November 27, 2014

An Admission – of sorts

A recent New York Times article (November 11, 2014) stated that:

Yet the growing body of data — maps, atlases and so-called connectomes that show linkages between cells and regions of the brain — represents a paradox of progress, with the advances also highlighting great gaps in understanding.

there is no brain-wide neural code; no electrical or chemical alphabet exists that can be recombined to say “red” or “fear” or “wink” or “run.” And no one knows whether information is encoded differently in various parts of the brain.

This is about as close to an admission of the falsity of previous claims of “proof” as to where specific thought originates, as I think we’re gonna get from these people.

You can still see a glimmer of the kind of propaganda-science that has been a favorite of the British slavemasters and their pseudo “society” (going all the way back to the days of Francis Bacon), paradoxically, even in this article that purports to reveal “we don’t know.”

Sebastian Seung at Princeton, author of “Connectome: How the Brain’s Wiring Makes Us Who We Are,” speaks in sweeping terms of how identity, personality, memory — all the things that define a human being — grow out of the way brain cells and regions are connected to each other. But in the lab, his most recent work involves the connections and structure of motion-detecting neurons in the retinas of mice.

In other words –

A whole hell of a lot of blah-blah-blah…

blame - talking heads

and no real science.


It could have something to do with that we are not animals, apparently a completely incomprehensible idea to such “men of science”.

If you look at the claims of people like Ewen Cameron, L. Ron Hubbard, Wilder Penfield, and various other overt or covert Biological Psychiatry supporters, you can see that no matter what? They want to find where “it” happens.

The thinking, and especially those dang decisions – the bane of all slavemasters.

…When we know exactly where the thinking is done in the body…we can assume that it at least passes through the switchboard of the little men who hang by their heels.

– L. Ron Hubbard, Dianetics, The Modern Science of Mental Health, Book III: CHAPTER IX, PART ONE Mechanisms and Aspects of Therapy, THE CASE ENTRANCE; excerpted from my article Two Little Men Hanging By Their Heels.

Being able to “locate” thoughts and decisions is an obsession, and that’s not a good platform from which to properly evaluate anything, let alone conduct scientific studies.

Dr. Abbott, highlighted in the Times article, is a physicist who recently switched to neuroscience. He’s a good example of this imbalanced view towards man, right on up to today.

The question now on his mind, and that of many neuroscientists, is how larger groups, thousands of neurons, work together — whether to produce an action, like reaching for a cup, or to perceive something, like a flower.

There are ways to record the electrical activity of neurons in a brain, and those methods are improving fast. But, he said, “If I give you a picture of a thousand neurons firing, it’s not going to tell you anything.

And his punch-line is the same as always, despite the fact of over a hundred years of evidence finding the opposite to be true – there is no mechanism.

…the goal is to discover the physiological mechanism in the data.

The only thing in this guy’s favor, is at least he is willing to admit he doesn’t know crap from shinola basically, about the true nature and source of thoughts, and more importantly, decisions. That’s their real interest.

This guy’s work is part of the funding that American sock-puppet President Obama was pressured to pour more tax dollars into –  “researching” the brain.

Poor Obama, I almost feel sorry for the guy – such a little Igor he allows himself to be.

human experimentation - igor

Reaching back 70 years to the time of Ewen Cameron, it’s easy to see that the real goal for all this research remains the same.

If we can succeed in inventing means of changing their attitudes and beliefs, we shall find ourselves in possession of measures which, if wisely used, may be employed in freeing ourselves from their attitudes and beliefs in other fields which have greatly contributed to the instability of our period by their propensity for holding up progress.

— Dr. Ewen Cameron: Life is For Living, 1948; excerpted from my article Ewen Cameron and Ron Hubbard – Two Peas In A Pod


And here’s Dr. Abbott in 2014 – still after those dang decisions.

…he asks why does one pattern of neurons firing “make you jump off the couch and run out the door and others make you just sit there and do nothing?”


You can see the back-assward premise there, that the neurons make you ________ [fill in the blank].

Not..that YOU make the neurons fire and action occur in the body in any independent decision.

Do we really have to explain that to these men? Are they really that obtuse?

I don’t think so.

I think that this is what they want to believe, and that is not the same thing a truth (or hard science) at all.

The method of approach, the ridiculously stubborn adherence to an obviously unproveable (and will never be proven) theory, is no different than religious extremists.

It’s a dogmatic religion posing as science.

The bottom line is that slavemasters and their ilk, simply do not do well with the word NO and the idea of actual free will for anyone else but them. It’s like they are serial mind-rapists and party-crashers who simply refuse to acknowledge that other people are not simply extensions of their will.

Because of this entirely screwed-up perspective, these people are driven. They would dearly and passionately love to find a way to forcibly “remove” dissent and contension to their insane goals for humanity – all in the name of harmony, of course.

sarcasm little guy

The important part of that desire should never be forgotten. They want to be able to change attitudes AGAINST the guy’s will.

That’s the real ticket for people like this.

Five hundred years of these people “in charge” has only changed one thing. We now have a technological slave society.

A friend of mine commented that all their self-touted advances really boiled down to: “Hell with lights and television.” Good way to put it.

One wonders, just how advanced we could have been, if they had spent even half as much time proving how it isn’t physical. What a world it could be…

Virginia McClaughry

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  1. If these great academics from the most pretentious, oops prestigious halls of higher learning would for a moment stop hiding behind the guise of helping mankind. But rather realize that their sources of funding is coming from covert organizations hell bent on dominating and controlling the masses. That the extent that we are nothing more than money slaves to the elites control agenda we may actually make progress for the people that are suffering different brain disorders and help people not control them. I have basically a grade six education and I have noticed through research that scientists spend a vast majority of their time seeking funding for their research than in their labs. And consequently if their particular avenues of interest to their research does not adhere to the desired findings of those which are providing the funding then said funding goes to other scientists who are more than willing to say, ” follow the party line “. We all see this evident every day or two or every year or so, when we see on television one leading scientist proclaiming this or that product reduces fat or helps with high blood pressure etc. Than another leading authority proclaims the opposite, confusion after confusion meanwhile the venders walk away with the publics money from both these leading authorities advice. The question never seems to arise “who funded these authorities and were they biased towards their backers”. We know the answers but do nothing and the government agencies in charge of investigating these frauds seldom if ever do anything but superficial skimming over with a few strong words of chastisement. Meanwhile these corporations rake in billions. Anyway sorry for the rant but thanks for the great info. Keep up the good fight never say die, unless to tyrants!


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