I ran across some more interesting dox in the recently obtained FDA declassified records – this time about my neck of the woods, Northern Idaho/Eastern Washington. I’ve often wondered about the choice of this area for various things…


Mrs. Johnson talked at length with Dr. Jones and learned from him that L. Ron Hubbard, founder of the scientology group, was himself a mental patient around 1956.

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Before the students were put on the project, there was a rumor circulating about the Academy that Ron was onto something big, that he got sick and nearly died. The place was electric with anticipation, interest, excitement…

advance 6 cover

In CD #3, Vol 12 of 18, of recently declassified FDA documents – was a black-and-white copy of an early Church of Scientology Advance! magazine….

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We are currently engaged in a record obtaining process, and discovered a wonderful activist website that can help you create FOIA requests on whatever your heart desires records on.