I had to make a new term just to cover the newly publicized faction of conspiracy theorists and their trap web-sites – I call them:

The ‘No Global Conspiracy’ theorists


These people are just as bad in their “thinking skills” as the illuminati/reptilian/jesuits/rothschild misdirections, although, at least some of them are well-meaning.

Their usual M.O. – both “sides” of this – is to seize upon usually a spurious piece of information, and then use it to to either:

  • a: prove a spurious conspiracy, or
  • b: disprove a spurious conspiracy

The obvious attention only on spurious conspiracy descriptions, should raise a red flag to you.

Spurious – meaning:


Substitute one for the other is exactly what both of these “sides’ do.

The Reptilian global agenda – spurious – gets debunked as spurious, correctly, but then the debunker posits the equally spurious NO Global conspiracies theory which is supposed to now be credible because of having just correctly debunked a non-existent conspiracy.

Now we’re getting into a veritable forest of red flags that use that spurious argument.


The other idea that both “sides” dance around the issue on –

dance around the issue

is the idea that this Global Domination hasn’t already happened.

One side goes on about how it’s going to happen, the other goes on about how it couldn’t possibly be going to happen or ever have happened.

Well, that’s where I come in.

Let’s take one thing at a time.

In this post, I will direct your attention to some of the usual bones of contention: Cecil Rhodes and a Secret Society formed for Britain to dominate the world, and the Round Table, another organization credited with the same goal, with various sub or sister organizations such as the Council on Foreign Relations and the Williamstown Institute.

You can view my two library articles, extensively documented, here:

The first thing to point out is that this plan became to use America to carry that out, that is exactly what happened, and is happening.

The second thing to point out is that part of this plan was the dominance of the English-Speaking races. Again, this is easily visible for anyone to see that English-speaking people are the real global powers right now.

In other words, the global domination already happened, the governing of the world by a dominant set of ideas, language, etc., already happened.

That the Round Table both had this intent, and accomplished it’s goals eventually, is historical fact.

Here’s something that will help illustrate that there was indeed a secret society of persons conspiring to accomplish this.

No ‘theory’ about it.

One of the people that straddles both sides of this thing, is Professor Quigley. He’s an excellent example of what happens here with these two “sides”.

The spurious conspiracy propagators use him to back up their additional statements – that Quigley didn’t make – misdirecting off the actual truth of the matter.

The debunkers of these spurious conspiracies tar Quigley with the same brush as the propagators – therefore also misdirecting off the actual truth of the matter.

Strange to see them both forwarding the exact same goal of those that did conspire, don’t you think?

Anyway, Quigley cites Frederick Whyte’s books as his pretty much sole source concerning the Secret Society of Cecil Rhodes.

Since they are obviously that key, what should you do to end the “what if” of the past here?

Look at the source yourself – that’s proper “critical thinking”, not standing around saying you’re too busy to bother and don’t want to live in fear in order to bother…

So, what do I do?

Get the books.

I obtained Whyte’s books recently to further verify this, and I scanned the relevant pages of Sir Frederick Whyte, Life of W. T. Stead Volume II, Chapter 25, pp. 196-213 and uploaded the PDF to the Just Dox – British Intelligence section of our Reading Library – This provides documentation concerning the fact that Cecil Rhodes did form his Secret Society, and who with.



Frederick Whyte tells us that these events he writes of are taken from Stead’s personal notes, and that what he is about to document has not been generally known of.

Section II, Chapter 25, p. 205

Among Stead’s papers have been preserved typewritten record, dictated in his rapid, unstudied way, of a number of talks With Cecil Rhodes. They were, for the most part, long, discursive, intimate talks, not to be turned to account as ‘interviews.’ Stead drew upon them, of course, from time to time, when discussing Rhodes’s achievements and opinions, but a good deal of what follows will be quite new, I think, even to his most constant readers and most intimate friends.

On p. 207, Whyte reveals that this Secret Society is concerned with a British and American world dominance, which of course really means Britain. That is new, most conspiracy cover-up dupes and operatives don’t mention the goal to take back America, so to speak. Whyte refers to this as Anglo-American.


The theme of Anglo-American world-predominance is treated of most fully in the first of the conversations, held in Stead’s office at Mowbray House in February, 1891.

Mowbray_House,_Norfolk_Street,_Victoria_EmbankmentMowbray House, Norfolk Street, Victoria Embankment – 1888


On pp. 208, 209, Cecil Rhodes and William Stead discuss the secret society, Society of the Elect, with Rhodes portraying Lord Rothschild as a paper-pusher basically, which is a very accurate portrayal. As contrasted with the reams of written misdirection portraying Rothschild as a master, rather than an Igor who simply handled the finances of his masters.

This funny image is one that I made to portray that both humorously and more accurately as to his real role, if any.

come igor rothschild and friends - slavemaster


The talk concentrated presently upon the Secret Society- the Society of the Elect (Rhodes liked that word) who were to bind themselves to work for the British Empire in the way in which the Jesuits worked for the Church of Rome.

Hitherto, apart from Stead, Rhodes had confided his scheme only to Lord Rothschild and to ‘little Johnston.’

.. But he had grave misgivings in this connection. Lord Rothschild, he felt, was an excellent man, but entirely lacking in imagination. Rich men of the Rothschild type were to him an object of contemptuous pity.

Look at the criminal in his cell,’ he exclaimed to Stead, ‘and at Lord Rothschild! It is hard to say which has the harder lot. The prisoner has some fun, at least, with the spiders and the mice, but look at Rothschild! Out of the 365 days, he spends 300 in turning over bits of paper and marking them. Look at the two men far enough off, so as not to see any difference in clothing, and it will be hard to see any difference between them.

… ‘Stead’s Review of Reviews and ‘Association of Helpers,’ he went on, had made a good beginning for the work he had in mind:

You have got all the ideas, but you require the funds. In a year or two, the funds should be forthcoming- enough even to buy The Times, if necessary.

But Lord Rothschild must not be left in sole control of the money.

There must be a General of the Society, with powers like those of the General of the Jesuits, and there must be a Committee of three or so.

You have the ideas, you understand, and little Johnston, he knows – what would you say to you and Johnston being associated with Rothschild in this Trust?

Stead feared that Johnston- the right man in other respects – would not be available, being generally away in Africa. Rhodes agreed.

Very well, then, let the Trust be vested in Rothschild and Stead alone.

Rothschild would not like that, Stead objected laughingly. ‘When he reads the will and finds that I am in it also, there will be ructions!

Well,’ said Rhodes, ‘I don’t mind. I shall be gone!

And so it was left. Here, verbatim, is Stead’s concluding paragraph:

‘I telegraphed for Brett, who came two hours later and we had a long talk. The net upshot of which was that the ideal arrangement would be, so far as we could see at present: Rhodes, General of the Society;

Stead, Brett, Milner, to be the Junta of three.

After Rhodes, Stead to be General, with a third, who might be Rothschild in succession; behind them, Manning, the Booths, little Johnston, Albert Grey, Arthur Balfour, to constitute a circle of Initiates.

The Association of Helpers to be developed. A College, say under Professor Seeley, to be established to train people in the English-speaking idea.

Brett thought that some money should be in at once – not much, but some.’

p 209 secret society of cecil rhodes

It’s very important to note Stead’s description of a continuing succession of General’s or “head” of this Secret Society – for that is exactly what happened, and continued to happen. The head changed as generations and political situations changed – the society continued.

On page 211, Whyte tells us about a discussion between Cecil Rhodes and William Stead, on April 10, 1900, where besides setting up the Rhodes Scholarship, Rhodes made some interesting statements about the Boer War, making it clear that it was Milner’s war.

The war had been Milner’s war, he added, not Chamberlain’s-Chamberlain had been strong against it.

This led to the usual wrangle, Stead deploring the war, Rhodes justifying it and accusing Stead of insubordination– the kind of insubordination, he complained, which he had always seen in the way of their Secret Society.

‘Yes, insubordination,’ he insisted. ‘Now here we are, your three boys, Garrett, Milner and myself. We are all your boys and we are on the spot, and we all agree that a certain course is necessary and instead of your accepting our authority, we being on the spot, being your boys, nothing will satisfy you but to go off on your own line and oppose us!’

As you can see, the Society was formed, and did continue, it’s purpose being to bring America back together with Britain, with Britain dictating how to “rule” the world.

And that’s exactly what these people devoted themselves to, using every means at their disposal. That is also exactly what the later “League of Nations” was about, but Senator Borah of Idaho caught the fact that despite this whole “alliance” poppycock and glad-handing schmoozing by the Brits, the cold, hard truth was that Britain would dominate the votes in this “league” through using it’s dominions.

The later Round Table, was formed based on Milner (and others) experiences in Africa, which were now to be applied to America and the rest of the world.

That should get you started re-aligning your present to be less fantasy-world and more based in the reality of what exists around you.

In closing –

George Orwell, a pen-name of a British propaganda author meant to attack the so-called Nazi/Communist ideals (as if only the Nazis/Communists were like that) once said something quite accurate:

And if all others accepted the lie which the Party imposed – if all records told the same tale — then the lie passed into history and became truth.

Who controls the past,’ ran the Party slogan, ‘controls the future: who controls the present controls the past.

And yet the past, though of its nature alterable, never had been altered. Whatever was true now was true from everlasting to everlasting. It was quite simple.

All that was needed was an unending series of victories over your own memory.

‘Reality control’, they called it…

The past, he reflected, had not merely been altered, it had been actually destroyed. For how could you establish even the most obvious fact when there existed no record outside your own memory?


Both sides of the spurious conspiracy camps, wish to control the perception of the past, not the truth of it.

If one wants to sit with their head in the sand like a scared ostrich –

train on tracks coming - the ostrich solution

Then that is not facing the present.

This then, ensures the future continues exactly as the present.

If one’s present views are based on false education about the past, and one does not undertake to find the truth about what happened, one is again, ensuring the future goes along exactly as both the past and present.

You cannot change a present that you are not facing the truth and reality of.

When backed into the corner of their illogic and desire to not face reality, both “critical thinkers” and Illuminati-ites resort to the same fearful tactics of either that they are “too busy” to study up on reality, or they say they are “not interested” in finding or looking for any evidence of any global conspiracies.

Some of them even resort to saying things like:

I would rather work in the ways I see best to try to make the world a better place instead of live in fear about the one that does exist.

Cementing in stone that such a person would rather not face their fears, while at the same time propagating that one would have to be “living in fear” should they decide to face the reality of the present!

Such a view, again, means that the future will not be changed by the efforts of anyone like that – because they exist in a fantasy world of what the present is, let alone what they have been taught the past is.

Saying things like that – just go and live a proper life instead of [fill in the blank] –
is a form of ‘Reality control’ – as if one can’t be done with the other.


Pay attention to the past and the present, and then you can actually change the future.

By Virginia McClaughry

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