Simple answer?

You don’t.


That’s the wrong approach to what you have done.




In my work with Slavemasters who “cross over” – this is a big, big, topic of thought for them.

They are so lost in the traps that they spent so much time creating for others that they look to their own false materials for the solution.

A Slavemaster is always looking for a FINAL SOLUTION.


A Way Out.

Or even more simply – “A Way”.


The very act of doing so is to be a Slavemaster.

Within the trap of all these “ways” they have projected onto the rest of us, are things like how to feel after one has done wrong.

What it looks like.


puppydog looks


What it feels like.


What you should be like.


These have words that are often used to represent these projections.

Guilt, Remorse, Blame, Regret, Forgiveness, Moving On, Letting Go, Reparation, Healing – you get the idea.

Penitence and Repentance have absolutely nothing to do with correcting what one has done.

In fact, it is The Unrepentant who is far closer to the truth.


There is no way to take back what one has done.

To act as if one only just discovered that what they did was wrong and to REPENT it is to –

deny one’s self

thereby starting the same cycle all over again.


The last vacationing Slavemaster that I worked with, used to go ’round and ’round and ’round on this “How do I…” point.

Like this –

hamster wheel

The so-called secret here is in what you just did.

You looked at the hamster picture, right?

So did he.

He looked at his actions, his guilt, the “how could I”, the “I’m wrong”, the “How can I be wrong if I’m perfect?” and so on.

Looked AT.



Slavemasters are just about perfect examples of someone who has done numerous acts of grievous wrongs.

BIG wrongs.

And by big I simply mean ones that affect hundreds of thousands of people or environments.

If they take a break from lying 24/7 – this is what happens.

When in the face of such magnitude they start out usually by doing one or two things – sometimes both at the same time.

They correctly FEEL what they have done. They FEEL each and every person and ramification all down the line.

But even then – they still lie. They look AT it, and not FROM.

Only when you are looking AT something like that, do you begin the ridiculous thought process of “How do I recover from this?”.

Because, if you truly stopped lying about the whole thing – you would include YOU and the rest of the story.

When this is pointed out, the Slavemaster then does the one or two things I mentioned.

They start trying to look like they feel responsibility for what they have done, and they work that feeling, that knowledge of the wrong, the pain, the suffering they had a part in creating – they work it to death.

This is them trying to use their own trap materials of “what responsibility and recovery” look like.

They use REGRET.

A lot.


And when you ridicule this method of trying to get out of what they have done, and ask them WTF? does regret have to do with anything?

They look at you like this, and ask:

What do you mean regret isn’t part of responsibility?


Thereby again creating their very own Slavemaster trap.

Then they usually start going on about how they need to “change” this that and the other thing about themselves.

My guy used to say: “I need to get rid of my shit.”

I would usually respond –

If that was true you would have done it already. You’re still wanting to try and distance yourself from you and call it “shit”.

Which is completely impossible – but a hamster wheel of effort sure goes into it though.

Lots of effort, usually with very intense looks of concentration on their faces.

we're catching them now


The other thing they do, is if they start to cease lying 24/7 about the whole thing, they try to either BLAME themselves and their badness (their “shit”) and how “it” needs to be excised, and this usually always develops into a mental argument against the incorrectness of that

 – notice that this action shows they are doing a bit of a personal sockpuppet show.


…they rail against the actually incorrect idea that they, the real person, are bad.

Then they throw up a COPY of “the good guy” they must be.

The punchline is that they are pretending they have to guess who that is.


This is how the White Mask that they all use – the sociopath, the psychopath, the slavemaster, even the average Joe – was created in the first place.

sociopath real person– image I created for my article Portrait of a Sociopath

And yea, it’s some tortured logic. But, I think if you look really closely you’ll see that you do that too on occasion.

This is who I am. That is not me. I have DISCOVERED myself!




Here we are again with looking AT instead of FROM.

This particular slavemaster eventually shelved that bullshit endless game of I’m right, I’m wrong; there is no right and wrong;  and he looked FROM.

And then? It was so easy for him to correct and actually move forward without trying to erase history, without trying to reinvent oneself, and without trying to escape FIXING what he had done.

Note: That last one is actually one of the main reasons they come up with all these philosophies and “ways” – they don’t want to have to fix what has been done.

The key to actually fixing something like this is:


What you have done.


ALL of the you in what you have done, what is yours and all the permutations that can take.

Because that my friend, is why you’ll do it again if you don’t.

Only when the slavemaster stops playing his endless game of “fixing what was wrong” with his thinking, his personality, his outlook, his information – will he do what he already knows must be done.

It is easy to correct, or re-enter one’s correctness into any situation – whether past or present.

And yes, it does involve going around to each and every one of the people you affected and putting you back on the line to them.


Because that is what you did when you “done what you done”.


Elementary, my dear Watson


You knew exactly who, what, and where you were about to effect with that decision under consideration at the time – you grasped the magnitude then.

Do it again – but this time, from the FROM  – which had the full knowledge of the use of the lie that you did the first time; the full knowledge of the destruction; all of it.

Only in that place – will things be changed NOW, and that’s all anybody really wants to see with the slavemaster, or with you.

You will – without having to be told – want to do right by people when you come from that place. You will want to tell them the truth – all of it.

You will fix it the only right way there is – with the people you did it to.

That is what happened in the first place. There was you and there was the person or multiple persons that you involved in your decision. To have something new now, you must make it the way, and who with, it was.

This is why it is so pointless to repent to God, to repent to Jesus, to a Catholic Priest, a Scientology auditor, or a psychiatrist, or a psychologist.


You didn’t do it to them


It is also not their place to forgive you for the exact same reason.

Confession may be “good for the soul” – but only if its to the people involved with what you’re confessing!


Igor - huh

You heard me.

Confessing to someone other than who was involved, will change nothing other than to re-create “yourself” as a now sinless person – which is not true. You’re still lying.

This is why any variation of priest-penitent confession, be it Christian, Psychiatric, Scientology, or any other such craptasticismdoes not work in the long run.

The bottom line is that you “repented” because you were still looking for a way out instead of FROM.

And you usually are trying to avoid having to address those involved – dead or alive, it makes no difference. It still has to be done.

You have not actually changed anything – and I don’t care how many good acts you do to all the wrong people (who you didn’t do the “bad” thing to) none of that will ever fix that hole inside you.

You know what I mean.

I should also add, that there are some things that once done, they cross a line that cannot be traveled back from with words alone. These are things that are SO bad, SO wrong that any reason why has no bearing at all.

You must LIVE your way back from something like that – however long it takes.

We all know that in just the split second it takes to cross one of those lines, the amount of betrayal and damage we have just deliberately caused is so huge, so uncalled for, so unjustified, that it will usually take us years to repair it. And for what? For a split second of “power over” someone or something else? It’s not worth it. Not ever. These types of things are 100 percent wrong – no gray area, there is no “right” to mitigate them at all.

There is such a thing as Right and Wrong – True and False – Black and White. Only a slavemaster would have you believe that such things are either only incremental, or are only “constructs”.

That is why they remain Slavemasters, endlessly looking for that breath of life – when they should be looking from.

You are

the Breath of Life.



By Virginia McClaughry

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