December 4, 2014

A World “Under” God?

Recently I was reading over a CIA document  – this one, that I just uploaded for the Basement – Just Dox section of our Reading Library. It’s a President’s report of the Free Europe Committee for 1958, directed to the D/CIA director, who responded enthusiastically to having received it.

Technically, it’s original name was the NCFE, the National Committee for Free Europe.

The incorporation of the National Committee for Free Europe (NCFE) in 1949, with Hollywood mogul Cecil B. DeMille on its board, confirmed the shift from a limited geopolitical strategy to a global ideological crusade in which all Americans were encouraged to participate.

– Journal of Cold War Studies, 3:3, Fall 2001, pp. 59-76

This group was a cover organization for the CIA.

On one of the pages of the 1958 report, their logo is shown –


It says:

That this world under God shall have a new birth of Freedom.

This is the logo that was put on the Freedom Bell of Berlin, that this group arranged to be a big PR stunt in 1950, ringing it in on October 24, 1950.


The text of “under god…” was plagiarized from Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address (November 19, 1863) – but was changed to WORLD under god, instead of NATION under god.

The whole concept of this “under” god business was in no way part of our founding documents such as the Declaration of Independence – this is a rather nasty twist-of-words overseen by our favorite suspects, the British slavemasters and their various Igors.

For example, the opening of the Declaration of Independence is far better worded, note the “Nature’s God” part, for example.

When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

That’s not the same thing as “GOD” god, the Catholic Nesilim slavemasters god.

Thomas Jefferson (who mostly wrote it) would have a fit if he knew America had gotten back into bed with the very people we broke off from in the first place! They are no better now than they were then, that’s for certain.

The NCFE had as one of it’s members, Cecil B. DeMille. Another CIA document shows that they were using “self help” groups as a cover for their operations as early as 1948 – just two years before covert biological psychiatry supporter L. Ron Hubbard comes out with his SELF HELP book Dianetics.

*See Covert Origins of Dianetics article, as well as the Just Dox sections Scientology and Mind Control for more about how Cecil’s son – Richard Demille – helped Hubbard with some of the early writings of Scientology, as well as carried about black budget projects for ARPA.

Cecil DeMille was long engaged in propaganda for his British masters, in fact a film called Land of Liberty that he “edited” is still used in American schools to teach our children. I have ordered in that film, because I can just imagine what kind of spin he put on things, especially considering it was probably part of an attempted offset of the much more accurate Spirit of ’76 film that got blacklisted during WWI as being “communist”! See American Spirit vs Espionage Act of 1917 by my husband.


robert_goldstein_spirit_of_76_(on_left) New_York_TImes_july_14_1921_-_spirit_of_76

There are many Igors, dupes and agitators, out there right now drumming up the “conditions” needed to spark another World War. You can tell who they are, or rather who is running them, by what they say. Put it this way, they set the “sides” as Russia/China being on one of the sides. This, of course, is because they are bad, nasty communists.

Well, considering you have the CIA, British intelligence west, as I call it,  involved in covers of anti-communist activities like the NCFE, that all by itself would tend to throw this whole communism business into a rather spurious light. For anyone who really wanted to know something other than what they are fed about aliens and whatnot being the cause, communism stands out quite clearly as a British intelligence operation.

They have been staging these sort of “attacks” for a long, long time, and they don’t like getting caught at it. Hence the fact that more than a hundred years after the fact, they were still hiding their involvement in staging “anarchist” and “terrorist” attacks using their own agents, and working together with Russian Intelligence under Melville!

See Casimir Pilenas Palmer compendium.

Probably the most obvious clue out there right now, is the sheer number of sources showing up that spout (forward) the idea that “America” is upsetting the rest of the world with our elitism. I just came across another one earlier today.

OUR elitism? It ain’t OUR elitism, that’s not where it’s coming from.

I probably should comment on the fact that the really evil thing about people who forward such utter crap, is that some of these people obviously want a World War just so they can vindicate themselves as being right about predicting one. So, in a sense, they are, whether they like it or not, doing the work of the slavemasters.

It’s like a two-year old mentality just waiting to say…

I told you so

And having absolutely no sense of relative importance that this is World War we are talking about – not a dang idea popularity contest!

In my husband’s Scientology Roots book, Chapter Nine-4 British Intelligence Sabotaging America, he clearly explains what is going on with Communism. I’m only going to take a few excerpts, but I highly suggest you read that segment, if you haven’t already.

We begin with a brief look at socialism/communism, a British intelligence operation that had its root beginnings in England.

Feudalism was a system in place during the Middle Ages, about 400 to 1500. The social classes were nobility, clergy and peasantry. The king owned the land. Beneath the king was an hierarchy of nobles who the king granted to be landowners. The peasants swore allegiance to a nobleman for the right to live on his land and they provided various services to the nobleman.

…The British slavemasters had long promoted the false idea that the mind of man is a blank slate – and that you can shape a man by writing whatever you want onto that slate. Robert Owen was a British propaganda man who continued to forward the blank slate idea. He wrote four essays that began appearing in 1813.

Owen said that man had no personality, no character at all, and that on this blank slate, circumstances form his character. Owen concluded that “the great secret in the right formation of man’s character” is to place him under the proper influences – physical, moral and social – from his earliest years.  81

…From 1842 to 1844, Friedrich Engels spent two years living in Manchester, England. The Chartists were a social movement in England. Socialism is an economic system that seeks to replace Capitalism.

…Karl Marx was a German born socialist. Marx moved to Paris in 1843, where he met Friedrich Engels, and they became friends. Marx and Engles authored and co-authored books on socialism/communism.

…Marx said the working class should overthrow the exploiting bourgeoisie and he advocated the workers should carry out a violent revolution to topple capitalism.

This is standard stage-setting of the warmongering British slavemasters. They have done the same thing over and over and over again.

Corrected definitions by my husband Mike –

Capitalism is an economic system that allows private individuals to own the means of production and distribution of goods. This system makes a few people wealthy – the owners – while providing only a mediocre existence to the workers.

Socialism is an economic system that says the means of production and distribution of goods should be owned by the whole society – a cooperative. It is also a political movement that aims to establish that economic system and get rid of Capitalism.

Communism is an economic system where all property is publicly owned and each person works and is paid according to their abilities and needs. Public ownership of the means of production and distribution of goods.

Great, aren’t they?

Just a few more excerpts, these create a very clear picture of this whole agitation of “communism”, directly connected into the nobility of Britain.

Carl Schorlemmer, a member of the Royal Society, was a communist associate of Marx. The Royal Society has direct participation by the British Royal Family.

In June 1847, Karl Marx and other socialists formed the Communist League in London.

The Communist movement was headed and orchestrated from London.

Communist-manifestoManifesto of the Communist Party

The Communists are further reproached with desiring to abolish countries and nationality.

– Manifesto of the Communist Party

transparent back flashing starNoticetransparent back flashing star

That this is 100 percent alignment with the British slavemaster goal to abolish nations.


In chapter 5 of his book, about the Nesilim my husband writes:

The Nesilim practice of uniting Kings and Priests to rule the world, spread throughout Europe. And the European kings, aided by their Priests, expanded their territory by war.


Really look at that…they expand their territory by war. Like what communism, or anarchism, or nazism, or globalism, are all being used for!


I have had enough of “Kings and Priests” making this the lonely planet.

new world order under god the lonely planet

Telling us who is low, who is high; giving us plans, programs, rules, bridges, and sermons of “steps” we must take to become enlightened – all the while complaining out of the other side of their mouth that those of us who refuse are “the problem”.

To heck with that – says I.

It is the world under them that is the problem – and they…crazy men that they are? Traditionally “speak” for God, who cannot ever seem to speak for “himself”.

So, when it comes to…

A world…


Thank you, but no, is my response to that idea. We’ve been lied to enough about all that, don’t you think?

Five Hundred Years

of a Rule of Lies by “priests and kings” is certainly long enough.

Time’s up…..

Virginia McClaughry

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