by Mike McClaughry



A basic book on intelligence is The Spy and His Masters by Christopher Felix, a pen name of James McCargar , a CIA agent during The Cold War.

You can buy the British published version here, and you can read a version online here.

I was trained in Intelligence by the Guardian’s Office of the Church of Scientology (now called the Office of Special Affairs) in 1973. It was the Intelligence arm of L. Ron Hubbard and his wife Mary Sue. In our training materials, was the following reference [excerpted], where a book was suggested by Hubbard:

– L. Ron Hubbard, LRH Aides’ Conference, 2 Nov 69 – “Covert Operations”

Alright. This is the 2nd November 1969 and a short briefing with regard to our general situation, and it has to do with covert operations, covert operations.  And I was rather astonished to read in the book The Spy and His Masters: a short course in the secret war by a pseudonym, Christopher Felix, written in 1963 and published by Seeburgh and Warburgh where, ah Martin Secker, ah Secker and Warburg Limited, 14 Carlisle Street, Soho Square, [London] W.1…..

That book was required reading for anyone in the Intelligence offices of the Church of Scientology.

I have interjected quotes from this book here, not due to any real agreement on my part with it’s tenets, but to illustrate Slavemaster views of Intelligence activities. For example, the book contains datums like:

“By and large, for information to be power it must be secret.”

– Which is typical Slavemaster hogwash.

Here is another quote from that book…

A DISTINGUISHED ENGLISHMAN, THEN THE CHIEF OF HIS Britannic Majesty’s secret services, once showed me, with justifiable pride, his extensive library on secret intelligence and operations. With wry amusement, he chose an ancient volume, which turned out to be the journal of one of his predecessors, the secretary to Sir Francis Walsingham, who was, besides his many other duties, in charge of intelligence for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the First. Opening the book at random, we glanced at an entry in which this gentleman, almost four centuries before, noted: “I today went out and hired me a base fellow.” He then went on to record the “base fellow’s” duties, which were quite simply to inform on a particular group of his fellow subjects.

The Spy and His Masters, Chapter 2: The Power of Secret Knowing


Intelligence is used to infiltrate an enemy group with agents to gain access to secret information about the enemy group and to disrupt the enemy group. An agent who is infiltrating to gain secret information is called a spy. An agent who is infiltrating to disrupt is called an agent provocateur.

An intelligence agency is part of a larger group that it works for and serves. Intelligence is supposed to provide the larger group with secret information about the enemy such as the location of his military units, their size and strength, their future plans of attack as to when and where, etc. In other words, the enemy capabilities and intentions.

Intelligence is supposed to predict future enemy attacks, the larger group the intelligence agency serves will not then be surprised by the enemy attack and will be prepared for it.


The intelligence officer who recruits and runs agents is usually called the case officer or handler.

All agents operate under a cover. Their cover is to pretend that they are loyal to the enemy group that they are infiltrating. Their connection to their case officer is hidden.
Their cover would be blown if their connection to their case officer is ever discovered.

Spies do not cause any trouble because they want to gain trust within the enemy group. They want to gain trust so they can rise up in the enemy camp as far as they can. The higher their position in the enemy camp the more privy they are to secret information.

Spies have to secretly communicate information back to their case officer. That is how they usually get caught, when they attempt to secretly communicate with their handler.

Agent provocateurs are in the enemy camp to cause destruction in every way possible. These agents do not always have to report back to their handler. The usual way they get caught is that members of the enemy group will notice that they are causing destruction. 


The individuals who work inside the circle of secret operations share one thing in common: a conscious awareness of their purpose and function. Beyond this, however, there are great differences, individually speaking, in degree of knowledge and in function. So far as degree of knowledge is concerned, the scale is hierarchic: that is, the man at the bottom of the hierarchy – in theory – knows the least; the man at the top again in theory knows the most. Information is power in this context too.

The Spy and His Masters, Chapter 2: The Power of Secret Knowing

The case officer is the Master because he recruits, trains, runs and controls his agents.  The case officer (Master) uses a scale of motivation to recruit and to control his agents.

Scale of Motivation –

Political agreement

The motivation scale could also be called a loyalty scale. The higher up the motivation scale the more the agent can be trusted to remain loyal to the case officer and the group his intelligence agency serves.

Agents who have agreed to be an agent because of money are not very loyal. If the group they are infiltrating offers them more money, they will change sides.

Coerced agents are not very loyal, either. They have been forced to be an agent because of some threat to themselves if they do not agree to do it. They may be threatened with being put into jail or some harm may be done to their family or numerous similar threats.
Such agents hate the case officer and the group he serves and if they ever get the chance they will get even, thus they are likely to change sides if they are given the opportunity.

Ambition as a motivation is more trustworthy. This person agrees to be an agent because he wants to gain a promotion within the group that the intelligence agency serves. He is already working within the main group that the intelligence agency serves and he stands to gain promotions to higher positions within that group if he agrees to be an agent.

Political agreement is even more trustworthy because the person agrees with the ideas of the main group that the intelligence agency serves.

Duty as a motivation is considered the most trustworthy agent – they are being an agent out of a sense of responsibility to the main group the intelligence agency serves, and these agents are the most likely to remain loyal to the case officer and the main group served.


The purposes of secret operations are those of State, but their substance is the relations between people.

The Spy and His Masters, Chapter 1:The Secret War

There are several ways a person can be acting as an agent for an intelligence agency. The usual way is they have knowingly agreed to do it because the case officer asked them to.
But, that is not the only way that people become agents.

One type of agent is called a dupe. These are most often found in front groups. A front group is run by a knowing agent for an intelligence agency. A front group is constructed when the main group cannot have any connection to the action being taken by the front.

If the government wanted to get rid of a particular religious group, they cannot openly go about that because it is illegal for the government to do that. So, the case officer recruits an agent who will start a front group. The front group attacks the religious group that the government wants to get rid of, and therefore the government can deny responsibility for the attacks on that religious group.

The intelligence agent who starts and runs a front group is a knowing agent. He reports to his case officer and takes orders from his case officer. That knowing agent will employ other people to work within the front group. These other people have no connection to the case officer and they have not made an agreement with the case officer to act as his agent. However, they are still serving as agents for the case officer, they are called dupe agents.

These dupe agents will deny they are being agents for a government intelligence agency..

It is not what the agent thinks that makes him an agent, it is what the case officer thinks.


If the case officer thinks he is using a person as his agent, then that person is his agent, even if the person never agreed to be an agent for the case officer.

DUPE agents think that they are working for a “good cause”. Only the knowing agent(s) who started the front group, know the covert evil purpose that the Intelligence agency (government or private) has for the front group.

In the case of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard was the knowing agent who started the front group, together with John W. Campbell Jr. Campbell was part of the initial PR campaign and start-up, but then dropped back, and Hubbard ran it exclusively for the next 30 years.

Scientology is a front group tucked underneath the auspices of the British plan to rule the world, often referred to as the New World Order.  This fact will be made abundantly clear in the final form of my upcoming book Scientology Roots. Most Scientologists are DUPES at best, in the front group called Scientology. Some Scientologists, particularly the highest executives, are knowing agents – such as David Miscavige.

DUPE agents can also be knowing agents running Intelligence operations – such as the general run-of-the-mill OSA agent. (Office of Special Affairs – the intelligence arm of the current Church of Scientology). But they think they are “doing it for a good cause”. So, in that sense, they are DUPES. In this case, first they are DUPES within a front group called Scientology, then they are knowing agents within that front group. But they still have no direct connection to the case officer for the front group.

A person can also be a self-recruited agent. All on his own, he attacks the religious group that the government wants to get rid of. The case officer sees this person as their “asset”, which is another word they use to mean an agent. The self-recruited agent has not agreed to work for a case officer, yet through his own ideas and actions he serves the purposes of the main group that the case officer works for.

And that person will be very easy for the case officer to recruit because he is already doing what the case officer wants him to do. If the case officer says I want you to attack that particular religious group, the person will gladly agree to do so because he already is!

It’s not easy to get documentation that will prove that a person is acting as a covert agent.
But you can identify an agent by asking – Who benefits from what the person is doing?



A Man Apart


“The secret agent is akin to both the artist and the criminal. His techniques are similar to those of the criminal: they are illegal or anti-social. His point of view is similar to that of the artist in that he does not accept – at least after sufficient experience he should not – the society’s myths about itself. He is prone to see the society from a distance, to exploit its customs and relationships for ends which are not part of its publicly avowed ideals.”

“He is a species of legal criminal: his connection to sources of power only reinforces the underlying human reaction that he is not only a man apart, but a privileged one at that. He adopts the stance of the artist or criminal, but by a special dispensation of the powers-that-be he is exempted from the normal risks of such behaviour. This cannot help but strike us as unfair and abnormal.

The secret possessor of information produces a feeling of unease in us for an even more fundamental reason than the political history or social organization of the human race. It is simply that in any situation of human conflict information is power. Blackmail – that is, the exercise for personal advantage of the power conferred by information about another’s wrongdoing – is only a crude and specialized expression of this power. The power of one man over another by virtue of superior information extends far beyond the special situation of the wrongdoer. This power is an element in every situation of human competition or conflict.

The Spy and His Masters, Chapter 2: The Power of Secret Knowing

Intelligence agencies operate covertly thus they are susceptible to being used for immoral or illegal purposes. All too often intelligence agencies serve some evil agenda.

Intelligence agencies run covert black intelligence operations against opposing people.
They are black because they are based on lies and they are somehow immoral and evil.
Framing a person for a crime they did not actually commit serves as one example of it.



AS OPEN WARFARE DEPENDS UPON WEAPONS, SO DOES THE secret war depend upon cover. Weapons are not in themselves the purpose of war, but they shield the soldier and enable him to advance to his objective – or they protect his retreat. Cover shields the secret agent from his opposition. It puts him into position to accomplish his mission.

The Spy and His Masters – Chapter 4: The Art of Cover – I

There are also black propaganda operations. Propaganda is the use of lies to attack someone. Like the covert black intelligence operation, they aim to destroy someone.

The person under attack is not the only target of a black propaganda operation, the audience is also a target, because the audience is being fed false information.

Black propaganda operations are usually run by a person who works for a public relations company, but sometimes they are run by a person who works for an intelligence agency.

Black intelligence operations and black propaganda operations are covert, because the people doing them do not reveal who they are working for. And, both of them are weak, they lose any potential ability to influence others when they are exposed as being based on lies or if the people doing them are exposed as to who they work for.

George Sylvester Viereck was a German-American poet, writer, and propagandist.

At the beginning of World War I Viereck agreed with Muensterberg (German Consul) to conduct an anti-British and Pro-German propaganda campaign. He promptly launched a weekly magazine The Fatherland to present the German side to the American people and heavily promoted the idea that “America should take a stance of Strict neutrality”. This is the exact same type of propaganda operation that British and American Intelligence agent Charles Lindbergh later ran at the beginning of World War II.

Vierek had just met with the German propaganda chief, Heinrich Albert, whose briefcase was then “stolen” while he was aboard a New York City train in 1915, allegedly by an American secret agent. The contents of this briefcase were exposed publicly just a few weeks before the deliberate sinking of the Lusitania (another British and American operation trying to get America into the war).

Vierek has been quoted as saying on many conspiracy sites (I think it’s probably real, but I have not yet found the actual source as yet):

“The professional propagandist realizes that, when a single lie is exposed, the entire campaign is jeopardized.”

That is the normal way of things, yes, but you should also understand in the example of Vierek and Charles Lindbergh, that these two were actually part of an “exposing” of the lies operation. A black (covert) operation done purely to agitate “the people” into being against the Germans and desiring to go to War.

Exposing of lies, has also (just like those two) been used by intelligence agents to build cover. In that case, to “expose lies” as part of building a cover therefore means that that agent is there to do something else that has not been revealed.

If a case officer had his agents create the lies in the first place in order to expose them later, thereby building cover for “their side” as being good guys, you can see how that is actually a full-out Propaganda (and psychological warfare) operation.

That is not what is meant by the correct idea that exposing a lie jeopardizes the propaganda campaign.

In the example above, the lie to be exposed which would damage the entire campaign, would be the fact that the whole thing was run by the very people supposedly “opposed” to the Germans. See what kind of real damage that would do and to whom?

A somewhat recently declassified CIA document: Cresswell to Bruce (Chief of OSS Special Intelligence), December 14, 1942 is probably a better source for what happens when a real lie is exposed – which they euphemistically call “inept propaganda”.

“Inept propaganda is not only negative in its effect on the motivations of the recipient, but can be definitely harmful by causing antagonism, irritation or disillusionment.”

Towards them and their agenda, and no longer interested in supporting it, is the problem there they are looking at.

In conclusion, intelligence agencies, with their personnel using covert techniques for evil missions, have brought considerable harm and suffering to people on a large scale. Two examples are – using propaganda agents to get countries into wars with each other and assassinating the elected leader of a country and installing their intelligence agent in his place to run the country in a way that does not serve the interests of the people.

On a more “at home” and personal note, the exact same Intelligence tactics are used on individuals who have been classified as “enemies” and subsequently targeted by corporations and religious organizations such as The Scientology movementthis would apply in whatever guise it is currently trying to redefine itself as in the eyes of the public. That very attempt (happening right now) to re-characterize Scientology, of course, would be yet another Intelligence-run propaganda operation.

Therefore you can see that those who are not alert to the actions of intelligence agents will have their lives adversely affected, with no defense.

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