See post Dive Bomber – Hubbard was only paid $250

As a follow-up on the information discussed in the above posting, we contacted Robert Florczak privately (who is currently writing a book about Errol Flynn) regarding his blog comment mentioned in the above post, where he discussed the fact that L. Ron Hubbard was only paid $250 for just the title “Dive Bomber”.

Robert quickly and graciously responded with further information concerning the facts of this matter.

Note: We also pointed him to the posting linked to above, so that he too, could see the lies that Hubbard told about this “sale”. Hence his reference to Hubbard’s “in the can” statement – which he now knows about.

With permission, we quote Robert’s response –

The comment of mine on the Errol Flynn blog that you mention is in reference to an entry in The Chronology of April 29, 1941. On that date I show a Warner Bros. inter-office memo from Jacob Wilk to M. Ebenstein saying:

“Please prepare an agreement for the clearance of rights in the title, ‘Dive Bomber’, from Captain L. Ron Hubbard, for $250.00.”

A few days later, on April 30th, Warner Bros. purchased the title from Hubbard, who had written a story with that name for the magazine “Five Novels Monthly,” published in the July 1937 issue.

There was more communication in the Archives concerning this affair, and how it was only the title in which the studio was interested (because of possible legal infringement), but I didn’t retrieve any of that because it wasn’t specifically pertinent to my book.

Since Flynn’s final day of shooting on “Dive Bomber” wasn’t until June 3, 1941, and more filming was necessary considerably after that date, it was disingenuous at best for Hubbard to claim that they didn’t contact him until the film was “in the can.”

five_novels_monthly_193707image from Phil’s wonderful website

Disingenuous indeed.

Besides the fact that, thanks to Robert, Ron Hubbard has now been caught in more than one lie concerning this whole Dive Bomber business, there are several very interesting things about the above, not the least of which is the Warner Bros. document referring to him as Captain Hubbard?


vincent price - whoa


Is that another lie by Hubbard? Or perhaps even worse, is it an inadvertent truth as to his actual undoctored war history? I guess we’ll find out, soon enough. We have other contacts rustling up the “dox” on Hubbard’s real background.

Anyhow –

A big thank you goes out to Robert for his help, and for his kind acknowledgement of our work in this area…

I believe in and support the work you’re doing; it’s an issue that needs to be more widely addressed.

– Robert Florczak to Mike McClaughry, November 16, 2014, private email quoted with permission.

We agree.

Mike and Virginia McClaughry

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