By Pirate Mike and shipmate Captain “Cook” Tabaccanist

There are two choices provided to us regarding classification of Scientology –

1. Hubbard and Scientology classified as good guys fighting evil
2. Hubbard classified as just a science fiction writer who started a mind control cult

Those are the only two classifications we are supposed to choose from?

The Church of Scientology Intelligence Bureau was initially part of the Guardian Office. Part of the training for Intelligence Bureau staff was a Guardian Order called Black Propaganda, written by Ron Hubbard. The Guardian Order was first issued in 1972 and it was made part of the Confidential GO Intelligence Course (Section 4 Part C, #3).

Here is the Guardian Order, found at this website. It calls for creating propaganda that classifies Scientology as being good guys fighting evil.

Guardian's Office Black Propaganda_Page_1Guardian's Office Black Propaganda_Page_2


The Guardian Office was renamed the Office of Special Affairs. Guardian Orders were then renamed as being Office of Special Affairs Network Orders.

Guardian's Office is now OSA

Black Propaganda was re-issued as an Office of Special Affairs Network Order, and then it was made part of the Confidential DSA Investigations Officer Full Hat (Section P, #4).

OSA reissue of GO Black Propaganda_Page_1 OSA reissue of GO Black Propaganda_Page_2 OSA reissue of GO Black Propaganda_Page_3

The Missing Correct Classification


Some critics promote the following incorrect classification for Hubbard…

“Hubbard was just a science fiction writer who started a mind control cult.”

What is incorrect about that classification is what is not being mentioned.

We have conducted an extensive investigation into the background of Hubbard, Dianetics and Scientology. We have documented the following undeniable facts –

The British nobility has been working to be the ruthless ruler of the entire world. They want to establish and head a World Government – the New World Order.
In their quest for world dominance they have caused death and suffering to hundreds of millions of people. They are the most evil men in history.

Scientology began in 1871 and was immediately taken under the wing of the British nobility. Dianetics began in 1880 and was also taken under the wing of British intelligence. All the basic ideas in Dianetics and Scientology were developed by the British slavemasters before Ron Hubbard was born. That includes the therapy used.

They were not really interested in anyone’s mental or spiritual well-being. They wanted to mold men into accepting their role as lowly slaves in the British New World Order.

When Ron Hubbard was a teenager he was recruited by British intelligence and that was his lifelong career. He was groomed to be the front man for their subjects – Dianetics and Scientology.

Hubbard told Scientologists to support the British New World Order. In advocating that, Hubbard seeks to place mankind under lunatic rule by the most evil men in the world – the British slavemasters. It is not about freedom, it is about creating the worst nightmare the world has ever known. In advocating that, Hubbard could not have been more evil.

The details and documentation for all I have said is in my book Scientology Roots.

This is the correct classification for Hubbard and Scientology –

Ron Hubbard was an agent for the British New World Order.
The Church of Scientology is a New World Order front group.

It is risky to state the correct classification, because you will be attacked.

You will be told to accept the incorrect classification…

“Hubbard was just a science fiction writer who started a mind control cult.”

You will also be intentionally distracted by putting your attention on things like the wrongdoings of David Miscavige, Scientologists doing surveillance from golf carts, and confrontations in airports.

Such things are distractions off the actual evil of Hubbard and Scientology.

They are as effective as calling Hitler a naughty boy and spanking him with a flower.

Depowering Scientology and the evil men behind it would be a service to mankind. And that would be an event worthy of celebration.



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  1. I wonder if Miscavige’s father’s new book will reveal the nitty gritty.

    • I doubt it, unfortunately. By the way, his father was involved in regging one of my family members to donate money for auditing and pretending “this time” would be different which was a total sham. After the 30K deal was done the family member was refused as being “illegal” and they kept the money – so after that experience I’m not much impressed with the guy in general. He struck me as being as much of an operator/shyster as his son David is.


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