of evil headed by a new Messiah.

John Atack writes of this, although for some reason he fails to connect the term to the Catholic Church, and instead focuses on various front groups or shrouded Catholicism sects.

In hiding in Washington, Hubbard busied himself trying to discover the secrets of the Soldiers of Light and the Soldiers of Darkness. He thoroughly agreed with the old gnostic belief that we are all born belonging firmly to one band or the other.

[…] In the mid-1970s while in Washington, DC, Hubbard inaugurated a secret project to find out all he could about the ‘Soldiers of Light’ and the ‘Soldiers of Darkness’. The notion that people are born either good or evil and engage in a cosmic spiritual war can be found in Zoroastrianism, and in the Dead Sea Scrolls of the Essenes, whence it found its way into certain Gnostic Christian sects.

[…] In short, there are a small number of ‘players’, some Soldiers of Light, some Soldiers of Darkness. They are engaged in an eternal battle, using the ‘pieces’ and ‘broken pieces’ to achieve their ends.

– Jon Atack, A Piece of Blue Sky,


He doesn’t know that it was “Hubbard” – is just one of the many problems with this whole plan he mentions. I say that, because I used to work in the External Communications Unit of the top management organization of all of Scientology, just below the Commodore’s Messenger Organization (CMO) etc. I was in the Sea Organization, in Clearwater Florida, from mid-summer of 1978 to June of 1983.

This is me, from that time period.



When Nancy Many was on post in the Hubbard Personal PR office with Laurel Sullivan, she used to get telexes from us delivered to her.

There was a code on the telexes, that meant that they really came from someone else, and not Hubbard. As in – someone answered or wrote the communication in Hubbard’s name. The code was L=R.

Many things carried this coding – and if there were telexes to Nancy Many etc. about soldiers of light and portraying Hubbard as the Messiah, that would bejust one example.

I remember Nancy Many coming to external comm’s door (we were right next door to the CMO telex unit as well) and trying to make us send her telexes RUSH URGENT because they were “for LRH” – let’s just say we had to keep a straight face a lot when we answered the door.

Rush…Urgent – yea right Nancy.

come on!.

Foster Tompkins – the head of External Comm at the time – used to instruct us to say something on the order of “We’ll get on that right away.” and then shut the door and file whatever it was in the appropriate, usually normal traffic, basket.

Perhaps something Nancy never knew.

My point is, portraying something as FROM Hubbard just because some telex came marked ‘rush’ and signed L=R? Well, now you know what that really meant.

Such is the case with what Jon Atack is reporting on, he had to have gotten that second-hand from someone, my guess is probably Laurel Sullivan, and things would have been no different for her – she had no way of knowing for sure, who really sent her what, get it?

Nancy Many may be just ignorant of all this, or…she may be simply deliberately jumping on the bandwagon of let’s-pin-everything-on-Hubbard.

Today’s little mass-propaganda campaign – that of let’s-pin-everything-on-miscavige is just a variation on the same old theme.

The truth is most definitely not in the middle on those two.

I did a humorous post here at one point, where I pointed out that what united these supposedly disparate groups was what they will not point to in any meaningful way.

The real origins of Scientology and Dianetics, and that it was a front group for far worse elements than Hubbard.

As a bit of a informal side note here –

Both ‘sides’ will also not credit my husband and I as where they get something from even if they do try and use it to mix with one side or the other of this campaign.

Case in point – a pretended? afficianado of Arnie Lerma posts on the internet as Mockingbird, at a forum where we were recently banned because…well, too many people were interested in what we had to say, basically.

Note: – Not that Arnie Lerma couldn’t be admired, I admire quite a bit of his work.

This poster Mockingbird takes liberally from my extensive work – Comprehensive History of the Oahspe and Its Surrounds, and does not credit me whatsoever for the research that he decides to make a post about.

Nor does he relate the Oahspe to its actual British intelligence, Catholic Slavemasters background.

Perhaps this is the reason why he doesn’t credit me, he doesn’t want people to read everything else that’s in that library article. Perhaps not.

Even so, he credits every other source – but not me. This, even though he specifically uses the Hubbard quotes I researched and posted that line up with the Oahspe and a number of other things that were my work only.

This deliberate ‘thou shall not be mentioned” is usually because it is not wanted for people to read us, or even vaguely position themselves with us. This is ‘well-known’ amongst the more rabid posters on the internet, and perhaps ‘mockingbird’ is deliberately leaving me unnamed for his own purposes to get around that ‘ban’ on my husband and I’s work.

That there is even such a pushed “approved” position is, all by itself, pretty telling – and it isn’t because ‘we are crazy’ – it’s because we are not.

Too much ‘not’ for their comfort-levels. It might be catching…you see.


One of the backchannel lines about this is – “Well, you want people to read it so you need to not mention those crazy Mcclaughrys.”


I’m betting that’s what happened here.

The ‘thou shall not invoke their name” is also yet another example of scientology’s anaethema practices of Catholicism, in action. I’m sure though, if pressed, that person would just say “I don’t agree with the McClaughry’s conclusions…”

Yet another propaganda line – but I digress.

sockpuppet voting.

All manner of nasty behavior is justified by these religious operative types (and dupes of them) all in the name of –

a spiritual duty to fight the war between good and evil, light and darkness — a war between the human race and all the powers of hell.

Catholicism for Dummies, page 122.


Since we don’t conform, well – we’re those ‘powers of hell’, get it?

Catholicism tells us what would happen to those that self-excluded themselves from their “God” – and Hubbard’s accolytes incorporated that too in Scientology.




They are in HELL, if they do not tow-the-line.

I affirm and believe that it is possible for a person to choose to remain separated from God for all eternity and that “This state of definitive self-exclusion from communion with God and the blessed is called “hell.” ” (CCC 1033)

Catholic Planet, ‘Affirmation’


Mike’s work in the background, is just amazing recently. He’s been working on the second drafts of several of his chapters, most recently a new chapter has been added though – Hubbard’s Lifelong Intelligence Career. Let’s just say that he’s taking all the nice things I have given him to read from my articles and whatnot, and he’s putting Humpty-Dumpty back together again – as to the true Roots of Scientology.

Together with my recent research drafts on the tight marriage between all that, and Catholicism, Jesuits, British Slavemasters, and mind control/psychiatry – the ‘soldiers of light’ have as usual, been up to their nasty business, but they stepped it up recently.

Our poor dog, these sick people are always doing things to him. He was hauled out of the house while we were off shopping just a couple weeks ago – leaving deep scratch marks on my bedroom rug because he was resisting so hard.

Scrabbling with his claws to try and gain a purchase to stop the dragging – perhaps dragging him by a neck choke-noose?


When we came back, he was huddled by the front door (we came in the back) and was completely out-of-breath, tongue hanging out like it only does if he was been running full out. Did they force him outside, and he goes running after perhaps one of them who is still outside? Then only letting him back in when they were ‘done’ with whatever? – who knows with these crazy people. They are forever doing this kind of gaslighting crap.

And then, a couple days later, another mindfuck harassment was done – this time to Mike’s truck. Fortunately, one of our local friends was doing some voluntary patrolling of our 10 acres that night – and he caught (scared off) the little cowards, and they ran like the devil was on their heels – which in a sense, he was.

Because of that intervention though, they had only achieved a partial first step removal of the rubber stripping of the window. Mike found it when he went to load the truck up.



The dog has been asking to go in and out repeatedly for most of the night these days, and he actually caught (chased off) two more incursion attempts – the most recent being 2 nights ago. One of them fell over the railing they were in such a rush – I bet that hurt.

Now, see, this kind of stuff is just nuts. How deluded do you have to be to do this kind of thing just because someone writes something – which, on the surface, is all this could appear to be about.

Unless…there’s more to the story. I think I’d like to know what the whole story actually is, and it is my hope that it will be told. How? Who knows…and I don’t care how, actually. I just want it told.

I’m thinking that could be about to happen, but sometimes I do get ahead-of-the-curve that way. But I can wish…right?



Alright. Getting back to this 1970’s project in scientology to find all they can about the soldiers of light and darkness, Nancy Many also commented on this point. Including that it was a precursor to portraying Hubbard as The Messiah.

Nancy Many was a deep cover Intelligence agent for the Guardian’s Office, then for RTC (Religious Technology Center) and then for OSA (Office of Special Affairs).

Nancy Many

Nancy Many



Nancy, who was raised a Roman Catholic, must have found some resonance in the Jesuit Novitiate style of scientology’s intelligence activities and figured to carry on in true Jesuit ministry principles. Indeed, in late 2013, she had gone back to school at one of the oldest Jesuit-run schools in the U.S. – Loyola University – and  completed her Masters in Pastoral Ministry (whatever that means).

Its also been correctly noticed per an older survey within the Church of Scientology, a predominant percentage of Catholics had been attracted to and joined the Sea Organization.

Nancy Many had done an earlier draft of a book she had planned, this was where she first publicly discussed, in some detail, this ‘messiah plan’.

Still Standing: A Memoir of a Former Scientologist by Nancy Jean Many (originally copyrighted November 20, 2006) –

I want to let it be known that Scientology is executing a multi-year plan for world domination and for the adulation of L. Ron Hubbard as the next messiah.

She [Laurel Watson] informed me she was going to brief me on the overall picture of these surveys I had been working on. They had been part of something called the Messianic Project.

“… the intention of this program was to create the image of L. Ron Hubbard as a Messiah, just like Christ, Mohammed or Buddha.

“…his being the next spiritual Messiah, the new savior of mankind.

My handler at this time was Donna Fifield who worked at Scientology’s International Office of Special Affairs – in the Covert Intelligence Unit.


Note: Donna Fifield had worked in the U.S. Guardian’s Office, in Bureau 1, the Intelligence Bureau, per my husband Mike McClaughry, so apparently she was one of those who had agreed to join the Sea Organization after the ‘purge’ of the Guardian’s office staff in the early 1980’s. She must have been a real die-hard to have wanted to stay and run more black ops, this time for Marty Rathbun and the new OSA.

While Nancy does discuss that at the time she got into Scientology she was a ‘lapsed’ Catholic, at the time of writing this draft she seems to be coming from a less lapsed view than might be assumed.

… My father, a devout Catholic, told me if I really wanted to learn about it, that I should read the writings of St. Thomas Aquinas.

[Note: this was the foundation upon which Ignatius Loyola created the Jesuit schools]

I soon discovered that in the early Catholic Church a belief in past lives had been held, but then was dropped. I learned that there were many practices that believed in the possibility, or even probability of the return of the soul to this world. For me, the theory of past lives was something that simply made sense. It was why I could sometimes meet people and have an instant reaction. It was why sometimes when I traveled to places I had never been before, I just felt something familiar, and I could sometimes predict what was around the corner. The fact that we returned after death to live again did not contradict any of my Catholic beliefs, or other personal beliefs.


The portrayal of Hubbard as the Messiah began rearing its public relations head, so to speak, in the Church of Scientology’s upper level advertising magazine called Advance!.

It began with Issue 23, in the spring of 1974.

advance 23 a

Contents page, first page of article –

advance 23 b  advance 23 c

Final page of article, last paragraph marked where the Editor says:

The prophecy of Metteyya is too true to be turned aside.

L. Ron Hubbard has fulfilled it.

advance 23 hubbard fulfills buddha prophecy.

The article was written by David Ziff, of the Ziff publishing family.

By December of 1974, issue 27 is even more specific about portraying Hubbard as the Metteyya. David Ziff writes an article called: A 2,500 Year Old Prophecy.

advance 27 1.

Contents page, Main Article page, and final page of article –

.advance 27 contents advance 27 3 advance 27 5


There’s some pretty interesting statements in there, particularly on the final page, starting with the unsaid positioning of the publication of the Dianetics book as being the “arrival of Metteya” per this prophecy.

In 1955 Buddhists worldwide celebrated the 2,500 year anniversary of the Buddhist era. These celebrations coincided with the earliest date predicted for the arrival of Metteya which works out, more or less, to 1950.

Dare we hope that Metteya is real and that he has answered the call? He has arrived.

The cover of this issue of Advance! vividly expresses this fact. It shows Metteya standing at the end of a 2,500 year Bridge. Buddha can be seen at the other end. Metteya’s right hand is upraised in the Abhayamudra gesture.

Mudra means gesture. Abhaya means ‘free from fear or danger, fearless.’ As a gesture it conveys the granting of protection and blessing. It therefore represents a postulate for a safe space in which beings can obtain total spiritual freedom.

Metteya has arrived, on schedule.

Through him Man now has a complete technology through which the ancient goals of philosophy and religion can be achieved and new vistas even beyond these lofty goals can be reached.

It is up to you, up to each of us, to recognize and accept Metteya, Mankind’s greatest friend, into our own hearts and actions.

At last, the hope of Metteya, kept alive by the East throughout millennia since Gautama Buddha, has paid off.

From the towers of Manhattan to the caves of Sumatra, Man has now got it made.

Behold Metteya and the truth!


Pretty in-your-face unbelievable, isn’t it? I think someone took Barnum and Bailey’s maxim to heart a little too closely.

But, there’s also this, in a boxed area right above all that text, and within it says:

  2. Ron Hubbard makes the following statement in a 1966 taped lecture entitled “Scientology, Definitions III.”

“What is Scientology? How does it fit into the framework of Man?

Truth of the matter is that you are studying an extension of the work of Gautama Siddhartha, begun about 2,500 years ago. He sought to end the endless cycle of birth and death then birth. And this death/birth cycle led into an effort to show men that they were a spirit and did not have to be a body and did not have to go on being clay. Buddha predicted that in 2,500 years the entire job would be finished in the West.

That’s in the Pali Canons. Well, we finished it!


As if that wasn’t enough, there was also this ad for a newly published book Hymn of Asia, that is claimed to have been written in the winter of 1955 in preparation for this Buddhist’s conference, and yet doesn’t get published for almost twenty years? That’s a bit of a stretch.

advance 27 9.

You gotta love this part –

advance 27 8.

David Ziff is going a little crazy with this one, he claims that you only need to touch the book to be uplifted!


come on!.


Hymn of Asia concerns the dramatic fulfillment of this prophecy.

Due to the special and inviolable nature of the poem only the opening stanza of the work is quoted here.

Am I Metteyya?
If you see me dead I will then
live forever.
I come to you in Peace
I come to you as a Teacher
I do not come as an officer of Church or Sect
I come to you as a Man.
I do not come as a God.
I come to bring you wisdom

In ancient times adepts granted that certain books were so forceful and truthful that they themselves were potent with a magical quality. Hymn of Asia is like that. The author is still speaking to you now. It’s alive-its aliveness is outside of and undiminished by time. Its message brings a blessing upon all those who read and understand.

By grasping it, by touching it with your own beingness, personal growth and expansion will result.


In the 1970’s Scientologists had conducted a massive set of surveys to find out what were the qualities people recognized in messiahs. The survey results included honesty, humanitarianism, justice, etc. – which is how Scientologists universally characterize Hubbard. The messiahs’ valuable final product or gift to mankind that Scientologists surveyed was “happiness.”

These over-the-top Advance! articles was the soldiers of light and darkness research in action, one supposes.

Utilizing the survey data, David Mayo and others later put together The Way To Happiness. The manuscript and orders for its publication were sent to “Senior Personal Public Relations Officer” Laurel Sullivan.

I remember the telex traffic about all that in 1979/1980, and the despatches from our freight unit – Beth and John Bond. I was there when all this went down.

Let’s just say it didn’t come from where people thought it did.

Some excerpts from the program are as follows, and the most standout thing about them is all about making people more mature and acting right.

Just exactly what Vatican II discussed, and the Reese/Chisholm contingent had targeted as part of the new social engineering program they were busy fifth columning away.

Hell, one line in it practically is verbatim of what these people had ordered done!

Its purpose is to improve morals over the world and create a hand to hand subversion of an immoral society.


Didn’t expect to see joint Catholic and British Slavemaster propaganda in Scientology, did you, but there it is. Just like we have been saying all along now, Scientology has always been a front group for the Nesilim slavemasters.


Veiled Ten Commandments are not so veiled if you are paying attention.

So pay attention!

Here’s the excerpts from the program that Laurel Sullivan wrote –

Flag ED 2119
4 Feb 1981
The Way To Happiness Property, Production Design & Exploitation Program



The property, otherwise known as “the morals booklet” is written and designed as a non religious moral code based on common sense.

It will not be published by the Church or a Church related publisher. It will however be used by the Church in connection with Div 6 programs, the delivery of the Happiness Rundown, and will be made available through Church bookstores to the Scientology public. All this is in addition to, and is incidental to the broad public hand to hand’ campaign and uses of it in secular fields.

Its purpose is to improve morals over the world and create a hand to hand subversion of an immoral society. It is a new game, and it is intended to start a chain reaction through society in the improvement of morals.

Incidently, those on promotion lines will be very interested to know that this property very clearly fills all 9 of the Messianic buttons. The demand for such a code by the public is long term, and “happiness” is a button to be found again and again on surveys.

This program is a 1981 TOP PRIORITY CAMPAIGN, and is a coordinated effort on all fronts. Instructions for exploitation of the property have been written by LRH…


III) Coordinates the release of the property and the Happiness RD to the Scientology Public, so that they will in turn use the booklet on the job and in society.

IV) Operates on the basis that the number of mentions of the product will act as a bridge to further acceptances of other products. Credit will come back to us eventually.

66. Create a Dead Agent Kit for the Author, in case of attack on his own use of the moral code in past or present time. You will need stellar examples of his character, including anecdotes. Do not try to provide a DA for each moral, just put together a nice collection of data on LRH’s own observance of ethics conduct and the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics over many years, and include his refusal to participate in unethical practices.

f. The booklet is NOT to be used as a street handout dissemination piece, but copies can be given out selectively with the Org’s name stamped on the front and back.

Lt. Cmdr Laurel Sullivan
Snr Pers PRO
[Senior (LRH) Personal Public Relations Officer – PRO]


In December 1980 David Mayo wrote The Happiness Rundown. This was delivered in conjunction with the book, The Way To Happiness.

Remember, this was about the marrying of Psychiatry with Catholicism – with Scientology spouting it out right on cue.


Here is the Way to Happiness booklet itself if you’d like to see it. Compare it to the Ten Commandments of Christianity.

Anecdote –

I did the Happiness Rundown not long after it came out, I couldn’t believe how ridiculous it was, seriously. It was like it was made for someone that was five-years-old or something. I had a hard time not busting out laughing practically every five minutes at the questions. I just kept it to myself, because it wasn’t the right time to come out then, not with what I really thought. (not that they’d ever know anyway, they are so clueless due to their fanaticism – it blinds them.) One reason I held my tongue, was that there were people in my family that would have been in too much danger if they were put in the position that declaring me would have engendered. Something I knew they would do when we were ready to roll – and they did when it was time almost twenty years later, but we were a lot more prepared then. As much as one can be, that is, for being under assault by nutcases.

There was one slight problem with claiming Hubbard to be the Messiah, and that is that even though jokingly, he had previously portrayed himself to be the Prince of Darkness.

I just got a wonderful wire… and it just came just now. They pick a pc off the street, you see, and they start running them, and this pc gets the idea that he is practically the Prince of Darkness or something of the sort and that it’s all a big plot and they just start asking this person this. And they’re the Prince of Darkness from Venus or someplace, you see… And so I’m going to send him back a letter, “So you say you have some connection with the Prince of Darkness out there and you’re very worried about this. Who do you think I am?

What Is to Be Done in Course, an LRH lecture 1 December 1952 –


Of course, maybe what was really going on is that someone more behind-the-scenes that ordered all this, was actually trying to have Hubbard be cast in that role deliberately with all this Metteyya business, because I believe somewhere in the bible there’s something about a FALSE messiah will arise in the End Days.

Meaning, someone is trying to portray an End Days scenario, and you need ‘the bad guy’ for that. All trying to keep people’s ‘eyes on the bible’ one way or another – a very Jesuit type activity, that.

Just a thought.

whistling girl.



The timing of the releases of The Way To Happiness booklet and the Rundown, were corresponding with the release of David Mayo’s continuation and expansion of the whole exorcism process of scientology’s OT III advanced level – the whole upper bridge, the list of actions, had been changed to include this new invention of deader-than-dead demons/body thetans who numbered in the thousands, and who now all needed auditing before they could be ‘exorcised’ or leave.

You have to remember that this action is part-and-parcel of Catholicism’s war against the ‘powers of hell’ – demons being under the command and influence of Satan, you see.

In a very real sense scientologists are trained Jesuit-style in how to exorcise their ‘demons’.

I go into a lot of this in great detail in my Comprehensive History of the Oahspe article, but I’d also like to focus in on something specific here – the cannabilized from Catholicism’s Ritual Romanum method of excorcism, that in scientology is called the  NOTS valence technique.

A little parody image I made, that is more accurate than you might know –

rituale-romanum-exorcism-book pauli v aka NOTS valence


NOTS issue 7 valence technique 1978


The valence technique itself is on the last page of the issue.



  1. “What are you?”
  2. (answer)
  3. Acknowledge
  4. Realizes it isn’t ( ________ ), and blows, or
  5. “Who are you?” – “I’m me”, and blows.
  6. If they repeat what they just said ask “What were you before you became that?”,they say “me” and blow.

Those steps above are the basic and most workable technique. If the Pre-OT realizes that a BT or cluster can be being anything – anything at all – and accepts the BT’s or cluster’s answer and acknowledges that answer, this technique will work very smoothly and well.

– (New Era Dianetics for OTs) NED for OTs Series 7: Valences – September 17, 1978, on p. 39,40 of the PDF of the first link below.
The NED for OTs Issues are available as part of the Operating Thetan Level Six course here and at Wikileaks. A complete file of all the different OT levels is also at Wikileaks.

 In other words –

exorcism scientology meet catholicism.

Note: The checking on the e-meter Blew – Yes? No? step was added later on, it was part of the OT 6 course when I did it.

On the final page of the NOTS 7 issue – notice this:


You see that “dm” there? In scientology mimeo tracking terms, that means the issue was written by David Mayo – NOT Hubbard.

All the main NOTS issues have it.

Was David Mayo previously a practicing Catholic? One wonders…as this is far too close to some of the more modern exorcism rituals of the Roman Catholic church.

Just loaded with Catholic ideas and principles.

When I was in Clearwater, Florida, doing my OT 6 course, a then acquaintance of mine, Vivian, noticed the ‘dm’ on the issues and called it to the attention of the supervisor of the ‘confidential’ section of the OT6 course, John. She did this, because David Mayo had been declared ‘Suppressive Person’ and a ‘Squirrel” by David Miscavige previously.

After she let it be known that we were noticing this rather odd state of events that we were studying the materials of an “SP” and “squirrel” (ha ha), well.

In less than six months, every single OT 7 had to come in and redo their OT 6 course because it had been ‘squirreled’. They called it ‘the updates’ and it was nothing but a financial maneuver – as you can imagine how much money that would generate since the course wasn’t exactly cheap in the first place.

I looked at the now redone issues when I did the updates, and really all that had changed with the original issues was that the ‘dm’ had simply been removed!

Did they really think everyone was that stupid as to not notice?


I noticed.

This ‘updates’ wasn’t about correcting nasty Sp tech that snuck in, it was about getting caught at they were still using it!

And it wasn’t by Hubbard.


A big no-no in the rigid scientology “Keeping Scientology Working” world. That’s the real faux pas they were trying to distract from.

And there’s all those lovely dollars that came pouring in from the hapless marks of David Miscavige and companies lates slush-fund scheme.


Exorcism is a big deal to Catholics, and so is its alter-ego the “wall of fire” of scientology and its advanced levels, to Scientologists. It’s like the Holy Grail – and even outside the Church scientologists such as RONS Org Erica and Max Hauri, continue to sell even more versions of this type of exorcism, contained in Captain Bill Robertson’s Excalibur OT levels.

It’s all about making man more – how did Vatican II put it?



This, by a group that has way too many people that can’t seem to keep their dicks in their pants and away from children – all ‘Men of God’.

When put on the spot, one man, an exorcist for the Catholics, said that this was all indicative of that Satan was running the Catholic Church!

Well, then, Satan must have been always running the Catholic Church because these people have been doing this since Day One.


They literally breed perverts with their insane rules and ideas.


The Vatican’s chief exorcist claimed last year that the Devil lurked in the Vatican, the very heart of the Catholic Church.

Father Gabriele Amorth said people who are possessed by Satan vomit shards of glass and pieces of iron, scream, dribble and slobber, utter blasphemies and have to be physically restrained.

He claimed that the sex abuse scandals which have engulfed the Church in the US, Ireland, Germany and other countries, were proof that the anti-Christ was waging a war against the Holy See. He said Pope Benedict XVI believed “wholeheartedly” in the practice of exorcism.

– Telegraph: Surge in Satanism, March 2011


Notice the date of the article – 2011. It makes it sound like this is all somewhat recent, these ‘scandals’, doesn’t it?

Well, more than forty years earlier, there were priests caught then for buggering young boys under their ‘care’.

The Catholic Church used that to institute even more of a close tie with psychiatry, particularly evident in something called the House of Affirmation, created just 5 years after the last session of the second Vatican council, held on December 8, 1965.



1976_Kane nonaffirmed catholic is why crazy

House of Affirmation is dedicated to the positive concept that we have “good news” within us that we really do not know – as yet. It will all happen when we have become an affirmed person.

The non-affirmed personality is expressed in problems of neurosis, emotional and mental discomfort, alcoholism and addiction, erratic homosexuality, compulsive heterosexual behavior, and other symptoms of unhappiness and confusion.



Hidden Hand - STOP.

They just made non-affirmed into a personality disorder!

Ergo, blaming these people’s pedophilia on that .

Let’s review what affirmed is again –

What is Confirmation

Growth is vital to human life; the body and mind must grow to stay alive. Catholics believe that the soul also needs to grow to maturity in the life of grace, just as the human body must grow through childhood, adolescence, and adulthood. Catholics believe the Sacrament of Confirmation is the supernatural equivalent of the growth process on the natural level. It builds on what was begun in Baptism and what was nourished in Holy Eucharist. It completes the process of initiation into the Christian community, and it matures the soul for the work ahead.

And so, what we now have defined as ‘powers of hell’ – includes those immature and unaffirmed (not Christian) people who “walk in darkness”.

Ergo, anti-New World order, anti-social (their meaning of social) who are ergo…mentally ill and in need of psychiatric treatment in order to mature them properly.

They are in HELL, if they do not tow-the-line.

I affirm and believe that it is possible for a person to choose to remain separated from God for all eternity and that “This state of definitive self-exclusion from communion with God and the blessed is called “hell.” ” (CCC 1033)

Catholic Planet, ‘Affirmation’


My, isn’t that just so convenient. All wrapped up in a nice tidy little package, snuggled up with the mad-scientists of psychiatry.

Now we just have to rewrite those slates (minds) of those that ‘walk in darkness”, and we’re all good!

Well that's that then - hand gesture



Not to put too fine a point on it.


The primary service of the House of Affirmation is to treat, care for, and cure clergy and religious who have non affirmed identity and therefore feel ineffective or unhappy. The apostolate of the House of Affirmation is of crucial importance, not only to priests and religious whom we serve, but to the entire Church.



Perish the thought of what that actually involved.

Say three Hail Mary’s, get three ECT treatments and call me in the morning?


John Cardinal Wright, Prefect for the Clergy in the Vatican, has said recently: “The need of the House of Affirmation is beyond any doubt considerable and urgent.”


This is John Wright –

john cardinal wright .

He reminds me of Grandpa Munster, from the Munsters tv show.

grandpa munster.

What is it with these people on all this ridiculous bric-a-brac that they wear.

Ooh! He’s wearing a cross.


I’m so shallow I’m impressed – I MUST fall to my knees and worship god right now.


I can hardly wait to be affirmed!

affirmed barbie.


The thing is, this guy John Wright –


Is somehow mixed up with the SSPX (Society of St. Pius X) Jesuit cult.

Here he is pictured with Father Cullen (left), who was a priest for many years for SSPX.

StPiusX SSPX Father cullen pictured with John Cardinal Wright.

In one of my other posts, I began excerpting some useful information (well documented too) from the 1846 book – The Novitiate.

One of the things was the changes made to the original founding document of Ignatius Loyola and his merry band of militant propagandists.

What was added is my point here.

Pope Julius III (1487–1555) reconfirmed this “way of life” of the Jesuits, in Exposcit debitum, promulgated on 21 July 1550.

This is the version the Society of Jesus considers its founding document.

*See my post – The Fourth Vow to see a 1653 version of this, the oldest source that I have found so far.

The Exposcit debitum, by Julius III, also shows that the Society had changed some things by then. One of which was by changing around some words, this document makes more prominent the mission of propagating of the Faith and adds the words et defensionem.

That means that the purpose of the Society is now expressed as both the propagation and the defense of the Faith  – a decidely more militaristic addition probably particularly aimed at the Luther/Protestant movement.

And what was the SSPX hero, Pope Pius X’s stated purpose?

To defend the Catholic faith and make all things new in Christ”  – that was the task St. Pius X set for himself.

So, that makes me wonder if these Kane/Flanagan ‘House of Affirmation’ characters may have also been a Jesuit-Catholic, perhaps even SSPX?

Continuing on with Father Kane’s glowing little history here –

It may sound trite, but what the House of Affirmation is all about Is a blend of love and science, offering vocational and emotional guidance to priests and religious in the hour of need, “the dark night of the soul and mind.”

…Bishop Bernard J . Flanagan initiated the proposed center in 1970 under the directorship of Sister Anna Poldno, S.C.M.M., M.D., a practicing psychiatrist. In the early stages, I joined Sister Anna as a priest-psychologist. The project expanded from a local diocesan effort to a nationwide service to clergy and religious, with emotional problems.

This is where they sent the pedophile priests.


The overriding goal of the early out-patient clinic, known as the Consulting Center, was to help priests and religious to become fully human, consistently free persons within the context of their eodestal calling and society.


Did you catch that?

To become fully human…

What were they before?


theatre des vampires.


…After two full years of operation as a non-residential Center, it became apparent to Dr. Anna, myself, and-significant others, that the out-patient facilities were not sufficient. There was a definite need for an intensive residential treatment program. Thus was the House of Affirmation Residential Center conceived.

The Residential Center became a reality in October of 1973 when the doors opened to welcome its first residents in Whitinsville, Massachusetts. This was the genesis of today’s House of Affirmation.


Do notice this is pretty much right on top of the whole “peace, love, happiness” campaign of the Church of Scientology, followed shortly by its Way to Happiness campaign.


…The first resident was Father Bill who had left his teaching community years before, to hide his unhappiness after the glitter and paint of a traveling circus — “LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, THE GR-E-A-T-E-S-T S-H-O-W O-N E-A-R-T-H .”

He was a Ringling Brothers, Barnum and Bailey Ringmaster perhaps?

Kinda like this guy – Jonathan Iverson (center).



Yet amidst his running away, the priesthood remained of value in Father Bill’s heart and soul . And his Order, when he applied for reinstatement, told him he needed to be evaluated. Within two months, Father Bill, after receiving treatment at the House of Affirmation, was back where he had really wanted to be, within his religious community, exercising his priesthood, teaching in the classroom, offering youngsters and others the wisdom of the ages as weighed by his personal experiences and the drama of the evolution of the vocation of a man called to God.

Ah, so apparently Father Bill ran away and joined the circus?

Could we be more cliche’ here….


So, at this point, I wish to introduce in particular our foundress, Sister Anna Polcino, S.C.M .M ., M.D. A former senior psychiatrist with the State of Massachusetts Department of Mental Health, she was the first woman to hold that position. Graduate of Pennsylvania’s Woman’s Medical College in that State. For nine years she was a missionary surgeon in West Pakistan and Bangladesh . She did her psychiatric residency at Worcester State Hospital and is presently staff member of St. Vincent Hospital and Worcester State Hospital. She is instructor in psychiatry at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. Given a 19155 award for an Outstanding Missionary, apd listed in Who’s therapy at the House of` Affirmation and president of the diocesan Senate of Religious. Recently in Anaheim, California, she became the first nun ever elected to the board of directors of the National Guild of Catholic Psychiatrists.


The National Guild of Catholic Psychiatrists?


The House of Affirmation has developed a unique model,in its psychotheological therapeutic community . The expression “psychotheological community” implies a quest for communion with God and with man. It is an accepted fact that personhood can only be realized in community, and this phenomenological aspect of man’s human predicament aligns the model with the existential therapeutic movement.


It is an ‘accepted’ fact that personhood can only be recognized in community?


smoke another cigarette wtf



…The House of Affirmation in its psychotheological approach, based on the rich anthropology of St Thomas Aquinas, and the best of modern clinical psychiatry and is in complete unity with the Magisterium and tradition of the Roman Catholic Church. For this reason, It continues to exist to be of service to the priests and religious. Humberto Cardinal Medeiros, Archbishop of Boston, has recently stated:

“Already the good work of the House of Affirmation is known, not only nationally but internationally. The excellent treatment given to priests and religious has benefited In incalculable ways the mission of Holy Mother Church.”

This is Madeiros.


..The professional staff members have accepted as the general goal of psychotherapy to help the “unfree,” childishly dependent person become a genuine adult capable of responding affirmatively to life, -people and society.

Scientology has so much of Catholicism incorporated into it that it’s become somewhat of a running joke between my husband and I.

That ‘unfree’ business, puts a whole, much clearer light on The Bridge to Total Freedom of scientology.

Scientology_Bridge_from_Chaos_to_Total_Freedom_-_Auditor_47_1969 - 2.

And there’s their favorite word society again.

Childishly dependent? Are they kidding with that – considering how utterly childish and depdendent on worshippers these people are, that’s really over-the-top on the hypocrisy meter.



Worse, what it’s really talking about is those dang tight ties that some people still insist on having with each other, making them hard to beat down and pick off into submission. That’s just immature of us to not let them do that, you see.


…Being human really means coming to grips, in a creative way, with the concrete situation in which we find ourselves. The here-and-now experience is crucial, for life is today – – not yesterday or tomorrow.



Challenge of Vatican II

The House of Affirmation has thus accepted the challenge of the Fathers of Vatican II who urged, in their Pastoral Constitution on the Church in the Modern World to make appropriate use “not only of the theological principles, but also of the findings of the secular sciences, especially of psychology and sociology” (Gs. Art 62) to help the faithful live their faith in a more thorough and mature way.

In its Decree on the Appropriate Renewal of the Religious Life, the Council Fathers pursued the same line of thought: “The manner of living, praying, and working should be suitably adapted to the physical and psychological conditions of today’s religious . . . to the needs of the apostolate, the requirements of a given culture, the social and economic circumstances” (PC, Art 3). In the article pertaining to chastity, religious are urged to “take advantage of those natural helps which favor mental and bodily health . . . . Everyone should remember that chastity has stronger safeguards in a community when true fraternal love thrives among its members” (PC, Art 12).

Now there’s some tricky wording. You see, the chastity vow is about having sex with women. I looked it up.


That means…yea, you guessed it.

So under ‘natural helps’…would be…


wiley-double yikes.


…Contrary to the opinions of some, it is our scientific finding, that celibacy is not the prime problem of people who are in vocational crisis or have emotional disturbance . As a matter of fact, many times the vocational crisis itself is a reflection, not of a dissatisfaction so much with the Church or with the priesthood but with underlying emotional immaturity, a lack of affirmation.

Wait a minute, the guy is immature if he wants or desires to have sex? And just needs to worship GOD and the Roman Catholic church better?

And that form of better worship and honoring ones superiors and brethren in the Roman Catholic Church would be (cuz its women that are off the table) –


Talk about breeding perverts.


…Through therapy, individual priests and religious-become aware of their emotions, are informed that their emotions are basically good and encouraged to express them in a healthy way within the context of a celibate life. Individual therapy is supported by group therapy where angry feelings may be expressed and accepted as such. The re-educative process is somewhat long and painful but pays off in a more personally satisfying and productive life.

One shudders to think just what that ‘process’ is – sounds like scientology.


…Since the House of Affirmation is a faith community deeply rooted in the teaching of the Gospel and the tradition of the Roman Catholic Church, it believes that the Lord will provide for the day-to-day material needs. Our own Bishop and member of the Board of Directors, Bernard J. Flanagan, has written: “I am convinced that there is a growing need and demand for the kind of therapy which the House of Affirmation, with a professionally competent staff, is able to offer to priests and religious. I am confident that it is in good hands, mid join with all of you in prayer that it will merit the wide support which it deserves.”

Rev. Dr. Thomas A. Kane
Executive Director
House of Affirmation, Inc.
120 Hill Street
Whitinsville, Massachusetts 01588
Tel: (617) 234-6266


Mr. ever-so-affirmed Dr. Kane, was exposed in the 1980’s to have been lining his own pockets, forming child sex rings, and taking advantage of the children around the place to suit his own perverted desires.


The House of Affirmation, located at 120 Hill St., Whitinsville, MA 01588, was established in 1973 as a rehabilitation center for pedophiles and other troubled clergy and ended in financial scandal in the late 1980s. Established under the jurisdiction of the Catholic Archdiocese of Boston, the House of Affirmation had branches around the country and in at least one foreign country. Some of the centers were located in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Florida, California, Missouri, and England. Affirmation Books was the publishing arm of the House of Affirmation. You can see an overhead view of the property here.

**** Established in 1973 *****

An article appeared in the June 29, 1973, edition of The Catholic Free Press, the diocesan newspaper, that included a photograph of Rev. Thomas A. Kane dressed in what appeared to be academic robes. Rev. Kane told the newspaper that he had received his doctorate in psychology from the University of Birmingham, England, and would return to become director of the newly established House of Affirmation in the Whitinsville section of Northbridge, MA.

Who is Rev. Thomas A. Kane? Rev. Kane was the House of Affirmation. He co-founded the House of Affirmation and purportedly used it to line his pockets, formulate a child sex ring, and satisfy his molestation desires.

Kane accumulated ample real estate holdings before his departure from the House of Affirmation. The holdings included one house each in Upton and Whitinsville, an inn and a farm in Maine, three condominiums in Boston, two condominiums in Florida, an interest in trusts that owned other Boston properties, and an interest in a pet store on Boston’s upscale Newbury Street.

Rev. Kane use Affirmation Books, the publishing arm of the House of Affirmation, to advertise and promote his beliefs regarding relationships with children. For example, the book, “Intimacy,” published in 1978 by Whitinsville-based Affirmation Books, includes essays by therapists offering seemingly contradictory views on celibacy and sexuality. “Celibate persons should celebrate, relish, and enjoy life,” one passage reads. “They should see the divine in the sexual act, the act of human creation, and acknowledge their sexual selves, their maleness or femaleness,” reads another. Other books include:

Kane, T. (1980). Happy are you who affirm. Whitinsville,
Massachusetts: Affirmation Books.

Kane, T (1976). The healing touch of affirmation. Whitinsville,
Massachusetts: Affirmation Books.

As stated in one news article, “a psychological text published by a now-defunct treatment center for troubled priests could have served as a primer for molestation of adolescents and adults by clergymen, according to psychotherapists who have studied sex abuse in the church.”

Rev. Kane left the House of Affirmation in 1986 amid allegations of financial improprieties brought by eleven center managers and executives. In June 1988, 11 months after being removed from his responsibilities at the House of Affirmation, Rev. Kane was named executive director of the National Guild of Catholic Psychiatrists, following a recommendation from Bishop Timothy J. Harrington.

After settling a lawsuit where he was shown to have been with several boys, Rev. Kane filed for bankruptcy in the early 1990s. Before filing for bankruptcy, Rev. Kane transferred a piece of property he owned in Florida to Monsignor Brendan P. Riordan, who also was a director of the House of Affirmation and was a friend of Rev. Kane. Monsignor Riordan is also accused of child molestation by a survivor.

On Wednesday, June 3, 1992, the Office for Youth Ministry for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Worcester was relocated to the former House of Affirmation at 120 Hill St., Whitinsville, MA. The Office for Youth Ministry for the Roman Catholic Diocese is sometimes called the Oakhurst Retreat and Conference Center. The location is: Youth Ministry Office, 120 Hill St. Whitinsville, MA 01588 508-234-0346.

The House of Affirmation has been the center of several lawsuits against priest molesters who lived there. You probably can obtain more information about the House of Affirmation from the public record court documents or by writing the attorneys involved in the law suits.

For more information, see Gemini Walker.

– above was posted at an internet forum in 2002

St. Petersburg Times article from 1987 – and look where it is, Clearwater, Florida – where scientology has its advanced levels headquarters.

CLEARWATER – The House of Affirmation was established in Clearwater three and a half years ago to provide psychological counseling for Catholic priests, nuns and religious brothers suffering from problems related to stress, burnout, depression and other emotional maladies.

Today the private, non-profit facility is foundering in a sea of problems that are not of its own making but the result of a scandal that has rocked the foundations of the entire chain of Massachusetts-based counseling centers known collectively as the House of Affirmation.

Spokesmen for the bishop’s office in Worchester, Mass., acknowledged this week that an investigation has been under way for nearly a year into charges that the Rev. Thomas A. Kane, a Catholic priest and co-founder of the chain, used House of Affirmation finances to support personal real estate investments in Massachusetts, Maine and Florida, paid salaries from House of Affirmation funds to persons employed in his personal business enterprises and misrepresented his academic credentials. They said that suggestions that the other co-founder, Sister Anna Polcino, was wholly involved in the deceptions appear to be unfounded. But both Father Kane, 46, and Sister Polcino, in her mid-60s, are said to be the subjects of scrutiny by the Massachusetts state attorney general’s office as a result of a 10-page complaint filed by 11 former professional associates of the House of Affirmation – individuals who acted as directors, administrators or counselors at the organization’s various residential and outpatient centers in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Missouri, California and Florida. Among their allegations is that Kane did not earn a doctorate in psychology from the University of Birmingham, England, as he has claimed.

The repercussions have shaken the office of Bishop Timothy J. Harrington of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Worcester, who has been a member of the House of Affirmation board of directors since its founding in the early 1970s. He became president of the organization late last year after Kane was dismissed from his post and Sister Polcino went into retirement as “chairman emeritus.”

The Worcester diocese’s interests in the organization go much deeper than those of the other dioceses in which its centers are located. According to Sister Polcino, contacted by telephone at her present home in Seaside, N.J., the Worcester diocese subsidized the original counseling center in Worcester and helped to establish the first residential center in nearby Whitinsville.

Centers established later in other parts of the country have been independently financed, both by donations and by fees paid by dioceses and religious orders to cover the costs of psychotherapy for clergy and religious referred for care.

The Clearwater facility, Sister Polcino said, was established after a group of lay people who had heard of the work of the House of Affirmation petitioned Bishop W. Thomas Larkin of the Diocese of St. Petersburg to invite the organization to bring its services to the area. The organization, although endorsed by the diocese for its professional services, remained a private corporation with no direct financial ties to the diocese.

A message seeking comment from Kather Kane was left on his answering machine in Boston, but he did not return the call.

Sandy Tobin of Clearwater, who worked as the development director for the local facility for nearly two years, said this week that about $600,000 in cash and pledges was raised from local congregations, individuals and businesses during her tenure.

The Clearwater facility originally was located in the former rectory of St. Catherine of Siena Roman Catholic Church on S Belcher Road. It later moved to its present quarters, a complex of three adjoining buildings including a 16-unit apartment building near the corner of Pierce and Park streets.

The complex, once filled to capacity with resident clients and a constant flow of outpatients, is now nearly empty. The Rev. Gerald Fath, the priest and clinical psychologist who had served as director since 1984, resigned in June and is now living in Washington, D.C., where he is supervising a course in death and dying for seminarians under the auspices of Catholic University and taking courses in theology. The skeleton staff at the center – the Rev. John Walsh, psychologist Jane Bueck and a secretary – are serving only a small number of outpatients. The local advisory board and board of directors, all volunteers, have disbanded.

The enterprise has suffered similarly across the country. Centers in Montara, Calif., Middletown, Conn., and Natick, Mass., have been closed. Facilities in Whitinsville and Hopedale, Mass., and Webster Groves, Mo., are operating with reduced staff and clients. Staff members and directors, some of whom say they were fired without cause and without severance pay, are threatening to sue – although some have reached settlements with a new team of management consultants hired by Bishop Harrington and the reorganized board of directors.

Mrs. Tobin said she took a medical leave of absence from her job as development director for the Clearwater center about a year ago, before the revelations of mismanagement began to surface. She acknowledged, however, that her departure was related in part to distress caused by what she thought was a careless attitude toward finances on the part of the national office.

“If I had had any inkling that there were real improprieties – rather than just carelessness – I would have left before I did,” she said. “But I did not learn until later that I was not the only one raising questions.”

In recent weeks, Bishop Harrington has been fielding charges that the new board of directors is “foot-dragging” on its promise to make public a full report on the House of Affirmation’s financial condition and the charges against Father Kane. But Samuel R. De Simone, a Worcester lawyer hired last May by the board, said this week that he expects to “have something ready by mid-October.”

De Simone attributed the long delay to the complexity of the House of Affirmation organization and the fluid nature of events still transpiring in the wake of the departures of Father Kane and Sister Polcino.

“Many of the things that we were concerned about in the beginning are being resolved,” he said. “Some of the people who had resigned have come back to us and are working again. We have worked out severance agreements with some who were fired, and we have a couple more pending.”

As for what happened to money donated to the organization and apparently not accounted for, De Simone said he could not comment “at this point in time” on where the money went. But he added that the House of Affirmation, as a private corporation, is solvent and that any funds found to be missing are expected to be recovered. “If we cannot recover what I think is due, civil action will be brought,” he said.

De Simone noted that there is no indication of any impropriety in the operation of the Clearwater facility.

In fact, Edward D. Geary, an officer of the management company hired to take over operation of the organization last April, said he hopes that the Clearwater facility can be either revitalized as a resident center or become the nucleus for a group of outpatient centers throughout the state of Florida.

Geary said that he and his business associate, Thomas F. Siegel Jr., plan to accompany Bishop Harrington to a meeting in West Palm Beach next week where they will present such a proposal to the Catholic bishops of Florida.

Meanwhile, people who are familiar with the Clearwater center’s work seem to be in a state of mourning.

“The tragedy of all this,” said Mrs. Tobin, “is that their work was excellent. So many people were helped. I saw priests and nuns come into the place with bodies physically bent over from stress – and then I saw them a few months later, walking upright, smiling and happy.”

Jim David of Clearwater, who served on the local board of directors, echoed her feelings. “It was really a loss when the facility closed because it filled such a need,” he said. “There’s been a hurt in this for all of us. I hope that they can reorganize and keep it open.”

But Father Fath, who headed the local center from its start, says he does not think he wants to return. “I was very sorry to have to leave because it was such a valuable ministry,” he said in a telephone call to Washington, D.C. this week. “And I would like to go back to working in psychotherapy but not with the House of Affirmation.”

The hurt, he said, has been too deep. “But I wouldn’t want anyone to think that I am undervaluing the work we did there,” he hastily explained. “We did a tremendous amount of good work for the priests, brothers and sisters who came to us. The only problem is that it all seems to be overshadowed by this mess.

–  St. Petersburg Times, Saturday, September 26, 1987, Religion section: Counseling program for Catholic clergy faces uncertain future, by JEANNE PUGH

Sunday Telegram Worcester, MA – 1992 (excerpts)


The thing you’ve got to love about the Roman Catholic Church is the forgiveness angle.

Take the Rev. Thomas A. Kane, for example.

Kane, you may remember, is the priest who allegedly had his fingers about two-knuckles deep in the till at the House of Affirmation in Whitinsville five years ago.

By the time that scandal played out – allegedly the good padre siphoned off mucho dinero to support his own real estate empire – Kane had been barred from the House of Affirmation for life and several of the managers and employees who blew the whistle on him had been fired.


Lately, Father Kane has been breeding bulldogs at his pet shop in Boston and teaching classes at Anna Maria College in Paxton. He taught ethics, once and for all proving what a wonderful and whacky world this is.

Now he’s got a new gig, associate pastor of Sacred Heart parish in Gardner.

The House of Affirmation didn’t fare so well. The publicity from the Kane-sized controversy proved a heavy load, and the once-thriving nonprofit corporation went belly up in 1990. The house, which had provided mental health services for clergy at centers in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Florida, California, Missouri and England, was founded by Kane, Sister Anna Polcino and lay Catholic psychiatrist Conrad Baars in 1973. Although not part of the church, it had close ties to the Roman Catholic Diocese of Worcester.

Kane avoided litigation by agreeing to write the House of Affirmation a big check on Oct. 16, 1987. Bishop Timothy J. Harrington of the Worcester Diocese then sent him on sabbatical “to get rest.”


The next year, Harrington wrote a letter of recommendation that helped Kane get a job as director of the National Guild of Catholic Psychiatrists. In his letter, the bishop neglected to mention Kane’s fiscal problems at the House of Affirmation.


The Rev. Edmond L. Tinsley, vicar general of the diocese, said Kane, 51, will live in the rectory at Sacred Heart once he begins serving there. Tinsley would only say “he is a priest in good standing” when asked why Kane was appointed to Sacred Heart.

Kane’s problems began in October 1986 when 11 HOA managers first made their allegations to the House of Affirmation’s board of directors. They later went to Cardinal Bernard Law, then Attorney General James Shannon and the T&G because, they claimed, the board and Bishop Harrington were more interested in covering up the scandal than correcting it.

They alleged, among other things, that Kane illegally used the house’s tax-exempt numbers for private purchases; that he and Polcino put relatives and friends, including Bagheral, on the House of Affirmation payroll although they did not work there; that Kane used House of Affirmation crews to work on his private properties; and that he charged the House of Affirmation exorbitant rents on properties he leased to the corporation.

“It is important to note,” the 11 managers wrote in a letter to Shannon, “that the foregoing abuses are believed to be only the tip of the iceberg.”


Although DeSimone, in his own investigation, found at least some of the allegations to be true, Shannon’s office never pursued the investigation.

And it wasn’t the first time such allegations had been made. Virginia Baars, the widow of co-founder Baars said in 1987 that her husband tried to blow the whistle on Kane and Polcino in 1975 because he suspected they were keeping “double books.” Baars was fired instead and, according to House of Affirmation employees, Kane and Polcino then spread the word that he had been incompetent. Baars died five years later.

Virginia Baars said he died broken-hearted.

– Sunday Telegram Worcester, MA Sunday, June 21, 1992, 5 years later, Rev. T. Kane teaches ethics // House of Affirmation scandal, by Paul Della Valle


About that National Guild of Psychiatrists

You see that bit about getting him a job in June of 1988, as Executive Director of the National Guild of Catholic Psychiatrists?

Ah. Remember the foundress of this sick house of horrors, Sister Anna Polcino? She also happened to work at the infamous Boston Psychopathic, by the way, right during the heyday of the MKULTRA experiments there.

The reason that I even found out about old Dr. Pervert-a-Kane,was because of a scientology-related document that I found in the declassified FDA records – that were made available to the public courtesy of a FOIA request by R.M. Seibert.

This document mentions this lovely little front group for social engineering and god-knows-what-else experiments, the innocent sounding National Guild of Catholic Psychiatrists

Just a lovely group sarcasm  – apparently a safe home for pedophiles and shysters on the run everywhere.

The document I found was on Cd #2, Volume 3 of 18, p.8, 9.

It’s a letter from Mrs. John Harlan, January 5, 1968. Mrs. Harlan is a rather colorful character that appears frequently in these FDA files on scientology – apparently she had even been mixed up with a sex-crimes pedophile, a fugutive who escaped from St. Elizabeth’s hospital at one point.

She had written a letter to Mr. Hubble, and she closed it saying:

I do not feel that “Clear” is a stable quality. An audited person (or one who feels that he is a “Clear”) is of no value to anyone but himself. He may be more efficient than HE feels he was, but he still must get an education.


But on that final page of her letter, take a look at the carbon copy list at the bottom – note the one I marked with a red arrow.

Harlan national guild catholic psychiatrists fda doc


To me that was like…


is that doing there?

So, I decided to research it, and that’s what lead me in by a most interesting back door, it seems, to the whole weird and insane world of Catholicism.

The first thing that I found in my particular methods of searching, which is not a ‘system’ by the way, was this:

The Rev. Dr. Thomas A. Kane, is a priest of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Worcester, Brothers Newsletter 1976, recently elected to the Board of the National Guild of Catholic Psychiatrists.

And you know the rest of what I found pulling him on down, research-wise.

Then I found this – by Abraham Nussbaum

nussbaum catholic guild of psychiatrists 1950

Just one month before L. Ron Hubbard published Dianetics in May of 1950, is when this thing began.

Founding of the National Guild of Catholic Psychiatrists

In response to a notice placed in the American Journal of Psychiatry, eighteen Catholic psychiatrists under the leadership of Dr. Edward L. Brennan formed the first religion-based association recognized by the American Psychiatric Association.

From 1952 to 1968, the members of the Guild taught Catholic clergy to adopt psychiatric methods both for the selection and training of their members, and for the pastoral counsel with which they succored the laity.

Many Catholics believed psychiatry a secular imitation of the faith, while many non-Catholic psychiatrists feared that Catholics were so dogmatic that it was deleterious to their mental health. In April 1950, a small group of lay male Catholic psychiatrists, seeking a concord between their faith and their profession, placed a small notice in the back-pages of the American journal of Psychiatry,
their profession’s journal of record, asking “Any Catholic psychiatrist who is a member of the American Psychiatric Association” to write to Dr. Edward L. Brennan.

References –

(*) Edward L Brennan, “Catholic Psychiatrists to Organize; American Journal of Psychiatry, 106 (1950), 794.

(*) For the Catholic response to psychology, see C. Kevin Gillespie, Psychology and American Catholicism: From Confession to Therapy? (New York, 200 I).

(*) For the tension between psychoanalysis and Christianity in America see H. Roberts,”Psychoanalysis and American Christianity, 1900-1945,” in When Science and Christianity Meet, edited by David C. Lindberg and Ronald L. Numbers (Chicago, 2003), pp. 225·244.

Source:  Abraham Nussbaum, “Profession and Faith: The National Guild of Catholic Psychiatrists, 1950–1968, Catholic Historical Review 43 (October 2007): 845–865. • Abraham Nussbaum, M.D., M.T.S., is a resident physician in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of North Carolina Hospitals.


I wonder who this Dr. Arnat was – that Mrs. Harlan routed a copy of her letter too…

Anyways –

Continuing with more about just how had this House of Affirmation place was, that then ole Dr. Kane goes from there to the National Guild of Catholics – greeted with open arms, no less.

Boston Herald, 2002 – excerpts

A psychological text published by a now-defunct treatment center for troubled priests could have served as a primer for molestation of adolescents and adults by clergymen, according to psychotherapists who have studied sex abuse in the church.

The book, “Intimacy,” published in 1978 by Whitinsville-based Affirmation Books, includes essays by therapists offering seemingly contradictory views on celibacy and sexuality.

“Celibate persons should celebrate, relish, and enjoy life,” one passage reads.

“They should see the divine in the sexual act, the act of human creation, and acknowledge their sexual selves, their maleness or femaleness.”

The volume is one of a series from the publishing arm of the House of Affirmation, a chain of treatment centers for priests accused of child molestation, among others. The center was founded in the 1970s by the Rev. Thomas Kane and the late Anna Polcino, a nun who was also a psychiatrist.

Richard Sipe, a former priest and a psychotherapist who has studied and written extensively on problems related to priests’ sexuality, called the text reminiscent of “love therapy” popular in Catholic seminaries in the 1970s.

“You were supposed to lie down and sense the person sitting before you was deficient in love and you were supposed to give them love.”

“That’s a very slippery slope. Today, it’s considered in psychological circles as sexual abuse.”

Yikes times a thousand – what is this, the Hugh Hefner school of ‘love’ for men?

More –

Sipe said the book reflects a basic confusion in the church on advising clergy of sexual matters, such as in one seminary exercise of the 1970s where candidates were told to lay on a couch nude.

“They were told they would be more comfortable with their sexuality. That went to the logical conclusion you’d be more comfortable with sexual release.

And with two men, or a man and a young boy (makes me ill just thinking about it) what form would that release take, exactly?


God, those poor kids.

More –

David Clohessy of the Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests responded to the passages with astonishment.

“Wow. That’s got me scratching my head,” he said.

“One of the biggest misconceptions about sex abuse by priests is the church’s claim that they’ve relied on the best medical and psychological advice available. But they haven’t relied on the best medical advice. They’ve relied on the safest, most secretive medical advice.”

– Boston Herald, Wednesday, February 13, 2002; Experts see psych text as priest abuse primer, by Robin Washington


Wow. That’s got me scratching my head,” he said.

Yea. You and me both.

Now that kind of duplicity, in a nutshell, illustrates the Catholic church perfectly.

Really perfectly.

A bunch of sick, perverted, and insane monsters have always run the place. Just because they didn’t always get caught and exposed publicly didn’t mean it wasn’t just as bad as what you just read about.

There are people out there right now, who insist how bad being a scientologist is quote – compared to other religions – unquote.

Well, considering how much of scientology is patterned directly on Catholicism (despite Hubbard’s sleight-of-hand protests to the contrary) hey now – the apple doesn’t fall very far from the tree.

The self-righteous Catholics out there being so ‘outraged’ by happenings in scientology – which are bad, no doubt about it – but, oh boy, those self-righteous types really have no leg to stand on accusing any other religion of abuse. Especially considering Catholicism gave birth to most of them in the first place, a fact which I plan to write about in a library article.

I ask you –

How stupid do you have to be, or rather want to be, to go from one cult, to its daughter cult, and then back to the original cult, and call yourself free?

There are numerous people out there that have done this. They were Catholics, then scientologists, then back to Catholics again.

And they want to criticize others as ‘gullible’ and ‘kool-aid drinkers?

Kermit the frog excited.

Get out of town…




You need a break, big time.

To people like that, one could say: YOU are a believer, and that means you are about as far as you can get from any actual truth there might be.

Truth does not need belief.

Slavemasters who create religions and churches do.

Putting the ‘word’ up in lights is not the same thing at all.



Truth doesn’t need that either.


Virginia McClaughry


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