Wikipedia carries an a image that it lists as an edition of “The Protocols of Zion”.


First of all, that characterization is totally false – it is not an “edition” of the Protocols of ZION – as in Jews.

The image itself is only a partial one, and is almost unreadable. Wikipedia (and multiple other round-robin quote fest books) cite the source like this:

Red “Bible,” Public Ledger (Philadelphia) October 27, 1919, by Carl W. Ackerman.

One source given in the main wiki article on the Protocols of Zion is –

But he cites this:


Warrant for genocide: the myth of the Jewish world-conspiracy and the Protocols of the elders of Zion, Norman Cohn, Harper & Row, 1967.

If you do this Google search you’ll see how many quote-fest books there are using Cohn’s.

Who is this Cohn person?

He’s a British oxford man.

From this website

This is how Norman Cohn is described in Who’s Who in World Jewry, Pitman Publishing Co., New York 1972:

“COHN, Norman, Eng, author, educator; b. London Eng, Jan 12, 1915; s.August and Daisy (Reimer); MA, Christ Church Sch, Oxford, 1939; DLitt Glasgow; m. Vera Broido, Sep 3 1941; c, Nik. Professorial F, U of Sussex since 1963; found dir, Cen for Research in Collective Psychopath, since 1963; prof, U Durham, 1960-63; F, Cen for Advanced Study in Behavioral Scis, Stanford, 1966. Capt, Brit Army, 1939-46. Author: The Pursuit of the Millennium 1957, rev ed 1970; Warrant for Genocide, 1970; trans: Goid Khan and Other Siberian Legends; contbr to profsl jours. Mem Athenaeum. Recipient, Wolf-Anisfield Prize for Race Relations, 1968 Hobbies: walking, travel. Home: 61 New End, London NW3, Eng. Office: 3 Henrietta St, London WC2, Eng.”


There are some very nasty connections in the above, I’ll single them out for you.

  • Christ Church Oxford – Cecil Bloc recruiting grounds
  • Center for Research in Collective Psychopath – you mean like how he’s trying to influence everyone into thinking the Protocols of Zion were Russian only?
  • Athanaeum – not an easy club to get into, usually only British slavemasters and their best igors
  • Stanford Center for Advanced Study in Behavorial Sciences – that is a really nasty one, there.

OK, so this apparently Zionist Cohn guy, he’s got all these heavy-duty British slavemaster connections, and just happens, in 1967, to publish a book that misdirects everyone away from the British? And his publisher for this book, Eyre & Spottiswoode, just happens to be the same publisher of the first English edition of the Protocols of Zion in 1920?

Come on…

come on!

Wait until you see my extensive article (for our Reading Library) that I’m working on – it’s a Compendium of all kinds of evidence that British intelligence was running these kinds of things. It has now been published, it’s called Casimir Pilenas Palmer, and it’s in the Specific Persons section – The Encyclopedia of the “Bad Guys – of our Reading Libaray here.

Ok, now let’s take up the headlines of this article image.


  • Red “Bible” Counsels Appeal to Violence
  • “Right is Might” is Cardinal Text of Doctrines Expounded in Guidebook of World Revolutionists
  • Bolshevist Propaganda seized…An organized campaign is being waged by the War Department against Bolshevist propaganda...

The only source on the net for this particular article’s first headline, is that British-born Oxford man – Mr. Cohn – who published his book almost 50 years after the fact.

google_search_red_bibleThe second headline – the “right is might” has 0 results.


0 results – that’s really saying something in this day and age. Wow, now that’s hidden. Most researchers would be stopped dead-in-their-tracks trying to track things down using these particular headlines and dates.

So now, what does this Mr. Cohn theoretically say about this alleged newspaper article?

… Then, in October 1919, extracts from the Protocols…

…all references to Jews had been removed, so that the plot seemed a purely Bolshevik affair.

Website, retrieved October 2, 2014.

First of all, notice the first line excerpted, how it says Protocols with the inference that it is the Protocols of ZION.

It isn’t.

But why, does it say seemed “purely a Bolshevik affair”? Why did he try and backdate the Protocols of ZION as being somehow the same thing as this “Red” Bible?

They are not the same thing.

So why?

Because –

There is a massive conspiracy by British intelligence, even now, (and especially back in 1919) to backdate the Protocols of Zion.



Because if it was revealed that there is NO mention anywhere of anything referring to a ZIONIST Jewish conspiracy prior to 1920, when it was first published as The Protocols of Zion, then it would be far too easy for a researcher to land right on British Intelligence’s doorstep.

Imagine, what the world would think if it knew that this was BRITISH forgery and intelligence operation done purely to incite War?

Oh - the Horror! - Silent film star


Along the tortuous and tangled route of lie upon lie upon lie that my path of research has had to take recently, I suddenly found something very interesting – important enough to post it by itself, right now.

See Casimir Pilenas Palmer for the full story with all my research on these points.

How I found it is nothing short of amazing, but to make a long story short it was a Russian (don’t know if it was a man or woman) who in January of this year – 2014 – put up an interesting little research article on this very subject of the “Red” Bible.

It was in Russian, but that didn’t matter to me. I knew that it would point me to the real articles that I needed to crack the back of this particular research monstrosity.

I translated it, and began following down the links that he provided – every one working perfectly (which was incredibly refreshing to see, by the way) except for one that was behind a pay wall.

Well, I signed up for the service of this archival website, and got to actually see this article that is under the byline of Carl W. Ackerman.

I’m going to show you that wonderfully real article the Russian person linked to, but what the interesting thing was, that I found, was this.

Under Ackerman’s name, you see:

Philadelphia Public Ledger Service


This is something that gets referred to in other sources, variously, as “Public Ledger Service” or “Public Ledger Cable Service”, and sometimes it was called the Public Ledger syndicate or company.

Sounds pretty innocuous or as if it is ONLY the very real newspaper called the Philadelphia Public Ledger – doesn’t it?

That is most definitely not the case.

The real name that is important is:

London Times – Public Ledger Cable Service


Note: Sometimes it’s written the other way around, but the idea is the same.

Here’s one very good example, especially for what I’m going to tell you later on.

london_times_public_ledgerEditor and Publisher mag Volume 51

This same connection is also covered briefly in Fourth Estate: A Weekly Newspaper for Publishers, Advertisers …, Part 2 – December, 1918, p. 19.

Here’s an even earlier one – 1917.

This one is especially important.

– note the names H. Wickham Steed and Lord Northcliffe.

The Sun, December 14, 1918, Page 7, Image 7The Sun, December 14, 1918, Page 7, Image 7


See? There’s that “Ledger Syndicate” bit – which, by the way, goes back to the BRITISH paper Public Ledger, which was part of a “syndicate” starting in the mid-1700’s. Small world, eh? More on that another time.

If you try to search either of those terms, especially the London Times-Public Ledger Cable service, you get a real short list of results, but do notice the earliest is 1917.

Pages from _LONDON TIMEs - PUBLIC LEDGER CABLE SERVICE_ - Google Search October 4, 2014Another bad sign, that there is that little about it. An even worse sign is that several of the results link it up with League of Nations items.

However, what I did find is this. This “service” of feeding articles FROM the London Times (owned by Northcliffe) TO various U.S. papers, began in 1917.

This news article from the London Times on the 4th of July, 1919 – full page, no less – shows the tight ties between the Public Ledger and the Times.

The_Times_Fri__Jul_4__1919 curtis philadelphia public ledger british

The “service” of feeding articles shows that the Public Ledger was little more than a glorified BRITISH PROPAGANDA outlet.

It was highly controlled by a little known man, literally the “King” of propaganda in Britain, named C.F.G. Masterman, of which woefully little has been written, and what has been written is about as useful as a pile of snow in hell (more or less). I aim to remedy that, but the point is, this man WAS the real deal.

NOTHING went out without his either direct creation of it, or his direct checking of it.

He began his work in 1914, and had close ties with Northcliffe, and his two Lord Milner (Round Table and League of Nations) controlled editors – Dawson and H. Wickham Steed.

See Casimir Pilenas Palmer for the full story with all my research on these points.

So now, guess who it was that first presented to the world, the first English version of the Protocols, now attacking JEWS?

H. Wickham Steed.


Milner’s man, and mouthpiece of C.F.G. Masterman, and later the same thing for both William Wiseman and William Stephenson – both British MI6 who were tasked to get American into WWI and WWII respectively.

You are looking at a highly controlled operation here, folks.


SO controlled, that even up until today the truth is still being erroneously directed at everywhere BUT where it should.

At the British Slavemasters.


Now, I’m going to show you the article that this ever-so-timely Russian person linked to earlier this year on an obscure website.

This is the piece, the “break” that pierced the logjam of information – half of which was BS, the rest that no one could even look at themselves easily (on the net, at any rate). Very convenient for the still propagandizing “the bad Jews” crowd.

That article is from the Atlanta Constitution.


Want to verify it yourself and you don’t have a membership? Click the link above, then scroll down to where you say it say: OCR text and search for “Red Bible” and you’ll see it does indeed have such an article.

Here’s the article –


Note: notice anything? That thing reads like a through-a-mirror-darkly image of exactly what the British slavemasters are like, did plan, and did carry out, beginning more than three hundred years* ago!

*See Balance of Power article.

Here’s the full page of the news article so that you can see it for yourself, but you need to click it to enlarge it.


Can you believe that one part of the headline?

The People are Like a Herd of Sheep and We Are the Wolves.

Gee, where have we heard that propaganda before.

eye roll


The 1800’s British Fabian Society, anyone, anyone? (little humor there from the Ferris Buehler’s Day off movie). One of their mottos was: Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing – MAKING A NEW WORLD.

Exactly like this “Red” bible tries to lay off on ‘Russian Communists’.


Now you see why I “rolled my eyes” so to speak at it, because it just makes it even more obvious who was behind it. Of course, I’m looking at my full run of information on it, which you won’t see until my article is out, but it was still worthy of bringing your attention to this “wolf” and “new world” business, so that you can at least have some idea why this “Red” bible even has that tripe in it.

Finally, I did further research and currently on the net, I can find no record of the Public Ledger publishing anything like the sources cited in the beginning of my post.

I do think there probably were articles, like this that Wikipedia lists:


  • Red “Bible,” Public Ledger (Philadelphia) October 27, 1919, by Carl W. Ackerman
  • Red “Bible” [1 of 2 in series]
  • Public Ledger (Philadelphia) [Front Page, Continued on Page 10, Column 2] October 27, 1919
  • Reds Plot to Smash World and Then Rule with Universal Czar [2 of 2 in series]
  • Public Ledger (Philadelphia) [Front Page, Continued on Page 12, Column 2] October 28, 1919




It has these articles listed as editions of the Protocols of ZION – and that is just 100 percent not true.

The articles of this time period did talk about Protocols all right (one meaning of Protocols is minutes of a meeting, by the way) but of COMMUNISM. Says so right in many articles in different papers, all carrying this same “Red” Bible hoax.

Here’s a cross sampling of very real articles for you.

Here is an article in an Oregon paper

oregonian red bible october 27, 1919

Fitchburg Sentinel (Fitchburg, Massachusetts) Wednesday, October 29, 1919 – Page 12


Chicago Daily Tribune (Chicago, Illinois) Saturday, October 25, 1919 – Page 3


The Index-Journal (Greenwood, South Carolina) Friday, October 24, 1919 – Page 1


Vancouver Daily World (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada) Friday, October 24, 1919 – Page 1


The New York Times (New York, New York) Saturday, October 25, 1919 – Page 2

Check out the blatantly obvious positioning side-by-side of “red bible” radicals next to Workers strikes.


Kind of nice to see some things like this for yourself, right? You’re welcome!

There’s also this, that’s kind of interesting, it’s from 1920, note how the “red bible” ends up right next to a promotion for the League of Nations pamphlet.  Said as drily as possible – How very appropriate.

A.M.F. Monthly, Volumes 28-30

Again, for much more about all this, see Casimir Pilenas Palmer for the full story.


A note on Ackerman –

The finding aid concerning Carl W. Ackerman at the Library of Congress shows that he published articles in 1919 for “the Philadelphia Public Ledger syndicate” – which, as we now know, is a veiled reference to the London Times actual control of such “articles” and what they were to say.

His record also lists:

  • Articles for the Philadelphia Public Ledger Foreign News Service Jan. 1920-June 1921 –

Again – that’s really the London Times controlling that.

In fact, his record actually shows that –

1920-1921 Organized and served as chief of Philadelphia Public Ledger Foreign News Service, London, England

His record also lists that in 1918-1919, he was the correspondent for the New York Times in Siberia, China, and Japan, and that in 1919 he published Trailing the Bolsheviki and then toured the U.S. for Philadelphia Public Ledger Service, writing articles on industrial unrest.

Well, you’ve now seen what these “industrial unrest” articles were – blatant propaganda ordered by the League of Nations boys in England.

You see, they were using this “red” bible BS to blame the worker strikes that were occurring around the U.S. on that, get it?

In fact, they were also using a MID (the U.S. Army Military Intelligence Division) man, Lieutenant Donald Van Buren, to do all manner of heinous actions against the “communist” strikers in Indiana. Van Buren then testified in front of a senate commission into the labor strikes, and quite straight-forwardly blamed it all on this BS “Red” Bible!

Here’s the example page from the hearings.

Investigations into the Strikes – Congressional Hearings, example page:

Note that in the excerpt from the hearings, Van Buren specifically says that the “Red” Bible is from the COMMUNIST INTERNATIONAL, referring to a meeting March 2 to 6 of 1919.

Err…that’s, oh, about 23 years after the alleged “secret meeting” of the Zionists that just a year later (1920) would be filled in – in the Protocols of Zion book – and replace the “communist” alleged meeting!





Look! It’s cut-and-paste propaganda.


Forgeries and Propaganda

the British Slavemasters only weapons.


They are the Mind-Poisoners.

mind poisoners - mind control.

You know, on the subject of Van Buren (the MID man) and his testimony to the U.S. government, when you read my new addition to the Reading Library – Casimir Pilenas Palmer – and you find out where that “bolshevist” conspiracy crap really came from, and who (in the MID)? Well…



For now, at least, you at least have an idea of that:

  • 1: this “Red” bible is not the Protocols of Zion and
  • 2: that the person (and the new service promoting it) are fully British Intelligence and propaganda controlled – 100 per cent.


One other note, before I close –

Carl Ackerman was a close confidant of Colonel House. Colonel House was the go-between for British intelligence to get President Wilson to present the League of Nations idea of the Round Table British Imperialists – as being our idea.

Wow, right? Just lovely.

So, Colonel House’s main jobs were to get President Wilson and America to:

  • A: agree to fight the British war against the rest of the world for them and
  • B: to Get America to present the League of Nations idea as if it was ours (when the request to do so actually came from British Intelligence man, Lord Grey, Viscount of Fallodon).

Ackerman would write to him and make sure he “understood” how things should be, if you catch my drift.


Carl W. Ackerman

carl w. ackerman

In Volume 3 of The Intimate Papers of Colonel House – excerpted –

Mr. Carl W. Ackerman to Colonel House


February 4, 1918


This letter is intended as a report on the political situation in Germany and the Central Powers…

…The war has reached the decisive period. To my mind, the problem facing the United States is this:

How far can the United States go in encouraging the peace movement and the reform forces within Central Europe without weakening the determination of the Allies to fight until a just peace can be concluded.

The solution is: War, relentless war with armies and speeches against the German War government but peace with the democratic, or reform, peace forces.

Very sincerely and respectfully



That last paragraph is almost a carbon copy of H.G. Wells “proposal” to Lord Beaverbrook – head of British Propaganda or “Crewe House” – so, even if we didn’t know anything about this Ackerman’s nasty actions propagandizing this “red bible” for the Brits – we know just from the above he is one of their ugly mouthpieces.


Mouth of Sauron


A word to the wise? That term he used – ‘just peace’ – doesn’t mean what you think it does.

See Casimir Pilenas Palmer for the full story.

By Virginia McClaughry

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