Wisdom, Madness and Folly, The Making of a Psychiatrist

R.D. Laing



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The first point I’d like to review is the idea of an abyss of difference, an unbridgeable gulf, and then examine it’s relationship to religion.

p. 6

…Psychiatrists never tire of telling us that there is an unbridgeable gulf between some people and the rest of us.

Karl Jaspers called it an abyss of difference.

Manfred Bleuler calls it a total difference.

…Both he and Jaspers are talking about schizophrenics – ….


Historically, this same imagery of an abyss, to both mark hell and insanity, was predominantly inculcated by the Roman Catholic Church, part of the resurrection of the Nesilim Priests-and-Kings method of world government. This is why the Holy Roman Church chose the double-headed eagle symbol of the Nesilim to represent the Holy Roman Empire.

It was the Nesilim symbol.

Original Nesilim symbol in Turkey

Original Nesilim symbol in Turkey


For much more about that, please see Scientology Roots chapter: Actual Jewish History

Early Catholic iconography and writings are filled with numerous portrayals of the ‘abyss’ and bridges and ‘maps’ and even the levels of the damned within it – where damned and insane both mean the same thing. Not walking the ‘path to God’, and with ‘the devil’.

For example – Dante’s portrayal

Dantes Inferno - levels of hell and the Abyss

Notice the circular arrangement, better shown in this interpretation.


In both representations, notice the idea of the center of the circle being the ‘bad’ zone that one must progress out of. I don’t think most have noticed that this was peculiarly a Catholic idea, this path to enlightenment God), where the idea of self being the worst state one could be in.

Even today, Catholic educational materials continue to assert Dante’s devout Catholicism, and even hold up his materials as fully in line with Roman Catholicism teachings. For example, here and here.

Never forget that the reformation, still meant that Catholicsm was at the core of it, and since that first creation of reformed Catholicism, there are now many, many front groups all propagating the same basic ideas. The Jesuits, in particular, specialized in propagere – the spreading of the ‘word’ in whatever way they could and as far as they could.

Again, I think that’s the real reason you get these ideas showing up in such far-flung locales as China, Tibet, Taiwan, Fiji, and so on.

The fact that this widening concentric circles idea, leading away from the hell of too much interest in self (which is what it is characterizing as bad) shows up all down through history in such disparate subjects – theoretically disparate – as Buddhism, Masonry, and scientology (and a plethora of other isms) rather than being an expression of the truth of the idea, to me that represents merely a deliberately coordinated and widespread propaganda campaign.

dante dynamics Manly Hall's Lectures on Ancient Philosophyimage by Manly Hall in 1929, found at Caroline Letkeman’s site
seeking Self in the selflessness of the Great Law.


The book, Changing Images of Man, was a result of a British intelligence -Tavistock – Stanford Research Institute (SRI) early 1970′s “mind” restructuring project supervised by Willis W. Harman.

However, the institute itself was tasked along these lines in 1968, by OSS man William Gardiner – the same year that Hubbard changed direction and created “advanced” levels in Scientology. Gardiner had become the Secretary of Health and Welfare, around the time that he requisitioned the “Changing Images of Man” study. Gardiner had been previously intimately involved with the WWII Briish Tavistock psychological assessment operation.

Stanford Research Institute itself, was controlled by the same hierarchy of men who were pushing Eugenics, as well as behavior modification and “testing” techniques.

*For much more information about that – see British Security Coordination Compendium articles in the World Government Section of our Reading Library, especially #3 and #5.


The book contains many “strategies” concerning propagating the #1 British Slavemaster propaganda – Tabula Rasa (blank slate of man’s mind) – including these “grades” of “rising awareness” ideas.

An important overall view that should be understood – is the slavemaster view of using myths to “write on the tablet”, so to speak, of the minds of men.


Myths shape perception.

Changing Images of Man – p. 155.


Changing Images of Man OCRd  – PDF file


It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that a large part of this book is devoted to bringing forward the same Roman Catholic propaganda, and trying to make it more ‘relevant’ to current times. In fact, that’s probably a good way to describe the entire book actually.

As far as resurrecting the Dante levels of ‘hell’ map, the book doesn’t make that connection clear for some strange reason.

Be that as it may, the chart (below) that was given in the book outlining Abraham Maslow’s ideas, is an excellent example demonstrating that these are not really his ideas. I think he is just one of several persons tasked/selected to help update the same old propaganda.

The similarity to both the Buddhism graphic ‘map’ and Dante’s original versions are clearly visible.


The Gradient of Human Needs – by Abraham Maslow (1962)


…described a gradient that parallels the above as being manifest by persons with different levels of need-fulfillment.


Notice that date of 1962 for Maslow’s work? Well, it was only a year later, November/December 1963 that Hubbard first began making “noises” about creating a classification chart for Scientology courses and “awareness levels”.

References –

  • HCO PL 26 Nov 63 “Certificate and Classification Changes, Everyone Classified”;
  • HCO PL 11 Dec 63 “Classification for Everyone”

found in the Organization Executive Course, volume 4 (both 1974 and 1991 versions.

Hubbard also began describing ‘his’ (obviously given to him) vision of this new gradient chart, in the Saint Hill Special Briefing course.

He sees a chart up on the wall of where he’s supposed to go. This tells him at once that there is someplace to go, that there is a way to get there, and if various states of arrived beingness are described with great reality on this chart, and so on …

…And this is all he has to study. And this is his practice of activity and it’s on this schedule and that sort of thing. And that shows him that he can move from that point on forward.

– Saint Hill Special Briefing Course lecture #325, renumbered 1991: #357 Certifications and Classifications, December 3, 1963, by L. Ron Hubbard


This re-made Bridge to Total Freedom concept, as Hubbard called it, it even incorporated Dantes “chaos” (hell) concepts – positioning anyone who was not ‘on this bridge’ as being in those states.

Scientology_Bridge_from_Chaos_to_Total_Freedom_-_Auditor_47_1969 - 2

A couple of years later, you see the alignment of all of scientology’s courses and “session” activities exactly with the ancient propaganda of the concentric circles.

“Awareness is always a matter of increasing perimeter [of reality].” You get concentric circles of awareness.

– Saint Hill Special Briefing Course, students notes regarding L. Ron Hubbard lecture of April 27, 1965, titled: Awareness Levels.


It goes even further than this.

Scientology’s eight dynamics principle uses the exact same core concept as Dante/Catholicism.

You’ll notice that right away, even in just the depictions of the ‘concentric circles’ that scientology uses to explain the concept to neophytes.

hubbards version of dante and catholicism - eight dynamics

Hubbard also had this center position, the self, as being low-toned, which in scientology parlance means that the person is aberrated, reactive, and acts in an irrational manner – aka crazy – another way of updating the description of hell, or the center of hell.

The land of ‘Satan’ – the devil, as Dante depicted in his art and his poetry.

One could envision command over the environment, for a man, or for a group, as a series of concentric circles.

… is just slightly wider than this circle (the 2nd) that we enter the 2.0 area of the chart.

– Science of Survival, by L. Ron Hubbard, COLUMN Q, Command Over Environment


The dynamics are the urge to survive expressed through eight divisions. (1) self, (2) sex, and the future generation, (3) the group, (4) mankind, (5) life, (6) MEST, (7) theta, (8) the Supreme Being.

– Science of Survival, Appendix, Definitions.


You can also see in the above that rather than being self, with body, which is considered the lowest point –  it is considered the highest progression to be fully vested in the 8th dynamic, after having advanced across Hubbard’s ‘bridge’ to enlightenment or OT (operating thetan).

Note: This is just about a perfect 180 of the truth – exactly the opposite of what is.

Current church propaganda says this concept, including the diagram, represents the scientology view of the cosmos, which appears to be a newer attempt to more closely align scientology with its Roman Catholic roots.

Viewed as concentric circles expanding outward from a common center, the eight dynamics represent an increasing awareness of and participation in all of life’s elements. These dynamics represent Scientology’s view of the cosmos.

Mr. Hubbard wrote:

Thus, as a Scientologist expands his awareness, participation and responsibility outward along the dynamics, he will ultimately arrive at the eighth dynamic, survival through Infinity, or the Supreme Being.

– Church of Scientology Bonafides


Another current website of the Church, goes so far now as to tell us that this diagram and its concepts, much like Dante, is a map of life, of sorts, and that by following it one can resolve the puzzle of one’s existence.

– Scientology’s main website

The above is probably one of the more clear representations of some sort of graphical ‘map’ to enlightenment.

Again, we are right back in the same ancient time period, with the same propaganda campaign as the source of that rhetorical device employed to try and lead men to ‘God’.

Note: See library article Backdated Overpopulation Myths and the Forging of the Bible for much more as to when all that really started.

For example, from that time period we have the T and O (akin to the O.T. symbol of Scientology) map to ‘enlightenment’.

The top of the map isn’t North, it’s East.

medieval_T_and_O_map_showing_location_of_the_Garden_of_EdenAlso from the same time period as the forging of the bible, we have “Bridges” to Paradise/Heaven, are then portrayed as going bottom to top – with the understanding of that means east – or left to right in a more typical west-to-east representation.

Current example – scientology’s Bridge to Total Freedom/God (enlightenment, O.T.)


Another example – the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry (who also appropriated the double-headed eagle symbol with a lying history as to where it came from) depicts a bridge to light – same thing as Catholicism T and O map and scientology’s bridge.

bridge to light2

Images showing Christ or the Cross, taken from medieval times, are also still being portrayed in the same manner – that Christ or the cross forms the ‘bridge’ over the abyss.



cross bridge fr earth to heaven

Since this abyss actually represents those that are insane or damned, and how they should leave their ‘side’ and cross to God’s side of who they really are – that gets pretty interesting as to what is truly going on there.

Such persons, that were deemed damned/insane, were often thought to be ‘possessed’ by demons that caused their deviant and unacceptable behaviors.

The interesting thing about that is, that the actual Catholic Ritual for exorcising said demons makes a rather odd distinction.

In the Rituale Romanum, Chapter 13 (Exorcism) it says under ‘Signs of posession’:


In primis, ne facile credat, aliquem a daemonio obsesjum esse; sed nota habeat ea signa, quibus obsessus dignoscitur ab iis, qui vel atra bile, vel morbo aliquo laborant. Signa autem obsidentis dacmonis sunt; Ignota lingua loqui pluribus verbis , vel loquentem intelligere: Distantia, et occulta patefacerc: Vircs supra aetatis, seu conditionis naturam ostendere: et id genus alia , quae cum plurima concurrunt, majora sunt indicia.


In the first place he should not be fast to believe that someone is posessed by a demon, but note whether the person has signs by which person possessed differs from those who suffer from a disease. Signs of posession are these: Speaking unknown language in many words or understanding when foreign language is spoken by someone else; Ability to divulge future and hidden events; Powers that are beyond person’s age or natural condition; and other such things which together build up evidence.

Roman Rite of Exorcism – found in the internet archive


Differs from those who suffer from a disease – you can see that there is some sort of a distinction between mental disease versus demon possession.

Doesn’t that strike you as rather odd?

And yet, in these very times when exorcism was at an all-time high (starting around the time of Pope Nicholas V) – we have medieval priests drilling into peoples heads to ‘release the demons’ or how they put it – removing the stone of insanity.

The Extraction of the Stone of Madness by Hieronymus Bosch between 1488 and 1516

But now, in exorcism per se, we have the criteria for one’s bad behavior being demon caused versus some sort of un-named other form or insanity, as being:

  • Speaking unknown language in many words
  • understanding when foreign language is spoken by someone else;
  • Ability to divulge future and hidden events;
  • Powers that are beyond person’s age or natural condition;
  • and other such things which together build up evidence.

That’s a really interesting list, don’t you think?

My personal favorites are ability to divulge hidden events – boy, these Nesilim slavemaster types would hate that, wouldn’t they?

And powers that are beyond…which is really talking about such things as:

  • telepathy
  • telekinesis
  • unusual strength
  • unusual speed or aptitude at something, like reading or whatever.


Now under that other such things category, you might find things like:

  • resistances to torture – non-damaging in the usual way
  • fast rates of healing

and so on.

A representation of the resistances one, was in the movie A-Team (the remake) where it had Murdock (who was supposedly schizophrenic) being given electro-shock therapy and it wasn’t working on him at all.



The look on the Doctors faces was classic –


You can certainly see why that kind of resistance would scare the heck out of some people, and why they would want to scare off others from such a person. We can’t have it spreading, you see.

There’s another statement in the Catholic exorcism ritual which is quite telling.

Never again dare, you cunning serpent, to deceive the human race, to persecute the Church of God, nor to strike the chosen of God and to sift them as + wheat.  For it is the Most High God who  commands you, + He to whom you  heretofore in your great pride considered yourself equal; He who desires that all men might be saved and come to the knowledge of  truth. God the Father + commands you. God the Son + commands you.


Particularly this part:

strike the chosen of God and to sift them as + wheat.”

This seems to imply that “Satan” is more powerful than these so-called ‘chosen’ and can sift any number of them like wheat – as in its easy for one with such ability to take on any number of these ‘chosen’.

Far more than that, it shows the weakness of those that do this whole ‘follow’ god thing, by comparison – which is their whole con, you know, get people to believe that they are (and should be) weak.

It then becomes quite revealing that these same characteristics or ‘criteria’ of demon possession seem to match exactly the traits of the enemies of christianity.

Why would people who have such abilities be so reviled by the Nesilim slavemasters?

It’s a very good question, and it ain’t about ‘demons’ – that much I can tell you.

What I can say, is that it’s obvious that these people are on the hunt, on the look out for certain traits – ya ken? (ken = scottish for understand/know). And they have been for a long time.

Even today, the Roman Catholic Church still embraces these exorcist rituals with these very same criteria.

The Vatican’s chief exorcist, Father Gabriele Amorth, announced to the press that “Of course the Devil exists . . . I am convinced that the Nazis were all possessed.” (Pisa, 2006, n.p.).

wiley oh wow.

Considering the Catholic church’s behind-the-scenes maneuvering with the British slavemasters to create WWII especially, that is just…a serious oh wow. Off the charts on the hypocrisy meter.

Taking into consideration that these are the same people that preach that only in weakness can the ‘power of the Lord be made perfect” and only when trials and tribulations and calamities [war, famine, sickness, death] are going on – and that only then can people be made weak?

Well, now, ain’t that just a pretty picture.

The second point I want to review in relation to the above, is where R.D. Laing was talking about this ‘abyss of difference’ in a psychiatric context.

He had said that in reference to these people so described, that these are the schizophrenics.

It becomes quite revealing that these same characteristics or ‘criteria’ of demon possession not only match the traits of the so-called enemies of christianity (satan, the devil, etc.) but they also match some of the major criteria for the diagnosis of schizophrenia.

Laing has made clear that the invented illness of ‘schizophrenia’ had:

[…] absence of any known physical pathology.

[…] absence of symptoms and signs of illness of the usual kind.


Note: Manfred Bleuler (that Laing quoted concerning the abyss of difference) was the son of Professor Eugene Blueler.

Eugene being who coined the term schizophrenia in the first place, in 1911.

Eugene was referring to the concept of madness called Dementia Praecox which was coined by Emil Kraepelin in 1887, Kraepelin had entered the spurious idea of that it was a DISEASE OF THE BRAIN, thereby justifying all manner of nasty physical treatments to ‘fix’ the person.

Regarding Bleuler and Kraepelin and inventing physical sources of ‘schizophrenia’, at least one other author notes that the origins of this sort of social control originate around the time of Pope Nicholas V – only, again, he fails to connect-the-dots to the true source of these ‘unacceptable’ behavior models, Roman Catholicism – the Nesilim.


Notable in this particular manifestation is the role of science in the task of defining acceptable and unacceptable behavior. This represented the culmination of a gradual change, beginning during the Renaissance, and it had several crucial consequences.

…Pinel had acknowledged that the ‘medic’ had been introduced into the asylum primarily as an authoritative representative of society’s moral norms. The English Quakers had openly and even proudly espoused the goal of producing socially acceptable behavior. For a brief period the institutionalization of social control had been acknowledged for what it was.

– David Hill, The Politics of Schizophrenia: psychiatric oppression in the United States (University Press of America 1983) – Chapter 9


Laing had actually made a similar point, correctly noting that this was about how it made others feel, not about any real care of the unpopular person.

What I seemed to be engaged in was a concerted effort to stop undesired states of mind and conduct, and to keep undesired people in such undesired states of mind and conduct away from people outside, who did not want them around.

The medieval aspect, the sheer gall and arrogance of the Roman Catholic mouthpieces, still comes through to this day in the field of psychiatry. Especially in its still asserted (and still undeserved) ‘right’ to imprison people against their will.

Reviewing Laing again –

[psychiatry] It is the only branch of medicine that treats people against their will, in any way it likes, if it deems it necessary. It is the only branch of medicine that imprisons patients, if judged necessary.


Another author speaks of the origins of institutions in England, and also draws the parallel to early Catholicism.

Traditionally, the medieval Church equated health and madness with good and evil. The mad were possessed by evil spirits, which could be driven out by beating, immersion in freezing water and periods in isolation. Sir Thomas More was as much in favour of thrashing the insane to bring them to their senses as he was of flogging heretics.

There was money to be made out of the misery…

– Bedlam: the brutal truth, 12 August 2008


I think that yet again, it wasn’t really observed that these ‘medieval’ ideas didn’t change in modern times, they just changed their methods and terms.

The core ideas remained untouched.

We are still in a Dark Ages.


Since we have already identified the special interest, really scares them attributes of those people who are demonized as being ‘possessed’ – as taken from their own exorcism materials –  we would expect to see those same attributes showing up underneath the newer catch-all term schizophrenia.

And so we do.

What are some of the so-called symptoms of schizophrenia?

Well, let’s take a look at a somewhat more informal listing.

Please bear in mind that they have now added a sub-category of schizotypal, which the only difference appears to be that with schizophrenia, the criteria is that they refuse to change their ideas to conform with psychiatry’s ideas of ‘what is sane. A pretty convenient distinction, if you ask me, for them (the psychiatrists). If you refuse to change, well now that’s psychosis – which makes it even worse how political this actually is.

  • Inappropriate displays of emotion
  • Odd beliefs, ideas of reference, or fantasies
  • Odd or eccentric appearance
  • Social discomfort
  • Unusual speech patterns
  • Unusual, eccentric behavior.
  • Incorrect interpretation of events, including feeling that external events have personal meaning
  • Peculiar thinking, beliefs or behavior
  • Belief in special powers, such as telepathy
  • Perceptual alterations, in some cases bodily illusions, including phantom pains or other distortions in the sense of touch
  • Idiosyncratic speech, such as loose or vague patterns of speaking or tendency to go off on tangents
  • Suspicious or paranoid ideas
  • Flat emotions or inappropriate emotional responses
  • Lack of close friends outside of the immediate family
  • Persistent and excessive social anxiety that doesn’t abate with time

For one thing, notice how many of them are prefaced as odd, inappropriate, idiosyncratic, unusual, peculiar, incorrect, altered.

ALL based on some arbitrary perception (or decision) by an outside force busy passing judgement based on their frame of reference of what bothers them!


Talk about obsessed with self…


You can also easily see how cerebral these are, how purely opinion-based they are rather than, as Laing pointed out, pathologically based. They are all mental or personal choice based, none are physically caused.

Yet, it is called a disease nevertheless.

But, we do see some attributes crossing in here from ‘demon possession’ – let’s review those again.

They are:

  • Speaking unknown language in many words
  • understanding when foreign language is spoken by someone else;
  • Ability to divulge future and hidden events;
  • Powers that are beyond person’s age or natural condition;
  • and other such things which together build up evidence.

Yes, we do!

Now why would that be, do you think, what’s religion doing controlling a supposed science?

Because it isn’t science, it’s actually a disguised political arm of religion.

Let’s take one of our cross-over points between demon-possession indications and ‘schizophrenia’, telepathy, and I’ll prove it to you.

The earliest listing of symptoms for schizophrenia can be found in Emil Kraepelin’s book, written in the 1800’s but translated into English in 1912.

kraepelin 1912 book

He called the group of hallucinations of hearing perception phantasms.

Hallucinations of hearing alone are by far most frequent in dementia praecox.

…The so-called “internal voices,” “suggestions,” ” telephoning,” ‘telegraphing,” etc., form a special group of hallucinations of hearing.

They may occur as a kind of monologue or as a conversation with distant persons; sometimes the voices of conscience seem to criticise the patient or spur him on.

In all these cases the patient develops the delusion that his thoughts are known to every one, or that they are produced and influenced by outside forces.

[…] complain that their minds are influenced, their thoughts are gone, they have no control over their thoughts… They attribute the origin of such thoughts to others. Frequently they complain of “drawing of the thoughts,” and they may say that they don’t know whether their thoughts are their own or suggested by some one else.


He doesn’t use the term of telepathy yet, but instead uses the terms “telephoning” and “telegraphing”, meaning télé- far + phone sound.

He also noted:

  • “The universal characteristic of the entire group of sense deceptions is their sensory vividness.”
  • “The patients do not merely believe that they see, hear, and feel, but they really see, hear and feel.”

The standard arrogant attitude that is the hallmark of the Roman Catholics and the British slavemasters towards such things – in the sense of how they want others to view it – comes through loud and clear, with the usual addition of a variant of the ‘work will set you free’ motif so prevalent in the catholic bible.

An essential feature of the care of these mental shipwrecks is healthful employment, preferably out of doors.


Considering that (work will set you free) was over the entrance to the Death Camps of the Nazis, it puts a wider perspective on what was really going on there.

Arbeit Macht Frei, Work Will Set You Free, Auschwitz .

It becomes obvious that these inmates were marked. Not because they were ‘jews’ and ‘gypsies’ – that was a smokescreen. They were marked as insane and needing religious conversion by torture and any other means.

Remember that, because that’s going to come into play here with their later ‘solutions’ to those marked resistant to change.

Almost exactly at the same time in history, twin-projects were launched targeting this area of reading thoughts, distant thought communication etc.

Mesmerists (hypnotists, as they are now called) had discovered that telepathy was among the phenomena observed in magnetized subjects, who could read the thoughts of the magnetists and carried out the unspoken instructions.

On the one hand, the British slavemasters formed the Society for Psychical Research in 1882 – specifically for research into thought-transference. Its first journal is actually where the term “telepathy” was first coined, by F.W.H. Myers.

On the other hand, the following year the same area of thought abilities gets commandeered by Catholicism into a social control type model utilizing ‘science’ as the new cloaking device – purely an exercise in rhetoric and lacking any real roots in anything resembling science. This was Emil Kraepelin presenting the idea of “mental illness” as a disease of the brain.

Immediately following that was when he invented the mental disease Dementia Praecox, which encompassed many symptoms that would fall under the rubrick of telepathy – communications without need of voice or hearing.

Bearing in mind that Catholicism had long held that actual abilities along these lines that are not from God, are “caused by demons” and the devil, we see that surface in the midst of all this as well.

The same year that the parent Society of Psychical Research was formed, this Nesilim Catholic propaganda is updated and fictionalized into a sort of universal sci-fi story. The result was a British backed book (written by the son of a Brit living in America) called The Oahspe it was promoted as being a “New Bible”, which it really wasn’t at all.

Less than twenty years later in 1904, (November 10)  – Society of Psychical Research man James Hyslop formed the American Institute for Scientific Research.

Through the Abnormal Psychology branch of his Institute, Hyslop did an in-depth study of schizophrenics and came to the conclusion that it was an infestation of spirits, or spirit possession.

However, he did know that manifestations of telepathy are a fact, but makes a point of saying he has no ‘scientific evidence’ of selective telepathy.

Sort of a back-handed way of saying he has seen proof telepathy does happen.

In the below excerpts, Hyslop refers to percipient, which is a term meaning one who has perceived a paranormal event.

There is no scientific evidence for selective telepathy or the percipient’s selection of memories in other minds. This process may be a fact, but there is as yet no scientific evidence whatever for this….

– Journal of the American Society for Psychical Research, Volume 11, January 1907


On the one hand, he’s just made clear that manifestations of telepathy is part of schizophrenia, and is caused by an infestation of spirits, but on the other he is dancing around the fact of selective telepathy.

Rather than a lack of evidence, as he puts it, considering his stance of spirit infestation, his statement above is much more likely to be merely him trying to dance around the Catholic Church rules for detecting demonic possession, which lists a form of selective telepathy ie: Ability to divulge future and hidden events.

There’s a key difference that’s coming clear here clear to me – regarding why on earth the Catholic Church would back (and help create) psychiatry, and then make such odd statements concerning demonic possession tests.

I’m referring to what I discussed earlier, where it had to be ruled out that it wasn’t some psychological or mental illness.

That just seemed so off to me, but now I’m getting it.

As is always the case when dealing with such devious and deceptive people as this, it does take some study of their materials to start getting the hang of how their tortuous logic ‘works’ – or rather attempts to work.

The key difference here apparently, the thing that really gets their attention, and more importantly, shifts over into total purview of the Catholic Church – is that word ability.

Many people can talk about doing something, but that doesn’t always mean that they can or have done it.

The Catholic “sifting” rules all revolve around one simple idea.

The person can demonstrate (or has demonstrated) that they can do these things.

Once they do, unless its ‘approved by god’ now it’s demons – get it?

It’s almost as if inventing schizophrenia was a fine way to corral all the maybe-can-do-it types to be watched, experimented on, and even destroyed – all in the name of defeating the devil, I’m sure.

In the sick Catholic cosmology, all things are not ones own. By that I mean, all the more amazing things.

If you are a good little Catholic, well now, they come from God and that’s all ok, but only just the ‘visions’ and ‘thoughts from God’ part is allowed.

One way approved telepathy.


However –

If you are not a good little Catholic practicing approved telepathy? Well now, you’re mentally ill.

If you can do two way telepathy, and other things…now you’re in for it because that only comes from the Devil!

These abilities are never yours, you see?

Either way, whether you’re put into a mental hospital (or these days, on drugs etc.) or you are declared possessed, anyone with these unapproved use of abilities is completely demonized and outcast, perhaps even drugged into (hopefully) the proper oblivion state.

To me, that’s Fear talking, nothing less. The Fear of those in power losing that power.

Its interesting that even with hieing up such an ‘all-powerful’ God, that these people – including the British slavemasters here – are so afraid of even one individual who can do (or has done) these things.

It’s almost as if the Nesilim nutcases want this ‘mental illness’ business to help them identify where these abilities are showing up, but not for the reasons we are told.

More like worried about your ‘enemy’ – if you ask me. But then, they must know that ‘enemy’ does exist, mustn’t they? Indeed they do.

When does telepathy actually show up as a ‘symptom’ of schizophrenia?

Well, that’s interesting too.

In that same Changing Images of Man book I mentioned earlier, one of the areas covered were telepathy experiments at the Stanford Research Institute (SRI).

They even changed the definition of telepathy a bit, seemingly narrowed onto what James Hyslop was talking about, ie: selective telepathy.

Telepathy – The perception of another person’s ongoing mental activities without the use of any sensory means of communication.

P114 – (Changing Images of Man)


This same time period of the SRI studies, also marked the beginning of the Church of Scientology’s NEW OT Levels, (OT 3 and up) and promoting through publications such as Advance! magazine, the gaining of abilities such as Telepathy, Remote-Viewing etc.

Scientologists Hal Puthoff and Ingo Swann then participated in CIA funded SRI experiments, one of which is actually referenced in Changing Images of Man:

In other words, this watershed experiment appears to provide clear evidence of universal telepathic capacitywith almost complete repression (for most persons) of awareness of this source of knowledge.

Chapter 4 Influence of Science on the “Image of Man

It was right after this, that we get the first time ‘telepathy’ showed up as an official mental illness trait.

This change in ‘mental illness’ symptoms just happened to coincide with much secret experimentation in the realms of telepathy, electronic mind manipulation that had begun yielding results in the late 1960’s and on into the 1970’s.

The addition of ‘telepathy’ as an official symptom shows up in the ‘Bible’ of Psychiatry – the DSM, the 3rd version of it, often referred to as DSM III. The work on revising DSM III had begun in 1974, especially concerning the category of Schizophrenia, interestingly enough.

Note: I also have a copy of DSM II and it doesnt have telepathy as a criteria, and if you take a look at this PDF discussing information from the DSM IV-TR (the most current version) about Schizophrenia, you’ll see that the word telepathy is still used in discussing a listed symptom.

The 1978 Bulletin put out detailing what the new criteria for symptoms/diagnosis of Schizophrenia would be for the DSM III (when the telepathy ‘symptom’ was first introduced) has as one of the things it lists:

  • (1) Magical thinking, e.g., superstitiousness, clairvoyance, telepathy, “sixth sense,” “others can feel my feelings.”

So, that’s when (and why) telepathy made the “schizophrenia” smorgasbord of political control “symptoms” – obviously it was decided that it was time to make sure it stays repressed unless it’s “approved telepathy”.

Here’s a couple of excerpts describing the new DSM III –

The Third Edition of the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM-III) is expected to go into effect January, 1980. Work on this manual has been in progress since 1974.

…The purpose of this article is to describe the most recent approach to the definition of Schizophrenia and related disorders used in DSM-III, to delineate the issues involved, and to indicate the rationale behind the resolution of these issues.


By far the most damning thing in the DSM III about these schizophrenic traits, is that religions are given a pass!

Don’t believe me? It really is that blatant just who is controlling this ‘mental illness’ designation called schizophrenia.

See for yourself – from p. 12

Individuals who are members of religious or other subcultural groups may have beliefs or experiences that are difficult to distinguish from pathological delusions or hallucinations.

When such experiences are explainable by identification with such sub-cultural groups or values, they should not be considered evidence of Schizophrenia.

Useful clues that such experiences should not be considered pathological include the occurrence of the experiences during religious ceremonies or in other religious contexts, and the acceptance by the subgroup and the individual himself of the behavior as normal or desirable.

Under Characteristic Delusions –

(3) Thought insertion: Experiences thoughts, which are not his own, being inserted into his mind (other than by God).


What we have here is total control of psychiatry by particularly GOD religion. The top of that list being – you guessed it – the Roman Catholic Church.


Telepathy is schizophrenia


it is approved of by and within a religion

or ‘cultural sub-group’



Doesn’t get any more clear than that, as to who and what are really behind psychiatry.




.King Tudhaliya IV with Nesilim god SharrummaNesilim_winged_solar_disk.

Individuals who are members of religious or other subcultural groups may have beliefs or experiences that are difficult to distinguish from pathological delusions or hallucinations.

– DSM III, 1978 Bulletin

There is no such thing as pathological schizophrenia, short of drug or brain tumor induced, a fact which their duplicity in excluding religions in the main psychiatric manual has just made abundantly clear.

R.D. Laing, Wisdom, Madness and Folly, p 2 to 5.

Psychiatry has many functions. Some of these are the same as those of other fields of Western medicine, but psychiatry is unique in several respects. It is the only branch of medicine that treats people physically in the absence of any known physical pathology.

It is the only branch of medicine that ‘treats’ conduct, alone, in the absence of symptoms and signs of illness of the usual kind. It is the only branch of medicine that treats people against their will, in any way it likes, if it deems it necessary. It is the only branch of medicine that imprisons patients, if judged necessary.

What I seemed to be engaged in was a concerted effort to stop undesired states of mind and conduct, and to keep undesired people in such undesired states of mind and conduct away from people outside, who did not want them around.


We also now know that there exists a clear division of approved and unapproved telepathy.

This explains, by the way, why you see around the internet and other such information sources, this odd and prevalent idea of ‘approved’ telepathy.

Shows up with scientology even – for example, self-styled as broken with Official Scientology persons such as Steve Hall and Mark Rathbun.

Then, one night some traitor (and that’s what they would be — a traitor to the entire human race) floats a teapot across the room at Applebees.

…ONE single person floating a teapot……… could utterly destroy nearly every ongoing game on the planet, and upset all civilization as we know it…..

….Plunging the entire world into a very upset and unhappy chaos.

…Because if you kept on doing it, it would hurt people and disrupt our way of life

– Scientologist and Operation Save Scientology promoter – Steve Hall, who runs the website scientology-cult.com promoting Independent scientology, admonishing people for using abilities in an ‘unapproved’ manner, in his essay: Flying Teapots and Parlor Tricks.


…“OT phenomena” like telepathic communications (which real Scientologists will tell you they experience on almost a daily basis, provided they are living their lives ethically) …

– quasi-Scientologist Mark Rathbun, blog post: Scientific proof II August 31, 2009


Scientology intelligence operatives even use it as a point of attack of now unapproved telepaths and telepathy – particularly those declared Suppressive Person (same thing as being declared anethema in Catholicism).

suppressive person forehead stamp

If you read my library article that is comparing scientology’s advanced levels with the updated Catholicism book called The Oashpe, you’ll see that this type of auditing is done only by using telepathy to address the ‘body thetans’ – thetans (spirits) stuck to oneself or one’s body.

When scientology’s dirty tricks black intelligence department – called the Office of Special Affairs (OSA) – was trying to get my father to turn against me, operative Gwen Bernard from OSA Portland called him up and began talking trash about my husband and I. One of the things she said to my father, was that my husband Mike was ‘channeling L. Ron Hubbard’.




My father’s answer to her was truly classic – he said: “Well, you’re a scientologist aren’t you? Why do you think that is so strange?”.

Ooh! That had to hurt.

OHHH that had to really hurt!

And hurt it did. In the face of being called out on her utter hypocrisy there, Gwen sputtered and basically ran away from the conversation at that point.

My husband was not talking telepathically or otherwise with L. Ron Hubbard, but he did give that impression on occasion back in those days – an impressive trolling example that they bit hard on, it seems.

Clearly though, talking telepathically with anyone who was not a Body Thetan or demon or GOD, was unapproved telepathy in scientology – right in line with the Catholic Church!

It shouldn’t surprise you that this same point of attack that Gwen used, was picked up and spread from supposed critics of Scientology, many of whom were Catholic/Christian.

Some examples –

Troll Buster – posting name of a person working for OSA and posting on a newsgroup in the early 2000’s–

Mike McClaughry gets kicked out of the church.  Then he runs to Minton for funding. Then he spends hundreds of hours cutting and pasting from various Internet sites to form his so-called “criminal time track” under the pseudonym of “Theta.” Then he says he wants to reform Scientology. And expects to be believed? Then he posts as “Thetaone” from the same ISP as Virginia but denies it is really him. And now he is into channelling. Walter thinks he is a kook.   Barnes won’t have anything to do with him.

NOTE: .Thetaone was David Griffin, who announced that fact publicly later on in the early 2000’s.


STEN-ARNE-  February 20, 2001

Perhaps if you ask Mike, he might be able to channel Hubbard the almighty

– Deanne Holmes October 23, 2001

I don’t know that Mike McClaughry is all that reliable or trustworthy. His demeanor in the video is, IMHO, not in keeping with the gravity of the offenses he is relating. I would also note that at one point last year Mike thought he was channeling Hubbard. That makes it really hard for me to believe anything he says.

Tory Bezazian (Christman), posting as Magoo “OSA in Hell part 16 ” at 7:40PM 22 January, 2003

Recently someone [she is referring to the McClaughry’s] said they’d channeled Ron…I too ran into someone who has channeled L. Ron Hubbard, yet he had a VERY different message.

Ida Camburn (deceased) – August 21, 2004

No one should trust this unethical excuse for human being. [Mike McClaughry] Sitting on his sofa channeling the old man as he calls the evil satanic red headed scum L.Ron Hubbard.


As you might expect, considering our continued non-conforming positions that we publicly take, this kind of attack is still being done to this day, particularly on this religion of psychiatry front group – the Ex-Scientologist message board – where anyone who is complimentary or supportive (or even deemed similar) to my husband and I, is accused of being all manner of things including being our ‘sock-puppet’.

Considering what that forum actually is – sockpuppets galore –

sockpuppets on the internet

That is a rather extremely droll accusation. It’s just amazing! – now I’m being droll – how many schizophrenia diagnostic experts abound in and around forums like that.

Most of which carry on telepathic conversations with God – but hey, now we know that is ultra cool and A-OK.

It’s that religion of psychiatry approved telepathy thing in action, you see.

number 1 hypocrite


Now –

On the other side of the coin, another example of ‘approved‘ telepathy (besides talking to God) – would be the military’s Synthetic Telepathy, but that is electronic in nature. [also referred to as Silent Talk]

It requires a computer with specialized software and hardware of some kind usually at both ends. There is also ELF or ULF radio-wave type message broadcasting technology also, which has been proven to be heard by a person “in their head”. That particular technology doesn’t necessarily require the receiving end to have any hardware.

But, in Synthetic Telepathy as the Army sees it, it’s about being able to have your soldier instantly (and unheard by the enemy) receive your command to “shoot there” or even “Tell Major so-and-so to move the troops to the right of the tank.” The idea is that it’s supposed to be undetectable by anyone but you.


Now that we have a better understanding of what psychiatry really is, I’m going to come back to Dr. Laing’s book now, which next starts going into just what some of the solutions are that were employed to try and rewrite the minds of all those unpopular people.

Before I get started with that, its worth it to examine the ‘reborn’ religious idea from Catholicism, the life-from-death experience, because of its intimate relationship with many of the more horrific solutions of the religion of psychiatry.

Note: from now on I refuse to call it a science, because it isn’t.

Let’s start with this.

(1) We compare our born again experience to our experiences before our personal relationship with God.

When we see the world though the eyes of being born again everything looks different.

– from a website called the Catholic Bridge, interestingly enough.


Now let’s get into some actual catechism.

Catechism means: a text summarizing the basic principles of a Christian denomination, usually in question-and-answer form.

From the Catechism of the Catholic Church –

“The first commandment requires us to nourish and protect our faith with prudence and vigilance, and to reject everything that is opposed to it.

…one cannot receive Jesus in Holy Communion if in the state of mortal sin. The power of the sacraments, while infinite, are proportional in their efficacy to the holiness of the person receiving them.

Catholic Catechism 1131


…if any one is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has passed away, behold, the new has come. All this is from God…

  – Catholic Catechism 2001


Baptism not only purifies from all sins, but also makes the neophyte ‘a new creature,

  – Catholic Catechism 1265, emphasis added


OK, so we have this basic idea of destroying the past identity of a person, literally wiping it away, and that afterwards they are now a “new” creation, a new “creature”.

That’s baptism.

Now, as part of the affirmation/confirmation process, we see this:

I affirm and believe that it is possible for a person to choose to remain separated from God for all eternity and that:

This state of definitive self-exclusion from communion with God and the blessed is called “hell.”

Catholic Catechism 1033



The first commandment is also concerned with despair and presumption as sins against hope.

… There are two kinds of ’’presumption.’’

Either man presumes upon his own capacities, (hoping to be able to save himself without help from on high)….


Saving yourself, the only way it can ever really happen, is a sin – you understand.


About those powers, such as telepathy, reading peoples minds about their plans, etc. –

In discussing the first Commandment, Catholic teaching also asserts that divination (seeking guidance regarding the future through horoscopes, astrology, palm reading, interpretation of omens and lots, etc.) are prohibited by the first commandment, because these forbidden practices contradict the honor owed to God.


Magic and sorcery

– and similar sources of supernatural power over others –

are prohibited

even if for the sake of restoring health.


The Catholic first ‘word’ – in the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, etc. – the first commandment of God, is:

“I am the Lord thy God: thou shalt not have strange gods before Me.”


God can reveal the future to his prophets or to other saints. Still, a sound Christian attitude consists in putting oneself confidently into the hands of Providence for whatever concerns the future, and giving up all unhealthy curiosity about it. Improvidence, however, can constitute a lack of responsibility.

All forms of ‘’divination‘’ are to be rejected: recourse to Satan or demons, conjuring up the dead or other practices falsely supposed to “unveil” the future.(Deuteronomy 18:10, Jeremiah 29:8)

Consulting horoscopes, astrology, palm reading, interpretation of omens and lots, the phenomena of clairvoyance, and recourse to mediums all conceal a desire for power over time, history, and, in the last analysis, other human beings, as well as a wish to conciliate hidden powers. They contradict the honor, respect, and loving fear that we owe to God alone.

All practices of ‘’magic’’ or ‘’sorcery,’’ by which one attempts to tame occult powers, so as to place them at one’s service and have a supernatural power over others – even if this were for the sake of restoring their health – are gravely contrary to the virtue of religion.

– Catholic Catechism Part Three, Section Two, The Ten Commandments 2115-2117


OK, now how did the ‘symptoms’ of schizophrenia refer to these same ideas?

Once again –

The 1978 Bulletin put out detailing what the new criteria for symptoms/diagnosis of Schizophrenia would be for the DSM III (when the telepathy ‘symptom’ was first introduced) has as one of the things it lists:

  • (1) Magical thinking, e.g., superstitiousness, clairvoyance, telepathy, “sixth sense,” “others can feel my feelings.”

Oh look!

It’s the forbidden magical abilities.


And from an informal modern list

  • Belief in special powers, such as telepathy

Special powers, see, only GOD is allowed those.

And what are the abilities ascribed as ‘demon possession’ – witchcraft/sorcery – and condemned by the Catholic Church?

  • Speaking unknown language in many words
  • understanding when foreign language is spoken by someone else;
  • Ability to divulge future and hidden events;
  • Powers that are beyond person’s age or natural condition;
  • and other such things which together build up evidence.

Alright, now that we’ve learned about all that, I’d also like to remind you of another Catholic teaching that I discussed in my first post on this subject. The idea that being brought to absolute weakness, to one’s knees in tears, in order for God’s power to ‘become perfect’ – see, that’s the ticket, that’s what we should all be like.

Can you think of an example of ‘absolute weakness’?

How about…being strapped down and brought to the brink of death as a method of having you be ‘reborn’ as a new creature who doesn’t have any of those bad nasty supernatural (or unpopular) ideas any more.

That’s exactly what psychiatry specializes in.


Yet another reason I call it the religion of psychiatry.

R.D. Laing tells us that one of the first things to be done to break down the ‘inmates’ in a psychiatric hospital, is to disrupt and regiment their personal physical biorhythms.

p. 25

The principle of autorhythmia entails that each person has his or her own biorhythm and a right to this rhythm, and no person has a right to interfere with the rhythm and tempo of anyone else if it is not doing anyone harm.

Your own rhythm – your own beat.

munsters- dancing






p. 26

…this power of control over the biorhythm of patients usually takes the form of regimentation. That is, it has to do with doing things at the same time, the ‘ward’ has to be in bed, silent, asleep, up, eat the same food, at the same time. A lot of medication is required to keep up this regimentation. Patients have to be drugged to sleep, and drugged to keep awake.




 Wake up!



appetite stimulant

Stop Eating!






To allow ‘day-night reversal’ can seldom be considered a practical possibility within psychiatric wards….here is nothing intrinsically pathological about being awake at night and sleepy during the day. Most of my reading, thinking, writing has happened at night.

Solitude, silence, desolation, camaraderie, romance, meditation, prayer, vigil, carousing, music, the moon, the stars, the dawn: there is no possibility of any of that sort of thing in almost any psychiatric unit. Maybe some people need the night. Where in the world are lunatics allowed to bathe naked in the moonlight?







p 27

As a patient, other people decide with whom and how I spend my time.

What positions I am to adopt (lying down, squatting, sitting, walking, standing, moving or motionless), when, where, in what company.

What sounds are appropriate, when, where, with whom.

How I dress.

When, where, with whom, together or alone, how long I sleep and am awake.

When, where, what, with whom I eat.

I am stripped of almost all discretion and responsibility for every single observable detail of my life.



Sounds like a cult to me!


…One in four of all ‘beds’ in all hospitals in the USA is ‘occupied’ by a schizophrenic. Roughly speaking there is about ten times more chance of being admitted to a mental hospital in any First World country than of being admitted to a university.


The solutions –

The ‘new creature’ baptism rites of psychiatry.


p 90

During WWII

The central British Army Psychiatric Unit at Netley contained an insulin unit of about twenty beds, and neurotic and psychotic divisions.


Insulin was administered at sic o’clock in the morning and within four hours the patients began to go into a coma. The course of insulin stated off with ten units, increased daily by ten units until the patients went into deep comas and sometimes epileptic fits.

Insulin shock

Insulin shock


insulin ward

The policy was to put it in at a level at which epileptic fits were liable to occur, but to avoid them if possible. Backs could break. Light is extremely epiletogenic under a lot of insulin. The ward was entirely blacked out.

When people started to go into coma we, the staff, moved around in total darkness, penetrated only by the rays of the torches on hinges which we had strapped to our foreheads.


It was essential to get each patient out of his or her coma before too long, because if we did not, the coma became ‘irreversible’.

insulin termination treatment

We hoped we had got the tube into the stomach rather than the lungs. Difficult to tell sometimes with someone in a coma. …There were those who ‘had no veins left’ because of thrombosis everywhere caused by veins bursting under pressure


After some weeks I was sent up to meet Dr. Mayer-Gross, one of the world’s authorities on insulin-coma treatment, whose insulin unit at Dumfries in Scotland was world famous. The Army wanted him to vet me for the insulin unit…


Willhelm ‘Willy’ Mayer-Gross

wilhelm 'Willy' Mayer-Gross

Willy was imported to Britain from Germany, from the Heidelberg School of psychiatry (Kraepelin etc.)

They wanted him to institute insulin coma shock ‘therapy’ on those labelled schizophrenic – even though it was known to have an abysmal ‘cure’ rate, basically non-existent. Only 1 in 20 had any sort of ‘improvement’ at all! And yet as a result of this one patient by the end of the WWII, 20,000 or more anxiety hysterias had had this treatment in the American forces alone and its use spread over the world as a ‘treatment of war neuroses’.

Since it obviously had such a horrible cure-rate, why then, was it allowed? Why was this barbarism not only allowed, but enthusiastically embraced? Or at least presented as being enthusiastically embraced…that is.

Ah, to answer that, this is where our catechism study comes in. We already know the religion of psychiatry was never about curing these people, they only cared about torturing them – taking them near death to see if they could get a ‘reborn’ effect – the blank slate of a baby.


wiley-double yikes

Dr. Laing is going to point out that very thing here in just a bit.

Death Therapy

Kiss of Death

But first, a word on Dr. Mayer-Gross – ghoul-on-the-loose from Nazi Germany. He’s rather obsessed with reducing unapproved people to the very brink of death, you see, so that maybe they will see the light of their wrong ways.


Torturing them beyond all limits, beyond all tolerance, so he can play the part of the savior! of sick souls.

helping hand giving to drowning man in sea

It’s amazing the depths to which some have to sink, before they even begin to look even vaguely good. I’m not kidding here, it is really that bad.

Only compared to something like this, does that sick man look like any kind of an option.

death obsession

The head of Maudsley Hospital was Professor Edward Mapother. He was William Sargant’s role model. Mapother was part of the big push of physical treatments for people with unpopular ideas or behavior, so much so that psychoanalysts at the Tavistock Clinic used to say that he searched for the causes of neuroses by looking into patients eyes with an ophthalmoscope.

edward mapother


I think I see your craziness…

M0011134 The ophthalmoscope in use.


It was Mapother that brought Sargant onto the staff of Maudsley in 1935, as part of his aim to turn the Maudsley into ‘the Queen Square of psychiatry’.

Sargant wasn’t the only nutcase who saw himself as a messiah of ‘damaged souls’, that Mapother recruited, besides Mayer-Gross he brought in several other questionable practitioners of the rites of psychiatry.

Together with John Rawlings Rees, the work at Maudsley was initially concentrated on so-called victims of “acute battle neurosis.” These were men who had simply cracked under the strain of a long war, and who didn’t particularly enjoy killing people at the drop of a hat.

The British slavemasters (and the Catholic warmongers) had another war planned, and they wanted to see if they could make men killers, as well as could they create their favorite goal – a tabula rasa (blank slate) human, that they could write on at will.

Sargant’s goal, as was his mentor, was to propel the backward and insane religion of psychiatry into prominence as a ‘science’ – even though even he knew that his methods did not work, and simply traumatized (outright tortured) people into submission to others will.

Yet he was the poster boy, the man with ‘charisma’, that had been chosen for this task of selling the world on the biggest fraud since…well, since Christianity, which as we already covered, is who spawned psychiatry in the first place.

Willim Walters Sargant

Sargant was a sadist, not to put too fine a point on it, who believed that people should be SHOCKED out of their unapproved behaviors, or at least terrified into submission.

How, I ask you, is this any different than the methods of religion or cults? – which he supposedly hated, by the way.

It isn’t, it is madness.

These poor men who didn’t share the slavemasters enthusiasm for bloody torture, maiming and killing everyone in sight, were the early subjects for men like Rees, Mapother, and Sargant.

To add to this motley crew, Mapother then brought in Willhelm Mayer-Gross, the insulin shock expert.

Sargant was just beside himself over this new and wonderful way to bring death experiences to those who did not conform, what better way to create that ‘new creature’ so desired by Catholicism.

By the time Dr. Laing is being brought to Crichton Royal Hospital in Dumfries, Scotland to train in these fabulous ‘physical’ techniques of training the soul, Sargant was at the Sutton Emergency Hospital busy experimenting with various techniques that he called ‘frontline sedation’.



Sutton – bomb damage WWII

Sutton hospital - WWII

Memorable ideas such as drug abreaction, injecting shell-shocked soldiers full of barbiturates to overcome conscious emotional resistance and allow them to relive their traumatic experiences on the battlefield, thus supposedly providing cathartic, or ‘abreactive’ relief.

WWI Thompson abreaction under narcosis

Sargant’s personal favorite though at that time, was a lovely little procedure championed by psycho-chihouha lap-dog Dr. Mayer-Gross – insulin coma therapy.

Eet works! Eets a vunderful Zerapy!

crazy chihuahua

As one young author put it, this consisted of “giving patients intravenous insulin to induce hypoglycaemic comas lasting weeks or even months from which they would awake refreshed – if they were not among the 1–10% who never regained consciousness.”

A later place that Sargant worked, gives us a real view of what these coma wards were actually like – whether it was coma by insulin or coma by drugs – the goal was the same.

Death Therapy


Ward 5 of the Royal Waterloo Hospital, part of St Thomas’ Hospital where Sargant served as Head of Department of Psychological Medicine for the next three decades.

This hospital, and therefore Sargant’s diabolical ‘work’ – specialized in women and children!!!


The medical staff called the infamous Ward 5 ‘The Black Hole of Calcutta’ and its comatose occupants were referred to as ‘zombies’.

Patients who underwent this horrific form of abuse, later recounted the experience exactly along that line – they recalled being ‘abused, or tortured’, and one woman felt like she was literally buried alive.

There are many horrors that Elizabeth Reed recalls from her time at London’s Royal Waterloo Hospital, but one in particular lingers in her mind. She describes a small, windowless room at the top of the red-brick Edwardian building, just lit by a night lamp on a nurse’s desk.

Six beds are jammed together. The deep breathing of women in a drug-induced sleep. The fetid stench of unwashed bodies.

Elizabeth before William Sargant got hold of her

elizabeth reed before her treatment

‘It was like being buried alive,’ she says. ‘I was lying there in the dark, hour after hour, and couldn’t move. I wasn’t aware of my body,  just my head in this darkness. You could hear people moving around and other people breathing and moaning.’

… Up to 500 women, suffering from conditions such as postnatal depression and anorexia, passed through the Royal Waterloo’s infamous Ward 5 before it shut 40 years ago.

Heavily drugged and subjected to horrendous levels of electro-convulsive therapy (ECT) and even lobotomies, the unluckiest were taken to the ‘Narcosis Room’, where they were put to sleep for weeks at a time.

Almost all teenage girls and women in their early 20s, they were treated as little more than guinea pigs by controversial psychiatrist William Sargant as he conducted a bizarre experiment to ‘repattern’ their brains and cure them of depression.

The Zombie Ward: The chilling story of how ‘depressed’ women were put to sleep for months in an NHS hospital room


William Sargant smirking as he prepares to torture a strapped down and defenseless woman in Ward 5.

narcosis treatment ward 5 william sargant

It got so bad, so over-the-top as not being anything even vaguely about ‘helping’ anyone, that even the nurses sensed that the doctors:

… were trying to take over these people, and almost infiltrate them, change their personalities, change who they were.

Almost acting like a god – …the sort of thing you’d expect in Hitler’s time.

– Streatfeild D. Brainwash: the Secret History of Mind Control. London: Hodder & Stoughton, 2006: p. 440



To me, that says it all, and describes the real goal perfectly.

And it shows you that Hitler’s actions were not only supported by these psychotic slavemasters, they were continued!


acting like a god

over others and who they are.

Through blood and torture, pushing people to the very edge of death to get them to submit and accept the ‘word of God’ – literally.

the edge of death



Life – as ‘we’ dictate it.



Lonely Young Woman On Top Of A Cliff At Night


Officially, the Department of Health says it no longer has records of Sargant’s work at the Royal Waterloo, affiliated to London’s St Thomas’s Hospital.

The Zombie Ward: The chilling story of how ‘depressed’ women were put to sleep for months in an NHS hospital room

How convenient.

Sargant specifically ‘cherry-picked’ these young women, because as Fr. Tallis put it (who researched Sargant for his novel ‘Sleep Room’) –

They were easy targets — alienated from their families and unable to challenge his authority.


There was no one to stand up and fight for these poor women, and Sargant knew it, it was just how he liked things.

Despite the fact that he destroyed his records, Elizabeth had kept a copy of her referral letter from January 1973, stamped with the ominous words: ‘Admit to Ward 5.’ Notes reveal she was given a ‘course of narcosis’.

She had been diagnosed with ‘obsessional neurosis’.



Whatever the frack that meant.

come on!

She was admitted to the Royal Waterloo in spring 1973 when she was just 22 and engaged to be married.

‘I can remember the sound of the ECT machine being wheeled down the corridor and it being switched on and off in other rooms,’ she says.

‘It was so frightening. First of all, they injected you and you had an awful feeling of falling backwards into yourself. After ECT, you didn’t know who you were.’

narcosis and ect ward 5Ward 5  – Narcosis and ECT


‘The worst time was when I started not to be asleep. I was awake, but couldn’t move or speak. It was torture, lying there for hours in the darkness.

paralyzed narcosis

Sargant operated his ‘sleep room’ for ten years until 1973, which is when the shit-hit-the-fan of exposing the joint British-American intelligence MKULTRA project experiments. Sargant was also good buddies with Aldous Huxley, himself mixed up with multiple mind-control experiments.

As did Ewen Cameron, who patterned his bizarre mind-control experiments on Sargant, and as did Sidney Gottlieb, CIA head of MKULTRA, William Sargant destroyed all his records, which might have shed even more light on the true purposes of his sinister treatments.

Professor Lader also sheds light on why no one stopped Sargant.

‘He was an over-powering, imperious figure. He spoke to me as if I must approve and I’m afraid I was too junior and too cowardly to say I thought the whole thing needed properly investigating.

‘They wouldn’t get away with it now because the law has changed. You have to show there is some logic and rationale to what you are doing.

‘But back then, he would not brook any opposition. He built up an empire filled with his acolytes.’

There were also rumours, says Professor Lader, that Sargant was untouchable because he was supported by British intelligence or the CIA.

‘He was interested in brainwashing and so was the CIA. He may have been protected by his contacts.’

Perhaps it is no coincidence that Ward 5 and Sargant’s sleep room closed when he retired in 1973 — the same year the CIA officially ended its top-secret mind-control experiments, codenamed Project MKUltra.


No coincidence at all.

By bringing this up into the later time period of the MKULTRA days, you can now see that what had been begun by a marriage of Catholicism and Psychiatry, was continued, compounded, and became much worse when it went directly under secretive and British slavemaster controlled intelligence agencies.

This is about domination, just as it has always been.

It is not about helping humanity.

It is not about helping people ‘recover’.

It never was.

This is about religious conversion to be suborned to our Masters.

The prevalence of people these days that have been pressed into believing there is such a thing as bipolar disorder, or schizophrenia, and that all they need do is a variant of narcosis treatment, with perhaps some lovingly administered ECT, or now, Magnetic Seizure Therapy, shows that none of this sick intent has changed, not at all.

But, the introduction of this supposed lovingly administered torture-by-drugs, shock or surgery; or by slave-making educations such as scientology’s ‘objectives’ auditing (one is locked in a room and forced to do whatever the auditor orders – physically) this whole lovingly and ‘for your own good’ brings to mind a truly deviant-minded little line in Catholic catechism.

Consulting horoscopes, astrology, palm reading, interpretation of omens and lots, the phenomena of clairvoyance, and recourse to mediums all conceal a desire for power over time, history, and, in the last analysis, other human beings, as well as a wish to conciliate hidden powers.

They contradict the honor, respect, and loving fear that we owe to God alone.

Catholic Catechism

Really get what that is saying.

Not only are these psychotics accusing anyone who, say, uses clairvoyant abilities as therefore having a desire to have ‘power over’ time, history and other human beings – which they themselves desperately wish to have absolute control over –

They are saying that loving fear is the proper state that one should be in!

That explains a lot, if you ask me.

There was also a perverted sexual element in all this – as there always is with these demented ghouls.

Stephanie Simons, a 78-year-old Sussex artist, visited Sargant’s private rooms in London’s Harley Street in 1967 suffering from depression.

[…] he asked her to strip to the waist so he could examine her before administering anti-depressants.

‘He didn’t ask me to get dressed again,’ she says. ‘He told me to sit in a chair, naked to the waist, and talked to me for nearly an hour like that.

‘He was stern and professional, so I didn’t dare say anything.’

Besides the fact that he was obviously staring at her tits the whole time, what is particularly sinister about this is the degradation aspect.

That’s what really gets them off – that’s what really gets them going.

Sexual Degradation.


I told you he was a sadist – and that always involves a sexual element. These people become sexually aroused at inflicting pain and torture on others, and it needs to have an element of a strong person reduced to a helpless person – that’s what really lights them up.

lights them up2.


This is the environment, and the type of people, that Dr. Laing is being thrust into. Chosen to be amongst.

Dr. Mayer was just then pioneering the twin-tortures of insulin coma and ECT therapy, which had come straight out of the Catholic center – Rome.

Let’s continue with Dr. Laing now –

But there was an idea in the air, propounded in particular by Ugo Cerletti, Professor of Psychiatry at Rome University, that epileptic fits might be good for schizophrenia.

…Cerletti believed that schizophrenia and epilepsy bore some sort of inverse relation to each other. Schizophrenic epileptics seemed less schizophrenica after an epileptic fit. Therefore, how about giving schizophrenics epilepsy or, less crudely, giving schizophrenics an electric cerebral lavage, or shower? It might clean out or wash up their clogged up or dirty brains. Hence electric shocks could induce epilepsy…

The idea of ‘death comas’ was also in the air – the death and rebirth archetype, taken literally.

In deep insulin coma the patient comes very close to real physical death and sometimes actually dies.

Some people feel they do die, and they may in fact do so. They certainly look as though they have. Breathing, pulse, heartbeat may be imperceptible for long seconds, maybe minutes.

Might not this dip into death by therapeutic?


Oh, it might indeed. That’s exactly why they liked it.


…Mayer-Goss preferred to give less insulin and induce the epilepsy in a more controlled way, by electric shocks in the middle of the coma.


And now we come to the genus of scientology’s Introspection Rundown for handling ‘psychotics’.

Through the year I was in this Army psychiatric unit, the staff in the psychotic wing had strict orders not to talk to the patients or to encourage the patients to talk to them, or to each other, or to themselves, or at all.

No patient was expected to speak to a member of staff unless spoken to.

Talking between patients was observed, reported and broken up.

Pairing off was prevented.

Friendship was not forbidden because psychotics are incapable of it. But they might form a folie a deux: difficult to destroy clinically, but still clinically interesting if the worst came to the worst.



Talk about cruel and unusual treatment –

This was excommunication, this was pronouncing anaethema.

And on a level that the Catholics had always wanted the power to do.

You must not let a schizophrenic talk to you. It aggravates the psychotic process. …It inflames the brain and fans the psychosis. As in bone fractures, so with fractured minds: immobilization is the answer. No communication is better than any for the period of treatment.

Of all things, this ranks up there with sensory deprivation and solitary confinement as a method to drive someone crazy, to punish them – not to make them sane.

And where does this insane idea show up later on?

In what some might have once thought was improbable – the subject of scientology.

Not so improbable now, though, is it. Scientology is possibly the most perfect image of the Catholic psychiatric cult around.

Here is their Introspection Rundown, found at Wikileaks (first published 23 January 1974)


Def. INTROSPECTION: “(L. from introspicere, to look within) a looking into one’s own mind, feelings, reactions, etc.; observation and analysis of oneself.” Webster’s New World Dictionary.

Def. INTROVERSION: “(from intro- + L. vertere, to turn) 2…. a tendency to direct one’s interest upon oneself rather than upon external objects or events.” Webster’s New World Dictionary.


(Steps 0 and 00 are for a person in a psychotic break, not a normal person.)

0. On a person in a psychotic break isolate the person wholly with all attendants completely muzzled (no speech).


And there it is, the very first step is the step that will both punish and exacerbate the person’s negative sense of self, driving them into hell.


Deprived of even the most basic of human rights, the right to speak and interact with others, the right to be heard, is a recipe for complete destruction of the persons former personality.

Which shows that was the real goal in scientology.


No different than the ultimate goals of William Sargant, Ewen Cameron, or Dr. Mayer-Gross.

Its the ultimate in disconnection, a form of DEATH quite literally.

It’s as if the person is as dead, as if they aren’t even there. That’s how they are treated until they conform with who their masters say they are.

White Dove says:

If you would put me in a room like Lisa McPherson without no one responding to me and giving me vitamines I would probably end up like her. I would go nuts not having someone listening to me or talking to me.

THAT will make someone crazy. This is the kind of thing that should be banned completely.

Posted by Caroline Armstrong


R.D. Laing writes –

p 98

I was just beginning to suspect that insulin and electric shocks did more harm than good. In fact, I had begun to have to call into question my own sanity, because I was beginning to suspect that insulin and electric shocks, not to mention lobotomy and the whole environment of a psychiatric unit were ways of destroying people and and driving people crazy if they were not so before, and crazier if they were.


p. 116

Who was crazier? Staff or patients? Excommunication runs deep.


Lisa McPherson was a woman who died from this kind of religious psychiatric treatment of her, and although it may not be a popular view, I’d like to salute her courage and her true sense of self, as obviously when faced with the precipice of Death or Become Someone She Was Not


She refused to give in to these people.

Even though things progressed in the usual psychiatric horrifying manner to her being tied down, force-fed, covered in filth and cockroach bites –


She refused to give in to them.



Although things don’t get much uglier than the state she was reduced to physically by these madmen – no different than the ‘patients’ of medieval Catholicism and its later front group of psychiatry – I think that no-one has ever rightfully acknowledged that she was, in a dark way, a hero.

It is to her that I dedicate this section of my Religion of Psychiatry expose.

She didn’t have to die, she should never have been put in that position – period. But how few of us there are, that are willing to truly understand the dark and desperate world she was forcefully confined in, tortured and abused, and yet…she never gave them what they wanted, even when Death was looming at her door.

Could you have stood up to that?

It’s because she never gave in (in which case we would never have even heard of what happened) that she now stands as an example of the true nature of psychiatry and ‘religion’.

In whatever form, they only exist to try and force others into someone else’s idea of who they should be, not who they are.

Lisa didn’t do what they wanted, even under the worst possible circumstances.

I salute her.


It is because she made the ultimate sacrifice, that we now have proof that scientology is no different than any other front group of the religion of psychiatry, the doyennes of Christianity still demand DEATH or CONVERSION.

Thank you Lisa, wherever you are.

Now we know.

By Virginia McClaughry



Appendix –

The continuing arrogant attitude towards unapproved people comes through loud and clear in these secondary Introspection Rundown issues, I include excerpts of them below, any emphasis added is mine.

20 February 1974




When you clear a cannibal what do you have? Experientially you have a cannibal.

His experiential track is such that he’s been a cannibal for ages. That’s how he’s handled life and people around him, that’s what he knows how to do. This person is unaware of his responsibilities to other dynamics and is unfamiliar with proper behavior and responsible actions towards others. In the case of an SP, he has been busy destroying others for so long that when he’s somewhat cleaned up on this he does not know what else to do or how to act. It’s rather pathetic, actually.


In a person in a psychotic break, it is necessary to isolate them for them to destimulate and to protect them and others from possible damage. […] Between sessions the muzzled rule is in force. No one speaks to the person or in his hearing.

There comes a point where the C/S must decide to release the person from isolation. To do this the C/S must know that the person can take responsibility for his actions as regards others, as well as toward himself.



The C/S’s action is a direct comm line to the person by notes. The person is provided with paper and pen to reply. The C/S must determine the person’s responsibility level. Example: “Dear Joe. What can you guarantee me if you are let out of isolation?”





If the person’s reply shows continued irresponsibility toward other dynamics or fixation on one dynamic to the exclusion of others damaged the C/S must inform the person of his continued isolation and why. Example: “Dear Joe. I’m sorry but no go on coming out of isolation yet. Your actions threatened the survival of hundreds of people indirectly and 6 families directly by burning down their houses.

You are unaware of the effects this could have had and still only concerned about your own welfare. You must hate the human race quite a bit.

The C/S has drawn a conclusion based on the information he has and lets the person know where he stands. He does not reintrovert the pc by asking him, “Why did you burn down those houses?” He draws an accurate conclusion and indicates it.



NO criticism by the target of these insane procedures is allowed.


6 March 1974





Ref. Creation of Human Ability

R2-39 and R2-23




If the C/S receives any “rant and rave” in reply he would order it Dated and Located as the pc would be answering out of an incident.

For those that try to investigate and speak out about such insane treatments – The Silent Treatment.


Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex





“One must put them in Coventry (silence treatments from staff other than the contact point). Staff members of a unit that could go PTS must be ordered to walk off without a word whenever such an agent shows up.

The above was part of the training of church dirty tricks intelligence operatives, included on the GO Confidential Intelligence Course (Part D, #14).

– End Appendix


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