My wife Virginia recently found and purchased this antique magazine.

Mystic Magazine August 1955 Issue 11 Front and Back Covers

It carries an article by a “Professor Alfred Luntz”, which per Borderland Sciences Research, is a “channeled” Personality by Mark Probert.

Professor Alfred Luntz (1812 – 1893) is one of the “personalities” that was channeled by Mark Probert, part of his Inner Circle of intelligences. In life, Luntz was a graduate of Eton, lawyer in Hanover student of philosophy and religion at Heidelberg and later Oxford, where he received a Ph.D. in the Episcopal Theological Seminary, and eventually a clergyman in the High Episcopal Church of England. After his “death”, he was purported to have been “stunned when he realized there was no heaven or hell as he had been eloquently taught and believed.”

Mark Probert, was a Medium of the “Inner Circle”.

The “Inner Circle”  or Inner Circle Kethra E’Da Foundation is an American trance organization, founded by Mark Probert. The name is taken from the Inner Circle of intelligences that Probert channeled during his lifetime, including E Yada Di Shi’ite, Ramon Natalli, Alfred Luntz, and Lao-Tse, among others.

He also founded a Church in Mountain View, California, that he called Church of E Yada di Shi-ite. I think that Probert’s choice of E Yada Shi-ite – was a parody of the swear-idiom “eat shit”.

Mark was born February 5, 1907 in Bayonne, New Jersey and died February 22, 1969 at age 62 in San Diego, California.

The article here in Mystic Magazine about Dianetics and Scientology, is the work of Mark Probert then.

Here are the article scans:

Plain Text:

During a recent Mark Probert seance, a question was submitted by Carl Cursio regarding hypnotherapy was put to Professor Luntz. His answer seemed to us to rate a separate treatment in MYSTIC.

While hypnosis is the oldest method used to reach into the mind of an individual to get at the cause of his bodily ailments, there are other methods which I feel are just as good if not better. Of of these is known in your present day as “Dianetics.” (Created by L. Ron Hubbard.-Ed.)

The fact that it was mishandled and suffered a good deal of abuse in its initial period is no logical reason to assume its lack of value in what you are seeking to do. Of course you did not mention whether or not you had tried using anything other than hypnotherapy.

While I mention Dianetics (now called Scientology), there are many other approaches to the “inner” self, and it is my belief that no single one of them will work successfully on all individuals – and more, it is my concerted opinion that all too many people are caused to have their period of suffering unnecessarily prolonged because of the wide-spread belief among physical and mental doctors that there is such a “touch-stone” and each one claiming he alone has it.

Now in regard to your statement that “the Hindu hypnotist can hypnotize anyone,” you will pardon me if I object to that assertion. While it is true, by and large, that the Eastern psychologist is considerably better in his practice with things dealing with mind, he is still a human being and as such he is no more given to infallibility than is anyone else. While it is true that almost all human beings are by nature subject to hypnosis, there are a multitude of fears and phobias lying deep within the unconscious that prohibit them from opening their minds for inspection. Unfortunately, orthodox psychology, in seeking the origin of complexes, has sought it in only the present life’s experience of the patient. I suppose this is a natural situation, for very few of your modern psychologists have given much thought to Hindu psychology and the teachings of reincarnation. If we accept reincarnation as a fact we shall see the logic in assuming the so-called soul or spirit of an individual to be a composite of recorded experiences and no more than that. We shall also begin to understand that the physical body is a direct creation of the mind of the individual wrought out of the memories of past experiences and what he will have to use it for in each new physical expression. Many persons have asked me, “If reincarnation is true, why do they not remember their past lives?” The fact is, they do, but they have been laboring under the idea that such recalling must be done in the form of mental pictures, as is largely done in remembering what they did yesterday or as they do in recalling a dream, when factually the greatest portion of the mechanics of memory takes place in what is loosely termed the “unconscious self” and is felt in the nervous system as urges, which are then transferred to the glandular system which prepares the body chemically to go into action. Now let us suppose that one or more of these unconscious urges contain within them elements of shame or fear. They may restrict the body self from responding; and the energy that was created by the urge finding no normal out-let, turned back upon the nervous system and will soon or late create a physical ailment, and very often and for reasons known only to the inner self of that one, he will block every effort made to release him from his ailment. I am certain you are aware of medical cases wherein a person suffering from illness that is known as fatal has gotten well again, even though receiving no medical care at all, and then there are certain other persons who have said they were going to die, and die they did, even though the closest medical examination of their bodies showed nothing organically wrong with them. Now when we consider all that has been said here, you will see why I cannot offer you help in what you desire. I mentioned Dianetics or Scientology because there are certain people who mentally abhor the thought of losing their own consciousness, and the method mentioned here permits the patient to retain his own awareness and to know what he is doing, which in many respects is better for the patient in the long run.

Important NOTE:

A discussion on wikipedia regarding an image from Amazing Stories Mag:

June 1947, Volume 21, Number 6

Ziff-Davis Publishing Company. Cover art by Robert Gibson Jones.

Source: Cover scanned by User:Hoblok and uploaded in August 2006.

Works copyrighted before 1964 had to have the copyright renewed sometime in the 28th year. If the copyright was not renewed the work is in the public domain. It is best to search 6 months before and after the required year. Some magazines are published the month before the cover date and some registrations may be delayed for a few months.

This 1947 issue of Amazing Stories would have to be renewed in 1974. Online page scans of the Catalog of Copyright Entries, published by the US Copyright Office can be found here.

The search of the Renewals for Periodicals for 1973, 1974 and 1975 show no renewal entries for Amazing Stories. Ziff-Davis Publishing owned Amazing Stories in 1947 and Ultimate Publishing Company owned it from 1965 to 1982.

The copyright on the magazine was not renewed and it is in the public domain.

Utilizing the same resources, we found no evidence of either a copyright filed for Mystic Magazine, nor a renewal – the same for Search Magazine (which is what Mystic was later renamed to) for the period. We searched in a plus or minus 5 year radius around the date of this issue of Mystic (1955) – nothing, as well as the late 1970’s. We also searched the U.S. copyright database directly for after 1978 entries, even using Raymond A Palmer’s name – nothing.

The copyright on this issue of Mystic magazine was not renewed and it is in the public domain.

We present the scanned entirety of Mystic Magazine August 1955 Issue 11 in a PDF file.

Read online here:

Mystic Magazine August 1955 – Issue 11

We spent some time and money bringing this issue to light, so if you use it, it would be kind if you would credit us for making it available to you.

Finally – we found it a very odd coincidence that a “channeler” was promoting Dianetics and Scientology in Raymond A. Palmer’s magazine. For one reason, Ray already had a connection to Ziff Publishing, he was the editor of Amazing Stories magazine in the 40’s, and the owner of Ziff Publishing had a son named David Ziff – who would later be the editor of Advance! magazine of the Church of Scientology (1968 to mid 1970’s). David Ziff was promoting similar outlandish propaganda in Advance! as Raymond A. Palmer was in Amazing Stories, and now in MYSTIC magazine.

We would like to ask that if anyone has any information as to any other connections between Mark Probert and Raymond A. Palmer,  and L. Ron Hubbard, the Dianetics Foundation or The Church of Scientology, please contact me at vmcc(atsign)icehouse(dot) net, or through the comments section here at my blog.

Mike McClaughry

Additional Resources on Copyright Law – Here is an excellent chart showing what the rules are, depending on year of publication etc.

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