The Aberree was a magazine which was begun in early 1954 by Scientologist ex-pats* Alphia and Agnes Hart, husband and wife.2


Alphia was the editor, and Agnes was the publisher. Alphia, had previously been the editor of the Journal of Scientology, but had split from L. Ron Hubbard over Hubbard’s making of Scientology into a religion. By December of 1954, apparently the Harts (and their magazine) had been “ex-communicated” by Hubbard’s HASI organization. HASI, stood for Hubbard Association of Scientologists International.

In the December 1954 issue of Aberree1 an organization called Scientology Council, Inc. is mentioned.

Scientology Council, Inc., was incorporated as a non-profit organization by Hardin and Joanna Walsh. Other names were the University of Scientology, the Chapel of Scientology, and the Junior Chapel of Scientology. Their organization – Scientology Council, Inc. – was also registered with the official HASI of Hubbard. At the time of these registrations, the Walshes were located at 621 South Oxford, Los Angeles.

By April of 1957, the Walshes had quit Scientology3 and announced that they were changing their name to the University of TOTOLOGY. This was apparently in protest against Hubbard’s religionization of Scientology. The Walshes registered a corporation on August 4, 1957 named Totality, and then on March 24, 1984 changed the name again to Totality Research and Development Corporation.

The officers listed were President – Orayna Orr (another name for Joanna Walsh), and Paul Malarik, with the address being given as:

2916 Avenida Alamosa Apt A
Santa Fe, NM 87507

Orayna Orr, is listed in the SSDI (Social Security Death Index) as being born December 21, 1907 and died June 17, 1998 at age 90 years in New Mexico.

Some years after Joanna/Orayna’s death, a book4 was published (2003), where Joanna (as Orayna) had revealed that she was “a self-realized spiritual avatar who claimed to have come from another planet to trigger the awareness of being ‘superconscious’ among Earth people.”

The book consists mostly of conversations between teacher Joanna Walsh and student Ahad Cobb. Together they uncover a pattern of past-life regressions and psychic clearings.

As far back as 1956, this theme of spiritual teacher from another planet was already being explored by Hardin and Joanna Walsh.

In the Catalog of Copyright Entries5 covering January to June 1956, the Walshes co-authored Episode 1 of Majine from beyond outer space. (14 March 1956)

The Majine theme specifically, is still in use at Dream Starr Entertainment Inc, AMP Pictures Inc.6

Billing itself as:

Positive Entertainment For Our Global Future 

And listed under in-development –

A space fairy-tale for the entire family about Majine, from beyond outer space, who comes with her diverse “helpers” to help teach children the importance of imagination, and the consequences of not using their imaginations.

That same year, that the Walshes copyrighted their Sci-Fi story, and in fact the same month – March 1956, Hardin D. Walsh gets an article on Scientology printed in Mystic Magazine, #14.

The article was called Scientology Explained, and you may read the scanned versions here:

mystic march 1956

The article says that it is “as told to the Editor”, the Editor of Mystic – which was Raymond A. Palmer

Hardin is listed as Dean of Department of Scientology, Scientology Council, Inc.

As per the blog post detailing another pro-Scientology piece being carried by Ray Palmer in Mystic magazine, that makes twice in a 2 year period.

In fact, the using of “Mystic” magazine(s) was something that Hubbard himself promoted.

In a Hubbard Communications Office Bulletin (HCOB) of 26 December 1958 titled Future Plans7, Hubbard is working on promoting his next level scam – that Scientology is akin to Buddhism and it’s practitioners can achieve a Buddhist state called “bodhi”.

Text follows, with bolding of using Mystic magazine(s).

*Note AD means After Dianetics, of after the 1950 release of Dianetics. This is Hubbard being grandiose and changing the calendar to reflect the birth of Dianetics and Scientology attempting to put it on par with Christ and the dating system change that the Roman church did with it’s B.C. (before Christ) and A.D. (after death of Christ).





Well, here we begin!

A well-schooled auditor can take any volunteering PC and get him under control and run Step 6 of Clear Procedure and we have a Book One Clear.

Future of Research is Operating Thetan and the situation on Earth.

To consolidate this I am doing the following:

1.  I am completing the 19th ACC.

2.  I will groom up the DC operation until mid-February.

3. In mid-February I am going to London for 3 weeks to get London going on Clearing (because it communicates easily to rest of world).  This for sure consolidates SA, NZ and Australia, which Man may need.

4. Returning to DC end of first week in March.

5. I will write our next “Book One” bringing us up to date and giving us a book for the bookstores that advertises as the solution to Bodhi, the clear everybody’s wanted for 2500 years.

6. That done I’ll be in DC in late April.

7. The book will be published in June by Vantage Press.  It will also be published in UK and France through Vantage contacts.

A pamphlet about Bodhi will be written at once for reply to ads in mystic magazines which announces the goal of 2500 years has been reached.  It will be printed like a $1 or 5shilling book.

Here’s what Scientology Organizations should do:

1. Put announcements at once in all mystic magazines announcing state attainable.  Steves has the ad copy.

2. Get pamphlet on Clears published as soon as I complete it.

3. Get whole staff cleared by Co-audit and HGC where necessary. (I want all staff everywhere Clear by June: easy to do and the results are startling.)

4.   Get groomed up for the summer rush and see to it that it is a rush.

Well, in AD 8 we’ve got a kick-off for a much more rapid game.  The scope of that game will be apparent to everyone when you start getting clear and making clears.

My game in research is not at end by a long way.  For instance in research for OT actions I wrote 15 things the US Govt should do five weeks ago.  It has now done 6 of them.  When they’ve done all 15 I know we’re sailing (for the 6 may have been my telepathy or coincidence).

And organization know-how and expansion is a long way from ended.  Map a comm center for the nearest ten stars for instance.  We’ll be on deck to welcome the space ships when they get them!

Here’s our program then.  REACH ‘EM.  CLEAR ‘EM.

And my actions are all geared to making that adequately possible.

I think we’ll all get the notion shortly that we’re making it!



1. The Aberree, Volume 1, Issue 8, December 1954, page 14
2. The Aberree, Volume 1, Issue 1, April 1954, page 1
3. The Aberree Volume 4, Issue 1 April 1957 page 11
4. SUPERCONCSCIOUS – Releasing Past Life Recordings by Ahad Cobb, published 2003 by North Atlantic Books, U.S. ISBN 9781583940648
5. Catalog of copyright entries. Third series, Volume 14, Part 6, Issue 2  1956
7. Out-of-print edition of the Technical Bulletins of Dianetics and Scientology Volume III p. 208

Copyright Searches and Law – Here is an excellent chart showing what the rules are, depending on year of publication etc, and here is an excellent source for various online records to search to see if the copyright was renewed, or ever issued.

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