I was catching up on updating some older articles of mine, news articles I had found, and such, that hadn’t been added, and I was re-checking the net to see if there was any other items of interest concerning Hubbard’s Dive Bomber lies.

The article I was updating, was this one:
Astounding Science Fiction March 1950 – Intro to Dianetics by John W. Campbell Jr.

I found that back on May 21 of this year, 2014, Thomas McNulty provided information concerning the featured image for my post today. That came from a May 19, 2014 press release by the Church of Scientology front called Galaxy Press.

After release of the initial film version, Hubbard wrote about this story,

You may get a question from the audience or someone as I don’t think my name is on the subtitles of credit for story. The reason for this is that Warner Bros. shot the whole film and got it in the can before somebody had noticed that they had forgotten to contract with me and pay me for it. They hastily made up for this omission but after the film was released.

There is an amusing anecdote connected with this: It was just before I shipped out for the South Pacific as a naval officer…. When it was over, I used the check to take a holiday in the Caribbean. And that’s the story of ‘Dive Bomber.

The audience will have the advantage of me; I’ve never seen it. They didn’t have movies where I went.

Robert writes in to the blog article mentioned, and says:

What Hubbard misrepresents in his quote is that the film had anything to do with his pulp story. Warner Bros. paid him a small, one-time buyout ($250) for the use of the title only, and it wasn’t after the film was “in the can” but on April 30, 1941, halfway through production of the film. The paperwork dealing with this issue is displayed in the Errol Flynn Chronology.*

*Note – That is probably a reference to Robert’s book: Errol Flynn: An Illustrated Life Chronology. Robert made use of the extensive Warner Brothers archives.


That isn’t the first time Hubbard lied about this. As I discussed in my Astounding Science Fiction March 1950 – Intro to Dianetics by John W. Campbell Jr.  article – Hubbard said on the record –  in a lecture, not just some alleged “he wrote” crap probably written by the Church – that he received 10,000 dollars for Dive Bomber.

Well, a short time afterwards, the government decided to give me all of my back pay.

… By that time I was out of the service, so that, of course, was the time to be very helpful and promote a fellow’s morale so that he would serve his country because he was no longer in the armed services. See how this works out? So they gave me a nice big thick sheaf of treasury checks.

Well, in addition to that, I hadn’t had it too bad; I’d sold a movie-Dive Bomber-you may have seen the thing. Wallace Beery, so forth, way back. And I’d sold it right at the beginning of the war and I’d opened up a safe deposit box and I’d never told any of my relatives about it and I’d popped ten thousand dollars in one thousand dollar bills into it and closed the lock tight.

So when I got out of the war I didn’t take that for finance. I must confess to you that this subject study of finance and advance was not really by the sweat of the brow. I took that and bought a yacht and went down for a cruise in the West Indies when the war was over.

– 18 October 1958, lecture by L. Ron Hubbard entitled The Story of Dianetics and Scientology

So, there you have it. Hubbard only got $250 and NOT the grandiose claim of $10,000.

He surely loved his drama queen intelligence covers, didn’t he? Exactly what his fellow intelligence agents in training hated about him.

From Hubbard Trains at Pemberley – and Passes?

On the trail of a name-changing and Eugenics-loving OSS agent who was involved with the setting up (with Tavistock psychiatrists) the assessment program in the U.S. for intelligence agents during WWII, I ordered in some very old books.

One of them, written by this agent of whom I speak, Anthony Mitrano AKA William James Morgan, had the following entry in his Spies and Saboteurs book, Chapter II: Pemberley.

*See British Security Coordination Compendium #3  (and also #4) for much more information about this OSS agent.

The Book –

Spies and Saboteurs by William James Morgan, published London, Victor Gollancz LTD 1955



Check out page 22, this is where it really gets interesting.

spies and saboteurs 1

Plain Text –

p. 22

I was invited to join one of the groups of candidates and go through the assessment with them so as to get their point of view.

There was another American in my group, who soon made himself disliked by his teammates and by anyone else who would listen to him.

He claimed to have made one hundred and sixty-three parachute jumps as a barnstorming daredevil, to have been a deep-sea diver, an airline pilot, and an automobile speed-racer, to speak French, Spanish, and German; and to have starred in Hollywood pictures.

The others would shout him down and demand proof, but he always contrived to produce it-newspaper clippings, snapshots, testimonials, idiomatic backchat in three languages.

At the end of his stay in Pemberley he was failed as a team-worker but given an exceptionally high rating as a lone wolf operative, with the reservation that his success would depend on how far he could cut down his boasting. He went into France several months before the Normandy invasion and, posing as a German, joined a German army unit. When the fighting became fierce he made his way to the American line with vital order-of-battle information. His coolness, self-assurance, and talent for plausible lying won him the Distinguished Service Cross.”

Distinguished Service Cross for Lying?

distinguished service cross - parody Hubbard2

Remind you of anyone?

Claims –

  • barnstorming daredevil
  • deep-sea diver,
  • an airline pilot,
  • and an automobile speed-racer,
  • to speak French, Spanish, and German;
  • and to have starred in Hollywood pictures.


That’s L. Ron Hubbard all right.


The more things change, the more they stay the same. The bumbling occult-ridden con-man ass intelligence cover for major agents of the British Empire goes way, way back. All the way to William Cecil’s agent, Dr. John Dee, in the time of the Rise of the Slavemasters.

In some ways it’s nice to see they never do anything differently, makes them easy to track!

– Virginia McClaughry

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  1. Hilarious! That was Jack Parson’s $10K that paid for the runaway yacht cruise off the Florida coastline (NOT the “West Indies”).

    “Oh, what a tangled web we weave: When first we practise to deceive!”


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