By Virginia McClaughry


I found the following in the recently obtained:

FDA declassified records


Plain text:

Mrs. Johnson believes that her husband discussed his involvement with this group in detail with Dr. Johnes and that this doctor could probably furnish more information in regard to this organization. At the time of her husband’s admission to Walter Reed, Mrs. Johnson talked at length with Dr. Jones and learned from him that L. Ron Hubbard, founder of the scientology group, was himself a mental patient around 1956. Mrs. Johnson was unable to furnish any further information in regard to this interesting detail.

walter_reed_hospital_1950sWalter Reed Army Medical Center in the 1950’s
– home of a number of MKULTRA (including Korean War prisoners), BLUEBIRD, ARTICHOKE, and human radiation experiments.

There are several documents concerning the mental patient (and scientologist) Chan L. Johnson and his incarceration for schizophrenia at Walter Reed, which it does not appear anyone else has noticed.

The above excerpt is from the 2nd page of this document –

Frank J. Jancarek, Tampa FBI scientology 1Frank J. Jancarek, Tampa FBI scientology 2

Frank J. Jancarek, Tampa FBI scientology 3 Frank J. Jancarek, Tampa FBI scientology 4

This document can be found in the FDA declassified records the zip file called Church of Scientology 121 documents, H-28 PDF.

Here’s that particular PDF, which I have also OCR’d for easier searchibility.


It appears that Mr. Chan got himself a flu while on duty in Puerto Rico, and then somehow managed to go from that to being admitted for schizophrenia there – go figure that one – and then was transferred to Walter Reed hospital in Bethesda, Maryland.

If you notice, this document is dated February 15, 1963.

The investigator, George Tilroe, was quite interested in the information concerning L. Ron Hubbard being a mental patient at Walter Reed in 1956. He even went so far as to visit Chan at Walter Reed, and presumably met with Franklin Del Jones, M.D., the doctor who said that Hubbard had been a mental patient there.

But, mysteriously? Tilroe just drops the whole thing a little under two weeks later, February 28, 1963.

A word about Franklin D. Jones –

This is a photo of Franklin Del Jones, a soft-spoken Texan, who just a few years after these events had finished his psychiatric training at Walter Reed (under Albert Glass) and deployed to Vietnam in February 1966 as a “combat psychiatrist” –  Major Franklin Del Jones, Medical Corps, Division Psychiatrist with 25th Infantry Division – in September he was transferred to the 3rd Field Hospital in Saigon where he completed his yearlong assignment in Vietnam.

Franklin Del Jones in 1966 vietnamimage is from Chapter 3,Organization of Army Psychiatry, I:Psychiatric Services in the Combat Divisions

Apparently while there, he met and married his Vietnamese wife, June, and her brother Soo Suk Kim did a painting called “War” which Jones used in his later textbook called War Psychiatry.

soo kim franklin jones war painting

– – –


Note: A man named Gordon G. Thompson relayed (or added) to Tilroe’s report that they might want to check into the records at St. Louis.


That’s discussed in this document –

tilroe thompson hubbard mental 1963tilroe thompson hubbard mental 1963 2

That document is in PDF H-27, in the same original zip file as the first one.

Tilroe did helpfully describe that he had discovered where the 1956 records (that would cover Hubbard’s stay at Walter Reed) had been sent.

The information concerning the presence of L. Ron Hubbard at Walter Reed during 1956 was not verified. Records covering this year have been sent to:

Army Records Center
9700 Goodfellow Blvd.
St. Louis, Mo.

But, as I said, he and everyone else just drop it totally.

[…] I plan no further follow up. DRM may wish to request St. Louis District to determine if L. Ron Hubbard was in Walter Reed during 1956.

That seems extremely odd to me. With the FDA in this big case, and information like that possible? They would have spared no expense to track that sucker down.

So, why drop the records search?


But, just like the Dianezene seizures of Hubbard’s experimenations in 1956 –  that were directly related to the top secret CIA/Navy/Army MKULTRA and ARTICHOKE experiments – that got dropped too.

I believe we are beginning to see a pattern here…

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