By Virginia McClaughry

You think that, if you call imprisonment true freedom, people will be attracted to the prison. And the worst of it is you’re quite right.

– ALDOUS HUXLEY, Eyeless in Gaza



Duke University


The Anti-Life Zone


IT was in October of 1989, that I was informed that my mother had died. I had just returned from the Church of Scientology’s Advanced Levels organization in Los Angeles, having completed their “Operating Thetan” Levels 1 through 5, during the previous 2 months or so. I was already having to move through life amongst the imposed surrealness of the doctrines of these “upper levels” – that of that one’s body and one’s self were infested with “body thetans” (like demons) that the entire upper levels consisted of basically exorcising these demons. That’s the long and short of it, but other than when I was sitting at the crossroads of all their high-speed communications, reading them, processing them, as was my job in the Sea Organization – other than that – this was the hardest test of my “cover”. To have to “make it work” and have to deal with all the insane minutia of Scientology’s world of “procedures” and processing. All of that, was a real test of holding your core self stable, despite being surrounded with the ultimate in religious zeal and insanity, the Scientology Sea Org and their Upper Levels, who were in their extreme business in quite literally trying to create SPLIT personalities and schizophrenia. I believe that’s actually the evil intent behind the original introduction of these ideas into the Scientology mind-control experimentation ground. Not that I don’t think there is “no such thing” as disembodied spirits, not at all, I have always been aware of such things, but that’s not really why these ideas were made a part of Scientology when they were, by L. Ron Hubbard in the late 1960’s.

This, was the “culture” in which I was having to move within. The Scientology culture of the-wrong-way-to-do just about everything.

So, when I came home one day from a minor surgical procedure, and this news was given me? The effect was like an inverted nuclear bomb. Now, not only was “I” under assault by the Church of Scientology and their “multiple personality” ideas, but now, what I call my partner, the “soul” that gives life to the body, had just been dealt quite literally a DEATH blow. The effect of hearing this news, was like an instant surreality, nothing else comes close to describing it.

It was suicide, I was told, an overdose of Lithium and Halcyon, and her body had lain for days before it had been discovered.

The first time my mother had attempted suicide, I was nine years old, and her life was in a tormented upheaval due to, in her words, the love of her life (my father) no longer wanting her. My father, at that time, 1971 and 1972, was going through his own tortured path.

What began this chain reaction? It started with a sociopathic first grade teacher, combined with the fact that my father had just suffered through having to do a year of Psychiatry (a mandatory requirement of medical school) at probably one of the worst possible places in the United States that he could have done it at.


*Note: January 1, 2014 – I have created a special page that contains links to all the articles in this now complete series. The finale reveals who was this Man Who Murdered My Mother.



Duke University

In Durham, North Carolina.


Photos are from 1967/1968.





Duke_University_mail_boxes  Duke_University_-_hall



My father graduated high-school and then attended Stanford University, graduating in 1967. My mother attended Foothill College (administered by the Stanford University School of Medicine) starting in 1964, I believe. Despite having to care for a baby/toddler (me) and go to school, she graduated with flying colors and was known for her caring nature with her patients. She was so happy, she said, the day she graduated, it was one of the most powerful moments of her life, second only to first seeing me.


This is her, on graduation day, isn’t she just beaming!

Barbara 1


The road that took us all to Duke, was an interesting one. That summer of ’67, we drove across country checking out various schools of medicine that my father might want to attend, including, of all places, Spokane, Washington! We went to Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, and everything in-between, with Duke being the last on the list.

Duke was chosen, and we moved there in 1967. I was five years old. From the very first time I saw Duke, particularly the Medical building area, I knew some very bad things were going on there. Turns out? I was right.

I’d like to show you some information that I have gathered that verifies exactly what I saw, felt, and knew about that place, the people that I met, and the kinds of things that were going on there and what the real reason for them was. It’s quite a testimony of what someone can know, in the same way as if you were right there watching, but didn’t have to be.

There are a number of great articles/book chapters here at this blog, that go into a lot more detail about the things I want to more briefly mention here. At the top of my list, I would suggest:

  • Scientology Roots, Chapter 26-2   War for the Minds of Men
  • Scientology Roots, Chapter 21-3 The First Scientologists and Their Masters


I’d like to start by highlighting a perhaps hitherto unknown MKULTRA-type doctor that was there at this time – Dr. William P. Wilson.



The eyes have it.

william wilson eyes.

William Preston Wilson was born in Fayetteville, North Carolina, on November 6, 1922.  Dr. Wilson received his M.D. from Duke University in 1947 and later on did a residency in psychiatry at Duke University.  He trained in child psychiatry, adult psychiatry and neurology. At the end of his clinical training he went to McGill University and then Montreal Neurological Institute to receive further training in basic and clinical neuroscience.

Dr. Wilson came back from McGill and became Assistant Professor of Psychiatry in 1955. In 1961, he became Head of the Division of Biological Psychiatry, a position that he held until 1983.  In 1964, he was also appointed Professor of Psychiatry.


What is Biological Psychiatry?


It means that they have decided that mental disorder stems from the biological malfunctioning of the brain and nervous system. Hence, some of the so-called treatments that stem from this are insulin shock, psychiatric drugs, transcranial magnetic stimulation and electroconvulsive therapy. There is even a Society just for this. In 1945, a small band of psychiatrists formed the Society of Biological Psychiatry allegedly in response to the “U.S. infatuation with psychoanalysis”, advocating the development of neuroscience in consideration of psychiatric conditions.  It was these men, that also fronted the psychiatric drug industry, including Lithium, imipramine, clorpromazine, and so on – some VERY nasty drugs. They also linked together with the British intelligence front here in the U.S., the OSS, later named the CIA, to continue to research ways to control the minds of men. The first President of the society, was J.M. Nielsen, in 1947.

For any of you familiar with the concepts inherent in Scientology and Dianetics –


Guess what was the name of a book that Nielsen wrote.

enid_markey - hmmm.

The Engrammes of Psychiatry


L Ron Hubbard used that term –

vincent - excuse me

In point of fact, he did, but not at first. At first he called these “recordings” norns. It wasn’t until the release of Dianetics in 1950 that he called them “engrams”. This article by Nielsen and Thompson was first published in 1947, just three years before Hubbard’s supposed “discoveries”.

From JAMA –

The dust jacket of this volume states that the system of biologic psychiatry elucidated within removes all the mysticism of psychiatry which has puzzled physicians in other branches of medicine. This is fine except for the fact that one fears that the psychiatrists themselves will become puzzled on considering many of the concepts postulated in the book. The jacket indicates that “the validities set forth will enable physicians and students to now move in an orderly manner, accurately, and with confidence in this comparatively new field.” In the preface the authors indicate their approach by stating that they believe that anatomy and physiology of the brain offer the only true basis for an understanding of mental disturbances! They aim to present in this book the anatomy and physiology of human behavior…

In 1953, Ladislas Meduna was made President of this Society, and if you don’t know who he is, he is who brought convulsion “therapy” to the United States from Germany.

From one of my unpublished articles:

From 1936 Max Müller in Münsingen, Switzerland, practised and propagated the same treatment. Many psychiatric emigrants, on their way to their new countries, visited Münsingen to learn the methods and take them to their future countries of residence (e.g. Lucie Jessner, Gertrude May-Gross, Martin Gross, Ruth Wilmanns, Arthur Kronfeld, Justin Hans Adler and Jacob Peter Frostig). In 1934 Ladislas von Meduna, who emigrated to Chicago in 1939, using campher and Cardiazol also introduced the convulsion treatment.

Frostig, is who introduced insulin shock (a form of convulsion therapy) to Camarillo Hospital, as you may remember from one of the earlier segments in this series.

See if you recognize any of the names on this screenshot of one of their yearly issues.




Uh oh!

Dr. Ewen Cameron is mixed up in this, and in fact, was even its president in 1965. Dr. Wilson is listed as a member, and a regular contributor. You can tell he’s been working on the sly with J.B. Rhine, because his submission was: SLEEP AND DREAM PATTERNS IN TWINS.

Wilson was also a lead pediatric (KIDS) psychiatrist there at Duke, which again, puts him straight in line with Rhine’s MKULTRA sub-project 136.

Over the years, he like to experiment on hapless mental patients with lobotomies, ECT, and insulin shock, as well as devoted studies to “hallucinations” of mental patients.

  • “R. D. Weiner, A. D. Whanger, W. Erwin, and W. P. Wilson, “Prolonged confusional state and EEG seizure activity following concurrent ECT and lithium use,” American Journal of Psychiatry, vol. 137, no. 11, pp. 1452–1453, 1980.
  • Proc Annu Meet Am Psychopathol Assoc. 1966;54:49-62., Formal qualities of hallucinations: a comparative study of the visual hallucinations in patients with schizophrenic, organic, and affective psychoses.
  • Frieske DA, Wilson WP.
    Effect of series of electric shock treatments on cerebral blood flow and metabolism.
    AMA Arch Neurol Psychiatry. 1952 Nov;68(5):651-4. No abstract available.
  • Treatment of behavior disorders incidental to organic cerebral disease by prefrontal lobotomy; report of seven cases.
    WILSON WP, HOHMAN LB, ODOM GL. Dis Nerv Syst. 1952 Sep;13(9):274-7.
  • Int J Neuropsychiatry. 1966 Jun;2(3):207-11.
    Investigation of temporal lobe electrical activity during insulin hypoglycemia.
    Erwin CW, Wilson WP.

As one student put it, Dr. Wilson was famous for saying that all the “talk stuff”, counseling etc. didn’t work , the only thing that worked was ECT (Electroconvulsive Treatment).

What is probably not well known to most, that when this man decided to do that “additional training” in neuroscience at McGill University, this was exactly when Dr. Ewen Cameron was first doing his MKULTRA experimentation called “psychic driving”!

Psychic driving relied heavily on an unholy mix of nasty drugs causing a synthetic coma, combined with electric shock treatment., which he delivered to patients for sometimes months at a time. Since Cameron was heading the psychiatric department, you can be sure our man Wilson here had much interaction with Cameron.

It also so happens, that the very year that Wilson was a senior at Duke University, was when Cameron’s mentor William Sargant came to be a “visiting professor of psychiatry” at Duke Medical School.

Duke, particularly the psychiatry department (with psychology somewhat under it) has LONG been a tool of the Slavemasters for whatever demented experimentation they had come up with to try next.

In fact, the DEAN of Duke University Medical School (1927-1960)  was Wilburt Cornell Davison, who was a CECIL RHODES SCHOLAR.

That, ladies and gentleman, is what we call a “British Spymaster” connection.

*See Scientology Roots Chapter 21-2 for more on Rhodes and the Cecil Family.

My father attended Duke medical school, including a year of Psychiatry (apparently under this Slavemaster Igor type Dr. Wilson) from 1967 to 1971.


Duke Medical Center

Duke University Medical Center.

Just prior to this, J.B. Rhine, along with several other MKULTRA contractors, had just moved his Parapsychology lab off-campus, although it was only across the street really. This was because of the rising public outcry, and pressure from internal investigations, of the MKULTRA program itself. They didn’t stop what they were doing, they just moved and went private (and less accountable).


Rhine’s “new” location

House across the street from lab - rhine - duke university

Considering that Wilson was also heading child psychiatry, one might imagine that his “treatments” may have rather parallelled Rhine and his MKULTRA contracts, which involved experimenting on children, and dream telepathy experiments. Especially likely they would have interacted intimately on such matters, because Wilson was the head of the Department of Psychiatry, which Rhine was underneath. And so it was, as it turns out, exactly like that. They worked together.

Rhine’s original office, or parapsychology lab, was located in what was called the original Duke Campus, that is now called the West Campus.


House across the street from lab - rhine - duke university.

Sidney Gottlieb had to preside over the partial dismantling of MK Ultra. Numerous projects were terminated but some were more in the guise of appearing to be terminated that were in fact just shifted underneath “corporate” structures such as Stanford Research Institute – that were still in the vicinity of, or attached to certain Universities. The British-backed Society for Psychical Research’s ESP experimentation, for example, was shifted out from under Duke University to a private research institute funded by Chester Carlson, the founder of Xerox; founded by J.B. Rhine, called Foundation for Research on the Nature of Man. The above image is where that was, starting in 1965.

From Scientology Roots, Chapter 26-2 , War for the Minds Men:

William McDougall was a professor at Oxford University. McDougall was elected as the President of the British Society for Psychical Research, and he took over the American Society for Psychical Research, as well. All of that means he was approved by the Cecil family, and that McDougall is working for British intelligence. They are getting ready to launch another MI6 propaganda op through this particular front group – this time on the subject of supposed “speaking with the dead”.

William McDougall

During WWI, McDougall was mixed up with Rees and other Tavistock men, as well as Maudsley because as we just proved from that 1921 Journal above – Maudsley was THE place that the medical corps treated soldiers suffering from “shell shock,”. McDougall served in the Medical corps doing exactly that. After the war, he himself received therapy from Carl Jung – whom as you have just learned in this chapter was a disciple of Freud.

Note the significance of this.

This means Mr. American Society for Psychical Research Cecil Bloc front group and later Duke University J.B. Rhine ESP experiments backer


was an agent for Tavistock/MI6.


Meanwhile – just after frolicking (slavemaster style – which means torturing people one way or another) with soldiers who did not want to fight –William McDougall moved to the United States in 1920, where he became a Professor of Psychology at Harvard University. He was pro-eugenics.

In 1911, McDougall had authored Body and Mind: A History and Defence of Animism.

In the work he …supported a form of animism where all matter has a mental aspect, he believed that there was an animating principle in matter… He defended the theory that mind and the brain are distinct but interact with each other.  …he also claimed telepathy had been scientifically proven…


So, see, they DO KNOW.


This is the real reason for their interest in telepathy. It has always been because they knew it did exist, and not only that, it was an ability independent of the body, although interacting with it, and…


it was a threat to them and their “secret” plans to rule the world.


The reason should be obvious to you by now.

In the summer of 1925, J.B. Rhine enrolled in the psychology department at Harvard University, to study for a year with Professor William McDougall, through which he also became associated with Walter Franklin Prince of Boston Society for Psychical Research.


A massive planned campus, Duke University had just begun construction the previous year, 1924, under a grant from one of the Tobacco “Dukes” family.



Literally just after it had opened its doors –


1927 – William McDougall was appointed Professor of Psychology at Duke University. McDougall helps Rhine establish his work and set up his lab. Rhine and his colleagues developed original experimental techniques and helped popularize the terms “ESP” and “parapsychology.”, although these were Max Dessoir’s terms, that Rhine had re-appropriated.

On the opposite side of the United States, Stanford University President Ray Lyman Wilbur essentially proposes the same idea – a separate institute of the university be formed to conduct “research”. This would be the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) and it is part of the Tavistock network. SRI is another slavemaster ratnest think tank utilizing scientists to dream up ways to accomplish slavemaster behavior modification projects.


The following year, 1928, The “Spin” Doctor Edward L. Bernays comes out with his revelations concerning how to manipulate people as part of the “master plan” of the British Slavemasters.

1928“Manipulating Public Opinion: The Why and the How” by Edward L. Bernays –

“It was, of course, the astounding success of propaganda during the war that opened the eyes of the intelligent few in all departments of life to the possibilities of regimenting the public mind…”

Propaganda by Edward L. Bernays.

The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country.

…he is often forced to enact combats and create issues. He stages battles against evils in which the antagonist is personified for the public.

If we understand the mechanism and motives of the group mind, is it not possible to control and regiment the masses according to our will without their knowing it?


In light of the above – especially the without their knowing it part –


What do you think the Slavemasters would want to do if they could secretly send telepathic signals to someone elses brain?



It just so happened, that one of JB. Rhine’s areas of research was Dream Telepathy.

He, and others, found that


Telepathy can be induced in the dream state.


Furthermore –


Electroencephalogram monitoring showed that the brain waves of the recipient change to match those of the sender.


This is where our man Dr. Wilson comes in, because he personally directed the electroencephalographic laboratories at Duke Medical Center.

*Ref: biographical sketch at J.L. Williams


This means Dr. Wilson was working with Rhine on those telepathy brain-wave monitoring experiments.


Did you happen to notice that one of those scholarly sources I listed (as a samping of Wilson’s work) was about this very subject?

In that Society for Biological Psychiatry publication of 1966/1967 there are several infamous people (for atrocities on their fellow man) listed as members, presidents, or councilors. One of which was Dr. Ewen Cameron, *who had been President in 1965), another was Loretta Bender, who is infamous for her predilection for delivering repeated electroshock (ECT)  to children as young as 5, many were permanently brain-damaged by her so called “treatments”. Dr William P. Wilson was also listed in that publication, as a member, and a regular contributor. His submission in that publication was:

William W. K. Zung and William P. Wilson.


Twins are quite well-known for their telepathy between each other. My mother was a twin and it was a very real phenomena between them.


So, what Wilson was doing there, was that he was researching….DREAM TELEPATHY.


Together with Rhine.

Now that means, Wilson was an MKULTRA witting (meaning he knew) participant. I have decided I am going to present some of my research on this whole Duke University and MKultra (and mind-control experimentation) now, for the very first time – in this article.

For my mother.


This is for you, Mom.


In 1961, reports such as those that J.B. Rhine was producing, induced one of the earliest U.S. government parapsychology investigations when Sydney Gottlieb, Project MKUltra head and chief of CIA Technical Services Division, became interested in the claims of ESP. Technical project officers soon contacted Stephen I. Abrams, the Director of the Parapsychological Laboratory, Oxford University, England.




Yes, Oxford. Cecil Bloc Spymaster central.

*See Scientology Roots, Chapter 21-2 for much more information about the “Cecil Bloc” and what that is.


These people were still looking for the “key” to unlock men’s minds in order to better manipulate them.


the search for the secret key to your mind


Under the auspices of MK Ultra, Abrams prepared a review article* which claimed ESP was demonstrated but not understood or controllable.

  • Abrams, S. I. (1965). Extrasensory Perception , Draft report. December 14.


In fact, Abrams was involved with the same MKULTRA sub-project as was Duke University’s J.B. Rhine, and several others at Duke.


Let’s get into this a little deeper.

Stephen I. Abrams


On Sunday, July 7, 1968 Abrams had been written up in the British rag newspaper News of The World. He was heavily involved with promoting marijuana, and had founded something called the SOMA Institute. SOMA, stood for Society of Mental Awareness. He planned to make THC (tetrahydrocannabinolis
– manufactured marijuana) at a lab in Fulham, London. He listed an advisory committee including Dr. Francis Crick, Nobel prize winner, and Dr. Mantague Phillips.  Abrams had recently founded a company associated with SOMA which was originally called Accadem Ltd. but its name was being changed to “Avalon Botanicals Ltd.

I’m sure that rather euphemistic cover name is not lost upon you.


ThisDangerousMan - Stephen Abrams article IT magazine 1968.

IT magazine, another rag paper (this one under the auspices of Tavistock) also carried a full page article in this same time period. IT was heavily promoting this SOMA institute and the smoking of marijuana for:


“…altering consciousness in general.”


IT magazine NO.34 June 28-July 11,1968 UK.

Pages IT mag no 34 uk 1968 - Abrams tavistock SOMA

Some quotes:

SOMA is an independent foundation whose objects are to examine without prejudice the scientific, social and moral aspects of psychotropic drug use and methods of altering consciousness in general; to provide factual information on these topics; and to provide medical and social services where appropriate.

A quote from a “Lord Brain” stands out as well:

“Psychotropic drugs can make a growing contribution to our understanding of perception, and illuminate the distinction between the subjective and the objective in experience,  our emotional reactions to what we perceive, and the basis of our awareness of time…Psychotropic drugs in new and varied forms will doubtless be used, as Aldous Huxley suggested, to enhance and diversify experience.’


Pay close attention to these two –

illuminate the distinction between the subjective and the objective in experience


the basis of our awareness of time


These are what they are really after controlling, do you see why?

Take a look at the members of the Advisory Council of SOMA, see anyone familiar?

“The members of the Advisory Council of SOMA are: Jonathan Aitken, Dr. Francis Crick, Dr. Ian Dunbar, Francis Huxley, Dr. R.D. Laing, Dr. M.A. Phillips and Dr. Anthony Storr.”


As you can start to see, IT magazine is obviously heavily influenced by Tavistock. For a more direct example of this, take a look at this article from 1968, where an “Anti-University” is being started, staffed with “New World Order” types like Abrams and Laing.

IT magazine the “Anti-University” Issue 24, January 19, 1968

Among first courses offered are several by psychiatrists, David Cooper: Psychiatry of Revolution, Ronnie Laing who has only called his course Seminar as yet and Joe Berke on Anti-institutions. Cooper and Laing are well-known for their work at the Tavistock Clinic and Kingsley House, Berke, an American, organised the Congress of Dialectics, and also the Cannabis Research  Committee questionnaire. Another psychiatrist involved is Steve Abrams of Soma whose course will relate to research on hallucinogens.


Ronnie D. Laing

RD Laing Tavistock

On the subject of THC, the marijuana derivative that Abrams was working on, Sydney Gottleib and MKULTRA had also been very interested in it. MKULTRA had at least one or two projects devoted to its study and useability in mind-control scenarios.

In 1962 Abrams, had been in touch with Czech researchers into the paranormal. He traveled to the US to discuss a funding application with the Human Ecology Foundation – a CIA front for funding mind-control research.

Let’s back up a bit further though, in order to better see his connections.

Abrams completed his psychology degree at the University of Chicago, his hometown, where during the years between 1957 and 1960 he had been president of the Parapsychology Laboratory there.

Also during this time, he began to work as a “visiting research fellow” with J.B. Rhine at his parapsychology lab at Duke University in North Carolina.


Get that? He worked with Rhine.


This was also during the time period that the DEAN of Duke University Medical School was Wilburt Cornell Davison, who was a RHODES SCHOLAR, which means Oxford University in England.

Davison (and William Roll) were probably Abrams “in”, because right after he graduated, he moved to England and became an advanced student at Oxford’s St. Catherine’s College from 1960 to 1967.


SEVEN years.


This was on top of the 4 years of college he already had. WHY was he there so long? Well, a number of reasons (none of which are good as far as his participation in the Slavemasters “great plan”) but one of which was that he was heading OXFORD’S parapsychological laboratory. It was at the university’s Department of Biometry. Abrams had already learned of hypnosis from his work with Rhine, so his investigations at Oxford were of “extrasensory stimulation of conditioned reflexes in hypnotized subjects”.

In 1964, he organized the first conference outside of the US –  a conference of the American-based Parapsychological Association – at Oxford University in 1964.

Here’s a British Society for Psychical Research flyer from 1962, after he came back from the Soviet Union, showing that he is going to give a lecture concerning what he saw/learned during his trip.


Abrams_at_Oxford_lecture_on_ESP_Research_in_Russia_1962From – Paranthropology Journal


It was just a few months before this lecture,  that he was contacted by James Monroe, the executive secretary at the CIA front group, the Human Ecology Fund, based in New York.


James Monroe – WWII picture


Monroe had sent Abrams a letter in April 1961 saying that they were interested in “assisting” his ESP research at Oxford. Abrams then arranged to travel back to the states to meet with Monroe to discuss funding.

Prior to leaving, he met with Arthur Koestler, Oxford lecturer Francis Huxley – (son of Sir Julian Huxley, and nephew of Aldous Huxley). This means, he is being briefed by British intelligence on what they want to see, and want they want him to “spy on” while in America again.


Francis Huxley



Aldous_HuxleyAlso of importance – Aldous Huxley was also involved, he was an early enthusiast for the work of Dr. J.B. Rhine of Duke University, which Huxley believed had established the reality of extra-sensory perception. Huxley’s essay in Life magazine (January 11, 1954 A case for ESP, PK and PSI) was a PR op to bring it to public attention, not only to mislead but to bring more “subjects” in for testing. The whole thing about Rhine’s “results” actually rested on a misapplication of the rules of statistical inference.



Life Magazine January 11, 1954

Arthur Koestler
Arthur KoestlerArthur Kœstler (British IRD agent), Irving Brown (CIA agent in charge of European and African left-wing) and James Burnham (CIA agent in charge of intellectual media) 2

Koestler was a British IRD agent, and in the pic above, he is with Irving Brown, CIA agent in charge of  (European and African left-wing) and James Burnham (CIA agent in charge of intellectual media). The IRD  – Information Research Department – had been formed in 1948, in England to “combat Communism”.

Francis Huxley and Abrams were also “grooming” Koestler (who would later leave his fortune to a parapsychological institute at Edinburgh) for current British intelligence purposes, and they suggested he go see Rhine at Duke, and British agent Timothy Leary at Harvard. He did both.

Abrams took a ship to New York, instead of flying, and then met with Monroe and Preston Abbot who was one of the overseers of “programs” of the Human Ecology Fund.

Abrams, being British intelligence through Oxford and Tavistock, had already been well briefed on the CIA’s activities in MKULTRA, and decided to play a bit of a practical joke on what was still considered British Intelligence’s bastard step-child – the CIA.

Not too long prior to his trip to the U.S., Abrams had been contacted by the Russian parapsychologist, Leonid Vassiliev – who was basically the first Russian to communicate across “the iron curtain” about ESP research. This was obviously a troll by Russia, but it is key, date-wise, that this be noted.

It wasn’t until 1965, that the CIA translated a report from Vassiliev, as follows, which concerned Russian Experiments in Telepathy and the electromagnetic properties, hypnosis at a distance, in the 1930’s.

This relates to MKULTRA Project 136, Duke University and the Office of Naval Research project at Duke University, (1962 and 1952 respectively).

Source: Declassified CIA Report of 11 May 1963


Anyway, Abrams decided to one-up the CIA in this prank, and he dialed O for operator, and tried to get the operator to connect him to the CIA.


That’s also certainly ONE way of checking out the functioning level (and speed) of America’s intel lines, isn’t it.


Hello, Operator? I have important intel for the CIA, can you connect me to the director?

No, I don’t have the number.

Yes, I’ll hold…

General WHAT.

As the story goes, he told the operator that he had “important information” concerning these recent communications he had had with the Russian parapsychologist. Sounds like more British-Intel bullshit to me. In fact, this looks like the early stages of what would become the “Oh, Look, Russia is ahead of us in psychic warfare! We’ve got to hurry!” game to drive interest, attract funding, (and more importantly) attract people to experiment on.

The long and short of this yarn, is that the operator told him that someone would come to meet him at the airport within the hour.

Abrams was met by the MK-ULTRA second-in-command, Robert Lashbrook, and discussed his Soviet “link up”.

Obviously, one result of this was that he “blew the cover” of the Human Ecology Fund, at least from some people in the CIA’s perspective who didn’t really know the true background of the CIA – which is that you might as well have called it British Intelligence – West.

One of the funniest parts to me, is watching Abrams later try to explain “how he knew” to journalists and writers. He said they “must have thought he was either telepathic or taking the piss’ ”

  • “taking the piss’ – British slang that usually means making fun of someone, a prank, a joke.


The CIA’s earlier project, codenamed ARTICHOKE, was a forerunner of MK-ULTRA that aimed, as part of its mind control projects umbrella, to discover drugs which could be used to develop telepathy and clairvoyance.

ARTICHOKE was actually just a continuation and expansion of the CIA’s Project BLUEBIRD.

BLUEBIRD was authorized on Thursday, 20 April, 1950. CIA-contracted psychiatrists (such as Rinkel, Hinkle, Fink and Hyde) begin secret experiments with ice-pick lobotomies, electroshock, hypnosis, pain, and drugs, including cocaine, heroin, and LSD. In coordination with the Veteran’s Administration, U.S. military veterans are used as unwitting subjects for many of the experiments.

BLUEBIRD was renamed ARTICHOKE on 20 August 1951.

The following document images were obtained from Black Vault’s MKULTRA archives  –


CD #1, Main Directory, and within that, doc series 144688, Document #2.


Document #3 says:

“I am sure that you will recognize the implications which might be drawn should it become known, generally, that CIA or the Military Intelligence Agencies are directly concerned in this matter, even though this concern stems primarily from the defensive aspects of the problem…The Code word “Artichoke has been assigned and is unclassified when used in such a way that it does not reveal the nature or scope of the problem.” – Deputy Director of the CIA



and from Document #4:

“Medical Science, particularly in the fields of psychiatry and psychotherapy, has developed a variety of techniques whereby some control can be imposed on the will of an individual. The techniques include neuro-surgery, electric shock, drugs, hypnosis and others.”




One of the projects under ARTICHOKE, was that agents had been sent to Mexico with R.G. Wasson in 1952 to discover the Psilocybe mushroom cult among the Mazatecs.

So now, just after arriving at Rhine’s lab at Duke University, Abrams was invited to take part in a drug experiment the following day and signed a consent form.

Abrams and Huxley’s protege’ Koestler had gone to Harvard to meet up with Timothy Leary, 1 week earlier, and both were flown down to Duke by Baba Ram Das (Richard Alpert) in his private plane.


Timothy Leary and Richard Alpert, at Harvard, 1961

Timothy Leary and Richard Alpert.

The next day, there at Duke University, Abrams, Rhine and his research team, Koestler, and Leary all got “high” on a bottle of psilocybin pills Leary had brought specifically for this purpose. They even attempted some ESP experiments, but that didn’t turn out to be very productive. Koestler had a bad “trip” but Rhine was “inspired” and kept Leary’s bottle of pills for further research.


Joseph Banks Rhine – in front of his office at Duke University.


The interesting thing is, although Rhine’s experiments using “psychadelic drugs” showed improved test scores in the subjects tested for telepathy and clairvoyance, he terminates the project by the end of this year. (1961)


Well, now, it showed people could do telepathy a little too clearly, did it?


Abrams returned to Oxford, and by late 1961 he had been funded by the CIA under MKULTRA project #136.

Now, before I get into the documents of Abrams MKULTRA project, I’d like to point out another convergence between Oxford and Duke Universities, and Abrams and Dr. William George Roll Jr.

A year after graduating (1950) Mr. Roll went on to Oxford University where he did parapsychology research for eight years.

More specifically, while at Oxford, Mr. Roll carried out research designed to correlate extrasensory perception with personality traits and studied the effects of hypnosis and of various calling procedures.


He was president of the Oxford University Society for Psychical Research [SPR] from 1952 – 57.


The First International Conference on Parapsychology occurred in Utrecht in 1953, which Roll attended as the Oxford SPR representative.

His initial work, before he had published in the field, was referred to in the Journal of Parapsychology as follows:

The Committee of Advanced Studies at Oxford University has quite recently made a year’s grant to Mr. William G. Roll for the establishment of a small parapsychology laboratory at Oxford. Mr. Roll is a graduate student working on a thesis which deals with the philosophical implications of ESP . . . He will work under the supervision of Professor H. H. Price . . .” (Bateman, F., & Soal, S.G. (1953).

Science and ESP research. Journal of Parapsychology, 17, 275-297, see p. 295).


Take note of that name S.G. Soal.
It’s going to come up again in connection with Duke University and MKUltra.


This work, also funded by grants from both the Society for Psychical Research and the Parapsychology Foundation, took place between 1952 and 1955 and was reported in his thesis Theory and Experiment in Psychical Research(1959), for which he received a Masters in Literature from Oxford University.


He’s investigating telepathy and clarivoyance and such, and he gets a masters in LITERATURE?



That’s a Cecil Bloc tactic, folks, right there.

In his Thesis, he included a great variety of experiments, as discussed in headings such as: Experiments with the Bernreuter Personality Inventory, ESP Experiments with Hypnotized Subjects, Neurophysiological Relations, and The Effect of Dissociation, among others.

In general, Mr. Roll’s articles and reviews concerning parapsychology have appeared mainly in the Journal of Parapsychology, the Journal of the American Society for Psychical Research, and the Journal of the Society for Psychical Research, London.

Roll also became a member of and part of the founding council of the Parapsychology Association in 1957, was its treasurer in 1958, its secretary from 1959-60 and vice-president in 1963.

In 1957, Roll went to Duke University as a “Visiting Research Fellow” from Oxford, and was invited by J. B. Rhine to join the Parapsychology Laboratory of Duke University, where he worked until 1964.

  • When in North Carolina, a personal address given for him is : 3509 Rugby Road, Durham, North Carolina; and a business addressof : Box 6116, College Station, Durham.

His first position with Rhine was as his research associate, during 1958 to 1960. Then, in 1961 Dr. Rhine appointed Dr. Roll project director of the Psychical Research Foundation – the PRF – which was an off-shoot of J.B, Rhines lab there at Duke. It was set up to explore the question of survival after death, under grants by the late Charles E. Ozanne. The PRF begin putting out a bulletin called Theta starting in 1963.

When Rhine had to move “off campus” in 1964, supposedly retiring, (that’s not why) Roll became president of the Parapsychological Association. The other foundation, the PRF, also had to “leave”.

But, it came BACK in 1969, hidden under Duke’s School of Electrical Engineering, of all places, as a sponsored project. This connection between Duke and the Foundation ended in the late 1970s.


William George Roll Jr.

william g. roll


Roll’s last research, as presented to the American Psychological Association, claimed that the root cause of psychic phenomena is a combination of modern physics (i.e., quantum mechanics) and neuroscience. According to Roll all objects and individuals have “psi fields” around them which are the carriers of psi information.


So, see?


Parapsychology” was really BIOLOGICAL PSYCHIATRY all along.


It was just disguised.

A sociopath has two masks minimum, one called "sociopath" that hides him, and one called "normal" that hides the first.


As you can see, 1957, when Abrams started working at Duke during his college summers, as a “visiting research fellow” with J.B. Rhine at his parapsychology lab, is exactly when Roll showed up from Oxford there at Duke.

The next thing you know, Abrams is himself taking the lead position (that Roll had previously had) at Oxford over the Parapsychology Lab there, that Roll had started.

Abrams is even carrying on along the same lines as Roll, the “extrasensory stimulation of conditioned reflexes in hypnotized subjects”.

Again, this was also during the time period that the DEAN of Duke University Medical School was Wilburt Cornell Davison, who was a RHODES SCHOLAR, which means Oxford University in England.

There is one hell of a lot of Cecil Bloc Oxford influence going on in these fields.


Whatever are the Slavemasters so worried about?


sarcasm little guy


OK, are you ready to see the MKULTRA documents involving Abrams and Oxford, Rhine and Duke University, etc.?

Looking eyeballs


Come on then.

Come with Me


The following document images were obtained from Black Vault’s MKULTRA archives  – These are all also available at the Internet Archive using the same numbering system (in case something should happen with black vault’s website).


MKULTRA subproject 136


Black Vault, CD #3 main directory subproject 136 docs are the 17395 series.


Document 4 in series – 30 August 1961, Plans to continue the project…



Document 4 in series – shows it is still going in January of 1964



THAT is a very important document.



Not only does it show this went on for at least three years, but it also shows the real reason why Rhine had to “retire” (but didn’t) and move his lab off-campus – it was to prevent some kind of exposure that was obviously threatening at this time, in fact, there was a two-bit internal investigation going on in the CIA, because of a furor over mind-control being brought by the American people to the attention of their government representatives.

It is important, because it shows THEY DID NOT STOP even when under investigation for the horrific things that were going on in the name of “national security”, but having nothing to do with the American PEOPLE’S interests at all. Nope. They didn’t stop. They just “moved” and went private. Get it?

Basically, the result of this investigation and re-arranging of MKULTRA programs, is that in June 1964 it was renamed MKSEARCH, the major funding front, the Human Ecology Fund was “closed” (but really moved function wise under ORD, and with a new address) By 1965 – virtually all “interesting” research projects were closed down when James Goddard became Chief Administrator of the FDA in 1965, but the really important to them ones simply shifted into the private sector.


Document 10 in series – 23 August 1961, shows the proposal to use Abrams (Rhine is also involved)


Remember what Abrams research (and William Roll’s) at Oxford was?

  • Abrams – “extrasensory stimulation of conditioned reflexes in hypnotized subjects”.
  • Roll – “correlate extrasensory perception with personality traits and studied the effects of hypnosis”

OK, so note the part in the above document that says:

“…attempting to approach the twin questions of what are the functional relationships between other personality factors and ESP skills, and what are the factors that must be considered in using ESP as a method of communication.

Besides the obviousness of that is exactly Abrams and Rolls work (and Rhines), note what is the REAL point of this.


USING ESP as a method of communication.


That is what the Slavemasters (who allow all such “projects” in the first place, one way or another) want. They want to have their people be able to have what I call – OPERATIONAL TELEPATHY.

*See my article on that, Field Test of Operational Telepathy.


Because it simply cannot be beat, as far as speed, invisibility, security, and duplication by any other method of communication, nor will there ever be anything better.

A friend of mine, who goes by the nickname Tabaccanist, submitted a rather humorous article on the subject of telepathy at his blog. He asked me to create a a simple graphic (with exact instructions of how he wanted it) to show the simplicity of what it is. I thought it might be appropriate here too, so here it is:



If these guys think they can “engineer” such a thing as operational telepathy? I’d say –




It will NEVER be as good as the real thing.




A friend told me a joke about the kind of machines they are forever coming up with to try and make telepathy, which many people have erroneously called psychotronics. Be that as it may, the joke was “Psychotronics. Machines for men who can’t get it up spiritually.” Perhaps you can see why I found that so funny.


They are obsessed with all kinds of “mechanics” about this.

Did you say machines can make me read minds2


Drugs, Electrical stimulation, gene manipulation, “quantum physics” – you name it, they have tried it. When the simple truth is?


It has NOTHING to do with a brain.


It does not come FROM a brain. I don’t care how many “pictures” there are of “things going on in the brain”. The simplest of observations seems to forever escape these people. IF they even see anything (which telepathy can be done so that it does not “affect” the body at all), it is after the fact.

It’s what comes before, that’s what they know, but don’t want to know. Understand? Because that, is completely out of their control, and Slavemasters do not like anything that challenges their little sandcastles on the beach. Of course, one wonders then, why they insist on building such flimsy little fake worlds in the first place, but I digress.

Let’s get back to the documents.


Document 13 in the series – The proposal
(note, the documents concerning this proposal are a bit out of order on the cd)




Document 15 in the series – [excerpted] talks about “disassociative states”.



“Such states can be induced and controlled to some extent with hypnosis and drugs.”


What’d I tell ya – DRUGS!


Document 16 in series – that telepathy and esp are due to annoyance



Document 17 in series – computerized analysis, one of the groups is psychotics, children and mediums


That’s JB Rhine and Duke, that’s been blocked out,


Document 18 in series – learning studies using ELECTRIC SHOCK


That same document (in its full form) also shows that they were especially interested in inducing “receiving” of messages e.g. channeling.




Remember that name I told you to note, in relationship to William G Roll?

“The Committee of Advanced Studies at Oxford University has quite recently made a year’s grant to Mr. William G. Roll for the establishment of a small parapsychology laboratory at Oxford. Mr. Roll is a graduate student working on a thesis which deals with the philosophical implications of ESP . . . He will work under the supervision of Professor H. H. Price . . .” (Bateman, F., & Soal, S.G. (1953).

Science and ESP research. Journal of Parapsychology, 17, 275-297, see p. 295).


S.G. Soal

Professor Samuel G. Soal

Samuel Soal was a British mathematician., and a psychical researcher. He was a Fulbright Scholar in 1951, for which he journeyed to the USA to work with J. G. Pratt at Duke University. Published book below in 1954.


Mind Readers - Samuel G. Soal.

He is notorious for allegedly fabricating his “above chance” telepathy experiment results.

Another name you’re going to see, is Pratt.

Joseph G. Pratt

Joseph Gaither Pratt (1910-1979) was an American psychologist who specialized in the field of parapsychology. Among his research interests were extrasensory perception, psychokinesis, mediumship, poltergeists and psi.

From 1937, Pratt worked as Research Associate, and then as Assistant Director, of the Parapsychology Laboratory at Duke University, under Rhine. A brief hiatus to his research occurred from 1942 to 1946, while he served in the U.S. Navy. Pratt then continued as Assistant Director of the Parapsychology Laboratory until, in 1964, Rhine reorganized the Laboratory outside of Duke University

Pratt was President of the Parapsychological Association in 1960.


Joseph Pratt with psychic testing cards – JB Rhine lab at Duke University

Joseph Gaither Pratt.

Document 19 in series – Dr. S.G. Soal



That is not only referring to Soal, it is referring to Frederick Bateman.


modern experiments in telepathy.

Document 21 in series – Talking about Abrams



Next – check out the amount listed by David Price for subproject 136 –


Experiments in extrasensory perception Abrams, Stephen I. psychology $8,579

*The above is from Buying a piece of anthropology Part 1: Human Ecology and unwitting anthropological research for the CIA , by David Price, pages 398-40 – Note: This projects funding had begun in 1955, actually, 1962 was its continuation under the new ORD (Office of Research and Development) of the CIa.

And now look at document 19 in the series –


The amount matches exactly.

So, MKULTRA subproject 36 – that’s Abrams.

It was approved on 23 August, 1961. (this is Document 24 in the series)



Now, I read somewhere that 257 adults reported that they had been used as children to obtain data in these studies. Remember the part about using children? If that’s accurate, that’s a whole lot of kids being what…hypnotized, drugged, and possibly even electric-shocked!


Say it ain’t so.


So, now, after you’ve seen all the documentation, and that this project (which I believe was in tandem with Duke University actually) continued into 1964, I think you’ll find it interesting that Stephen Abrams invented quite a story as to why his CIA funding was suddenly suspended, which I have no need to go into, I think that it was more because it was deemed by the British spymasters that this was much too close of a visible link between U.S. and British intelligence, seeings how they were (and had always been in the 20th century) actually the SAME THING. More than 10 years later, even the Senate MKULTRA hearings picked up on this very strange tie directly to Oxford, not to mention the unpatriotic willingness to fund a foreign university in mind control research, with U.S. tax payer funds!


Senator CASE. Thank you, Mr. Chairman. I am sorry that I had another committee that I had to complete the hearing with this morning before I got here.

I shall read the testimony with very great interest, and I appreciate your testimony as I have heard it. I would like to comment just on one point, and that is, it relates to a story in the press yesterday about part of this program involving the funding of a grant at a foreign university. I would like to elicit from you a comment as to the additional sensitivity and difficulty that that practice involves from your standpoint as a scientist, as well as a citizen, if you will.

Mr. GITTINGER. I will say it was after the fact thinking. It was utter stupidity the way things worked out to have used some of this money outside the United States when it was CIA money. I can categorically state to my knowledge, and I don’t claim a complete knowledge all the way across of the human ecology functions, but to my knowledge, and this is unfortunate, those people did not know that they were getting money from CIA, and they were not asked to contribute anything to CIA as such.

Senator CASE. It would be interesting to try to examine this by turning the thing around and thinking what we would think if this happened from a foreign official agency to our own university. Thank you, Mr. Chairman.



Abrams also apparently was involved in another MKULTRA project, per the National Archives Listing, which was subproject 40 having to do with LSD.


bar divider


There is a very interesting report concerning Duke University, written by Michael Ravnitzky for the Defense Department. It is AD 015218, Final Report, Duke University School of Medicine, July 1953, Contract Number DA44009ENG 1039.

There are other very interesting reports on ESP, PARAPSYCHOLOGY AND TELEPATHY (22 of them) are also available upon written request from:

  • Defense Technical Information Center
    Attn: Freedom of Information Act Officer
    8725 John J. Kingman Road Suite 0944
    Fort Belvoir, VA 22060-6218


I’m going to excerpt a bit of this report, which concerns a declassified CIA document funding the Parapsychology Lab at Duke BEFORE project MKULTRA started, which would mean it came under Project Artichoke, which if you remember, it aimed specifically:


to discover drugs which could be used to develop telepathy and clairvoyance.



Soviet military intelligence was well aware that the Parapsychology Lab at Duke University had received funds from the US Office of Naval Research in 1952.

A funding proposal dated Jan 7, 1952 is the first document I have been able to locate which links Rhine and his co-workers to the CIA.

“There are two main lines of research that hold specific promise and need further development with a view to application in the intelligence project… The two special projects on investigation that ought to be pushed in the interest of the project under discussion are, first, the search for and development of exceptionally gifted individuals who can approximate perfect success in ESP test performance, and, second, in the statistical concentration of scattered ESP performance so as to enable an ultimately perfect reliability of application…

“We have something definite to go in each case, and it is with this is mind that we are inclined to make a serious effort to push the research in the direction of reliable application to the practical problem of intelligence…”

“It will be seen that if a subject under controlled test conditions can identify the order of a deck of cards several hundred yards away in another building, or can ‘identify’ the thought of another person several hundred miles away, the adaptation to the practical requirements for obtaining secret information should not give serious difficulty….

“If we were to undertake to push this research as far and as fast as we can reasonably do in the direction of practical application to the problems of intelligence, it would be necessary to be exceedingly careful about thorough cloaking of the undertaking. I should not want anyone here in the Parapsychology Laboratory except Louisa E. Rhine and Jospeh G. Pratt to know about it. We are all three cleared for security purposes to the level of ‘Secret.’ I would perhaps feel bound to have confidential discussion on the matter with J.A Greenwood and T.N.E. Greville. Funds necessary for the support of the work would understandably carry no identification and raise no questions… “The total salary requirement for these five people would be between $22,500 and $25,000. In order to take advantage of mechanical aid in the statistical work, (Rhine either means calculating machines, or the card-shuffling and dice-throwing randomizing machines which had to be specially built – VP) and such other matters as traveling expenses, it would be advisable to add $5,000 as a conservative estimate. I think $30,000 would be well spent on the first year…

“I might add that, while the Russians have both officially and through their leading psychologists disapproved of our kind of work, as they would have to do because of the philosophy of Marxian materialism, I have seen at least one reference to the fact that they have done experiments on our lines, giving a materialist interpretation. If you can give me any information on this, I would appreciate it. Sometime we might discuss what the Nazis undertook to do… J.B. Rhine, January 7th, 1952.” (18)

18. CIA OSI document declassified 1981.


The report also references Pratt, in reference #19.

19. RYZL, M. and PRATT, J.G.: Confirmation of ESP performance in a hypnotically prepared subject, “J. Parapsychology” vol. 26, no. 4. Dec. 1962, pp. 237-243.

I have a document from the FBI Vault, that shows an example of intelligence spats between the FBI and the CIA – the CIA, in this case, bald-faced LIE to them about operations they were definitely and illegally* running in the United States, this one at Duke University.

*The CIA was not supposed to run ‘domestic’ operations, as in operations on American soil.


The documents included by the FBI in this collection concerning ESP, mostly concern their investigations of a Mr. Foos, who in 1957 claimed that he could teach the blind to see; and in six months teach a person without eyes to see sufficiently well to drive an automobile safely. An early case of “remote-viewing” – you could say. He would have his daughter blindfolded and she would read documents that were put in front of her, but the FBI decided that she was reading through a small hole in the blindfold, basing that on the fact that when documents were put face down in front of her – she couldn’t read them with her “remote” seeing.

But that’s not really the point, the point is that one of the documents starts talking about J.B. Rhine and the Duke University experiments…




Remember, Rhine was already being funded by the CIA since 1952, so it’s interesting that the CIA, of course, doesn’t let the FBI in on that.


Page divider image

Now, as I said, in the beginning of this, THIS is where my mother, my father, and I were all at when a lot of this was still going on, (and the people were still there). Duke Medical School, Duke University.

My mother, was talked into trying “therapy” for the first time, and I believe this to have had disastrous results on her life, my life, and my father’s.


Considering who these people were and what went on there –


I think now it can be understood just what she was up against.


That is why I said – This is for you, Mom. Because, I believe that she still exists, and that she will get this, she will feel it, and that it will not only giver her relief, but vindication. After all, as you can see, she was in amongst (and up against) some of the worst of the worst, as far as Slavemasters and Igors go. And…to have followed that with a Camarillo doctor giving her “treatment”?

My hat is off to her for standing up to all of that as long as she did, I doubt many people could have.

She was a brave, brave woman.


May her road now be straight and clear.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANo more lies, no more secrets.


I love you, Mom.

Your daughter,

Virginia McClaughry


All Rights Reserved


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