In August of 1947 L. Ron Hubbard published the first segment of The End Is Not Yet in Astounding Science Fiction magazine.

The first page (VERY LARGE image if you click on it:

The intro reads:

First of three parts of Hubbard’s first post-war novel. A story of a few men against a dictatorship-and of the inevitable, the inescapable result, whatever the determination, the high ideals and high courage of the rebels!

The story opens with character Professor MacIlwraith of Columbia appearing in character Charles Martel’s room as a “square man”, and talks about Interplane travel and how he isn’t the “real” Professor  but is his “counterpart” in another plane that had been created by a “time split” from the Germans nuclear bombing Washington in their plane in 1945.

Reminiscent of the movie “The One” with Jet Li where his character achieves superhuman power by “uniting” all his selves into one plane, or place.

Early in the story, Martel answers as to why he “did nothing” to prevent the War, and says that:

“For a little while three atomic scientists and an ex-naval officer and myself attempted to form a group to be known as the Allied Scientists of the World. We attended a meeting or two at Cal Tech. We corresponded with the people at Alamogordo.”

Professor MacIlwraith tells Martel of the “other portion of him” and what amazing things he did in the other plane:

“When nations are in trouble and people starve, they inevitably turn to a Messiah,” he continued. 

“…you had a counterpart in our plane, just as I have one in yours. He worked, thought, organized and worked again. From the wreathing smoke of our ruins he raised a civilization greater than any of the past. He gave his life in the endeavor, but there are happy millions who worship him here now.” -– Professor MacIlwraith

“My counterpart there?”Martel

“Yes, that portion of you which took this plane. A god he is, a hero beyond the maddest story of any Valhalla.”Professor MacIlwraith

  • …he raised a civilization greater than any of the past
  • …there are happy millions who worship him
  • …A god he is, a hero beyond the maddest story of any Valhalla

Sound familiar anyone? Classic Hubbard delusions of grandeur.

MacIlwraith then makes 3 books appear in Martel’s room, one being the story and notes of the other Charles Martel –  and one of the books bore the Allied Scientists of the World in it’s title. (image below is VERY LARGE if you click on it)

The other book was titled: Negative Energy Flows: A Neglected Field with Some Notes on Future Potentialities in Life Creation

Life creation?? Hubbard thought someone (him no doubt) could CREATE LIFE?

With ENERGY flows no less.


Hubbard has character Professor MacIlwraith call this “viticity” in this story.

MacIlwraith goes on to say that:

“Many of your greatest puzzles there on your plane must come from an inability to measure, produce or utilize this magnificent and powerful source of energy and life. You are living in a world run on it and yet you cannot even measure it. You have yet to tap the greatest reservoir of energy and power which will be available to man.”

The three books were bound in scarlet and each emblazoned with a “great golden sword”.

This is very obvious Excalibur story positioning, the great sword in the stone that would reveal the “king” or Messiah legend. Per Hubbard he had written a manuscript that he said was the basis of both Dianetics and Scientology by this time (1947) and he had entitled it:


The End is Not Yet, goes on, starting with the Charles Martel character reading the story of the other Charles Martel in the other plane.

In that biography, you can see Hubbard talking about his own history through this now dual character Charles Martel. For example, Martel from the other dimension says:

“He had been employed in various capacities because of his basic skill as a nuclear physicist, but for the entire duration these employments had all been in the fields of espionage and intelligence under the Allies. Such activities are never blatant and all records of him were buried in the most secret files of Washington and London where they were later, of course, utterly destroyed.”

  • these employments had all been in the fields of espionage and intelligence

 Intelligence activities – like CIA mind control experimentation at Chestnut Lodge?

Chestnut Lodge Asylum

And maybe like….

Writing a story within a story within a science fiction story

which is leading up to the mind control experiment called

Dianetics and Scientology?

Interesting, isn’t it.

Charles Martel’s mental and health state sounds quite strikingly similar to Hubbard’s “after the war”.

“But six long years of danger, arduous travel and combat leave deep marks on a man. And Charles Martel at this date was ill, nearly broken in body, exhausted and feverish in mind.”

The next part of the story concerns the formation of the Allied Scientists of The World.

It starts with some Scientists meeting in a hidden ancient temple (that was Greek and not Greek) in the “Atlas Mountains” of Africa. The temple is guarded by a “berber” soldier. The scientists are discussing that ONE MAN is promoting a war between American and Russia, which Hubbard names the character “Jules Fabrecken” who has as one of his holdings something called Connover Bank, and he lives in some hacienda in Mexico. He also characterizes Fabrecken as viewing man thusly:

“To him man was blind and needed an overlord…”

Hubbard names the scientists, Bethel, Jaeckle, Thorpe and Murtowsky.

The scientists lament:

“If we only had a leader. For unless we take an aggressive stand all that we know and call culture is going to disappear.”

And of course, our GOD worshipped by millions later, Charles Martel (Hubbard) is thought of as the solution!

The scientists comment on Hubbard’s character Martel’s ideas about “viticity”:

“He spoke of something which he called the life current, the binding force just the opposite from electricity. He said it was far more powerful than electricity and yet we didn’t even know enough to measure it. He said any fission is essentially tame compared to this viticity as he called it.”

Another plug for Hubbard’s supposed great knowledge of nuclear physics:

“…his fine command of nuclear physics.”

Later on, the character Fabrecken is set against these “scientists” and his subordinate Banks says:

Note that:


Hubbard reinforces this idea by having a different character, Professor Haus, one of the group of scientists (portrayed as an “unwilling Nazi” and the world’s greatest intelligence officer) say:

That’s exactly what John Foster Dulles used as his excuse for crushing Jacob Arbenz of Guatemala in the early to mid 1950’s.

Edward L. Bernays (the father of spin) recommended a particularly aggressive campaign to handle Arbenz, and Samuel Zemurray (United Fruit) agreed. The alliance was launched.

The goal was to convince high-ranking Americans that Arbenz was a communist. Bernays flew journalists to Guatemala, throwing money at them like it was water on “fact-finding” missions. Dozens of articles then began appearing over the next two years in Time, Newsweek, the New York Times, the Christian Science Monitor, the Miami Herald, and in local papers across the United States – that portrayed the rulers of the Central American country as a dangerous threat. Bernays also planted stories that implied that Russia was training Latin American revolutionaries somewhere behind the Iron Curtain.

Arbenz didn’t back off.

Now things get serious, The Dulles brothers, the Forgan/Halstead fund managers and others get involved and begin pressuring President Eisenhower.

Bear in mind that Eisenhower’s personal secretary was married to the head of United Fruit’s Public Relations Department – which of course is a direct tie to Bernays. John Foster Dulles was the Secretary of State at this time, and his brother Allen Dulles (James Russell Forgan’s old OSS junior) was the Director of the CIA (1953-1961) Allen, is also a primary United Fruit shareholder, as was Forgan, through the American International Corporation which was being shielded underneath Adams Express.

John Foster Dulles applied Bernays plan of accusing Guatemala of being communist because of their “extreme nationalism”.

Here he is live, on video saying exactly that:

To read more about this, please see My Family Tree II – you can search the page for the phrase “Another terrible blot on human history that my ancestors aided-and-abetted…” and that will take you right to the relevant section.

So here we have L. Ron Hubbard, approximately SIX YEARS EARLIER promoting the same thing as Intelligence men the Dulles Brothers and Edward L. Bernays would then ALSO promote that:


That shows quite clearly just who L. Ron Hubbard was allied and working with in an Intelligence capacity.


Segment #1 ends with Professor Haus trying to recruit Martel:

And the first segment ends on that note – Martel decides to work with “the scientists”.

It is of interest to note that L. Ron Hubbard did indeed form this organization Allied Scientists of The World. Per the FBI files it was a subsidiary of The Hubbard Dianetics Foundation formed in 1952. Allied Scientists had the Wichita address and a Denver address associated with it. Hubbard created Allied Scientists in closing months of 1951, (Miller, 1987: 198; Wallis, 1977: 74-75; see Atack, 1990: 125).

Hubbard’s plan for the Allied Scientists “was to establish an alliance of leading international scientists and to store all the latest scientific research on microfilm in an atom-bomb-proof archive somewhere in Arizona.  In that way, he argued somewhat obscurely, individual nations would be denied the technical capacity to wage a nuclear war” (Miller, 1987: 198).  Perry Chapdelaine, whom Hubbard had placed in charge of the project, insisted years later that Hubbard “‘thought with Allied Scientists he could control war and in that way control the world.  That was what he wanted, no question” (quoted in Miller, 1987: 198).  The organization’s mailing to scientists elicited little response except to the FBI from recipients who thought that Allied Scientists might be a communist-backed subversive organization.  Hubbard’s plans, therefore, to unite world scientists died soon after it was born.

Per Caroline Letkeman’s site:

Between December 1945 and January 1946, Robert A. Heinlein exchanged letters with Dr. Francis M. Pottenger concerning a “project” called “The Federation of Atomic Scientists” and later the “Federation of American Scientists.” Heinlein explained that he didn’t intend to be involved directly, that “Lt. Hubbard had intended to do the “organizational and publicity work” but instead he had to get a job and make some money, and regardless the organization work had since progressed without the help of either Hubbard or Heinlein. (Heinlein archives: CORR220-2)

Note the dates:

December 1945 and January 1946

This End is Not Yet story came out in August of 1947.


On 9 November 1951, Hubbard sent a handwritten letter from Wichita to the Heinleins at their home in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Hubbard said he was almost at the Heinleins’ front door the week before, but couldn’t stop. He added that “I’m up to some shenanigans near you” and said he would be in the area.

On 4 December 1951, Hubbard sent a telegram to Heinlein announcing that the “Allied Scientists of the World”3  was “revived and is back with half million.” Hubbard says that “Dianetics” will never be mentioned” in connection with ASW, then says,”its offices located 211 West Douglas, Wichita Kansas,” which was the known public address of Hubbard’s Dianetics Operation. Hubbard wrote in the telegram that ASW had a “communications office” at 941 East 17th Ave, Denver, CO. He said that the “goal is to unite scientists and give organization to United Nations for its charter. No other angles.” Hubbard said he “would be honored” to have Heinlein on its “Board of Governors.”

There is, however, in the Heinlein archives an article about Allied Scientists of the World clipped from the Denver Post of 27 January 1952, titled “Mystery Anti-A-Bomb Office Quits Denver.” On the archives copy, there’s a note above the title, in what looks could be Heinlein’s handwriting, saying simply “Hubbard.”

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