. By Virginia McClaughry . The term Lemuria, was actually invented in the 1800’s by an English zoologist, Phillip L. Schlater, back in the early days of Darwinism, in order to explain the fossilized remains of lemurs similar to those that live in Madagascar only today. He proposed the previous existence of  a land-bridge or […]

By Virginia McClaughry First – some background. On 16 February 1946, on the West Coast of the United States,  L. Ron Hubbard was released from active duty in the US Navy. Towards the end of that month, Hubbard went on a trip to the East Coast. In a later taped lecture of 18 October 1958, […]

In August of 1947 L. Ron Hubbard published the first segment of The End Is Not Yet in Astounding Science Fiction magazine. The first page (VERY LARGE image if you click on it: The intro reads: First of three parts of Hubbard’s first post-war novel. A story of a few men against a dictatorship-and of […]