One tiny little line, buried in an innocuous-looking document, is all it took to break the logjam concerning OSS/CIA involvement in Dianetics right from the very beginning.

Charles Parker Morgan, OSS Special Investigator.

He’s in the OSS Personnel Database obtained from CIA FOIA records, RG 226 ENTRY 224, p. 329.


That little line I mentioned, was in one of the files from the recently declassified FDA records – courtesy of a FOIA request by R.M. Seibert.

CD #1, Folder 3 PDF, p. 324

A little bio on Morgan – written prior to WWII.

Charles L. Morgan married, on December 25, 1905; Nellie B. Parker of Elizabeth, the daughter of Clement C. and Charlotte (Barker) Parker. Judge and Mrs. Morgan have become the parents of a son, Charles Parker, born November 9, 1907, who after completing his academic education at Lafayette college and his professional training at the New Jersey Law School, entered the Federal Government service as a member of the Department of Justice, a position which he holds at the present time. He married Jeanne Kaiser of Elizabeth, and they have two children: Charles Linscott Morgan, II, and James Parker Morgan.

Prominent Families of New Jersey: In Two Volumes  By William Starr Myers, p. 818

Charles, was affectionately referred to as “bumps” by his father, detailed in a humorous April Fool’s Day spoof court session in 1919. [ Minutes of Votes and Proceedings, By New Jersey. Legislature. General Assembly ]

It was Parker Morgan that first approached Hubbard to form the Hubbard Dianetic Research Foundation, together with John Campbell Jr.

In a 1954 letter to the Better Business Bureau, Scientology Secretary John Galusha wrote:

The book, called “Dianetics: Modern Science of Mental Health” startled the publishing world, and Hubbard, by climbing high into the best-seller listing of the New York Times and staying there for months. Such instant popularity found Hubbard unprepared for the floods of mail and pleas for help.

Hubbard, interested only in research, financially independent without such royalties, was glad to listen to a proposal from one C. Parker Morgan and his publisher to let them form a Foundation to service this demand. Seven trustees, of which Hubbard was only one, formed on June 1, 1950 the Hubbard Dianetic Research Foundation of Elizabeth, New Jersey. Hubbard gave the[?] book and its royalties and returned to his own pursuits.

– Galusha, J. (1954, 12 June). FBI FIle: HASI Letter to Better Business Bureau. Retrieved on 14 November 2011 from (FBI file).


For understanding however, let’s look at some other lead-up here, because this was actually in the order that I found out about Morgan’s OSS connections.

Starting here – CD #1, Folder 3 PDF, p. 291

For me, it all started with this memo to all bureaus by the Business Protective Bureau, Wichita Chamber of Commerce, dated May 28, 1952: Re: Dianetics (Hubbard) Our bulletin March 1, 1952.

The March bulletin it references immediately follows it, and it references the bankruptcy proceedings of the HDRF (Hubbard Dianetic Research Foundation) of Kansas, of which Allied Scientists of the World is listed as a subsidiary.

Allied Scientists of the World is another historical but more indirect example of Hubbard’s OSS/CIA connections – both through Cord Meyer, a 30-year CIA veteran, and the “watch” being put on groups like the Pasadena Association of Atomic Scientists.

I wrote an article about this, but for the purposes of this article I’ll give a stripped-down version.

A Hungarian scientist, Leo Szilard, was leading the atomic research at Los Alamos – they detonated the first atom bomb on July 16, 1945, in Alamogordo, New Mexico. Leo, along with over 150 other scientists (depending on whose account you read) submitted a signed petition to the President of the United States, pleading not to use the bomb on people – particularly Japan. Leo’s petition was classified top-secret, and not released to the public until 1961.

General Groves stopped the letter from reaching the President, accused Leo of “communism” and basically fired over sixty people – they dropped the bomb on Hiroshima the following month.

Anyone who dared question the atomic energy policies of the U.S. was immediately “watched” and under suspicion as communist.

This is when L. Ron Hubbard just happens to show up on the “atomic” scene out there in Pasadena/Hollywood.

Two months later (November 1945) Linus Pauling helped found the Association of Pasadena Scientists, within a month it was planned to be affiliated with the Federation of Atomic Scientists.

Hubbard, beginning in the summer of 1947, heavily criticised the scientists there – and indirectly the Pasadena Association-  in his End is Not Yet serial.

The Pasadena association was suspected of being a communist front, mostly due to FBI head Hoover’s paranoia on the subject of communismwhich was a red herring by combined British and Russian intelligence, that Hoover fell for hook-line-and-sinker.

Eleven years later, Hubbard wrote to Edward U. Condon on January 2, 1958, who had just given a speech a couple months earlier. He had said:

“It comes as no surprise to those who have known of dozens of cases of scientists who have been hounded out of jobs by silly disloyalty charges, and kept out of all professional employment by blacklisting.”

He then gave numerous examples of prominent American scientists that were suspected of “communism” for alleged anti-american nuclear policy, and that they were being hauled before review boards to have their credentials stripped from them — including Condon himself.

Now, with the understanding here that Leo Szilard’s revolt of the atomic scientists in 1945, and the details of why over 60 scientists were fired, was STILL top-secret – Hubbard appears to have taken the government side of things. He is literally baiting Condon to reveal the details to him, which would land Condon in very hot water, if he had done so.

Thus I am emboldened to propose an idea… Sixty-four or more scientists who contributed well to U.S. defense have been ousted from government. There are more than this number who have been dismayed and rejected…Therefore I propose seriously that we form an ‘Outcasts Club.’

January 2 1958 Hubbard letter to Edward Condon

January 2 1958 Hubbard letter to Edward Condon p2


This provides another example of Hubbard’s intelligence connections – the fact that he even knew about these Top Secret details.

Around the same time as the above letter, Hubbard had given a lecture where he talks about his Caltech experience.

Here’s the relevant part –

The Revolt of the American Nuclear Physicists

At the end of World War II a friend of mine, Lt. Commander of the Coast Guard, Johnny Arwine, and myself went to the California Institute of Technology (Cal Tech)-to meet with a great many old time atomic physicists […] These men said one thing: “We wish to overthrow the government of the United States by force.

[…]We reported the findings to the Navy Department ….

– The lecture was included within the book All About Radiation – which you can find here.


The orange bolded part is what the U.S. government was concerned about at the time – which they labeled communist. When you say overthrow the government, by this time that is not as simple as it might appear. More accurately it would be overthrow the anglophilic government now in full covert concert with the British slavemasters – but the fact remains that Hubbard is concerned, insulting about those who protest, and protective of the status-quo of the now re-colonized America.

He is on the side of them – not the people, get it?

The last line shows Hubbard reporting in to the Naval Intelligence department – the ONI.

I’m sure that he also reported in about something called the Atomic Energy Committee that had its start as a course taught in the Hollywood Writers Mobilization “on the uses of control of atomic energy.” That course was run by that very same Pasadena Association.

Screenwriter Abraham Polonsky was an OSS agent and openly being a Communist Party member, and he headed the Atomic Energy Committee.

His intel background, along with this sort of blatant association of rebelling against using the bomb as a weapon being positioned with communism, means Polonsky was most likely running an intel operation.

This outcropping organization of the Pasadena association functioned to organize American physicists in opposition to the United States as a nuclear weapons power and to work for the abolition of the atom bomb as a weapon.

Exactly what got Leo and 69 other people fired.

Exactly the basic attitude that Hubbard was referring to, when he reported this: “We wish to overthrow the government of the United States by force.”

Also in this same time period, Hubbard was also engaged in some sort of ONI/OSS/CIA mission on Jack Parsons, at the same time period as this Caltech meeting. Jack was another “watched” with concern individual at the time – meaning he was suspected of communism.

Note: While there, Hubbard told colorful stories, and one of them that Janet Reitman documented was that “while in England…had his skull measured by scientists at the British Museum.”

There is a strong possibility, that buried under the usual bombastic story-telling, that this is a veiled allusion to his time at Pemberley undergoing OSS agent training. This is the only example I have ever seen, where he gives any clue that he had been in England this early in time.

That forming yet another historical connection to Hubbard’s true intelligence background.

Hubbard’s 1947 End is Not Yet serial that was published in Astounding! Science Fiction, discussed the formation of a group called Allied Scientists of The World.

end is not yet - Astounding Science Fiction August 1947

Probably the most overlooked aspect of this story, well, there are several, but the one I’m talking about is the cleverly fictionalized push for a one world government.

The timing of that was no accident.

In yet another historical connection to the OSS/CIA British empire-building agenda, there was the activities of fellow OSS intelligence agent Cord Meyer, who had just come off mission of infiltrating The American Veterans Committee.(AVC).

Timothy Leary, who would go on to be part of several MKULTRA projects (including getting the Brotherhood of Eternal Love going), was initially recruited by CIA agent Cord Meyer around 1947-48, when Leary and Meyer were being intelligence agents undercover as members of the branded “communist” group The American Veterans Committee.(AVC).

Membership growth in AVC’s first several years was sudden and dramatic. From 5500 members in 1945, AVC grew to 18,000 members in 1946, then to approximately 100,000 in 1947, when allegedly “communist” elements infiltrated it, with a big public brouhaha created resulting in their “removal” – which essentially killed the powerful and organized voice that had formed there, with its motto of citizens first, veterans second.

That was Meyer and Leary’s British anglophile work-in-action.

The Dynamic Duo – Meyer and Leary

Cord Meyer  Timothy Leary

Cord was now moving on to his next intelligence operation – as was Leary. Allen Dulles, now head of the CIA, had approached Cord Meyer. It is a matter of record that he then became a “principal operative” of Operation Mockingbird, a covert operation meant to sway American print and broadcast media toward “the CIA line” – which if you understand the back history of America’s intelligence organizations, you know that means BRITISH interests.

From The Cord Meyers Papers at The Library of Congress

A participant in the founding of the United Nations and an advocate of one-world government, Meyer spent almost three decades (1951-1977) with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), becoming one of its highest-ranking officers. His papers, however, bear little reference to his CIA career except in clippings from published sources. They relate more fully to his activities on behalf of one-world government after World War II and document in great detail many facets of his personal and family life.

Cord Meyer – 1948
Cord Meyer in 1948

Frank G. Wisner was Meyer’s handler at the CIA. Frank, was a cross-over from the OSS, where he was also a high-ranking official, and this is where Cord Meyer’s previous intelligence activities were also hosted under. Frank, at one point, (per documents in our CIA Declassified Document Library) had been the Chief of Special intelligence (SI) in Istanbul Turkey, and even at that time had been involved with planting articles in foreign newspapers.

After WWII, Frank was put in charge of handling the Gehlen organization, a Nazi intelligence network – this is part of what Meyer was expected to help “spin” to the America public.

As part of the earlier activities of this “swaying the press” business, Cord became the President of United World Federalists (later renamed The World Federalist association) in the summer of 1947, right when Hubbard release his End is Not Yet serial.

The real goal of this association was to establish a one-world government, although Cord tried to deny that with a bunch of meaningless platitudes. (see Time article on Cord from 1948).

Note: A world government is the goal of Cecil Rhodes secret society, and its public face – the Round table.

You can view my two library articles, extensively documented, here:

Besides the more generalized goal of establishing a one-world government, Cord Meyer and the United World Federalists sought to “save the world through a limited federation before an atomic war destroys it.” – Time magazine, February 16, 1948.

Clearly the same sort of controlled opposition move that Hubbard had just been engaged in – Pasadena, 1945.

Not too surprisingly, we find Hubbard’s End is Not Yet, talking about atomic war, and the characters attempt to from a group or federation to counter destruction of the world by atomic war.

Further on in the story, Hubbard promoted a world government, claiming nationalism is the cause of war – just exactly like Cord Meyer, Allen Dulles, and any other number of OSS/CIA agents doing the same thing.

Coming back to our BBB document here –

The March 1, 1952 bulletin had referenced the bankruptcy proceedings of the HDRF (Hubbard Dianetic Research Foundation) of Kansas, of which Allied Scientists of the World is listed as a subsidiary.

The fact that it’s a subsidiary is more interesting than you might think.


Because of what the HDRF actually was, and whose idea it was in the first place.

It was an OSS agent – Charles Parker Morgan, who approached Hubbard to form the HDRF, and he was even on the Board of Directors.

The next document in the FDA declassified record PDF I’m looking at, was this one on p. 296.

April 14, 1955, “Draft”

It said that in August of 1950, Parker Morgan had provided information concerning the Dianetic Research Foundation.

…the Dianetic Research Foundation was incorporated in New Jersey, in April, 1950, as a “non-profit, scientific and educational corporation, the primary purpose of which is to do research in the field of Dianetics and, for the correction of all pychosomatic ills of mankind.

Given as officers of this organization were:

  • President – L. Ron Hubbard
  • Executive Vice President – Arthru R. Ceppos
  • Secretary & General Counsel – Parker Morgan
  • Treasurer John W. Campbell Jr.
  • Medical Director – Joseph A. Winter, MD

The Foregoing, together with Sara N. Hubbard and Donald H. Rogers, were described as Trustees of the Foundation.

[…] Parker Morgan was described as a practising New Jersey attorney and former special agent for the FBI.

– CD #1, Folder 3 PDF, p. 296, 297


Note: Dr. Winter was Campbell’s brother-in-law.
See Church of Scientology 121 files cd, PDF H-65 through H-110 part 2, p. 27.

Taking this by itself –

[…] Parker Morgan was described as a practising New Jersey attorney and former special agent for the FBI.


Do not fail to note –

That this does not mention Morgan’s OSS connection.

They left it out.

As you will soon see.

p. 300 of the same document continues, the goals of the HDRF from a bulletin are discussed, naming the big three areas of research, Circuitry, Chemistry, Affinity – and the use of chemical aids for reducing engrams and aiding normal erasure of pain.

The Ultimate Goal being a “one-shot clear”.



The bulletin mentioned, was by Donald H Rogers, and can be found on p. 317.

research goals donald h. rogers HDRF


Rogers is listed later as an “electronics engineer” – BUT – he is also an FBI agent.

MORGAN also advised that DONALD H. ROGERS, Director of Research and Assistant Treasurer of the Foundation, is also a former Special Agent of this Bureau.

FBI files – L. Ron Hubbard

So that’s TWO FBI agents, that are trustees on the board of he HDRF, one of which is actually OSS!


Keeping in mind how this 1955 “Draft” left out that Parker Morgan was OSS, here’s his original letter. He was responding to a request for information by Diana Bennett of the National Better Business Bureau, Inc., located in New York.

Parker Morgan to NYBBB july 22 1950 - OSS agent


Parker Morgan to NYBBB july 22 1950 - OSS agent 2

Parker Morgan to NYBBB july 22 1950 - OSS agent 3

Page two is where you see Parker saying that he was OSS.

This is the only known reference showing that kind of connection to Dianetics, right from the beginning, and the obvious parallel research with the Top Secret Projects Bluebird, then Artichoke, then MKultra.

By 1955, after the extra-secret (and very evil) mind-control experimentation CIA Project MKultra had been launched, you can see why the OSS reference was left out in later correspondence.

This gets even more bizarre.

p. 320, 321 is a letter from Dr. Donald Blain, medical director of the American Psychiatric Assocation to Diana Bennett, National BBB, dated August 1, 1950.

american psychiatric association letter august 1950 re hubbard to NYBBB

american psychiatric association letter august 1950 re hubbard to NYBBB 2


One of my assistants has talked with a number of reputable psychiatrists, psychoanalysts and psychologists in this area [St. Elizabeth’s hospital, Washington D.C.] who have personal knowledge of Hubbard’s system and have witnessed his demonstrations.

It is their considered professional opinion that Hubbard’s approach is unscientific and unrealistic. His presentation is flamboyant and full of contradictions. His technique is that used by hypnotists; his appeal is to the hysterical, as is the appeal of most faith-healers, fortune-tellers, astrologers and cultists. He refuses scientific and specific questioning, referring all questioners to his book. His emphasis on sensational publicity is not in keeping with the behavior or conduct of a professional man whose chief interest is in his patients’ welfare. His encouragement of lay practitioners of his system can lead only to widespread quackery.


I don’t think Dr. Blain missed any possible insults there, excepting maybe devil-worshipper. Cllearly, Hubbard’s work is being branded anaethema psychiatrically, at least on paper. But then again, this very emotional attack actually drew more attention to Dianetics rather than repelling it.

I do know that later consultations to the APA were never responded to in this manner again, that I could see. The silence speaks quite loudly by comparison – someone probably chastised these people for this overdone response.

Dr. Blain’s diatribe was a response to a letter that Diana had addressed to St. Elizabeth’s hospital, so in a sense, this letter from Dr Blain is both providing a “disconnect” cover for Hubbard’s OSS/CIA research, and inadvertently verifying Hubbard’s previous involvement with patients at St. Elizabeths!!!

One of my assistants has talked with a number of reputable psychiatrists, psychoanalysts and psychologists in this area [St. Elizabeth’s hospital, Washington D.C.] who have personal knowledge of Hubbard’s system and have witnessed his demonstrations.

– Dr. Blain, St. Elizabeths, APA

Parker Morgan’s letter also lines up with this background of Hubbard’s, where he says:

…he did basic mind research on the basis of electronics, with the late Dr. W.A. White in the years 1930-33.


W.A. White being William Alanson White, the head of St. Elizabeth’s mental hospital until replaced by the ghoulish Dr. Winfred Overholser in 1937 (who was ergo in place at the time of these letters).

Dr. Winfred Overholser

Dr. Winfred Overholser


Diana’s original letter, dated July 17, 1950, found on p. 322, addressed: American Psychiatric Association, St. Elizabeth’s Hospital, Washington 20, D.C.

ny BBB soliciting APA bout dianetics jul 17 1950


Overholser was rather egomaniacal, and resented others doing research that could upstage his pet projects such as the infamous truth serum experiments he was doing (and ergo if upstaged, could cut down on ll that lovely federal funding that he was receiving).

Slavemasters are vicious in-fighters, you understand.

The same day Diana sent her letter to Overholser’s neck of the woods, she had sent a letter to the HDRF, and it was five days later that Parker Morgan responded.

Again, I think he included his OSS intel background, which is his real position, to try and warn her off. In doing so, however subtly, he also inadvertently confirms government involvement in this “independent” research.

Next –

p. 314, 315 is an angry letter by Parker Morgan to Diana Bennett, National BBB, over statements put forth by that agency, clearly taking the hysterically ridiculous position of Dr. Blain. Parker’s letter was written on Sept. 22, 1950.

parker morgan bbb ny letter complaints


angry letter by Parker Morgan to Diana Bennett, National BBB sept 22 1950



p. 307 is a response by Diana Bennett, National BBB, to Parker Morgan dated October 3rd, 1950, where it is agreed to correct some things said concerning the Foundation.

p. 310, Parker Morgan responds to Diana concerning a point re: Hubbard’s involvement with the Gerontological unit of the U.S. Public Health Service, apparently there is confusion over the the distinction between that unit, and something called the Gerontological Society which Hubbard had once belonged to. A letter from a Dr. Shock (nice name) dated a couple months later, clarifies this. See p. 312.

There was a whole hullaballoo over Dianetics by the Medical Board of New Jersey.

Note: Their summons was dated January 8th, which happened to be the same day that the HDRF test results came out.

However, after all that ‘raring for a fight’ by the AMA boys just suddenly petered out. In another demonstration of “shut the fuck up and drop it”, presumably by the CIA (which replaced the OSS) – they dropped that case like a hot potatoe.


They gave a very lame, but semi-plausible explanation as to why – saying it was because “the foundation was closed” and “it moved”. Sure. That’s why. sarcasm

p. 306, June 18, 1951 letter to Dianna Bennett, National Better Business Bureau, Inc., New York – from State of New Jersey Department of Law and Public Safety, Division of Professional boards, Board of Medical Examiners.



letter to Dianna Bennett, National Better Business Bureau, Inc., New York - from State of New Jersey.




The Medical Board announced its attentions in a news article of January 15th, 1951.

Elizabeth Daily Journal

New Jersey Starts Action Against Dianetics

January 15, 1951

The Hubbard Dianetic Research Foundation, Inc., was accused of operating a school for treatment of disease without a license in a complaint by the State Board of Medical Examiners docketed today in Part I of District Court. The complaint was served on C. Parker Morgan, 275 Morris avenue, registered agent.

– Found at lermanet, also FBI files #124.


Things were getting a little too hot, and the connection needed to be made more hidden again, so Parker Morgan resigned in January 1951, but he was not against Dianetics, and still spoke supportively of Hubbard’s research.

elizabeth journal morgan resigns 1951

Elizabeth Daily Journal
C.P. Morgan Quits Dianetics Post

January 29, 1951

Parker Morgan, of 36 Monmouth Road, Secretary and General Counsel of the Hubbard Dianetic Research Foundation, 275 Morris Avenue, today announced his resignation from the organization. He will resume law practice with his father, former Judge Charles L. Morgan.

Mr. Morgan said the decision was a difficult one, because he is a founder member of the federation for life and one of only four persons holding the “Fellow of Dianetics” degree.

But he said that in line with the foundation’s recent reorganization, he felt he had accomplished his purpose and had placed its administration in competent hands.

“I strongly believe in dianetics,” said Mr. Morgan. “I know it will overcome all its obstacles and go steadily forward for the benefit of humanity.”

The attorney was awarded the fellowship for his method of inducing “reverie” through return to pleasure moments, a practice which now is standard at the beginning and end of each auditing session.

Dianetics is a controversial theory of mental health treatment, hailed by its followers as an important new science and denounced by its detractors as a professed panacea capable of permanent harm.


Regarding that fellowship, that was announced in Journal of Scientology Issue 4-G – that’s a PDF of it.

Page 3 – He’s first on the list, no less.

page 3 ournal of Scientology Issue 4-G fellowships morgan thompson white

Hubbard credits C. Parker Morgan for inventing the running of pleasure moments – who knew?

He credits Donald Rogers, the FBI agent (and perhaps OSS/CIA agent now) for organizing the ‘research’ department.

He credits William Alanson White, the previous head of St. Elizabeth’s Mental Hospital (where Hubbard spent much time working with patients in the 1930’s) for his ‘early work’ on psychosis.

He credits Commander Thompson, his mentor, for his work in the ‘field of anthropology” – how very tongue-in-cheek, considering Thompson’s navy intelligence background.

Note: Charles Parker Morgan is also elsewhere credited for the “reverie” part of Dianetic Therapy. File that under who knew? as well.

John W. Campbell Jr. wrote a six-page letter to Robert Heinlein on 6 March 1951 on a number of topics including the matter described above as “Communist activities.” Campbell related how he had been “trying to calm things down” in the HDRF by airing people’s “gripes” in meetings and “back-checking on the information until we found where it started.” He said that because sometimes his investigation “didn’t back-track worth a damn,” “some serious investigation was done, including desk-prying, wastebasket studying, and all the means Parker Morgan, ex-Special Agent of the FBI, could think of.”

He also wrote of the appearance of an attack on dianetics by a “communist group that was not playing for marbles.” Campbell claimed there was “definite evidence” that six people suspected of being communists [this was the government intelligence community attack line at the time] were “seeking to disrupt the business, and to disqualify Ron.”

Campbell claimed that Dianetics was the “counter-weapon” to mind control.

Campbell said that Sara was “the point of attack” and that she was “drugged, and beaten” three times. Apparently Campbell or others had tried to recover the information from these engrams, but that “it’s very difficult to get information, because “commands planted included, of course, a wild aversion to dianetic processing.” [Source: Heinlein archives: CORR306-07].

A note regarding Parker Morgan’s intelligence background –

Apparently somebody thinks that Parker Morgan was involved with some kind of brainwashing “special missions” to Korea.

FOIA requests 2002 –

April 23, 2002 F-2002-00517


April 23, 2002 F-2002-00518 CAPTAIN PAUL LORENCE

April 23, 2002 F-2002-00519 C. PARKER MORGAN.


Speaking of the Korean War and brainwashing, let’s come back to what the goals were, per Parker Morgan, and how they lined up perfectly with OSS/CIA research projects at the time.

p. 300 – the goals of the HDRF from a bulletin are discussed, naming the big three areas of research, Circuitry, Chemistry, Affinity – and the use of chemical aids for reducing engrams and aiding normal erasure of pain.



Project Bluebird, initiated in 1950 by the CIA.

The stated purpose of Bluebird was to develop “the means to control individuals through special interrogation techniques”, “way[s] to prevent the extraction of information from CIA agents”, and “offensive uses of unconventional techniques, such as hypnosis and drugs”.

The purpose of the project by 1952, when it was renamed Artichoke, was outlined in a memo dated January 1952 that stated, “Can we get control of an individual to the point where he will do our bidding against his will and even against fundamental laws of nature, such as self preservation?” The project studied methods of producing amnesia and other vulnerable states in subjects.

The HDRF – Hubbard Dianetic Research Foundation would (and did) fall under Project Bluebird. Despite Hubbard’s numerous attempted protestations to the contrary – which were obviously cove building – he was doing what was wanted, he was essentially doing a form of interrogation for “hidden memories” using chemical aids, and he was doing it with an OSS/CIA agent.

He was not allowed to make it known what his true connections were there, if he had, he could have been thrown in a military prison to rot, or shot for treason, because of the Top Secret nature of these government projects.

Note: Also see my article L. Ron Hubbard and CIA Locksteps – Nicotinic Acid and Insanity because Hubbard was doing Niacin work on “pre-clears” starting as early as 1950, which is also exactly at the same time period as top-secret project BLUEBIRD.

You know, a whole lot of money wound through this foundation, open for such a short time. Far more than should have been.

In Cd #1, Folder #5 PDF, p. 156 of the Declassified FDA documents, Sara, as part of her divorce papers from Hubbard, said that the HDRF received over one million dollars in 1950.



To give you an idea, in today’s dollars that’s close to ten million dollars.


Where did all that money go?

Hubbard sure as hell didn’t have it, nor was he making that much from “book royalties”.

More importantly, where did all that money really come from?

Sounds like the HDRF was a convenient money-laundering front for the CIA, exactly the function of the later Human Ecology Research Fund during the MKUltra period.

The things you can find in supposedly boring, old, and dry documents, eh?

Charles Parker Morgan, Hubbard’s OSS/CIA connection.



By Virginia McClaughry


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