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A friend of mine informed me of a WONDERFUL online resource, where you can view and download any number of tax-exempt, non-profit, and similar tax returns filed over the last decade or so.

I was pointed to this news article here which said:

Tax returns for 6,461,326 tax-exempt organizations now indexable by search engines and available for free downloads, thanks to Resource.org


I then went to check this out for myself, to see how useable it actually was. I am pleased to report that it is a completely working method of accessing these records.

I used the Church of Spiritual Technology (one of Scientology’s many shell corporations/front groups) as my search parameter.

I started here at Public Resources website. It can look a little daunting to those unfamiliar with such things, but all I did was choose one of the links.

It’s in this part – the third paragraph after the Welcome! intro.

Looking to search for individual returns? Visit Luke Rosiak’s CitizenAudit.Org built on top of this data.


See that Citizen Audit link?

Click on that puppy.

Now put in your search parameters – I put in Church of Spiritual Technology.



And that brought up this –



I clicked on the “2011” under the year category, and that brought up this –



I chose to pick the 2011 return, and clicked on the actual PDF symbol because I wanted to see the scanned documents themselves.

And that took me here – and got me this! (the following image I created is the first page of the return)

CHurch of spiritual technology 2011 tax return page 1


434 million, 487 thousand and 317 dollars in “on the books” assets!

Good god!


Can you imagine how much this figure would be if their “off the book assets” were included?

Wow, is this a great resource or what?

Woo hoo!

dave__by_hiakaneko-d507sr8 striders gonna stride

I think the only trick to using this resource might be getting the name right, and Scientology, for example has lots of names.

But I think this genius search engine they have created will probably help you out if you even only known half or part of the name of what you are looking for – because it searches in the text for one thing.

Really a wonderful resource – did I say that already? Well, it is!

On that note – please join me in sending a big thank you – to whoever these people are, for making all this available!

For You


– Virginia McClaughry





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