by Virginia McClaughry

As part of my research that I’m currently engaged upon, I ran across the writings of a man named Porter Sargent.

Porter Sargent was a school-teacher who was extremely well-traveled and well-read. When he saw the British war-makers start on a second run for a “reason” to have a league of nations aka united nations – which was WWII – he decided to inform his friends and others just how far the British will go in their zeal to use propaganda to manipulate the American public.

He began publishing a newsletter, which soon began spreading like wildfire, with thousands of copies being mailed out to readers that had requested to be signed up.

One of the items just cracked me up, and I thought I’d share it with you.

November 5, 1940 (NNS) –

“Senator Homer T . Bone in a flippant mood remarked that he was organizing a Society for the Promotion of Dominion Status for the United States.

Senator Homer T. Bone


British-American relations are becoming so close, in the-western Senator’s judgment, that such a society will be necessary if we are to preserve our American identity. For $1,000, he says, an American may become a belted earl or a bearded duke. For $50, he can become a baron and work his way up.”

This of course will necessitate diadems and coronets for the Senate and ermine and crowns (half crowns perhaps) in the White House.


Too funny. Another irreverent to the British imaginary wonderfulness person shows up out of the shadows of history.

Isn’t it great finding these people and bringing them back into their proper places in history?

I’m certainly sick of Cowboy Bob or Duck hunters and beer-can hoarders being about the only characterizations of Americans around – oh and the True Blood portrayal of southerners, can’t forget that.

eye roll


But, then again, no wonder the self-styled powers-to-be (the Slavemasters) try to keep such people like Senator Borah, or Porter Sargent, or Senator Bone in ‘overlooked’ status. These people make them look like the pathetic wannabes that they are. No class, no substance. Imitate, not create.

Kudos to Senator Bone – that was a good one!


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