By Virginia McClaughry . Part 2 of Camarillo State Hospital Background This article is going to cover first hand accounts, from both a patient and a nurse’s perspective. These are both from the time period of early to mid 1970’s, which is the time period relevant to my mother’s story. The first account, is from […]

By Virginia McClaughry . The history of locking people up as supposedly “mentally ill” began with the arrival upon the scene, of what some call The Evil Ones. A colorful descriptive, ‘tis true, but it is rather accurate. The world’s first Mental Hospital was nicknamed Bedlam. It was in England and had many ties to […]

My beautiful mother was found dead on September 26, 1989. She was only 43 years old. I was just back from doing my “Operating Thetan” Levels 1 – 5 at the Church of Scientology Advanced Organization of Los Angeles (AOLA), when the phone call came to my home in Sacramento giving me the terrible news. […]

By Virginia McClaughry Note: If you like this subject, you may want to check out my newer post from July 2015 entitled: The Ultimate Weapon Against Psychological Warfare Tactics of Slavemasters and Sociopaths – This Will Surprise You as well as my other post entitled: Psychological Warfare – The “Art” of Creating Insanity – Mirroring ”Sociopaths […]