Me and my wife (Mike and Virginia McClaughry) left the Church of Scientology in 2000. We were soon approached by Salee Barnes (Salee Amina Mohammed) who gave us two info packs full of window dressing about herself. Window dressing is spurious documents created by an intelligence agent or a con artist. Spurious means not genuine or authentic.


I grew tired of seeing either the wrong sources, or incomplete sources for the following very important Hubbard directives concerning how to handle “enemies”, so I decided to provide the correct documentation so everyone can see and use it. First – Manufacturing Threats – “If attacked on some vulnerable point by anyone or anything or […]

mr magoo meets new age jesus

. “The surest way to kill him is not with a bullet but with a kind word. That’s the surest way to kill him – providing your intentions are not to kill him.” – L. Ron Hubbard . . Somehow – I doubt that is true. . Welcome to the next segment of Scientology Roots […]


. . The term “black propaganda” simply refers to a technique whereby an individual or group pretends to represent the positions of their enemy, and mixes a preponderance of facts with a careful seasoning of disinformation that will portray the enemy in a negative light. . In L. Ron Hubbard’s case, this would almost become […]

slavemaster experiments - this is not a good look for me

. . This is a continuation of Scientology Roots Chapter Twenty Six -2, and we’ll be starting with the next section which is: . Advanced Mind Control Weapons . Now we are back to 1959 in our tour of history related to the War for the Minds of Men. We will now progress forward in […]


IT was in October of 1989, that I was informed that my mother had died. I had just returned from the Church of Scientology’s Advanced Levels organization in Los Angeles…this was the hardest test of my “cover”.

all the very best people

. . This is a continuation of Scientology Roots Chapter Twenty Six -1, and we’ll be starting with the next section which is: . Inception of Advanced Mind Control . Research was done to develop even more covert and vicious methods of mind control. The Body Electric – early history of neurology… Luigi Galvani noticed […]

Rose-colored glasses in a bubble

. . Control. Many seek it although they know not why. Throughout the last two hundred years especially, this “seeking” has resulted in a desert of obsession in which one cannot find water. The harder they have tried, the more desert they have created and the more they thirst. ‘Noise’ of all kinds have poured […]


. Things are not always as they appear. – quoting my wife, Virginia McClaughry . . One of my favorite songs to listen to is Wizards in Winter. It captures well, in my mind, the endless brute force attempts by the Slavemasters to “nail down” people juxtaposed against the incredibly fast, humorous, and in the […]


. Colonies do not cease to be colonies because they are independent. Benjamin Disraeli, Speech in the House of Commons (5 February 1863). .  Between solid lying and disguised truth there is a difference known to writers skilled in ‘the art of governing mankind by deceiving them'; as politics, ill understood, have been defined. Isaac […]