We have obtained the report on the investigation conducted by the Secret Service in 1958, which had been mentioned in the FDA documents but was not in them. Here it is…

The year was 1967, the Brotherhood of Eternal Love LSD front for the CIA had just been incorporated as a tax-exempt religious organization the prior year (Oct. 1966 – ten days after LSD became illegal in California).

They had declared a dedication to: “bring to the world a greater awareness of God ‘ –

Hamstrung by Hubbard’s usually incomplete (and therefore misleading) and mostly completely inaccurate conspiracy finger-pointing – the Guardian’s Office was guilty of actually forwarding an enemy propaganda line.

But, did the people who put together publications like Freedom magazine know this was what they were doing?

Mr. Everline’s notes say that the reason he was there is because Moskowitz had told Bud Loftus (FDA – assigned to the Scientology case) that he had first heard L. Ron Hubbard say at a meeting that: the only way to make a million dollars was to form your own religion.

The Second Vatican Council was a meeting of the world’s bishops for four sessions between October 11, 1962 and December 8, 1965.

It is usually referred to as Vatican II, and is disputed by some Roman Catholics as having diverged from the correct “path” of Jesus Christ and God.

In 1651, Society General Piccolomini sent forth his Ordinatio where a list of permissible and forbidden subjects are labelled.

The number one forbidden subject was: “God is the cause of sin.”

Isaiah 19:3: And when they shall say to you: Seek of pythons, and of diviners, who mutter in their enchantments: should not the people seek of their God, for the living of the dead?