Wisdom, Madness and Folly, The Making of a Psychiatrist

R.D. Laing



First we will


some opening quotes from my previous post.

p 2 to 5.

Psychiatry has many functions. Some of these are the same as those of other fields of Western medicine, but psychiatry is unique in several respects. It is the only branch of medicine that treats people physically in the absence of any known physical pathology.

It is the only branch of medicine that ‘treats’ conduct, alone, in the absence of symptoms and signs of illness of the usual kind. It is the only branch of medicine that treats people against their will, in any way it likes, if it deems it necessary. It is the only branch of medicine that imprisons patients, if judged necessary.

What I seemed to be engaged in was a concerted effort to stop undesired states of mind and conduct, and to keep undesired people in such undesired states of mind and conduct away from people outside, who did not want them around.


R.D. Laing

RD Laing Tavistock


The Abyss of Difference

the unbridgeable gulf

abyss crack

p. 6

…Psychiatrists never tire of telling us that there is an unbridgeable gulf between some people and the rest of us.

Karl Jaspers called it an abyss of difference.

Manfred Bleuler calls it a total difference. No human bond can span it.

Some people are ‘strange, puzzling, inconceivable, uncanny, incapable of empathy, sinister, frightening, it is impossible to approach them as equals‘, in Manfred Bleulers words.

Both he and Jaspers are talking about schizophrenics – over one in ten of us according to orthodox psychiatry.


Expanding on my first post, I’d like to take up this ‘schizophrenia’ business a bit more.

Schizophrenia is a ‘disease’ for which there is no pathology, no science whatsoever attached to its ‘diagnosis’, and for which the symptoms themselves change with whatever is currently decided to be ‘unacceptable’ within the Judeo-Christian slavemaster subject of psychiatry.

It is merely an adult form of 7th grade clique mentality. Childish, jealous, and perpetually afraid of anyone with any true ability beyond being able to ‘put a good face on’ – which is about all these people are currently capable of doing.

It is all about image with them, because their actual motivations, their actual activities, are so monstrously deceptive and evil that without a white mask in place they would be literally run off the planet.

A pretty flimsy defense, if you ask me.

('The world now knows that the Fascists …) The leaflet was dropped over Nazi-occupied territory by an American bomber. It carries a message from Franklin D Roosevelt, US President:  'The world now knows that the Fascists have nothing to offer youth … except death'. Published: 1943



The number one set of symptoms that are always part of the classification of schizophrenia, could all be classified as thought-communication and recognition.

Every single one, but especially telepathy – either receiving or sending.



telepathy - just talkin really - diagram


A tremendous amount of FEAR revolves around that point – it scares the heck out of the False God types, because that is their stock-in-trade.

I am Pope because GOD called me on the universal telephone.

pope francis january 2015

cherub calls god

the god hotline


Here’s a question –

Going back to the first classification of ‘schizophrenia’  as a mental illness back in the 1800’s, why hasn’t every single Pope since then been diagnosed schizophrenic?

They ain’t talking to God using a TELEPHONE, that’s for dang sure.

So, why, do these people get a free pass?

Sometimes, the answer to something, was right in front of your face the entire time, but it was just too obvious.

Ask yourself what are the exceptions to this – what version is not schizophrenic – of belief in telepathy, received and outgoing thoughts, planted or extracted thoughts, and so on.

And WHO are the exceptions?

And there they are.





The real backers of eliminating anyone who would challenge their ‘authority’.


Together with the business and ‘science’ end of the deal – the British slavemasters, these Nesilim descendants attempt to hold a monopoly on what is sane, and what is not sane.

But they do this by the most spurious and hypocritical of methods, to which they are never subjected to the same criteria.

See what I mean?

Kind of colors the entirety of psychiatry with a pretty damn exclusive brush.

So when you find men such as these attempting to paint others as “incapable of empathy, sinister, frightening” you are looking at what is largely a propaganda campaign, a technique they invented, curiously enough, towards anyone who threatens their tiny little worlds.

suppressive person forehead stamp


Incapable of empathy, would depend on who is saying it, and about what, for example.

In most cases empathy is used with the meaning of:

  • Empathy is the capacity to understand what another person is experiencing from within the other person’s frame of reference, ie, the capacity to place oneself in another’s shoes. It goes beyond sympathy, which is a feeling of care and understanding for the “feelings” of others.


Now that’s an odd accusation for a slavemaster to make, don’t you think?

It means they are casting themselves in the role of victims of the “different”.

That we should feel sorry for them and how they feel in having to be so inferior by comparison, and therefore stop being so different – which means better than them, really.


We should be less than who we are, or be someone else, because it bothers the psychotic slavemasters.

Doesn’t that strike you as a complete lack of empathy on their part?

potkettleYou notice that the definition of empathy doesn’t say anything about what conclusions should be drawn from feeling or seeing the view of another.

I think that religious psychiatrists particularly smack that label, or diagnostic ‘trait’, on people whom their usual methods of coercion fail to work on, ergo they must have ‘lack of empathy’ because they couldn’t possibly feel all that is being leveled against them and not cave in.

See, that’s what bothers them.

As in my last post, there are even specific scriptures in the Catholic (and regular) bibles, that speak of how people that are strong like that, well, God just can’t seem to get it together to make his power ‘perfect’ unless such strong people are brought to their knees.

Talk about lack of empathy…someone that feeds on reducing the strength and life of others? There’s another name for that phenomena.




You see my point.

Because others sense the evil in many of these people, the let’s-bring-them-to-their-knees crowd, they then whine about the lack of liking for their behavior, as it should be, and even make that the criteria for schizophrenia.

No bond with them = schizophrenia.

The attribution to the other of an incapacity to form a human bond was and is the basis for the diagnosis of schizophrenia.

…The sense of a human bond with that patient may well be absent in the psychiatrist who diagnoses the patient as incapable of having a bond with anyone. Many psychiatrists have become very angry with me for pointing this out.

Sounds awfully similar to the attitudes expressed in the tenets of Christianity, all manner of names and foul accusations and actions are discussed as acceptable against such a one, a person who refuses to bond with the ‘men of God’.

So, this is not about ‘saving ones soul’ or ‘uplifting humanity’ – this is about plain and simple jealousy. Green as can be.

image by Virginia

This is about narcissism, about being the center of everyone’s world.

This is about enforcing love, submission, and obedience from others to self.

This is about a childish demand to be #1, over all others.

So, where does this come from – why are these people like that?

Simple answer? They are who is not being their true selves, and then are forever insisting everyone like their masks


But at the same time, since they are masks, just limited creations, even if they do get ‘love’ for them, they are still unhappy because they long for real acceptance of their actual selves.

Something which they have precluded because they are masking themselves!

See the hamster wheel they have themselves on?


hamster wheel


You can see then, that what would bother them the most, would be strength that comes from the actual person, because even if to all extents and appearances things may look broken (such as physical manifestations)?

Broken does not mean broken – if you follow me there.

Believe me, they know the difference.

Boy, do they!


Because in that, we are the same. That’s why my tongue-in-cheek use of the pot meet kettle idea, by the way.

We all know who we really are, and what the difference is, so for someone who has built an entire ‘society’ around harm and destruction of others real selves, to be so clearly reminded that they have no bonds whatsoever with anything real, only masks, does tend to make them rather emotional.

It’s called projection.

R.D. Laing correctly surmised at least the general direction of this (if not the specifics that I just delineated), when he wrote:

…The sense of a human bond with that patient may well be absent in the psychiatrist who diagnoses the patient as incapable of having a bond with anyone. Many psychiatrists have become very angry with me for pointing this out.



Emotional about their own manufactured hypocrisy, aren’t they.

angry pout


More importantly, about their own isolation.

But it’s self exile, remember.

They created those ‘abysses of difference’.

The old saying “misery loves company” holds true – they want everyone to be like them, thinking that will make them feel better.

Do you see why it won’t, and never will, no matter how many people join their mask-making, denial-of-self pity parties?

You would just have a more populated hell, and an ‘eternal damnation’ the likes of which completely out-paces any biblical description ever written.


Abysses everywhere, isolation upon isolation upon isolation.

ghouls worshipping fire


There is a solution to all that, and I’m sure you’ve already figured out what it is.

What it isn’t, however, is psychiatry.

There are no solutions there, only more masks.

There are virulent people abounding – sockpuppets mostly – in many places and venues on the internet, that speak of how psychiatric drugs and treatment saved them.




They are still just as upset, just as ‘different’ as they always were, they never addressed the real problem, and at best? They just added another mask to their collection.

The worst thing about it, is how much stress these people put upon the idea that as a result of these psychiatric ‘interventions’, now they are their ‘real selves’.

Again, I say –



If they were, they would not be sucking up to psychiatry and selling their soul in the process.

It’s as simple as that.


– – –

R.D. Laing gives another interesting quote, and then further examples of utter arrogance and corrupt power demonstrated by psychiatrists, that he witnessed first-hand.

Antonin Artaud quote –

…it isn’t man but the world that has become abnormal…Things are bad because the sick conscience now has a vital interest in not getting over its sickness.

So a sick society invented psychiatry to defend itself against the investigations of certain visionaries whose faculties of divination disturbed it.

– Hirschmann Antonin Artaud Anthology, 1965


That’s really an interesting view. Exactly right in line with what I said earlier. Because some people are willing to see what is, well now that just won’t do among the self-blinded.


When I was a psychiatric resident at Metropolitan Hospital in New York City (1963-65) the consultant on ward rounds used as a criteria for diagnosing a man schizophrenic that he could not understand what he was talking about.

A fellow resident, now on the faculty of the Harvard Psychiatric Dept., commented that he had real difficulty understanding what Hegel was talking about. Would the consultant, if he had similar difficulty and indeed could not fathom Hegel, thereby diagnose Hegel as schizophrenic? The consultant psychiatrist replied: “I certainly would.”

“If Lear had been given electric shocks there would have been no need for all that nonsense.”


Now there’s a perfectly arrogant statement, if I ever heard one.

A psychiatrist diagnosing someone as schizophrenic purely on the basis that he could not understand what the guy was talking about.

Well then, all 1 and 2-year-olds must be schizophrenic then!

They understand what they are talking about, but half the time we don’t, ergo….

Ha. You see how retarded that guy’s ‘logic’ was.

Hell, you could have put the simpleton psychiatrist in a room with Albert Einstein expounding on his theory of relativity, and I’d bet money he probably wouldn’t have understoood that either.

So, this makes Einstein part of that ‘abyss of difference’ – because he’s smarter than him – and therefore schizophrenic?


Please. That’s just plain ridiculous.

But it’s also extremely childish and self-serving, which is practically a requirement to be a ‘proper’ psychiatrist it seems.

That, and skulking around doing horrible things to people behind their friends and families backs, and most especially, hopefully behind the person’s back.

A professor of psychiatry who heads a psychiatric unit in a general hospital …tells me that if a psychiatrist is called in to sedate a noisy person, the service expected and provided is an injection and an electric shocks from a bedside plug, in the war, behind the usual screens.

Surgeons can sedate people perfectly well themselves, but they call in the psychiatrist to ‘press the button’. The patient comes round soon enough, effectively dazed and calm, unable, hopefully, to remember what he or she was going on about and mercifully disinclined to go on about anything.

No ‘permission’ is asked of anyone.

Neither the patient nor his or her relatives are told. Even other patients do not know. It may not be entered in the case notes.

This is not fair play.

Intentional Foul

intentional foul

p 14

There is no more extreme dependence of one individual upon another in our society than at the interface between a psychiatrist examining someone psychiatrically and the person being examined.

On the basis of possibly less than five minutes from the first laying on of eyes on a stranger, without that stranger perhaps ever having moved or said anything (so: he is either malingering, or he is a mute catatonic schizophrenic), a psychiatrist in any developed country can sign a printed form and make a phone call.

This will be enough for that person to be taken away, imprisoned and observed indefinitely. It may, and often does, inaugurate a period of weeks, months or years during which that person is kept imprisoned – that is, in involuntary custody, and there drugged, regimented, reconditioned, brain given electrical lavages, bits possibly taken out by knife or laser, and anything else the psychiatrist decides to try out.

hypnosis and electric shock



p 15

Let us keep in focus the different functions a psychiatric institution is expected to fulfil.

  1. Voluntary and involuntary incarceration
  2. Stopping undesirable states of mind and forms of conduct.
  3. Changing undesirable states of mind and conduct into less undesirable or even desirable states of mind and conduct.

In every case, there is the question undesirable to whom?

burning question.


Most psychiatrists believe, for instance, that something should be done to the brain of someone who reports that their thoughts get blocked by external influences, that thoughts are stolen from and inserted into their minds by external agencies.

Like people who claim they have conversations with God?


The current Pope

pope francis january 2015


People that say demons and the devil cause these thoughts and that ‘they’ need to be exorcised?


Pope Nicholas V

Pope nicholas V by Peter_Paul_Rubens in 1616


The medieval Catholic Priests called a heinous procedure that they liked to do, “Measuring”. You would know it better as Trepanning, a word (and likely the practice itself) invented in the time of Pope Nicholas V, is a surgical intervention in which a hole is drilled or scraped into the human skull, supposedly then releasing the demons causing the ‘bad behavior’. Such a procedure, was also nicknamed – extracting the stone of madness.

The Extraction of the Stone of Madness by Hieronymus Bosch between 1488 and 1516

They continued this “exorcism” technique all the way into the 20th century, where it was updated with the addition of scrambling around the brain after the hole was drilled. It was called a leukotomy – and the later form, lobotomy, did the same thing, it just didn’t drill a hole first.

Considering things like this that are ‘treatments’ – and have been for centuries in these nutcases hands, is it any wonder people are not exactly in the mood to “bond” with them?


..we take their thoughts away if we can, including the thought that they want to keep them.

Euripides wrote; ‘A slave is he who cannot speak his thoughts.’ A patient may or may not be allowed to think them!





…I am still more frightened by the fearless power in the eyes of my fellow psychiatrists than by the powerless fear in the eyes of their patients. I dread the thought of either look appearing in my eyes.

psychiatry powerless fear

From a psychiatric point of view, the fact that many people are frightened to become patients of psychiatrists is not surprising. It goes to show that there are many secret paranoid psychotics around, some of whom are paranoid about psychiatry and phobic about psychiatric treatment. Psychiatric treatment might destroy their delusions, one of them being that psychiatric treatment will destroy them.

He’s showing how they think – can you believe this?

“It goes to show that there are many secret paranoid psychotics around…”

Sure, that’s why people aren’t too fond of psychiatry’s methods.

snoopy raz about psychiatry

Considering that they wish to destroy the personality of people they don’t like – it is no surprise that their intentions are known and responded to appropriately.

You’d have to worry about someone who liked crazy guys like this, not the other way around.

Just like you’d have to wonder about someone who actually bought into this guy having a ‘direct line’ to God.

pope francis january 2015

Recently I asked a class of eighteen young psychiatrists from the Royal Bethlem Hospital in London what they would do if they decided I was psychotic but was not a danger to self or others, was not jeopardizing myself or family economically and did not want their treatment. Most of them felt that under the circumstances it would be their medical responsibility to ‘treat’ me if I ‘needed’ treatment, whether I thought I needed it or not.

I told them – it scares me.

warning bullhornYou guys are the nuts.


The way we are taught to examine a patient psychiatrically, to elicit the signs and symptoms of the psychiatric condition, is an effective way to drive someone crazy, or more crazy.

…In any examination…n.a.d. nothing abnormal detected…which may well be one of those “well-defended’ paranoiacs who are too paranoid to reveal their paranoid system to an examining psychiatrist…exams are not to be passed.

If you’re not crazy now – you will be.

im not afraid you will be


A Charge Nurse in 1984 told Laing –

He would not give away anything for the first twenty minutes, but I broke the bastard down, and out it all came, ideas of reference, thought control, the lot.


The detection of certain condemned states of mind is sufficient reason to end them.

I could not share the assumption that all the conduct and experiences in question were so worthless and harmful that they should be stopped routinely…I failed to develop the feeling that I had a medical mission to stop people, against their will, from feeling the way they did: the customary terms like archaic, alogical, irrational, primitive, palaeological, pathological, superstitious, savage, psychotic, seemed more a rhetoric of abuse than clinical descriptions.


p. 20

That little old lady, tears streaming down her face, on her knees, wringing her hands, lips moving, no words uttered, pleading…There is no one there. Now she is listening. There is no one there.

Is she a hallucinating psychotic in the locked ward of a mental hospital? Is she saying her prayers in a cathedral? She could be the same person.


Amen to that. But hey, these people get a free pass? They’re not schizophrenic?

old woman praying

Pope Francis praying…



Laing next describes a woman who wakes up with thoughts and images she doesn’t want…

The treatment would almost certainly be based on several drugs, which she would be put on immediately, and after adjusting the dosage, she would be discharged on the basis of keeping on these drugs, maybe for years.

She would almost certainly have to be on more than one drug and almost certainly the dosages of all of them would have to be high…high in the sense that if a normal person were suddenly to take in one day what she would have to take every day, they would be lucky if they were not rushed to the hospital in a deep coma. So her system would have to pay the price of having to adapt to such a degree of chemicalization. All these drugs have effect on the system apart from the particular effect for which they are employed. These are called ‘side-effects’: simply, those effects the drug has that are not wanted.

What a boon for the drug industry.

For the person? Not so much.


On p 22 and 34 he tells the story of a student who felt a bit “wobbly” before an exam. He went into a psychiatric hospital for a weekend and went back to work. Nine years later he was renewing his driver’s license, but it would only renew for a short time basis. He asked why, he received a letter explaining that nine years ago when in hospital he had been diagnosed as a ‘bipolar affective disorder’, a ‘recurrent’ condition. He was now suffering from ‘a prospective mental illness’.

Meaning he might get mentally ill, was the diagnosis!



p. 23

If I were being driven frantic by mental and emotional torment that nothing I or anyone or any drug could stop I might beg for electric shocks.

…The critical issue is the politics of the matter. Who has the power to do what to whom against whose will?

Alistair Crowley was an undercover MI6 agent, prior and during WWI and WWII.

His cover – that which hid what he was really like and that he was an intelligence agent – was the occult, black magic, and all that business.

You see him posing for pictures like this, for example.


Whereas this, was who he really was.


As a Golden Dawn occult front group leader, he wrote about what he called Thelema. By his account, a sans body being that called itself Aiwass contacted him and dictated a text known as The Book of the Law or Liber AL vel Legis, which outlined the principles of Thelema. Admittedly, Crowley himself said that the talking deities employed in his book were a “literary convenience”.

Rhetoric, in other words, using ‘ancient gods’.

Early Roman Catholic writings occasionally used the word to refer to the human will, and the will of the Devil, but usually it referred to the will of God.

The law of Thelema (as GOD) was:

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Love is the law, love under will.


There is no difference between psychiatry and Catholicism.

They both try to have it be believed that they have the power of God, that they should have the power of God, that they alone deserve this power, and that anyone who disagrees with that all-powerful control over others is possessed by the Devil=is crazy.

Convenient logic, that.

By Virginia McClaughry



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