By Pirate Mike and shipmate Captain “Cook” Tabaccanist

There are two choices provided to us regarding classification of Scientology…

errol flynn on the set of dive bomber

As a follow-up on the information concerning Ron Hubbard being only paid $250 for just the title “Dive Bomber”, we contacted Robert Florczak privately. He has quickly and graciously responded with further information concerning the facts of this matter. Here is what he said…


I was catching up on updating some older articles of mine, news articles I had found, and such, that hadn’t been added, and I was re-checking the net to see if there was any other items of interest concerning Hubbard’s Dive Bomber lies. The article I was updating, was this one: Astounding Science Fiction March […]


- Note: Updated with link to main Compendium article just published – October 8, 2014 –

Wikipedia carries an a image that it lists as an edition of “The Protocols of Zion”. First of all, that characterization is totally false – it is not an “edition” of the Protocols of ZION – as in Jews.


Me and my wife (Mike and Virginia McClaughry) left the Church of Scientology in 2000. We were soon approached by Salee Barnes (Salee Amina Mohammed) who gave us two info packs full of window dressing about herself. Window dressing is spurious documents created by an intelligence agent or a con artist. Spurious means not genuine or authentic.


I grew tired of seeing either the wrong sources, or incomplete sources for the following very important Hubbard directives concerning how to handle “enemies”, so I decided to provide the correct documentation so everyone can see and use it. First – Manufacturing Threats – “If attacked on some vulnerable point by anyone or anything or […]

mr magoo meets new age jesus

. “The surest way to kill him is not with a bullet but with a kind word. That’s the surest way to kill him – providing your intentions are not to kill him.” – L. Ron Hubbard . . Somehow – I doubt that is true. . Welcome to the next segment of Scientology Roots […]